Vegan café near Nishi Ogikubo station on the JR Chuo line at 東京都杉並区西荻北3-25-1. Offers several lunch sets and a dinner set, plus la carte and dessert. Shop name and address in Japanese: 玄米菜食 米の子 〒185-0032 東京都国分寺市日吉町3-2-6 スカイハイツ日吉105. Open Mon-Tue 11:30am-7:00pm, Thu-Sun 11:30am-7:00pm.

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First Review by Parthenope


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21 Sep 2023

Honestly just very bland

Here's the thing: Some vegan restaurants in Japan, like this one, pride themselves in not using any MSG or other chemical seasonings. Well maybe they should start using them, because this food was bland as [censored].

What I ate:
- Set Meal w/ half soy meat nuggets and half dumplings

This was your typical Japanese Set meal w/ a main dish (soy nuggets dumplings) on salad, a miso soup, some pickled veggies, some kind of mashed potatoes w/ cucumber and chickpeas and a bowl of brown rice.

The meal had its moments, both ok and not-so-good. Let's start with the Soy Nuggets. They had a nice flavor, but I was hoping for a little more crispiness on the outside. Then came the Dumplings, which left me wanting. A lot. They were really plain, with just the tiniest hint of ginger. Could have filled them w/ wet cardboard and I wouldn't have noticed a difference.

On the bright side, the Salad that came with the main was ok. It tasted fresh and hit the spot. The Miso Soup, though, was a bit of a surprise. Instead of the typical Japanese miso soup, it leaned more towards an Italian minestrone or veggie stew with lots of vegetables and a touch of citrus. This might be a personal preference but I'm not a big fan of minestrone.

I did wish there were more of those pickled veggies; they were good but in short supply. As for the brown rice, it was surprisingly bland, not even a hint of salt or any other flavouring. But the mashed potatoes? They turned out to be the most interesting part of the whole meal. But still just ok, which tells you everything about the rest of the food.

This was quite literally a mid restaurant experience. Some parts of the set meal where not bad but mostly everything was just lacking. We gotta up our standards for vegan restaurants. Just because it is vegan, doesn't make the food a 5/5. I've had way better food for less money so I don't think I would go here again.



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17 Jul 2019

Best vegan Japanese

I always enjoy his cooking !
He carefully select ingredients.

Pros: Fresh, Safe ingredients , Good for you !


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28 May 2019

Delicious gentle taste

We had gyoza and Kara age teishoku.
Teishoku came with side dish and miso soup.
Both Kara age and gyoza taste so good!
Balanced and tasty meal. Highly recommend!


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01 May 2019


food was really tasty. very cheap


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17 Apr 2019


Amazing! Super simple but most delicious authentic Japanese vegan meal. So glad I came here!!!

Pros: Everything

Cons: Mone


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15 Mar 2019

Best Eating Experience in Tokyo so far

I am in Tokyo for Vacation since 2 weeks with a Friend of mine. We both agree that this was most delicious restaurant so far. We were also glad it was all vegan including the dessert.
We had the Fried Soya Chicken, The Steak Burger Patty, Gyoza and Tofu. For 1080 Yen you get a Menu with one of the main meals (Chicken, Burger Patty or Gyoza), 2 side dishes and Miso Soup. It was all extremely good but we highly recommend spending money and getting that tasty Gyoza and maybe some Tofu. And also the Chocolate Ice Cream Rice Thing.

Pros: All Vegan, English Menu, Meatlike, traditional Japanese Style


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23 Feb 2019

Comfort food and good place for omnis

Sometimes I need something deep fried with beer. The whole place is vegan so you can freely pick from the menu without having to think twice. Could probably take a regular omnivore here and they wouldn’t even notice that they’re eating vegan.


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10 Jun 2018

Standard Japanese vegan set

My boyfriend and I both got the gyoza sets, which came with miso soup loaded with veggies, as well as a couple sides. The sides were different between the two of us, which was kind of strange, but ended up being nice because we traded some with each other. The gyoza was yummy, but there were only three of them for each person. We also got natto, which was also good.
Something interesting about this place is you get to choose whether you want a small, medium, or large rice, and they're all the same price.
The menu is in English, but staff here don't speak English super well. We had some confusion over something when the waitress used a Japanese word I wasn't familiar with and couldn't think of an alternative to, so she ended up asking another customer a few tables over if she could translate. That was a little awkward.

