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Serves meat, vegan options available. Regional pizzeria chain that makes its own vegan cheese as well sourcing other vegan cheese and faux meats. Menu offers pizza, pasta, salad, sides, and a weekend brunch menu where some items can be adapted for vegans. Has vegan dessert. Reported open for dine in April 2021. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-2:30am, Fri-Sat 10:00am-2:30am, Sun 11:00am-2:30am.

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First Review by lynnkale


Points +180

Mostly Veg
21 Sep 2023

Loads of options

Loads of options. Def junk food



Points +270

10 Jul 2023

Good pizza!

Lots of options for plant based toppings and had vegan wings. Wasn’t an insane vegan experience but the pizza was good.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-10

Cons: Expensive


Points +55

08 May 2023

Great for omni's

This is the place I always get pizza. I love the seasonal specials (when they come vegan that is). It's also my go to spot to get food with Omni friends

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-08

Pros: Lots of options

Cons: Can be expensive


Points +22

Mostly Veg
30 Apr 2023

So many options!!

Very extensive menu and not just pizza - all kinds of entrees. Good for non vegans too. All kinds of GF options ❤️ Not many N/A drink choices tho but their club soda was refreshing

Pros: Very extensive menu, Not just pizza - other options too!, Good for non vegans too

Cons: Not many N/A drink options


Points +90

24 Apr 2023

So many pizza options and extensive beer list

We came here with omni friends and it was perfect for pleasing everyone. We tried the Rustler (bbq pizza with mock duck) with the regular vegan cheese and the Mushroom pizza with the housemate riNOTa. The riNOTa was a bit dry and overall not our favorite. We might have liked the Mushroom pizza better if we had just stuck with the other vegan cheese option. The Rustler was really tasty. There were enough options that I'd be happy to go back and try more things!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Fairly affordable


Points +126

27 Mar 2023

Lots of tasty vegan options

Pizza Luce is a must-go place for vegans and vegetarians visiting Minneapolis or other cities in Minnesota. The pizzas are great, and there are lots of awesome sandwiches to choose from, too.


Points +102

14 Jan 2022

Vegan elote pizza!

Must try the vegan elote pizza! Love their herbivorous butcher options #Veganuary


Points +355

13 Jan 2022

Standby Pizza

Despite the name, they have some of the best sandwiches in town.

Pros: Menu clearly labeled, Rotating seasonal options, In house made cashew/tofu cheese


Points +207

21 Dec 2021

Delicious but expensive

Used to be our go-to for vegan and gluten free but it's just too expensive. Like $30 for a small pizza that would only feed one person.. Molly bars are delicious!


Points +482

18 Jun 2021


The vegan options are incredible! So cheesy, so delicious, and I've never had a bad experience here thus far. All the non-vegans I've eaten the vegan pizza with have been so impressed! Will definitely return.

Cons: A bit pricey


Points +354

19 Oct 2020

Great vegan pizza

I know the Midwest outside Chicago isn’t renowned for its pizza, but Pizza Luce’s vegan cheeseburger pizza blew my mind. So GOOD!!!

Pros: Great vegan pizza , Multiple locations , Trivia night


Points +34

08 Aug 2020

Great Late Night Option

We found this place looking for food late one night. We ordered three sandwiches (two vegan), and they were delicious. Just about every sandwich on the menu had a vegan option, so it was nice to have a lot to choose from. I ordered the veggie sandwich with their house made "cheese". The bread was soft and crusty, and the fillings were perfect. The other two sandwiches also got rave reviews.

Pros: Fast delivery, Lots of choices, Great sandwiches


Points +30

16 May 2020

Consistently good pizza

Despite being on the spendier side as far as pizza goes, they have a bunch of delicious options that will make sure you've always got something good (although I honestly just get the vegan Athena every time because it's so good)

Pros: Free delivery, All vegan options clearly labeled, Gluten-free options available

Cons: Expensive


Points +234

08 Feb 2020

Bad experiences!

Went here for my birthday with family. Half my group did not like their food, salads were soggy, my mock meats tasted stale.

