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First Review by Stevie

Fancy Vegan Dining in Dublin - Edit

Juice is sophisticated enough to bring a date, yet moderately-priced. Vegans are well-catered for, with a 'v' marking vegan items on the menu. I love the veg-fried rice with tempeh, which is part of the early-bird menu. I order it every time I go, along with some delicious blueberry Tofutti ice-cream! Soya milk is available for all the teas and smoothies.
My only gripe would be that the beer/wine aren't labelled like the food, I would like to know if they serve vegan wines or beer.

Pros: Vegan-friendly menu, Sophisticated atmosphere, Moderately-priced

Cons: Not indicated whether alcohol is vegan

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Good for a small lunch - Edit

I had lunch with my father here during our trip to Dublin, and we weren't disappointed. We had two tortilla dishes which were well-done and quite creative, and my vegetable smoothie was tasty.

It should be noted that most of the dishes looked relatively small, so if you're looking for a big meal, other places might be more suitable. But for a snack in between or a light lunch, this place is recommendable.

Pros: tasty, creative food

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Just nice - Edit

I have lived in Baile Átha Cliath (Dublin) all my life and in all my time here, I have only went to Juice about 4 times. The first time I went there, it was great and I couldn't wait to get back. However, now I find it way over priced and very basic. I personally would suggest going a few doors up to the Jamamouri's a few doors up, which although not a veggie restuarant, like most Dublin restuarants, has a good selection of veggie foods.

Pros: Nice juices

Cons: Over priced, Basic food

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worth a try - Edit

I agree with most other reveiws that its ok food, nothing amazing for the amount you pay and i usually leave hungry still. they DO have some yummy vegan ice cream but protions are small. all in all its worth a try.

Pros: vegan options, nice decor

Cons: small portions, over priced

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Charming Atmosphere, Otherwise Standard - Edit

I visited Juice for dinner, within the window of eligibility for their three-course early bird dinner. Perusing the menu - and considering reviews below mentioned the small portion sizes when ordering a two or three-course meal - I could not find any combination that was particularly appetizing. Underwhelmed with the originality of dishes on the menu, I opted for their 'pasta dish of the day' which was slightly cheaper than the other main dishes. I also ordered a glass of pear juice.

The service was excellent, I must say. It felt almost as though you couldn't get away with anything without the waitress noticing. The second my water glass was empty it would be refilled! The atmosphere is nice, somewhat romantic with candles and flowers adorning the tables, youthful with groovy ambient music playing and a photo essay featured on the wall alongside the service desk/bar.

The food was generally good. The pear juice very good. Nothing too special though. Portion sizes were fair - which I like. I ordered their fruit crumble desert because I was hoping for something special to redeem 'Juice.' The desert was visually quite small, though, in retrospect, a decent portion size, plus tasty and healthy.

All in all, I wasn't impressed by 'Juice.' They bill themselves as Dublin's only true sit-down vegetarian restaurant - which is true. However, it seems as if they just asked 'what do vegetarian restaurants serve?' and copied that instead of doing something different. I ate at three other Dublin Vegetarian restaurants which are unique locations (not counting Govinda's as they are all over) and they each have their own flair. Juice gives the appearance of flair, but I witnessed very little.

Pros: Attentive staff, Nice Atmosphere

Cons: Nothing Special about it, Very standard menu

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Amazing food, amazing juice. - Edit

We went to Juice twice, both times were very pleased with the overall experience. The waiting staff was very friendly. There were a lot of vegan options or dishes that could be veganized, they also had vegan ice cream. The juices were delicious, and 15€ for a three course early bird menu is anything but expensive.

Pros: fresh and tasty food, decent prices

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wildfang 22 Feb 2013 - Oh, I forgot. There is a 10% student discount! We didn't notice until we left the place.

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Great except for the food, which is just ok... - Edit

Location is excellent, staff are very friendly and quite efficient (refilling your glass, very responsive to requests, etc.) but for the prices, it is slightly disappointing: I had the scrambled tofu breakfast which looked nice but lacked in cooking finesse. Having made this at home myself many times, I was not happy to discover that the only thing I could taste was Turmeric (hint: try adding a little nutritional yeast flakes...) The toast was simple sliced loaf and served with butter (luckily in a separate container). Maybe I just lucked out on this occasion and for sure I'll be trying it again but my feeling is that whilst it's great that there is a place like this, for the prices they charge (8.50 for the scrambled tofu & toast) they really should be offering a higher standard of cooking.

