A modern vegetarian cafe offering the only locally made gourmet and artisan Indian desserts; vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. Uses no preservatives, chemicals, fillers or emulsifiers in the sweets. You can sample the extensive range of desserts, mix your own boxes, drink chai latte, Larry's coffee, Videri chocolates, healthy tonics and milkshakes or probiotic yogurt drinks. All the food (not desserts) is all-vegan. Open between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm when all other restaurants are closed around Chatham Square. Open Tue-Sun 12:00pm-9:00pm. Closed Mon.

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First Review by plantbasedalex


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10 Jun 2023


The Kaju Katli is so delicious. The savory vegan options are limited but quite good. (Ordered for pickup.)

*Clarification in response to owner comment: The savory vegan options seem limited in that a lot of the dishes are chickpea based and therefore felt limited PERSONALLY, TO ME, IN MY OPINION compared to the number and VARIETY of options at many other Indian restaurants in the area. 😊

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-10


10 Jun 2023

ALL savory items are VEGAN, including the Somosa, Kachori, Vegetable chop, Chole, 4 different Chats, Bhel puri, and the Thali platter. Also, 5 vegan sweets are available, including Boondi, Boondi laddu, Motichoor laddu, Maalpua, and the Kaju Katri that you stated was so delicious.
We are a boutique sweet shop specializing in fresh made Bengali mithai, not a "restaurant", but a small cafe offering chats and chai, as noted on our website. Sorry to disappoint you with the limited food options.



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07 Dec 2020

Great food, a bit spicy, owner didn't wear mask and unfriendly

Food was good, as everyone mentioned. We did find the food to be a bit spicy. We did not have an option to adjust the spice level. For reference we generally order a medium spice level.

We were surprised by the portion size. While the price is under $10, the portions are proportionate to that. The quality of the food was good.

We appreciated that their menu was labeled clearly for both vegan and gluten free.

With regard customer service we did not have a positive experience. We called in an order around 2pm on a Monday. The owner answered and was clearly doing something else. He acted as if we were bothering him with our business, was only half listening, made us wait on the phone until he was ready to take our order and snapped at us when we said something incorrectly.

They were clearly not busy, it was in between lunch and dinner. He told us it would be 20-25min for our order.

When we arrived we called in. The owner was clearly not wearing a mask.

While they advise there are only two people handling food, it doesn't give us a sense of security when they don't seem to take covid seriously. Anyone around food should be wearing a mask. Taco bell drive through are wearing masks and gloves.

It is also not comforting to think that they don't enforce masks when entering the store for pickup which puts every other customer at risk.

With the rise in covid and predictions for winter/holiday season we've noticed other businesses taking more precautions rather than less.

While we like the food we probably won't be back during covid.

Pros: Quality food

Cons: Spicy, Owner not wearing a mask, Masks not enforced for customers entering


21 May 2021

Spicy Indian food, and no mask frenzy? Sounds like a great place!


28 Sep 2022

I'm not going to argue with your points on masks, that's valid, but... going to an Indian restaurant, then posting a review where you list "spicy" as a "con" is honestly pretty ridiculous.


10 Jun 2023

Contrary to your statement, Masks were NOT mandated at the time. Secondly, since you waited on the phone, I took your call while first attending to a customer at the counter, which is common courtesy in any business. And finally, I run the cafe alone from 12-9pm, and take orders through Grubhub, Doordash and UberEats, so how could you possibly know how busy I was at that time? Most orders require 15 minutes to prepare, so If I stated 20-25 minutes, then I clearly had other orders in the cue.


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26 Sep 2020

Delightful meal

We look for Indian cuisine when traveling and are rarely this surprised. Ordered Thali platter and Veg Chop Chaat and enjoyed everything. Although this place is known for a great variety of Indian deserts -- who knew? -- the meals were equal to that reputation.

Pros: Delicious, Very good value

Cons: Limited menu (perhaps covid caused)


10 Jun 2023

Thank you Ward.... pleased to know we surprised you with our savory snacks! Peace.


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09 Oct 2019

Very good chole

Had lunch here; the owner made the chole; very good!

Pros: Vegan options , Good selections of desserts


10 Jun 2023

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the chole. Peace.


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17 Aug 2019

A gem in Cary

Stumbled upon this place in the midst of moving up to NC, boy am I so glad I did. Their food is absolutely delicious. It’s defintely my favorite restaurant in the Raleigh area. All of their food is vegan, and three of their desserts are vegan too. It’s all cooked fresh and to a high standard, the servings are filling and it’s incredibly well-priced. Don’t let it being a small cafe deter you! This place is totally worth going to!

Pros: Well-priced , Great portions, Delicious

Cons: Limited seating


10 Jun 2023

Thank you for your wonderful review. Peace.


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Mostly Veg
22 Jun 2017


Most of the desserts had dairy, but the vegan ones we got were delicious. Also bought samosas and curry, which were wonderful. Friendly owner, will definitely return!


10 Jun 2023

As a Bengali mithai cafe, we specialized in the milk based sweets that are renowned in India and Bangladesh, but we have 5 vegan sweets to offer, and ALL the savory snacks are VEGAN as well. Thank you for your support. Peace.

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