I came back and tried a vegan sandwich, it was not good.

It’s been really hit or miss lately! I used to make my own pizza and it was always so good, and now the last few times I’ve ordered food there it has been bad. I’m so bummed I used to love Pizza Luce!

I hope they make some changes and get some better plant-based options soon.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Going downhill.


Points +959

14 Nov 2019

Good stuff!

I had the Vegan Athena pizza and a Molly Bar delivered to my hotel. The driver was great. The pizza was delicious.

I wasn’t a fan of the Molly Bar. It’s a brownie, but it had a layer of frosting, and the whole thing was super sweet. It reminded me more of fudge than a brownie, really. I’m also not the best person for critiquing brownies, as I’m more of a cinnamon roll connoisseur, so still give it a shot if you do like brownies.

Overall, it’s good stuff, and I would eat it again if I didn’t have so many other places on my list for this trip. 🤤


Points +22

19 May 2019

A Minnesota Must

My wife & I went here our first night in the Twin Cities and it ended up being a perfect start to our trip. It’s a little harder on the wallet, but not outlandish and totally worth it.

Pros: Plenty of vegan & gluten-free options, The cashew/tofu cheese & “meat” options

Cons: A bit pricey (but worth it in my opinion)


Points +109

08 Jan 2019

Something for everyone!

This is one of my favorite places to go with my non-vegan friends. They have tons of vegan and gluten free options that are amazing. My favorite is the vegan chicken parm!

Pros: Great food, fairly inexpensive, friendly staff

Cons: would love more vegan pizza specials


Points +36

11 Sep 2018

Great pizza!

Great veggie pizzas! Eat there everytime we are in town!

Pros: Bar seatingon one side, family style on other side


Points +60

10 Aug 2018

This place can get BUSY

There is a WHOLE vegan menu on their online ordering page. This isn’t the best pizza I’ve had, but it sure does come close. An excellent option if you need to please omnis.

Pros: A HUGE vegan menu

Cons: Can get rather busy , A little pricey


Points +744

07 Mar 2018


I got food here for delivery and it was delicious. Food was prompt and still nice and warm and even arrived earlier than expected! I got the vegan mozz sticks and the vegan mock chicken dijon as well as a pint of vegan peanut butter and chocolate icecream... ALL DELICIOUS!


Points +51

20 Oct 2017

Good food, insufferably long wait

Every stage of the restaurant process was incredibly, painfully long. We came in at 6:15 with a reservation and left two hours later (and we did not want to stay that long). That being said, they had a lot of vegan, veg, and omni options. Worked with my food allergy.

If you have time to spare, probably worth a visit, but don’t expect a quick bite.


Points +28

15 Oct 2017


This restaurant was seriously so amazing! They have so many gluten free and vegan options! If you are vegan or vegetarian you have to try the chicken nuggets. Even non vegans will love them!

Pros: huge vegan menu, relaxed atmosphere


Points +22

08 Aug 2017

Sunday Brunch

Great daily vegan options. The Sunday brunch menu is great too. Try the tofu scramble.


Points +46

18 Jul 2017

It surprised me!

Lucky Drummies mock chicken nuggets are absolutely fantastic!

Pros: fast and tasty

Cons: none


Points +125

30 May 2017

Great Chain Pizza Joint

Delicious, elevated pizzas with many vegetarian and vegan options. Good service, mid-range prices, free delivery. Local staple!


Points +600

10 Apr 2017

Holy moly!

WHOA. This was a real tasty pizza - so tasty that I attempted to recreate it when I got home, since we don't live in Minneapolis. The rinotta cheese is super unique and majorly delicious. We got The Rustler with rinotta and some cheese sticks. Will absolutely eat this again.

Pros: Unique toppings, Super delicious, Good atmosphere

Cons: Nothing!


Points +34

05 Nov 2016

A Favorite

My carnivore husband and I can always agree on Luce because there are so many options for both of us. Even he is addicted to the Lucky Drummies mock chicken nuggets. Plus they have more than one vegan cheese option. The "chicken" parm sandwich is addicting.

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