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Travel notes:

In Malaysia, you can find many vegetarian restaurants and stalls throughout the country. Many vegetarian restaurants particularly Chinese and Indian vegetarian restaurants do not use onions and garlic in their cooking due to religious reasons. Most Indian vegetarian restaurants in Malaysia use the term 'pure vegetarian' which simply means they do not use meat, eggs, onions and garlic in their cooking. Some of their dishes will contain dairy/butter/ghee. You may request for vegan options in Malay by saying
no eggs = tak mau telur
no cows milk = tak mau susu lembu
no honey = tak mau madu
no butter = tak mau mentega
no margarine = tak mau marjerin
no chicken = tak mau ayam
no meat = tak mau daging
no fish = tak mau ikan
no seafood = tak mau makanan laut
without animal products = tanpa produk haiwan
The word 'tak mau' means 'don't want' in Malay.
Usually most people understand the word 'vegetarian' so all you have to say is vegetarian dan (which means and) tak mau telur, tak mau susu lembu, tak mau mentega, tak mau marjerin, tak mau madu, tanpa produk haiwan.

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