Loving Hut Gangnam-gu - 러빙헛

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Gangnam-gu, Gaepo-dong 1218-16, Seoul, South Korea

Part of international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. Each location is individually operated. This one, at 서울 강남구 개포동 1218-16, serves vegan meals, non-alcoholic beverages, sweets. Veg shop attached. 채식을 지지하는 수프림 마스터 '칭하이'에 의해 영감을 받아 런칭된 세계적인 체인의 레스토랑 러빙헛의 카페입니다. 간단한 채식 식사와, 무알콜 음료들, 채식 디저트를 제공하며 특히 가게에서 직접 만든 비건 아이스크림이 인기입니다. 가게 내부에 진열되어 있는 다양한 채식 식재료 또한 구매할 수 있습니다. 영업시간은 매일 11:00~22:00이며, 연중무휴입니다. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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17 Reviews

First Review by BorntobeVegan

Worth the trek - Edit

It took us a while to get here but it was easy via subway (cafe is a short walk from Maebong station).

We got the soy cutlet, Korean “beef” stew, fried “chicken”, a mocha, mocha Frappuccino, choco cream cake and a vanilla ice cream. I wouldn’t order the cake or chicken again (a bit bland and the chicken is too oily for my liking but we had to try it!).. but everything else was sooooo good! I’m so happy to have gotten my ice cream fix especially! I definitely recommend a visit here. I’ll be coming back for more, for sure!

I was pleasantly surprised that there was a vegan store attached so you can also buy packets of vegan cutlets, burgers, steaks, biscuits, sauces, cosmetics etc. They said they could deliver by post too if we wanted!

The staff are really lovely and cheerful. They speak a fair bit of English too.

Overall, we left happy and full :)

Pros: lots of choice , great atmosphere , vegan store attached

Cons: no self-baked goods

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Restaurant and store - Edit

Food was delicious. I've ate here several times and the stews are amazing. The ice cream is very good as well.

They also have a store of vegan products which can get hard to find in town such as mock meats, cheese, soups, cereals, cookies, pasta, sauces and even pet food.


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Nice experience - Edit

I went to Loving Hut in Gangnam, a 7,000 won cab ride from the Express bus terminal, had bulgoggi jiggae which was spicy, nice veggies and a fair price of 6,500won.
The restaurant/cafeteria style had a beautiful assortment of sorbets and an attached store with many products. This would be a great place if I lived near. Apparently a couple other vegan restaurants are nearby per The Happy Cow, also Cheers~

Pros: clean and welcoming, have ice cream, simple and economical menu

Cons: location difficult to find without taxi, store a bit pricier than others, only 3 side dishes

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Vegan Korean food and ICe Cream! - Edit

This place is definitely worth the long walk from the subway station! They have a great mul nam mien and bulgogi soup. The ice cream is also a must. They also have a little grocery section where you can buy frozen veg products.

Pros: food that pleases everyone., easy grocery section, reasonable prices

Cons: A bit far/hard to find.

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One time I went here and got an ice cream cone. I left, walked away for a few minutes, finished my ice cream, turned around and went back in for more ice cream.

10 stars for the vegan ice cream.

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Lovely food and atomosphere - Edit

I come here every week, and I love it each time! The staff is kind and welcoming, and the food is yummy and affordable. One of the staff speaks English, and they have English menus, so many foreigners come as well.

Pros: Yummy food, Affordable, Takes credit cards

Cons: Cafe drinks are small

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Great ice cream! - Edit

Dropped by for dessert after lunch at sarang bunsik (just around the corner). Had lots of kinds of ice cream and was so good! Will try out their meal menu next time. XD

Pros: Lots of options. all vegan, delicious, vegan ice cream!!

Cons: Difficult to reach.. a bit away from everything

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Love this place - Edit

The only thing that motivated me to travel 50 minutes to gangnam was this restaurant. This place is a safe haven for vegans. We ordered the soy cutlet, tomato pasta, strawberry smoothie, tea and some icecream. The soy cutlet is pretty much spot on to the real thing. The pasta is very flavorful and a tad spicy. Icecream was pretty amazing. Total came out to around 30000 won. Not bad at all. I would recommend this place 100%. They also have groceries and other goodies like vegan ramen so stock up while you're there!

For those trying to find this place, use the map in this app to locate it. It's the right one. The website takes you to a different place which is wrong.

To get there: Exit no. 5 of yangjae station. Walk a good 300ft toward the right and you will see a bus stop. Take bus no. 18 and stop at guryongsagori stop (after 3 stops). I used the map above to find the rest of the way there (5 min walk)

Visited on June 7th 2016

Updated from previous review on 2016-06-26

Pros: nice staff, clean, Tasty

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safell 02 Sep 2016 - Thank you so much for posting the directions, that's super helpful!. I was just wondering how I was going to get there by just walking so honestly thank you.  