Pros: Location, Staff, Variety of menu

Cons: Slightly-expensive, food is not great, vampires living in the rafters

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Great venue, some nice dishes, double tipping - Edit

I visit Juice regularly as not much veggie choice in Dublin. The venue is lovely and relaxing and suits for lunch or more formal dinner. The 3 course meal for 12e lunch or 15e dinner can seem like great value but really is just a tiny taster starter (except the soup) and even smaller dessert (a slice of cake about an inch in width!) and a simple main (eg simple stirfry, salad, curry/tajine or pasta dish. The main course open sandwiches from this set menu is particularly embarrassingly tiny consisting of one small slice of bread and a tiny bit of topping.

As long as you are aware of the portions sometimes the 3 course special is just what you need but I usually avoid it and pick from main menu. The regular dishes can vary depending on the chef on duty (e.g. spinach pancake can be small or big, with or without dressing and peppers on the side or inside the pancake, the main course salad dressings can vary and ingredients change etc so don't expect the same dish twice in a row. The bread on the breakfast/brunch menu is plain old sliced pan which is also a real let down as Dublin is crying out for a decent relaxing venue for a decent weekend veggie breakfast/brunch (come on Juice have you seen the queues for Odessa on weekends - why not try to compete???).

The tasty fresh juices can work out expensive if you add in any extra's and the tiny pots of tea are over priced. The feta parcels, cannelloni and mushroom wellington are very tasty and the chocolate and hazelnut torte is divine but the desserts are very pricey in current recession.

Service charge is included which, if you don't notice or are in any doubt it gets to the staff, means you may end up double tipping as you feel you also have to leave some change as a tip.

All in all I like to support vegetarian restaurants and Juice in particular but with a bit of thought and effort the management of Juice could turn this nice cafe restaurant from ok into fab.

Pros: Range of food, Nice atmosphere and venue

Cons: Tiny starters and desserts on set menus, Expensive tea's and desserts, Hit or miss dishes

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WeyHey09 22 Feb 2013 - Great news - they have finally removed the compulsory 12.5% service charge from all bills so now it's doesn't seem so expensive to pop in for a coffee or bowl of soup. They have also changed their lunch menu to €7.95 for two courses.

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Decent value, good food, bad service - Edit

Juice has a 3 course set menu for 15 euro. The starter course can be glass of wine or beer, but the wine doesn't taste great, so skip it. The food was good and it is a very good value in Dublin. We had the sushi starter, the corn fritters and shared the tiramisu. The food's not the best and they could stand to up their game, but the value is good. I think the set menu is good all night from open to close. The one waitress wasn't all that good, it was more like we were a bother, but don't let that stop you from supporting a totally veggie restaurant.

Pros: totally veg, good value

Cons: below par service

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great decor....amazing dips - Edit

i was so excited to have found this place, great interior frienly staff, vegan food! what more could you want....well....
the menu looked good but for the money it lacked that extra mile that warrented the few extra euro per dish. i found it bland and quite boring. i was suprised with the area it was in (temple bar=very busy) for it not to be packed. the bland food could be the reason for this and the name "juice" i initailly walked past it think it was just a juice bar. great juices great menu but it needs more flavour. the veggie burger had no flavour and served on a white burger bap, the chunky chips were hard to swallow and the relish was too lumpy the tomatoe was the worst tomatoe i had tasted in years (so poor ingredients). all these things are easily fixed and the place would have got a 5! babaganoush and hummous were great. the salad dressing i liked if not a bit basic = oil and vinegar. could be such a great place they just need the finishing touches. we also tried the tagine nice but again basic flavours and no texture. go for the convinence of the area and choice of veggie food.

