Part of vegan restaurant chain inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for vegan living. Each location is individually operated. Serves vegan food, desserts, and non-alcoholic beverages. This branch has retail area selling some packaged foodstuff to take home. Open Mon 11:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-8:30pm, Wed-Sun 11:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-8:30pm.

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06 Nov 2022

Amazing vegan food

Know the brand from the US. Had amazing Asian vegan food



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01 Mar 2020

Lovely spot

A very good spot in Tainan. The staff is very friendly, our children had a lot of fun with the shop owner. The food is fresh and of good quality. Recommended!

Pros: Many options


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27 Feb 2020

Typical Loving Hut

Supreme master TV in the background and set meals of pan asian persuasion. Nothing too spectacular, but they sell violife cheese and the meals are filling. Definitely lack flavour, so you need to add salt and chili. They do stay open 'til a decent hour and the service is nice. Plus they sell some extra products which you can take home and enjoy.

Pros: All vegan, Okay price, violife cheese

Cons: lacks flavour, supreme master tv


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23 Feb 2020

Good Cheap Food

Food was really nice and cheap, also fully Vegan. Got the Kimchi Noodle Soup and Skewers. Skewers were really tasty however the Kimchi Noodle Soup was lacking a little in flavour but still very delicious.

Pros: Great Skewers. Staff were very friendly

Cons: Soup base needed a little extra flavour


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18 Nov 2019


Went there twice. Super service. Helpful in finding the right dish.


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16 Nov 2019

Food was good and the service friendly.

Everything was quite good but not really „wow“. The prices are a little bit higher than showed on Happy Cow. I would say two $$ signs would be more realistic.

Pros: Variety of food, (alcohol-free) beer was tasty, The restaurant is also like a small vegan store

Cons: food was a little bit tasteless, the price was more like two $$ symbols


16 Nov 2019


16 Nov 2019


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30 Oct 2019

solid dinner place

taiwanese menu with set meals available (main dish two of salad/dessert/beverage). portions are big, prices acceptable. you can also buy sweets, spices, vegetables and many kinds of tea and coffee in their small store which is in the restaurant.


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09 Oct 2019

Friendly staff, delicious food

We had a vegetable curry for 120 ntd. Was enough for lunch for 2 persons when you're not super hungry. Absolutely delicious! Restaurant sells vegan books and products, too.


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27 Apr 2019

Delicious food and friendly staff

I really like the loving hut restaurants. I've been to another one in Yilan (Luodong) and it was fantastic, too!
I had a set meal which included salad, soup, main course and dessert and a drink. I paid 345 TW$ which was totally fine for the quality and size of the food.
But of course you can find cheaper options and different varieties of noodles, rice, hot pots etc

Pros: English menu,

Cons: Bit more pricey


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16 Jul 2018

Good food, friendly staff

Vegan cheesecake was excellent. I also had a wrap which was good.

Pros: English menu. Staff can speak English as well.

vegan mikal

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19 May 2018

Good food and friendly vibe

This is a smallish but cozy restaurant with English-speaking staff (if you need that sort of thing). The food is not especially cheap but is at the higher end of the 'cheap' offerings available in a restaurant setting in Taiwan.

I tried the bimbimbap but really should have gone for the massive bowls of noodles that others were eating all around me. The menu is quite long and there are many options - all vegan, of course. My dish had only one tiny piece of mock fish. Delicious yet paltry. Without my dessert, I would have left the place hungry.

Desserts in Taiwan are quite hit-and-miss, so see how you go with the offerings at Loving Hut when you're there. You might be better off getting a tofu dessert at the tofu place just next door if you get there early enough (they had none when I was there just on 7pm!)

Pros: Guaranteed vegan, Friendly, Long menu in English

Cons: Desserts not so exciting


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25 Feb 2018

What I expect from Loving Hut...

A pretty typical Loving Hut restaurant.

Staff were very friendly and were able to communicate with us easily in English. Some of the food was amazing (Taiwanese bi bim bap, for example). If I were to go again, though, I wouldn’t order the “set”: the salad wasn’t really to my liking and the dessert wasn’t great. Overall, a positive experience...and they get bonus points for being so welcoming and friendly too!

Pros: Very friendly staff, Good main dishes

Cons: Salad and dessert weren’t great


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01 Feb 2018

Was a bit disappointed

We ordered the skewers as they have been touted as really good but was a bit disappointed. I expected them to be deep fried or like a barbecue, but instead their texture was rubbery like fake prawns. There was not much flavour to them as well.

