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First Review by Stevie

Classic pita falafel with salad stuffing - Edit

Maoz is a classic and I´ve enjoyed their pita falafels and salads also in Amsterdam and London (but they are not in London anymore). Their falafels are better than average, but the idea in coming here is to stuff your pita full of marinated vegetables from the salad buffet. Don´t finish your pita straight away, you may go and stuff it again, and again! They had great marinated carrots, lentil sauce, sun dried tomatoes, olives, vinegar cabbage etc. and you may to everything with tahina and hot sauces.

Pros: You can restuff your pita!

Cons: Very crowded, no space to sit down

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Would go again - Edit

The service was great, woman working was very helpful and a fast worker. The self-serve toppings bar is a great idea, so many choices! Everything was fresh, well priced and lots of vegan friendly options. Look forward to returning.

Pros: Service, Options

Cons: Not many places to sit (more of a fast food restau

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Great food, lousy staff - Edit

We went to this Maoz location early June 2015 in the late afternoon and the salad bar had lots of fresh options. Also the falafels were decent. The staff however ruined the meal to a large extent. On arrival we were ignored for a couple of minutes, until the guy behind the counter had finished his text message. The rest of the service was unfriendly and kept to a minimum. The three guys working there were busy playing practical jokes on each other and checking out the girls passing the place.

We do not recommend going there, in the area there are far better veg options.

Pros: Fresh food, location

Cons: Lousy staff

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Nice price, nice falafel! - Edit

Just 4€ and you get a Pitta (whole wheat or white) or a bowl to fill many times as you want...
Include 4 little falafel (fried)
Is good and fast !
The options are many and all types of cooked. They use many herbs to add taste, and you have different types of sauces to choose !
Enjoy your meal!

Pros: Hippie falafel ! (travellers option), Fast and delicious, Amazing price

Cons: Fried, ¿?Quality¿?

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Good Food Silly Rules - Edit

The all you can eat buffet is a bit deceiving. Of you order the meal in pita bread and think you will want seconds, make sure you east the salad inside the pita and don't finish the bread as you can't get more salad without bread to put it in. Of you decide to get the salad option you can keep refilling the container...

Pros: Nice Falafel

Cons: Unenthusiastic Staff

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Yummy - Edit

This small eatery has everything to provide you with lunch. You'll get a yummy falafel-burger which you can refill with healthy vegetables. And the quick lunch options are not expensive.

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Does the trick - as always - Edit

Maoz always delivers excellent value, and, amazingly, this was one of the best meals I had in Barcelona. The falafel was super fresh and the salad bar was the usual splendid-ness. You can't miss here, unless it's super busy, which would be deserved. Fair prices, yummy food. All good!

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Maoz Never Disappoints - Edit

This was my first stop in Barcelona and, as usual, I devoured my delicious falafel with glee. Maoz is the best. This particular shop was very clean and the salad bar was super fresh and well-stocked. The falafel is made fresh-to-order and that makes the difference! The fries are delicious too. The only thing I found disappointing is not enough room in my falafel to fill it with all the toppings I want, it's hard to pick. I think a falafel bowl might be a better option but I love the challenge of chowing down on a sandwich that's falling apart.

Yum yum yum. Don't forget to douse your falafel in tahini sauce when you're done filling it up!

Pros: TASTY, Clean, Reliably good filling meal

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Best falafel ever - Edit

I absolutely recommend this place. This was the best falafel I have ever eaten in my whole life. The falafel itself was very good. But especially the vegetables which you can add yourself are very fine and had a delicious taste. My favourites were the mixed wheat (?) with coriander, tomato-cucumber, some very spicy pesto lookalike sauce and the hummus.The fries were not my favourite (maybe because I'm used to Belgian fries :).

