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Harmony Vegetarian

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Contact 770-457-7288

4897 Buford Hwy, Chamblee, Georgia, USA, 30345

Vegetarian Chinese food restaurant. Very extensive menu featuring different kinds of mock meats in addition to vegetable, tofu, and bean curd. Has lunch specials. Note: Mock meats may contain whey and eggs on their cookies - please ask. Open Mon 11:00am-10:30pm, Wed-Thu 11:00am-10:30pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Chinese

Reviews (34)

First Review by 441dave

generic Chinese food - Edit

This place serves generic Chinese food with a vegan twist- fake shrimp and chicken and things like that that are all over processed soy products. The food didn't have much flavor.

Pros: vegan food

Cons: faux "chicken" etc all soy products, not much flavor

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This is our family's jam - Edit

This is our favorite restaurant. The people are so kind and always remember us. Our 10-year-old picks Harmony every time it's her turn to pick a place for dinner without fail. The hot and sour soup is always so good and we enjoy the sesame chicken.

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Dirty dishes and insults - Edit

My food was served on dirty dishes, and they claimed that I was trying to get out paying for my meal. By the way, all of their dishes are washed with the same out-dated machine. Beware. See photos and judge for yourself.

Pros: Cheap lunch

Cons: customer service, sanitation

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Fantastic food on first time visit! - Edit

Just got home from our first visit there with me (vegan), my girlfriend (veggie), and my dad (non veg) and we were all astounded. They have an impressive variety of imitation meats all of which suit the dishes very well. We had beef, chicken, and sea food dishes and were amazed. Would highly recommend, especially for someone who is skeptical about vegan food!

Pros: Great imitation meats, Fast service, Plenty of rice

Cons: Felt a little cheap, if that's a con

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Pretty good - Edit

I ordered to go and called a head. My order was ready when I got there. It was decent, tasted like Chinese food I had eaten in the past made with chicken. The sauce was tasty but heavy and there was a lot of it. The rice was good but my spring roll had gotten doused in the General Tsao sauce on the drive back to work so it was mushy and I probably couldn't rate it properly. Over all I would say it was decent and inexpensive. It is in a weird location but at least there was parking. Not worth the calories to consume frequently but good for every now and then.

Pros: Inexpensive, clean atmosphere, fast service

Cons: food was only alright, no fortune cookie

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Wonderful! - Edit

I got into town late, and was scared they wouldn't serve me. I ran in the door 10 minutes before closing, ordered food for takeout, and was out the door in minutes. I got the mushrooms with peas and broccoli, and it was delicious. not the best food I've ever had, hence the 4 stars, but delicious for takeout. I'm about ready to head back there for my second meal.

Pros: everything is vegetarian, so I could order anythin

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great chinese food - Edit

I don't love chinese food per se but this little dive has great tasting dishes.
The have mastered the meatless meaty tasting dish.
It is in the middle of busy Buford HWY
If you don't mind the look of it of where it is it is a fine place to go.

Pros: good food, meaty tasting vegan dishes, big portions

Cons: location , decor or lack thereof

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Guilty pleasure Chinese food - Edit

I visit Atlanta from time to time and will stop by to grab a bite here. I love the staff and the food is good but I have to admit that I get it because I don't have any vegan Chinese food options at home. The food isn't great, it's a little bland and sauce heavy, but it's my guilty pleasure.

Pros: Staff, Inexpensive

Cons: Food is a little lacking in flavor

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Very good Chinese food - Edit

The sweet and sour mock chicken balls were the best we have had. I agree with the other reviewer that things were quite saucy but they gave us a huge bowl of brown rice which compensated.
We also had the vegetable lo mein which was very good however I wish it had a few more vegetables. My family really liked the crunchy chicken with salt and pepper. The prices were were $8-10 dollars per dish which seemed more than reasonable. The staff were very friendly and my kids loved the place. I want to go back and try more of the dishes.

Pros: affordable, friendly

Cons: decor could be updated

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I've been here several times, but am done now - Edit

Update: I have gone here several times since I moved to ATL. I just find this place is nothing special. Many of the dishes are over sauced and not fresh tasting. The servers are very nice and friendly to children. I prefer Loving Hut in Norcross as far as food taste.