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Really good place - Edit

Loving Hut cafe is a great vegan cafe, and one of my favorite things is that you can buy some good vegan products from a nice selection of items in their little grocery section. The food is great. I am disappointed that they stopped selling the coconut cheese toast. Like many other vegan restaurants, they seem to only care about their weekday customers, when many of us can only go on weekends. For example, I was recently able to go on a rare weekday, and I was given 3 amazing side dishes, whereas on weekends, I have only been given two side dishes. The ingredients seemed much fresher on a weekday, too. The quality of the dishes also depends on who is working in the kitchen. Once I went and ordered the french fries and they were great, topped with lots of herbs and piping hot. The next time I went and ordered them, they had way less herbs on them and were barely warm. I'm not a fan of cold fries...sorry. Also, my glass of grapefruit juice was half way full, when normally it is full. That day, I noticed the lady who usually runs the front was doing the cooking. My biggest complaint is about the soya burgers selling out so soon. If you don't get there by 1 or maybe 2 at the latest, they are all gone, as they only make 5 per day. This does not seem right since they are open until 9PM.

Pros: Good food, Nice little grocery shop, Nice menu

Cons: Aggravating location, Only 5 burgers made per day, Weekday customers are cared for more it seems

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Loving Hut - Gangnam-gu! You got to love this place! :) - Edit

Since many folks have already written their great reviews on this restaurant, I’m going to keep mine short if possible. :)

One great thing about this place is that in the restaurant, you will find not only delicious vege dishes but also lots of vege snacks, bread, instant noodles, ice-cream, etc. If I remember correctly, they also sell some cosmetics for vegans. The shop in the restaurant is actually bigger than I thought. There are basically so many things for vegans to buy. So if you go there for just a meal, I highly recommend that you check out their shelves. I’m sure to say you will find something interesting there.

I like most of their dishes, so if possible, you had better try them all.

However, one downside of this restaurant is that it is located in a somewhat inconvenient place. Thus, if you are not familiar with the bus system in Seoul, I suggest that you take subway and get off at the Yangjae Citizen's Forest Station and walk to the restaurant or take a cab.

One last thing. Their last order time is 8:30pm for Mon, Tue, Thur, Sun, and 9:30pm for Wed, Fri, Sat. Then please be ready to be amazed, folks! :)

Updated from previous review on 2016-11-17

Pros: Fabulous food, The shop in the restaurant is awesome, Friendly staff

Cons: Inconvenient location

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IN LOVE - Edit

This was seriously amazing to me, with a shop, huge menu, big and comfy place. They have a very large menu to my eyes, and they even make korean traditional food but vegan which is amazing, if you are into korean food this is the perfect place. They have many tables and sits, a lot of space.
Everything is super delicious, I literally indulged. I had the whole pizza, ice cream, vanilla frappuccino (I think that might be in season). Their fruit flavours ice cream tasted really natural. I seriously recommend to try it all. I'm definitely coming back.

From the subway stations around you can get there in many ways, you just have to search which bus to take on google maps. To get there for the first time, I used the instructions a user posted some time ago so you can read them below, they were very accurate and you don't walk much.
The address here in HappyCow is the correct one, the website doesn't have it right.

Pros: DELICIOUS VEGAN FOOD, Super nice staff, A lot of space

Cons: None to be honest

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Nice Place - Edit

A charming cafe restaurant. A little out of the way to get to so you would probably need to take a taxi depending on where you are. Went for lunch on a Saturday. Vegan burger and vegan pizza were on the menu but sold out :(. Tried the bulgogi (a touch too bland), spaghetti (good) and the cutlet (good with a great tangy sauce). Vegan ice cream for dessert. Over all a nice experience. Prices were not the cheapest but not excessive.

Pros: A good few option (when not sold out of certain it

Cons: When I went it was busy and really loud inside.

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Wonderful Chain - Edit

This is my third Vegan Hut I have been too and it was pretty good. The shop in the restaurant is wonderful as well. You can buy frozen bulk food of some dishes they serve. The staff is very friendly. Dishes are very tasty, and they even have vegan ice cream very cheap.

Pros: 100% Vegan, Vegan shop connected, Wonderful staff and English menus

Cons: none

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Happy Vegan :) - Edit

Really great place and wonderful service. Food was great and the store has a great variety of products to purchase at affordable prices. Please do not leave without buying a scoop of the biscuit ice cream!

PS if you like coconut try the coconut vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate in the fridge by the products, i personally loved it!

