Ice cream cafe with a few vegan ice cream flavor options plus plant based milks and raw cakes. Open Mon-Sun 08:00-22:00.

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Mostly Veg
15 Aug 2023

Delicious! Recommend dark chocolate raspberryice cream!

Staff is friendly and knows a lot of good options! Raw cake and healthy juices, delicious ice cream!

Pros: Dark chocolate raspberry , Vega milk options, Raw chocolate orange cake

Cons: Doesn't have vegan whipped cream, No vegan frappicinos



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13 May 2023

Pretty good

Pretty good, had the chocolate with raspberries. Only had fruit options and the one chocolate with raspberry. There were lots of big raspberry chunks and the chocolate flavor was very rich.

Pros: A few options


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02 Oct 2022

Pretty good ice cream

The fruit flavours and chocolate raspberry are vegan but this is not clearly labelled so must ask the server. The chocolate cone is also vegan. The chocolate raspberry is waterbased and is pretty good but not the best I've had and is definitely lacking in creaminess. At €2.50 for a very large scoop in a cone the price is good though!

Pros: Price, Portion size

Cons: Lack of flavours


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21 Aug 2022

lovely location

lots of vegan options. i particularly recommend the chocolate raspberry flavor.


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09 Aug 2022

Chai Latte Powder has Milk and Honey

We asked if the chai was vegan, they said yes. Then when we saw the packaging we remembered that this chai mixture wasn't vegan. We asked them again, they checked and it was with milk and honey. Very disappointing.

Pros: some vegan options but not many

Cons: Misinformed staff


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28 Jul 2022

Good gelato

After seeing the chocolate/raspberry gelato I had to come by. One of the better gelatos in town!
And they said the cones were vegan too.
Inside they have some vegan pies.

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28 Jul 2022


My review won’t be any different 🙈
Chocolate and raspberry flavor is the one to try!


28 Jul 2022

Just might have to go there tonight😜


28 Jul 2022

It’s super chocolaty 🤤 and scoops are huge! Enjoy :3


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21 Jul 2022


Vegan options are boring to death. If you are a cafeteria with this much flavour and creaminess for non vegans, you should probably consider upping a notch for vegans too. There is so many things they could do (like include baked cakes and sweet cream), but they chose to be boring for us. They probably have enough non-vegan guests to not take us seriously at all.


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15 Jun 2022

Best vegan ice cream I’ve had in a while

Lovely cafe by the river. All vegan fruit options and the dark chocolate raspberry is also vegan. I tried the watermelon and mango flavours but after my friend ordered the dark chocolate raspberry I instantly regretted not getting that one- it was AMAZING

Pros: Dark chocolate raspberry flavour is the best , Good service, Lots of options

Cons: Slightly pricey


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28 Jan 2022


Offers vegan sweets and ice creams.
Good coffee and cake 👍

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26 Aug 2021

Ice cream

Very good Ice cream, the prices are a bit expensive BUT the size of the Ice cream are pretty huge so that balances it out. I can recommend the salty caramel

Cons: Expensive


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25 Aug 2021


Went there to get ice-cream. Next to the fruity sorbet stuff, only the flavour "chocolate raspberry" was vegan, so I went for that. It was good.😄

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20 Jul 2021

Perfect chocolate-raspberry

From all the ice cream that I tried in Ljubljana, the chocolate-raspberry and fit-ice of Cacao are my favourites. Not too sugary and well-balanced. Like most ice cream shop, only sorbet are vegans, so don't expect more than fruits and chocolate.

They also offer vegan raw cakes, but they're expensive, and I found them disappointing.

Updated from previous review on 2021-06-23


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17 Jul 2021


The açaí and mango bowl were super yummy. The granola was selfmade and so delicious. Also the Coffee with oat milk was quite tasty (even though they use sweetened milk I think).


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13 Jun 2021

The best ice cream I tried in a while

Their only vegan option is really good - Dark chocolate with raspberries.

Pros: Creamy texture , Vegan cones, Large scoop


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04 Sep 2020

some vegan ice cream options, vegan coffee beverages

Cacao has some vegan ice cream options but only dark chocolate raspberry one is really worth mentioning. Their sorbets are fine but can't compare to the chocolate indulgence that is the dark chocolate raspberry. They are accommodating when it comes to vegan coffee beverages, I really like their soy milk cappuccino.

Pros: dark chocolate raspberry ice cream , some raw cakes

Cons: limited vegan ice cream selection


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26 Mar 2020

Great ice cream!

They have a lot of vegan ice creams, mostly fruit flavours, but also some chocolate ones. They are very full in flavour. They also have some raw and vegan cakes.


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28 Oct 2019

Super delicious ice cream

You can choose from several vegan flavours (mostly sorbets) and the ice cream is really delicious creamy and tastes like in Italy. On a warm day it can be really crowded, but it´s worth the waiting.

Pros: Delicious creamy ice


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19 Sep 2019

Dark chocolate with raspberries!

Awesome ice cream!
Ask about vegan options.

They offer also plant based mylks for coffee and tea.

It's usually crowded, but you can find a place to sit if you're lucky.
Try their dark chocolate with raspberries!

Pros: Delicious ice cream, Great location

Cons: Crowded


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24 Aug 2019


They only had one vegan non-sorbet ice cream flavor, dark chocolate with raspberries, but that one was kind of everything you could wish for as a chocolate lover! 😍😍
Hopefully they’ll get more vegan options though


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24 Aug 2019

Amazing sorbet

Labelled vegan ice cream, I had the blueberry it was fab!
Reasonably priced. Table service outside tables.


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20 Aug 2019

Very good

Other than sorbets they had two vegan flavors. One was sold out so I had chocolate raspberry. It was delicious! One scoop was almost 2€ though which I found really expensive.


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16 Aug 2019

Great Flavors!

Has fast service, delicious flavors and is right by the river. I had the dark chocolate raspberry flavor and was surprised by how many non-dairy flavors there were.


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23 Jan 2019

Yummy desserts!

All of the raw desserts are vegan and they were delish!

Pros: Yummy vegan desserts , Plant milks , Cozy and cute!

Cons: None of the baked cakes are vegan


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18 Nov 2018

Vegan raw cake options and gelato

Cacao is a popular cafe offering several raw vegan cake options (we had the key lime), and gelato flavors. Most flavors were fruit based and smooth, and they also had a chocolate raspberry flavor which was delicious, but could not compare to the Marco Gelato vegan options in Italy. I did order a soy milk latte that I am not sure had any coffee in it.
Really can’t complain though! This is a great option.


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13 Sep 2018

High quality vegan ice cream

Dark chocolate and raspberries ice cream lived up to the expectations and let me tell you, expectations were high. Ice cream was creamy and also very dark chocolate-ly. I would definitely go back when given a chance.


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19 Aug 2018

Delicious Ice cream

We only tried the dark chocolate and raspberry ice cream and that’s all we needed to try- it was so good we went back twice in one day! Make sure to request a vegan cone.

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