****Just moved from Los Banos, CA to ATL. I tried Harmony Vegetarian simply because it was the only place stilled opened. I was using the GPS to locate vegetarian restaurants. So many were closed that we thought no more exist. Then day TWO we went to the closes place to the CDC and BAM!!!!! I did find the food salty, but over rice it is just right. The cookie with egg was a big disappointment. They should really not do that! But the place was clean, the service so fast I wondered if they read my mind as I entered the door. I would recommend this place to any vegan, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian. The mock shrimp was so real looking/tasting that my husband couldn't eat it. I didn't like the fried rice because the best I have ever had came from Tofu Com Chay in San Jose, CA. But again it is worth going to this place. The staff is friendly and attentive.
Updated from previous review on Monday October 06, 2008

Pros: fast, standard prices, Servers friendly to children

Cons: fortune cookie isn't vegan, food salty so plain/brown rice is needed, nothing special to make you come back

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WOW!!! - Edit



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Great Chinese Meal - Edit

My wife and I were visiting Atlanta and went to this restaurant with another couple, one of whom is Chinese. They had never been there, but she thought I would like to eat in a vegetarian restaurant. I was the only vegetarian in the group. We ordered four very different dinners which included mock chicken, beef, and pork, and shared. All four of us agreed that everything was excellent. It was the best Chinese restaurant I have been to in years. We will definitely go back when we are in the Atlanta area. Service was excellent, also.

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

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GREAT! - Edit

The food is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING if you are transitioning or still miss the taste of meat sometimes(order the mock meat dished)
The food is Hong Kong style and especially lunch I had nothing to complain about, I was happy and satisfied!
The waiters could use a little more smile though

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Eat Here Now! - Edit

My favorite Chinese place in Atlanta. The variety and quality of food is consistently high, the wait staff is wonderful, and the only thing I would change would be to make it closer to my house. I would not hesitate to recomend this place to anyone, even the carnivores out there - I doubt they will realize they are not eating meat.

Pros: Great food, Great staff, Never crowded

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A favorite for over 15 years! - Edit

Obviously I am a huge fan of Harmony. It's located in a non-discript Asian strip mall on Buford Highway behind an auto parts store. The waitstaff here is great. The ambiance / decor is not much to write home about but the food makes up for it. The best dishes in my opinion are the General Tso "chicken," the "beef" with brocoli, the stir fried mushrooms, and the curry. The lunch special is the best deal out there - wanton or hot and sour soup, egg roll or curry pocket, entree and white or brown rice for $6.

Pros: excellent food, nice waitstaff, the lunch special

Cons: decor

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We were visiting the Atlanta area and found Harmony on Happy Cow. We were so impressed when we entered the restaurant as we were treated like royalty. All four of us tried a different dish and they were all fantastic. Best service ever in a restaurant! I wish we lived closer - we would definitely eat here regularly! Kids ages 10 and 16 were equally as impressed with the service and food quality as the adults were! Fantastic find!

Pros: Service, Food quality

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give this place your business - Edit

This is the first vegan restaurant I'm reviewing, so I have little to compare it to. However, I was impressed with the completely vegan, very creative menu. Be prepared for ordinary dish names that contain animals: "duck," "chicken," "beef," etc. Apparently it is all soy- or wheat-based vegan faux meat, made to look like real meat. This may turn off some, while others may tolerate due to the scarcity of vegan restaurants; I am one of the latter. The staff was very friendly, prompt, and attentive. The atmosphere is highly lacking, but a small price to pay for tasty, healthy vegan food. The strip mall location doesn't help with visibility; it blends in with surroundings. But it's fantastic that this place claims to serve 100% vegan. Its menu claims that it is designed for newcomers to the vegan experience, hence the use of animal names in the menu, to produce familiarity and a soft introduction for meat-eaters. The only thing I did not like were the #6 polystyrene take-out containers. From now on, my husband & I will bring our own washable, reusable take-out containers to all dining-out experiences we can anticipate, to cut down on the use of these plastics that are usually not recycled by local facilities. Next time we go to Harmony, I will ask them to consider using more recyclable or compostable take-out containers. The servings at Harmony are large, & you'll probably have leftovers, so please bring your own take-out boxes with you. You might also want to consider bringing your own reusable chopsticks. Other than this, I was really impressed with Harmony and will frequent it again, eager to try all the different imitation meat tofu on the menu, from "shrimp" to "duck" to "pork," and try not to think about the real ones others are eating. The things we do for familiarity! I encourage new vegans and veggies to try this place if you haven't, and post your own review. Happycow.net is a great resource -- let's share it and make it even better. By the way, I had the "Buddha's Delight" in a hotpot, recommended to me by the waiter. My husband had the "Duck with baby ginger," which was also good. Hope to read other reviews now and see more in the future.