Pros: Fast food , Great service, Affordable

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Well worth it - Edit

Don’t use googlemaps to get here! It leads you to an animal hospital by a pizza place whereas the actual restaurant is a few streets behind and along. The map from happycow takes you there perfectly. I had almost given up and it was close to 9 when I arrived so I just about cried when the young guy working there said I couldn’t get the burger. I thought he meant they had stopped serving meals but he was just saying they had sold out.
The English menu is behind the counter (I’ve uploaded a pic). I ended up with the spicy hot pot and fries. Wow, I’m used to Japanese portions so it was way too much food for me. The hotpot came with a big bowl of brown rice and 2 side pickle type dishes. It was very tasty. I don’t like fake meat but this was okay – not too realistic. Nice and hot too. The cakes looked a bit dry and uninteresting considering the price (5000-6000) but the icecream looked nice (the flavours are in Korean but the teenager working there spoke enough English to probably tell you what they were, or you could taste them I’m sure).
The shop is sterile and the fast food type uniform incongruous but who cares really. Thought it was very good value for money and there’s a bus stop close by. Lots for sale – pretty expensive but if there’s something your heart is set on then good chance to stock up.

Visited March 22 2015

Pros: english menu, quite a few options

Cons: environment, little bit hard to find

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tulips326 29 Dec 2016 - Sad to say, but if you don't get there by 1, maybe 2 at the latest, the soya burgers are going to be sold out. They only make like 5 a day, which makes no sense, since they are open until 9. I absolutely hate having to compete for and chase down food.  

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Happy to have it nearby - Edit

The savory menu is fairly small here. They also have a coffee bar and a number of desserts. The lady working behind the counter was very kind, super helpful, and had some solid English skills. Though the previous review mentions their menus are in Korean... if you ask, they have an English version behind the counter.

I wasn't blown away by my food. It was standard Loving Hut cuisine. It was just nice to go out and not spend a bunch of time and energy deciphering the menu. The baked goods I sampled were on the dry side, but the ice cream was pretty good. They have a well-stocked grocery section on one side of the cafe, which will probably draw me back here occasionally. Though some of the items are extremely expensive, you can pick up a number of snacks (healthy and not) for normal prices. Legitimately vegan soymilk is 3,000. And if you're looking for vegan ramen, they have 5 different brands and a total of 7 flavors.
Updated from previous review on Saturday February 16, 2013

Pros: open through out the day, all vegan with kind/helpful staff, groceries/snacks/ice cream

Cons: baked goods leave much to be desired, savory menu fairly small, not a lot of options for fresh veggies

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Amazing! - Edit

From walking inside the restaurant with my family, the lady on duty greeted us very nicely and was super sweet/patient throughout the meal. We asked lots of questions and I took pictures of the whole place since we were the only ones there; no one seemed to mind. I recommend having the menu on your phone/ knowing what you will order beforehand, because its in korean. The menu is pretty much the same as the one in Sadang. I ordered a noodle soup which was delicious, the broth tasted like french onion soup and there was veggie meat in it which was really good but a little too convincing IMO. They also have this hot sauce that tastes so good with your food. My parents and brother ordered the Big Burger with fries, and I couldn't stop stealing their fries, they were so delicious and tasted very homemade! It came with organic ketchup which was lovely. In my pre-vegan days, I used to love going to Kraze Burgers. Well in tasting that burger, it brought me back...tasted exactly if not better than my favorite burger in that omnivore place. Not even kidding! Also, the nice server said they had messed up the order in the kitchen, and they brought out a free brownie as a treat! It was so huge and rich dark chocolate, it really hit the spot. After dinner, we all got ice cream, and the lady let me taste some before ordering. I don't remember the name of the kind I got, but it was coffee-flavored with chocolate/coffee crunchy cookies in it. I was seriously in heaven! It has been so long since I've had ice cream, and that tasted even better than what I remember ice cream tasting like. My non-vegan parents got Affogatos, and they raved about it all night long! Seriously, any vegans/vegan-curious people NEED to visit here! They also have a little shop stocked with all vegan stuff, things like So Delicious ice cream and vegan meats. Lastly, I was sort of worried about the whole 'Supreme Master' thing, and if it would be awkward being there, but the TV is always on mute and there were hit songs playing. They played mostly Maroon 5, which made me like that place even more. I could probably go on about my experience there, because it was such a relief finally going to a place where I didn't have to worry about what I ordered or if there would be something for me to eat. I could order whatever my heart desired and I had no care in the world. I'm definitely going back here, and I want to try all the Loving Hut's in the Seoul area. I visited on Jan, 6 2013.

Pros: Tasty food, Ice cream, Low prices

Cons: Mostly Korean menu

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