Pros: fine and tasty vegetables to add

Cons: no toilet

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A fight to the front - Edit

You can generally be guaranteed amazing freshly prepared falafel here with lashings of fantastic salad, as much as you can pile on. In a bustling side street off Las Ramblas this is a very busy take-out affair. Open til 3am and a great place for on the hoof food. Serves cans of cold beer also, which is a bonus. My only concern about the format here is that it becomes extremely crowded with people jostling for position over the salad counter, and even filling up with salad again whilst they have half-eaten their falafel. This to me creates hygiene problems i.e. using utensils again on sandwiches that have already been eaten and people spluttering over and touching the food at the salad bar. On 1 Jan 2013 the place was absolutely heaving with people showing absolutely no concern for incoming customers. We had to leave in a bit of a fury after a 15 minute wait, and felt sorry for the lone staff member who had to deal with some rude customers demanding their food and then crowding the salad counter preventing others from getting in. I have been going to Maoz around Europe since 2002 but now I think I may have 'outgrown' it as there are so many other vegetarian and vegan fast food options available in most cities. Give Wok to Walk a try in Barcelona if Maoz is too busy only a few hundred yards away on Ferran or at Las Ramblas.

Pros: cheap, fresh, location

Cons: no toilet, lack of seating, hygiene issues

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Comparison to other MAOZ stores - Edit

I have to admit it - I've been addicted to falafel and visited about 15+ different MAOZ in Europe and the US over the past 10 years. Most of them are closed by now sadly.

So I can give you a comparison to other MAOZ stores:

- Unfortunately this is the last remaining MAOZ in Barcelona. There have been much more a few years ago.
- The Interior is the same as everywhere.
- This store also has olives (yum!) and dried tomatoes (YUMMY!!)
- They allow to get as much extra ingredients as you like! Neat! (That's not how other MAOZ stores are handling it - some even forbid to get extra sauces on your fries)
- Staff is very friendly yet some are really crazy people ;-) So if you're mom's beloved personal fairy queen, you might not cope with their jokes.
- Yet they are a bit slower than I have expected it - but no worries, doesn't matter!
- Falafel taste the same as in every MAOZ, also the sauces etc.
- Sadly they have no toilet around.

All in all: Very nice fast food for vegans in Barcelona. Normal prices.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday October 30, 2013

Pros: One of the best MAOZ stores

Cons: No toilet

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Last Maoz In Barcelona - Edit

Used to be a bunch of these in Barcelona, now this location is the last one. Good falafel, fresh pita, and veggie sides you can refill at your leisure. Small place, might have to stand. They used to have a spicy red sauce to put on the falafel, but no more. Other than that, i enjoyed it as usual.

Pros: Speed, Price

Cons: Seating

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like all the others - Edit

really small place with nice falafel. the service is quick and you can top the sandwich with all the stuff they have to offer from the little salad bar, which is a nice touch.

as for the falafel you will not have a different experience as from all the kebab shops that I assume to be common in almost every other city, at least throughout Europe, with the exception being that you will not have to smell the meat roll being roasted. it is a little more expensive than what you get in the regular non-franchised kebab houses.

Pros: no meat around, nice salad bar to top, good falafel

Cons: small and easily overcrowded, on the expensive side

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Disappointed - Edit

Honestly, the only good thing I can say is that I liked the french fries.

- The falafel was way bellow average.
- The staff was rude with some customers.
- The place was not specially clean.
- There was plenty of water in the hummus and in the tahini sauce.

So... being in such a nice location in Las Ramblas, crowded with vegetarian restaurants, I'd recommend you to go somewhere else!

Pros: French fries

Cons: Taste, Staff, Cleaning issues

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Simple and good - Edit

I liked this a lot. Staff was friendly. I'll ate that menu which include falafel and fries. Fries were crispy and falafel and hummus was good. And there is something like ten to fifteen ingredients that you can add. I think this is a very good place to start tasting falafel and hummus. Place is very small and there is a sign that you are not allowed to eat food outside restaurant so if you'll try to be a good citizen prepare to wait.

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Great fries - but not so great falafel - Edit

We have previously had Maoz at other locations in other countries and were satisfied, but when we arrived in Barcelona starving and headed straight to Maoz we ordered falafels and loaded up on the side dishes. Both of us felt sick after eating it - probably because all of the sides were covered in oil. We later found out after eating some other places in Barcelona that they love to use a lot of oil on their foods, but Maoz really was not great for us. Even the pita was not as good as pita we have had at other European falafel places - including some in Barcelona. We would recommend that if you choose to eat there just beware of what is in the sides you put on the pita - they seem to be different than at other Maoz locations. You also might consider trying other greek places in Barcelona that are not vegetarian - their falafels seem better - try La Turca or Dionyses instead for instance. Maoz did have great fries though.