Pros: vegan food, pretty tasty faux, reasonably priced

Cons: polystyrene boxes, atmosphere

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Sadly this place has changed - Edit

I used to love this place, we'd drive way out of the way to eat there. But over the years the cooks have became careless. But with the "vegan" food and with the taste. Some of the chicken they use has whey in it (check the store next to it where they buy it from.) But my biggest issue is that they ignore some people for others, and often brought out very cold food. The last time I ate there my food was ice cold and smelled and tasted like cigarettes. No idea what caused that! But will never return.

Pros: some dishes are good

Cons: bring out cold food, not sure how vegan they are

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My experience - Edit

Okay so I guess I was very confused at this place because the menu looked like any other Chinese menu. It had a section for chicken, seafood, beef, pork, and vegetarian, which really threw me for a loop and I thought that it was all real meat but from these reviews I guess it was not? Needless to say it all scared me and I just had a veggie dish. The food was quite salty and mediocre at best. I really was not impressed and wished I had realized that the "meat" dishes were not meat so that I could try them. I did laugh at the paragraph in the menu that said switching to vegetarian can be "psychologically shocking." Oh well maybe I will give it another go next time I am in Atlanta.

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Awesomeness on a Plate! - Edit

The food here is absolutely amazing! We go here when we can since the prices aren't any different than most "regular" Chinese joints. However, having said that, I had a pretty terrible experience after our meal was over the other day. They brought the orange wedges and fortune cookies to the table. I had already taken a bite of mine and my children had already consumed their cookies when one of my sisters-in-law said, and I quote: "These are not Vegan!" I said, WHAT?!?! She said, yeah, they aren't vegan, they have egg whites in them. WTF?!?!?!?! I am now wondering what else they let slide into their food or if this was an honest mistake of purchasing these cookies instead of vegan-friendly ones. In my opinion, though, that *honest* mistake killed a possible chick or few. I wish I could give the restaurant two different ratings. To be fair, I must give it a 4 as they've not let me down until now!

Pros: great food, convenient location, friendly staff

Cons: egg whites in fortune cookies, cannot be sure is totally vegan, now have to ask and check labels

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Rebecca Byrd 29 Nov 2009 - In Nov. 2009, we were not given these fortune cookies, or any fortune cookies at all, when we left. We were offered orange wedges only, which is good.

WarnerRobins 22 Feb 2013 - I know what you mean. I just moved from Los Banos, CA to ATL and tried this place. I was pleasantly suprised to after finding a number of the vegan places closed (like Power Plant). At the end of the mean the cookies and orange slices came out just like you said and I decided to read the ingredients. I was very unhappy to find the product wasn't vegan. I agree they should serve ANY non-vegan products if they are an ALL vegan place. It made me wonder also about things like fish sauce, beef stock, etc. I may find someone to ask about that the next time I go.

overrated - Edit

I'm really surprised at the enthusiastic reviews for this place. This is such boring, bland typical vegetarian chinese. I understand that there are not many of these places in the area, and if you've never been to one of these veg chinese places you might want to check it out, but if you're familiar with the genre, don't expect this to be something special. Heavy on the cornstarch and the frozen vegetables, this is nothing compared to the "Sesame Chicken" at Cafe Sunflower, which contains actual fresh vegetables. I will never bother to go here again.

Pros: cheap, all vegan

Cons: mediocre food, far from downtown

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Great! - Edit

Harmony is great and consistently good, which is impressive. The menu is big- big enough for you to always get something new and not really be let down. The lunch prices are historic and enough of a reason to keep going back. Ther service is great- and always really fast. I love this place.

Pros: great selection, great food, great service

Cons: far from the city

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yum! - Edit

I live around the corner from Harmony & we do takeout every few weeks as not to get burnt out on cashew chicken......my boyfriend who doesn't like meat like products absolutely raves about it. There Shanghai dumplings are amazing so are the spring rolls, mu shoo z& everything else we've trued.....hot & sour soup is a favorite when I'm under the weather.