Pros: nice decor, great babaganoush, great hummous

Cons: lack of flavour, poor ingredients, burger bap not homemade

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wonderful, healthy, awesome juice, nice place! - Edit

Finding vegan food on a sunday is next to impossible, then finding healthy vegan food becomes a miracle, the fact that Juice serves up, healthy vegan that is amazing is awe inspiring! They have a nice brunch menu from 10 to 5pm and dinner at 5. Also an early bird 3 course for 15euros. We had the veggie fried rice which the chef did for us in soy sauce instead of oil. We couldn't believe it was oil free, when felt so foolish when the server told us it was soy sauce! It was so good we were in shock! The pear juice combo we ordered was beyond amazing, too. We're going to be eating here at least 3 times while we're in town! You don't find gems like this too often! Its one thing to have a chef that will make things how ever you request, but for them to be beyond any expectations is an entire other story! I can't recommend Juice enough and don't forget to try the juice!

Pros: healthy options, so good!, don't forget the juice

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Great for Dinner - Edit

Juice is a cute and trendy restaurant half a block from the Temple Bar neighborhood. The menu is large and, although there are many dairy options on the menu, it is still very vegan-friendly. We enjoyed tofu skewers, stir-fry noodles with tofu, and a large salad with marinaded tempeh. For dessert, fruit crumble with a scoop of vegan ice cream. The food was filling and delicious and healthful. Great service and value, too!

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Good but not great - Edit

I like the food and atmosphere in Juice, but I'm vegetarian, not vegan; so I can't vouch for their vegan food. However, the prices make you think you're going to get something much fancier than you do. I like this place, but wanted to warn that it is a bit expensive for what it is. The desserts are great, though!

Pros: Good location, Good atmosphere, Great desserts

Cons: Expensive, Not a huge choice of dishes

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Great Find - Edit

I was backpacking in Dublin recently, and Juice was very close to my hostel. I was really excited to find it. The staff were friendly and I really enjoyed the food. Maybe a bit pricey for me, but finding good vegetarian food I didn't have to make myself made up for that!

Pros: Good staff, Yummy food

Cons: Slightly overpriced

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Juicy goodness - Edit

The food here is tasty and interesting with a mix of things like Mushroom wellington pies, vegetable terrines, vege tajines and cous cous. The breakfast options here are also good - particularly the corn fritters and huevos rancheros.

There is a nice vibe in the restaurant and it's well run.

The location is handy too.

It's perhaps a tiny bit overpriced, but overall a great place to eat.

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Yawn..... Mediocre vegan food... - Edit

We were pretty excited about this place to begin with. Really nice atmosphere, and well located. Sadly, the food was bland, bland, bland. The soup lacked zing... the satay missed the sizzle, and the veggie burger was just OK. Nothing bad here, and certainly OK if you're pressed, but not something to go out of your way for. Also pricey for what you get... Would lean to 2.5 stars if that were possible...

Pros: Good atmosphere, service

Cons: Food is BORING!

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Juice was sweet! - Edit

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of dining at Juice while passing through Dublin recently. We both thoroughly enjoyed the meal. They had a great selection of juices and smoothies (including the option to pick your own combination) as well as teas (including digestives). I had the bean casserole special of the day which was fantastic (butter beans, squash, leeks, etc., in a coconut-milk based sauce served with brown rice and salad). My husband had an Asian sampler platter which had a variety of items (skewer of veggies, spring rolls, etc.). For dessert I tried the mandarin sorbet - it was a little icy, but very tasty. The server was very friendly and helpful (I had to ask a lot of questions because in addition to being vegan I am also gluten-intolerant). I was regretting that I didn't get some take-out for the plane ride home afterwards! I would definitely recommend this restaurant!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, healthy cuisine

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More vegan options needed - Edit

Really nice restaurant with a great atmosphere and not horrifically expensive. The emphasis is on veggie rather than vegan food and it could do with offering a few more options to those of us who don't want cheese with everything!

Pros: Good atmosphere, Pretty good location

Cons: Very dairy-centric

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best for evening atmosphere - Edit

This late opening cafe was a sight for sore eyes in Temple Bar on a Saturday night. The juice burgers were tasty, and banana lassi divine. Staff seemed friendly enough, but the best thing above all was the relaxed, cafe style atmosphere - not too busy which was also nice.

Pros: Late opening, relaxed cafe atmosphere, Delicious smoothies, Fairly good value

Cons: Not very experimental menu

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Juice, Dublin - Edit

Juice has had a lot of my business over the years. Very centrally located in Dublin city centre only a few mins walk from Temple Bar. Stylish and modern and open long hours serving good food. I'm undecided whether to rate this with a 4 or a 5 below.

Pros: Long opening hours, Good food, Great location

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