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Little vegan restaurant est. 2017 in the Four Corners neighborhood. Serves a variety of dishes plus juice, smoothies, and shakes. Combo meals with choice of dishes like couscous, kale, beans, rice. Has vegan mac n cheese. Black-owned. Open Thu-Sat 7:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by sullivusb


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Mostly Veg
29 Dec 2023

All time fav

The vegan burrito is amazing



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15 Oct 2023

Great food

Portions are large. Food tastes great. Jerk mushroom bowl packs a punch.


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25 Sep 2023

Delicious and exquisite, but sadly nowhere to sit since covid

The African pot is an explosion of flavor and texture and delight. Easily one of the greatest things I've eaten this month! My girlfriend got the burrito, which was enormous and glorious. She also got a ginger juice, which was actually just apple juice with a few ginger shreds thrown in- delicious, but don't get your hopes up. I got the mango smoothie which was chalky, but satisfying.

I had been meaning to try this place pre-pandemic, back when there was indoor seating. In the interim, there were two occasions when friends coming from the south brought Oasis takeout to feast upon north of the river- both times a luscious experience- but this was the first time I was there in person, and I was very sad to find that we couldn't eat there. Because it's not like there's even any super-close advantageous places to eat outside nearby.

I'm not gonna push the Happy Cow buttons to officially report this, but FYI they do sell bottled herbal beverages which contain honey.

Pros: Delicious, I want to eat the whole menu, Their rapport with their regulars

Cons: Nowhere to sit, They sell honey-containing products


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23 Mar 2023

Can’t wait to go back

Kind employees, community centered vibe, delicious health promoting food and drinks. I got a plate with quinoa, 2 stews and 2 veggies—all were flavorful and balanced. The golden milk tea might be the best drink I’ve ever had. I will make this my go-to spot on days when I’m not cooking.


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17 Feb 2023

Favorite vegan restaurant of all time

Oasis is the only restaurant I can think of that offers extremely healthy vegan food while also providing very large portions. A medium plate costs ~$15, and gives a quantity of food that would cost $25-$30 at something like a Chipotle. Definitely a must-try.

Pros: Very generous portions, Healthy vegan food


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06 Feb 2023

Not bad.

Service was great. Friendly. Food lacks a bit of a texture to make it a 5 star experience.

Pros: Vegan restaurant, Lots of Caribbean menu, Fresh juice/smoothie

Cons: Relstively slow, Lacking nail biting texture, Poor parking spaces


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31 Dec 2022

So good

Have not made it through the menu yet, trying! Everything is fresh and with the right seasoning. Absolutely love the curry cabbage and seasoned kale, the coconut lentils, veggie korma, and curry chickpeas. Have not tried the mac n' cheese (always out). The Miser Wat runs less spicy and more liquid than standard dish. Their combinations are excellent so cannot go wrong with whatever you order. Nice people, really worth a stop in.

Pros: delicvious vegan food, friendly staff, nice portions


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12 Oct 2022

Cool spot

The food I had was really good! I had the medium plate and the mac and cheese. The portions were really generous and the staff was really friendly.


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28 Sep 2022

Delicious food, large portions, lovely owners

Absolutely love this place! The everything platter is a fantastic way to get to try everything and you will get more than one meal from it! The owners are super lovely and make such delicious, healthy food!


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16 Jul 2022


Back after too long. I had the Ginger Bomb juice with the Oasis Burrito, Oshu Wrap, and my husband had the Shango Wrap. Next time, I am going to have to put the food in the trunk, because I ate it on the way home, happily. My husband said his wrap was very tasty. Hands down my favorite vegan takeaway….This fast food is nourishing and made with equal measure fresh ingredients and love. Truly, this food is medicine. They have gluten free options, combo plates,soups, bowls, specials, smoothies, even deserts. Order in person to enjoy listening to Afrobeats playing and smelling the wonderful spices and cooking that emanates from this splendid kitchen. Heaven.


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26 Jul 2021

Soul food

We shared the everything plate and Mac and Cheese. Good food and friendly service. The smoothies were not so great.

Pros: 100% Vegan, friendly staff, local business

Cons: Only take-out


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25 May 2021

Absolutely delicious!

Incredible food and really sweet staff! The miser wot and the curry chickpeas are my favorite. There's something for everyone here!

Pros: Everything is vegan, Amazing food


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08 Feb 2021

One of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to!!

The food at Oasis is seriously amazing!!! I ordered the “everything” plate (which has a little bit of everything they have) and the mango smoothie. I HIGHLY recommend it. The food is so flavorful and unlike any vegan restaurant in the area. The smoothie was definitely the most unique one I’ve had with cinnamon in it as well. I spoke with one of the owners when I went and she was the sweetest lady. There’s a sign outside that says it’s a Black-owned business, and there’s beautiful artwork hanging up inside as well. Definitely try this place!!


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09 Jun 2020

Vegan Soul Food

This place is great, large variety of vegan foods, drinks and smoothies. Great atmosphere and the service is exceptional.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Reasonable priced


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08 Mar 2020

Great food!!!

Spicy plant based meals will always bring me back!


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06 Sep 2019


A really great vegan spot in the Boston area. Food is affordable and healthy. 10/10 recommend.