Pros: interesting & varied dinners, staff

Cons: no delivery

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Perfect. - Edit

Harmony is a long drive for us, but it is completely worth it. I have never eaten a dish at Harmony that I didn't completely devour while making "yum" noises. The General Tso's Chicken and the Shrimp Lo Mein are personal favorites of mine. Oh, and the best won ton soup I've had as a vegan, by far! The weekday lunch special is an awesome price, but I would gladly pay more for this kind of food and great service.

Pros: Best Vegan Food in Atl., fast, friendly service, cheap lunch specials

Cons: none!

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Harmony is Wonderful - Edit

I've eaten at this wonderful place every time I have visited Atlanta. My friend was, up until recently, a local, and he introduced me to Harmony. All the dishes I have tried were fresh and excellent. Amazing veggie fried crispy chicken, among the best I've tried. My omnivore friends loved it. Great soups, tasty fried rice. Very good mock meats and fresh vegetables. The prices are quite reasonable here. This should be a definite stop if you're ever in Atlanta. If you don't know your way around and have local friends, get them to take you, because it seems a little off-the-beaten-path.

Pros: great food, good value, clean

Cons: out of the way

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Wow! - Edit

I could not believe how delicious the vegetarian Sesame Chicken & Triple Dumpline Delight dishes are & available with brown rice to boot! What a find! Incredible vegetarian Chinese Restaurant! Staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. Very clean. Food is served quickly! I cannot imagine anyone walking away unhappy from this outstanding vegetarian restaurant. What makes this place even better is the amazingly great prices. Entrees are large and can be shared, with white or brown rice on the side. Two people can easily eat dinner for under $15.00

Pros: Amazing Food, Great prices, Clean environment & Friendly Staff

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my favorite restaurant of ALL TIME!!! - Edit

I lived in Atlanta for 5 years and ate at Harmony regularly. Even though I have been away from Atlanta longer than I ever lived there, I still crave Harmony on a daily basis. The General Tao's chicken is the best veggie Chinese meal I have ever had, and is only seconded by their Mu Shoo Pancakes. I have looked all over California trying to find something that even comes CLOSE to how good Harmony is, and I have failed at every turn. I am shocked by the reviews that describe the food as bland or tasteless. I found every item on their extensive menu (and believe me--I tried them all!) to be extremely flavorful and the texture was absolutely unmatched. But the most impressive aspect of the restaurant, and what makes Harmony even more special than the food, is what an amazingly friendly staff they have. After our first few visits, the owner would always greet us by name. And once we became regular customers, he was known to treat us to dinner on our birthdays or special occasions. Even now, years after having lived there, whenever I visit he still remembers my name! This is the kind of hospitable, warm hearted, family environment restaurant that you just don't find in big cities. A true treasure!

Pros: the nicest staff, the yummiest food, crazy big menu

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WarnerRobins 06 Oct 2008 - I just moved from CA to ATL. My favorite place in LA is California Vegan. My favorite place in San Jose is Tofu Com Chay.

my fav resturant? - Edit

clean place, good service, super food, vegan friendly

I went there wendsday for lunch, it was really busy, the place is almost full, the place was very clean, and the menu option are great.

i had kung pow chicken, it's like princess chicken or almond chicken, with diced vegetables and fake chicken, with peanuts on top, i also got a spring roll with 2 dipping sauce, brown rice (very good), hot and sour soup (it had tofu and fake pork meat!) all that for $5.50

needless to say it was the best meal i had in months, i ordered a general taos chicken with $2 worth of extra fake chicken meat added to it and left, however i will return soon, to get more general taos chicken, and maybe some fried chicken

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, good value

Cons: none, eating meat is a con

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Food Ok - Edit

On my voyage for healthy food while on vacation I made a stop at this resturant. While there was only one other occupied table and it was not near closing time the service was a little rushed and not as attentive. The food was a bit greasy and bland. Over all I say the food was ok at best. Next time I'm in town I'll pass on going there.

Pros: reasonable price

Cons: rushed staff, greasy food

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Authentic - Edit

Harmony tries really try hard to make fake meat that tastes like meat, which is great if that's what you like (and if you do, the menu is really vast). I prefer to stick to the mushroom or tofu based entrees, though the moo-shu "pork" is good. I do like the soups and appetizers. The staff is very nice. Less "Americanized" than most Chinese restaurants you can really get an authentic Chinese vegan meal here, though it's a little odd that the pre-packaged fortune cookies do contain egg.

Pros: authentic

Cons: fortune cookies have egg

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