Chinese food restaurant. Very extensive menu featuring different kinds of mock meats in addition to vegetable, tofu, and bean curd. Has lunch specials. Apr 2020 NOTE: please confirm if still fully vegan. Hours are reported to be unreliable, check ahead. Open Wed 11:00am-9:30pm, Thu 11:00am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:30pm, Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by 441dave


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07 Jul 2023


My husband and I absolutely love this place and we are happy that they finally have the dining area back open. Food is amazing as always.

Pros: All vegan, Delicious



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25 Apr 2023

Love it!

The food is GREAT!
I'm from NYC and it tastes just like what it does back home.

The only problem I have with them is the small 3 wings for $6.50.
They're really small to be paying 6.50 for just 3 prices but they're very very good!
Also I don't like the chicken they use for the szechuan or the chicken fried rice- it looks and feels like mushrooms to me.

Aside from that I'm obsessed with the wings (not the size and cost), Chinese donuts and sesame chicken!

I'll definitely be going back for some more food, totally worth the drive!

Pros: Lots of vegan option, Taste great!

Cons: Some items are a bit pricey for the amount given


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12 Mar 2023

Good Chinese takeout

I ordered the sesame tofu, which came with broccoli and a large side of white rice. It was exactly what you would expect from Chinese takeout. Hit the spot. I ordered ahead and it was ready in 15 minutes.

Pros: Wide variety of vegan options., Good portion sizes., Friendly staff.


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Mostly Veg
12 Mar 2023

Great vegan take out option

I had been craving fried rice and did not wanna go to a traditional Chinese takeout restaurant. I’m so grateful for the happy cow. I looked on the site and there it was a vegan Chinese food restaurant. Is it about 15 minutes after I placed the phone call and the food was hot and ready when I got there. It was super delicious. I got the general tso’s imitation chicken, mixed vegetables fried rice and spring rolls. Next time I plan on getting the curry pockets.

Pros: Ready on time, Knowledgeable staff, Great options

Cons: Could use more flavor


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08 Mar 2023

Love the all-veg menu!

We had General To ‘chicken’, veg soup and sweet and sour ‘chicken’. We came in time for the lunch special, so it also included a choice of curry pocket or spring roll (curry pocket was my fav). I love being able to share with my meat eating family! Restaurant is clean and bright.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Clean and bright, Friendly

Cons: It’s not close enough to my house


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10 Jan 2023


The black pepper steak lo mein that my friend got was pretty good but I didn't love the dish I had but can no longer remember what it was. - 2021. 3 stars.
Now I get the general tso chicken and its phenomenal. I love every second of it. The lunch special is such a deal and its so dang quick. I've ordered so many times and the quality is the same every time as well as great customer service. - 2022. 5 stars.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-01


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03 Dec 2022

My first bad review

Let me start by saying I had high hopes about this place but unfortunately, I was deeply disappointed. I ordered the sesame chicken, spring rolls, & brown rice. Let’s just say the best thing was brown rice.

The spring rolls were good (typical fried vegetable spring rolls) but the sesame chicken was a waste smh. The texture consistency of the chicken was all over the place (soggy, crunchy, mushy, chewy) plus it seemed like majority of the “chicken” piece were hollow & missing the meat inside. Along with that, the dish itself was over saturated with sauce. I will not order from here again

Pros: Good brown rice

Cons: Not worth the money, Inconsistent chicken texture


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Non Veg
26 Nov 2022

Delicious 😋

Loved the General Tso's and curry pockets! Will definitely be back to try some other items


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16 Oct 2022

Orange Chicken is the best!

Some entrees I’ve had were mediocre but the Orange Chicken and Black Bean Eggplant are consistently tasty!


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17 Sep 2022

Gone downhill unfortunately

I used to come here quite frequently and enjoyed the atmosphere, however, as of late, Harmony Vegetarian has gone downhill. I am not sure if this is because of a change in management, but I did not particularly enjoy my dish. All dishes are served take-out style, and the service was not great.

Pros: Many vegan options

Cons: Not great management , Foods served in takeout containers , Not delicious


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Non Veg
03 Sep 2022

Sesame Chicken - Nah

Really looking forward to the faux sesame chicken. Not so good. Spring Rolls were

Pros: Spring Rolls were good

Cons: Chicken tasted like old rubber bands


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28 Aug 2022

It did enough

The veggie fried rice was good the sweet and sour chicken wasn’t so much it was dry to me it seemed over cooked the curry pockets were very tasty I would definitely buy those again

Pros: Great amount of food


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12 Aug 2022


Delicious! Love finding good vegan restaurants. I enjoyed the sesame tofu.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-12


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Mostly Veg
08 Jul 2022

Really tasty

Miss American Chinese food? Come here! They have all the classics and more. I really liked the spring rolls

Pros: Tasty

Cons: The highway to drive there was hell, Take the street way


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04 Jun 2022


this is definately one of my favorite chinese vegan places. everything i have tried here was fire!