Pros: convenient location, great fries

Cons: greasy food, not so good pita bread

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Basic But Tasty - Edit

Don't expect to sit, but you can grab a hearty falafel pita and stuff it full of healthy ingredients just the same. Stand or carry away, and enjoy a great and inexpensive meal. Love this place for a quick complete vegan meal.

Pros: Quick, Tasty, Filling

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Delicious felafel - Edit

We needed some fuel to explore Barcelona and head to Maoz after reading the reviews on Happy Cow.
It was easy to find. Upon our arrival, the girl at the counter was extremely enthusiastic and told us that we could have any topping on our felafels.
The felafels were delicious, portions generous and there was cold beer.
Also, some awesome music was playing.

Pros: portions, friendly staff, cheap

Cons: small place

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for a quick falafel - maybe - Edit

This place is always full of people, messy and with staff who seem very tired of their work.

I came here several times, it is ok, but when you look around you start wonder about the hygienic standard of the place.

One time when I was really hungry I even ordered french fries. I couldn't believe it. They collect already heated fries on a shelf and just reheat it. You can imagine how disgusting and unhealthy that is.

Why not try to find a Lebanese restaurant? This fast food place is after all not that cheap.

they do have some great salads, like sun dried tomatoes and olives. However, sometimes they reduce the options so you will not find the things you did last time you were there.

they usually prepares the Falafel when you order them but it has happen to me that they give me already cold falafels or reheat falafels. I get stomach pain from reheated fat...

Pros: in city center, quick

Cons: small, stressful, few seats, messy, impression of not being a clean place, staff of bunch of tired people

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Easy to find, good falafel - Edit

You're probably familiar with Maoz, so I won't tell you what they are.

There's room for a few people, with some stools inside to sit on. The food is the same great quality you've come to expect from Maoz, and this location is easy to find when wandering around the city.

Definitely worth stopping in during a trip to Barcelona.

Pros: All-vegetarian, Easy to find

Cons: Limited seating

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Great Fixins - Edit

The fellafel was really good, albeit I could have had an extra ball or two. The fixins' were great, including sun dried tomatoes and cauliflower. Good deal, albeit EUR 4.50 was a bit steep.

Pros: Clean, Tasty, Helpful

Cons: More humous

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Maoz is always good... - Edit

We knew Maoz from Amsterdam, so we were happy that there was a Maoz in Barcelona. The falafel is really tasty, the salad bar is fresh, it's one of the best vegetarian fastfood concepts we know.

Pros: Good value, Fresh, Tasty

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Always a decent vegan snack - Edit

I'm a great fan of falafel. I make them myself from scratch, I eat them neraly everywhere I go. Maoz Falafel does not make the best falafel on earth but so far they were decent at every Maoz I went to. Maoz in BCN was no exception.

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Great felafels and chips!! - Edit

Ok, this place is pretty much the same as all other Maoz's but just want to say that I can't recommend these places highly enough. They are cheap and fast and the array of fillings (mostly vegan, all vegetarian) for your felafels is amazing and you can add as much as you can balance on your pitta! Must give a mention to the chips, they seem to part cook them and then fry them on request, I thought this might make them dried up but, somehow, it makes them really tasty..maybe the nicest chips I've ever had. If you are on a tight budget then visit this place for all your meals... I did!

Pros: Cheap, Filling, Great chips

Cons: Only a few seats

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I looooove Barcelona Falafel - Edit

This place is heaven!
Cheap and yummie!
You can have super salads here with falafel balls and hummus.
I went to Maoz in Paris. Not half as good!

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Great little place! - Edit

This place is great! It is soooo cheap and really tasty. Can have falafel and salads in a pitta or in a tub, or have the menu - falafel, chips and a drink. Can have as much of the salads and you want because help yourself. Really friendly man on the counter taught us the spanish for what we ordered. Limited seating, but we were always lucky enough to sit down.

Pros: Tasty, filling food, Cheap prices, Friendly staff

Cons: Limited seating

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Maoz Falafel, Barcelona - Edit

Review: I've eaten here many a time for tasty vegan food on the move. Centrally located just off La Rambla and very close to Placa Reial, bargain prices. Only a couple of the sauces in the salad bar aren't vegan. I've been here at closing time and instead of throwing away unsold food they take it outside to give to homeless people.

Pros: Mostly vegan, Tasty, Bargain prices

Cons: None

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