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Here are some useful tips for travelling in Slovenia:

Slovenian language:
* I am a vegetarian. = Jaz sem vegetarijanec (male). / Jaz sem vegetarijanka (female).
* I am a vegan. = Jaz sem vegan (male). / Jaz sem veganka (female).
* I don't eat animal products. = Jaz ne jem hrane živalskega izvora.
* I don't eat meat and fish. = Jaz ne jem mesa in rib.
* I don't eat meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and honey. = Jaz ne jem mesa, rib, mlečnih izdelkov, jajc in medu.
* Do you have anything vegetarian? = Ali imate kaj vegetarijanskega?
* Do you have anything vegan? = Ali imate kaj veganskega?
* Is this vegan? = Ali je to vegansko?
* Is this vegetarian? = Ali je to vegetarijansko?
* Does this contain milk / eggs? = Ali to vsebuje mleko / jajca?
* Thank you. = Hvala.
* Please. = Prosim.
* Yes. = Ja.
* No. = Ne.
* Help. = Na pomoč.

If you're visiting the capital town Ljubljana, you can buy a bus ticket or rent a bicycle or walk around (Driving a car in Ljubljana is not recommended because there's lots of traffic and parking is expensive). If you're travelling outside Ljubljana, you can either choose a bus or a train or you can rent a car. You can also find a ride at which is cheaper than a taxi and faster than trains.

If you're visiting big towns and popular tourist destinations (for example Bled), the prices will be higher than anywhere else in Slovenia, which is actually a very affordable country to visit.

If you're not going to eat out much and will cook your own meals or want to buy vegan snacks for the road, we recommend checking out Slovenian Vegan page on Instagram (everything is written in English). They post about cruelty free and vegan products found in Slovenian supermarkets and health food shops, but also post news and discounts. You can use hashtags like #VeganSpar, # VeganMercator, #VeganTuš, #VeganHofer, #VeganLidlSlovenia, #VeganEurospin, #VeganDm, #VeganMüller #VeganEleclerc, etc. to find vegan products in specific supermarkets.

Slovenia has four seasons - winter, spring, summer and fall. It's very cold and we have snow in winter and it usually rains a lot in April. Summers are usually pretty hot. Make sure to check out Slovenia's weather forecast before packing your clothes for travel. And if you're going to visit a cave in any season of the year, you should know that caves are cold and humid.

Slovenian beers Laško and Union are vegan, except Union's Radler red orange, which contains a non-vegan red dye called carmine. Most white wines in Slovenia should be vegan friendly, but be careful with red wine. Check out for more info about vegan friendly alcohol in Slovenia.