We ordered something that said it was a Korean rice cake, but it had no rice what so ever. Instead it was a tomato flavoured stew with vegetables and some glutinous like bits. While it was hearty and pleasant it wasn't very exciting.

I felt like the menu could use some better information as I saw some things that other people ordered that I might of liked but I didn't see them in the descriptions or pictures.

The only drinks seemed to be non alcoholic beer and coffee drinks, no tea or smoothies or hot chocolate, so I didn't order a drink.

I wanted to order the green tea ice cream, but because it was winter they were only serving cakes.

Over all the food was disappointing for the price.

Pros: staff was friendly

Cons: Bit pricey, very limited drinks, could use better and more accurate english menu


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14 Jan 2018

pleasantly suprised

Went there for evening meal, we wanted the sesame noodle, bbq skewers and bibimbap bowl (Taiwanese style) the ordering was the confusing part- the menu is in English but there were 2 prices for each dish which we assumed were small and large but when our order was taken she asked us if we want a b or c- which were individually described with extras, so we selected not really knowing what we were going to get (we now assume that the higher price gets you this option and the lower price is just the main dish) The staff were very friendly, prompt service, the young girl speaks excellent english and the food was good and in huge portions.

Pros: In a city with limited veg/vegan options, english menu


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01 Nov 2017


Although I haven't had a proper meal here yet, it's getting five stars for having the only vegan cheesecake I've found in Tainan. It was frozen, but still tasted lovely and at 65NT was at a good price.


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15 Apr 2017

Delicious BBQ Skewers

Along with the BBQ skewers (a serving of 5, which included vegan prawns, mushrooms, veggie meats, and peppers, plus a sausage on a skewer with tomato sauce), we ate a delicious noodle dish (Sesame Oil Noodles) and finished up with a whippy orange ice cream in a cone.

This is the best Loving Hut we've been to so far in Taiwan and they also offer some really great looking rice dishes, including stone bowl, which we'll be trying on our next visit.

The people running this branch are so friendly and welcoming, and although they don't speak much English, the menu includes English translations. It's not always clear what you'll get, but it's all vegan so not a big concern for us!

Pros: Friendly and welcoming, Lots of choices (BBQ Skewers = yum), Great value for money

Cons: None


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21 Mar 2015

Somewhere to eat...

Having eaten in LH's all over the world, this place is pretty average (but that's just my opinion, I didn't particularly rate the one in Taipei either...).

The menu had lots of things crossed out and only tea/coffee/soymilk or cranberry juice as drink offerings...which isn't the end of the world, but some other options would've been appreciated at dinner.

They speak little english so you just go by the vague english descriptions...I got the basil/pine nut rice(stew?) and it was SO disappointing. Had zero flavour...and zero pine nuts (it was basically just rice!). For the price, I wasn't happy but it was edible.
Second time i got the pumpkin coconut rice stew which was better....mixture of veggies/mock meats but had substance and flavour. My boyfriend got the tomato spaghetti and hated it....it was pasta and sweet n sour sauce with bits of mushroom...I guess asia's take on the dish, haha.

Having said that, with our set meal they gave us brown sugar soymilk (yummy) and a jelly with cream (also yummy). We did try skewers and they were also pretty decent for the price.
I also bought some packet hot chocolate from them- they've got some biscuits and things you can buy too.

Even though this is a part-negative review, we'd still go back there if in the area due to lack of other vegan options!


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05 Mar 2015

Yummy Loving Hut

Had a delicious hot pot here. Nice place, tasty food.
Price: moderate. 330 for my set meal.


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12 Oct 2014

Walkable From Bus Station

Just had a set lunch here. I'm transiting thru Tainan and have my luggage with me. This was walkable from the hsr bus drop, in about 10-15 mins.
I had a coconut pumpkin rice meal for 200nt.... totally full. With each set meal there 3 options. I chose the one with salad, bbq, and dessert. It was alright but I should have asked more questions... lots of mushrooms which I don't like, and hardly any pumpkin.
It's a small, typical loving hut, with Ching Hai playing on 2 tvs. Staff was friendly but spoke only a little English.

Pros: Location, Nice People


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02 May 2013

equal quality of others LH

not better or worse than others Loving hut restaurants, a good place in Tainan !

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