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29 May 2022

Vegan's Dream

You know the feeling when you can order anything off the menu???

Pros: Asian food just like I remember before going vegan


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Mostly Veg
25 May 2022


Really good vegetarian Chinese food would recommend to anyone who needs good takeout


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19 Apr 2022


no joke, this is my favorite spot ever. you cannot beat it. amazing people, amazing service, amazing food, amazing prices. it tastes just like chinese food as we know it. the sesame chicken is the favorite in my bunch, and we usually get a couple servings too. also… the servings are HUGE. the soup could feed 4-5 people easy.

sesame chicken
kung pao chicken
general tso chicken
apple soda
one of their many vegan desserts (they have 4 flavors of cake AND hot chinese donuts!!)

pls visit this place. they deserve all the business in world. best food in atl!

Pros: a full vegan menu, quiet ambience , AMAZING FOOD

Cons: nothing!!!


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Mostly Veg
01 Apr 2022

My Go To Vegan Lunch

Love Chinese food but miss dishes like Mongolian beef or General Tso chicken... then this is the place. I love the food here and the service is always fast. Large menu with tons of things to choose from. And they even have vegan desserts now.

Pros: Huge menu, Great service, Good price

Soul2Soul Educare

Points +1070

30 Mar 2022

It used to be good but not anymore

We have been going to Harmony for the last 25 years. It used to be great then it changed hands several times and it was relatively good. Now it is awful. It is no longer a sit down restaurant. They've turned it into some take out joint. Serving food in paper and styrofoam with plastic silverware. They take your order through a glass window. What happened to the good ol' days when they served you in nice Chinese porcelain bowls and plates and the staff was so friendly. To say nothing of the food. It was tasteless and bland. I would not go back!

Cons: not good for the environment serving in plastic


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17 Mar 2022

Pretty Good

I stumbled on this place when my favorite spot in this area was closed. I had the curry pockets and basil chicken. The curry pockets were ok alone, but really needed the sauce to have any kind of flavor. The basil chicken was amazing! It had a little spice to it, there was tons of sauce for the rice and the flavors were great. The portions are large so there's enough to eat for more than one meal. The service is fast. I'd come back.

Pros: Lot's of variety, Large portions, Lots of sauce


01 Apr 2022

Yea, the curry pockets are definitely meant to be dipped in the sauce that comes with it. You should try to dumplings as well.


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29 Jul 2021

A good alternative to regular American Chinese.

I have visited this restaurant many times in the past few years, although it is about a 30 minute drive. The customer service always seems bogus, which is why I don’t frequent this restaurant anymore. The food is delicious, but the prices are constantly on the rise with an average increase of $1-$2 every year. However, it’s a great spot for vegan Chinese if you can stand the poor customer service and price gouges.

Pros: Excellent vegan options , Decent portions

Cons: Constant price changes, Varied customer service


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30 Apr 2021


Fairly often you can visit a Chinese restaurant and find someething vegan, often maybe a tofu and veggie dish or something like that. Harmony allows you to get all your favorite Chinese takeout dishes made completely vegan.

Is it super sweet/salty/saucy? Absolutely, that’s what makes it so dang good! Will you probably eat way too much? Absolutely; wear your loose pants! 🤪

Our go-to order: sesame chicken, mixed vegetables and brown rice. Usually will do another dish as well; this past time we tried the Mongolian beef and it was FANTASTIC. They are always quick, every time we’ve called to order it takes about 15 minutes to be ready for ya to pick up.


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10 Apr 2021

Inexpensive & Delicious!

A favorite of mine (and my omni boyfriend)! All the classic american-style Chinese dishes, but vegan! I've been here several times and have enjoyed everything I've gotten.

Was a little disappointed in my recent visit because there was cilantro and there usually isn't (I'm a cilantro = soap person so I couldn't eat them)

Pros: Cheap, large portions, tasty


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18 Jan 2021

Excellent vegan food

Good vegan choices at good prices. Lunch menu.
Takeout only right now, but we bring our food containers to not get styrofoam trays. The

Pros: Variety of all vegan food, Price, Choice of Brown rice at no extra cost

Cons: They are using styrofoam for take out


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11 Nov 2020


The food is amazing

Pros: Tons of options, Amazing soups, My ultimate favorite place.

Cons: A little expensive


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24 Oct 2020

Closed early

I drove 30 minutes to a restaurant that closed 45 mins early Broke my heart.

Pros: Food is amazing, Food taste authentic

Cons: They closed almost 45 mins early

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