Pros: All vegan , Healthy


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11 Aug 2019

Delicious and Nutritious

I can only speak to the food, I did not try ordering juice or smoothie because of the prior reviews. Everything we had here was delicious and we felt amazing afterwards. They display what's available but don't really say which each dish is, they assume you know. That's OK but this place is not really about service, it's more of a takeout place. The vibe is very health and spirituality focused, which is not usually my thing but the food makes it worth it. The vibe is very serious, I would not come here expecting any kind of small talk. Now for the food, everything is delicious and not processed. All the curries are delicious as are the grains and sides. The curried cabbage and lentil stews were particularly good. The bulgur was fine but my fiancee's African couscous was the selection I would have gone with.

We will definitely come back here but likely for takeout. The portions were incredibly generous, we had enough for leftovers which made for a delicious breakfast. A medium plate is probably more food than you can handle. This place is a value for what you get.

I'm giving it only four stars because the vibe when ordering was a little strange.

Pros: All vegan, Food was excellent quality, Generous portion

Cons: Not the best place to sit down, Ordering process was a little strange, Non-juice beverage availability unclear


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01 Nov 2018

Excellent real food all vegan and plant based. Love the food!

Perfect food with love!


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11 Oct 2018

Never coming back

When I arrived, I was the only person waiting to order (one person was eating and the restaurant was otherwise empty). I hadn't been since the weeks shortly after they first opened. The person at the counter was helpful in explaining what was available and how combos could be put together. I ordered a small combo to dine in, as well as a smoothie. She kindly pointed out they didn't have the maca for that smoothie, and I said I was fine with that. I paid about $15 and sat down.

The food combo came out fairly fast and she said the smoothie would be out shortly. I took my food to my seat and started eating. The food was what I remembered: not as good as other places that make the same things (miser wat was kind of a spicy paste, the kale was just fine, and the grains were just fine; nothing to write home about). While eating, I saw people come in and order. I had an interaction with two first-time customers who were asking how spicy the miser wat was, and I offered my opinion, as I had eaten 3 bites already and found it moderately spicy. Before them someone else had come in and I believe he ordered while they were deciding.

It wasn’t long before I finished my combo. Patiently I waited, not wanting to pester the person at the counter, especially as it started to get busy. I trusted that she would get me my smoothie soon, as promised. But 5-10 minutes after finishing my food I still didn't have one. I heard the blender, but not for me! One went to the man who ordered immediately after me, and then two to the newcomers I'd spoken with earlier.

So I *finally* speak up. Of course, by this time, she does have a fairly long line at the counter, and it is just her working. She uses this as a way to explain why it's 20 minutes since I ordered and I still do not have my smoothie. This does not explain how she completed two other orders (with smoothies) for people who came in after me. My guess is she forgot and didn't want to admit it, but who really knows? Remember, when I ordered, there was no one in line after me.

Anyway, as my lunch break was ending, I left without a smoothie or a ~$6 refund, much less an apology for the underwhelming service. The most frustrating aspect of this interaction is how she didn't acknowledge that maybe she forget and would make it right away or whatever, instead of pushing back on my like I'm unreasonable for expecting a smoothie with 20 minutes. This is what has me promising never to go back again.

Pros: Local business, Black-owned business, Vegan business

Cons: Mediocre food, Forgetful or poorly organized service, Poor customer service


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21 Apr 2018

Great vegan lunches

Good set of options for lunch including spicy variations and common staples. Really liked the ambience as well. Excellent service


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19 Jan 2018

Delicious vegan food in Dorchester

The previous two reviews got it right and they described the menu. I had quinoa with green beans (the sauce soaked into the quinoa, yum), a chickpea/potato mix, and a side of the mac and cheese which was really good! Folks were coming in so they seemed busy the whole time we were there, at about 7:30-8 on a Thursday eve. So glad to see them doing well.

There are 4 counter seats, and 4 small tables. A nice cozy place.

Pros: Food, staff


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07 Nov 2017

Absolutely Fantastic - a MUST try

EDIT **** They are doing some renovations in October so expect some weird hours and closing around then. They may be gone for a little but they'll be back!!!

If you've been to Belmont Vegetarian Restaurant in Worcester, this is very similar and I couldn't be more excited.

Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor has only been open about a month but when I walked in for lunch today they were full of people enjoying their food and each others company. With a juice list, a smoothie list, and then containers of food (A regular for $7 and a large for $11 I believe) you pick your lunch from a changing menu.

Today we had the option of brown rice or quinoa, a lot of different lentil and bean stews, and then a bunch of greens as well. Last but certainly not least, a hotel tray of vegan mac and cheese, where a block is $5 but I'd say it's worth the price.

I ended up with a regular box of quinoa (perfectly made, light and fluffy like cous cous), sautéed kale (delicious. I'll say no more) and then their soya mix with veggies. Of course I had to get the mac and cheese too. A deliciously filling lunch made with love and hard work.

Very excited for this place's future. A simple, soulful treat south of Boston.

Pros: Friendly friendly staff :), DELICIOUS food, Quick and easy service

Cons: Small place, that gets busy


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30 Sep 2017

Yummy, healthy food

I live down the street from this restaurant and am thrilled to have it in the neighborhood!

Oasis serves plates made up of a grain such as brown rice or quinoa, a stew such as curry chickpea or saucy stringbeans, and a green. Side dishes such as vegan mac and cheese are also available.

So far we've only been here twice but everything was amazing!

Plates come in large ($11) or small ($7) and the large is enough for one filling meal and some leftovers.

The restaurant itself is small with counter service and a few tables. It's a family owned establishment and the owners are incredibly nice and actually seem to remember you when you come back.

I'm definitely looking forward to coming back again and again!

Pros: Amazing food, reasonable prices, friendly staff

Cons: small menu, public transit options are limited, closed Sundays

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