Pros: English menu., Pretty tasty.

Cons: Staff don't speak English., Limited menu.


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20 Apr 2018

A NishiOgi Gem

Komenoko serves vegan Japanese food done very well. The teishoku sets at lunch time are great value for money, as with your main you get rice, miso soup, pickles and another side dish. Everything is simple, delicious, and healthy. Definitely recommended if you are in the area!


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28 Jan 2018

Amazing, tasty, healthy Japanese food in one of our favourite neighbourhoods

I’d been meaning to visit Komenoko for over a year (we live a few neighbourhoods away) and tonight we finally went! I’d heard amazing things about their gyoza so I had to get the Gyoza Set. My husband got the Karaage set.

Both the gyoza and Karaage were the best vegan versions we’ve tasted! The chef is brilliant and clearly has a lot of experience – he even shared with us the soaking method he uses to make the Karaage so tasty.

Really great value for money – you get mixed rice, lots of sides, a very heart miso soup, salad and your main for only around ¥1300 at dinner time. Also the drinks are very reasonably priced and delicious.

We love NishiOgi and will definitely be heading back to Komenoko!

Pros: all vegan, traditional Japanese food, English menu


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13 Dec 2016

What a gem

We just happened to be in the neighborhood but this turned out to be a really fantastic restaurant. Large, healthy, vegan versions of Japanese cuisine. I highly recommend eating here and would make a special trip out here next time.

Pros: Delicious, authentic, English-friendly

Cons: n/a


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01 Nov 2016

authentic japanese veganized

one of my best vegan meals in japan. english menu with photos. filling and correctly priced. 5 minutes from subway, easy to find. friendly and clean. strongly recommended. go with confidence.


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05 Oct 2016

Excellent authentic vegan food

After discovering this all vegan restaurant on Happy Cow, we decided to go on an adventure to find it. Please note that the restaurant has very little English signage out the front which can make it daunting to walk inside and the staff do not speak much English but once you make your way inside and find a table, the menu can be read in English (bonus!!).
We had the set lunch menu (1100¥), one was the dumplings and the other a fried mock meat, both were served with miso, rice and 2 side dishes (chosen by the staff). Both meals were excellent and a good size, even for Westerners. We shared a beer and plum wine and altogether the experience was 10/10. Highly recommend this little treasure!


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10 Apr 2016

Great Local Option

if you're in the area, it's a must try. We're about a 10min walk away and enjoy strolling down for a hearty lunch or dinner. Pleasant staff and can speak some English plus they've recently created an English-version menu.
Updated from previous review on Thursday December 24, 2015

Pros: Delicious food, Great value, Cozy


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08 Jul 2015

Not sure it was worth the effort...

I came to the location of this place and couldn't find it, so went into a restaurant to ask and it turned out that I had entered the right place. There is no English signage and no English menu, but the person in charge was very helpful at explaining the place was vegan and describing menu items. I ordered a meal set with 'vegetable steak' as the main, with the standard brown rice and miso soup. I chose to have four side dishes (the maximum). When the meal arrived, I was a bit disappointed to find the 'vegetable steak' just meant pieces of stir fried vegetable with only the side dishes to add any flavour. My companion had ordered the soy meat main dish and shared a couple of pieces with me and this was nicer. I may simply have made a bad choice from the menu, but it was disappointing. For dessert we ordered the chocolate ice cream, which turned out to be a tiny amount in the bottom of a glass with a few nuts. Delicious but not really enough for me. I have to say that the effort in finding this place was for me not matched by the result.

Cons: Unexciting main dish, Tiny dessert


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15 Jun 2015

Fantastic traditional Japanese cuisine

I've been here for dinner and I loved it! Unexpectedly the food is very tasty and savory. You can order single items or a set menu.
When you order the set menu you have to choose the main dish, the number of side dishes (from 2 to 4) and the quantity of brown rice (small, medium large.) The set also includes miso soup and pickled vegetables. As an option you can add a drink set and a dessert set.
I ordered a set menu with gyoza, 4 side dishes and medium rice. The medium rice was a little bit small, but the gyoza was delicious. All the side dishes were very good as well.
If you like real Washoku (Japanese traditional cuisine) this is definitely a must try.
As a side note: they have fireflies in the restaurant, if you go for dinner you have the chance to see them.

Pros: Real washoku (Japanese cuisine), Very tasty , There are fireflies!

Cons: Quantities are a bit small

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