Sells footwear and accessories which are 100% vegan. Reported having a new look Mar 2019 and several new brands including Veja, Sandqvist, Rombaut, Novesta, Niko Ineko, Swedish Stockings and BACK. Accepts cash. By appointment Mon-Tue, email to book a fitting. Open Wed-Fri 12:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-17:00.

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16 Aug 2023

Nice shoes, excellent staff

My partner and I went in just to have a look, and we both came out with new shoes that we like a lot. They have around 40 different styles, so enough to be a real choice but not so much as to be overwhelming.

Thank you Hanna for being so friendly and helpful 🙏

Pros: Friendly and helpful staff, Good selection, Good quality



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27 Jul 2023

A gem

In the physical shop there's a small selection of shoes - sneakers, boots, etc. Bags, wallets. All handpicked by the owners, vegan and ethically produced. Larger selection online. Super friendly and helpful staff.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-27


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17 Jun 2023

Great shopping experience

Jolly good. I don't like shoe shopping, but it's easy here, because the service is very friendly and personal and the choice is at the exact right level, i.e. not 50,000 pairs to choose from (which would give me the heeby jeebies) and not just 5 pairs either. On point. I bought a pair of shoes and you can tell the quality just by looking at the material and the finishing touches. Here's to many more vegan steps and surely more shoes soon.

Pros: Everything is vegan , Lovely staff


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17 Jun 2023

Small but great!

Super attentive staff and nice selection


17 Jun 2023


18 Jun 2023

Haha yes, if you were the “not a chunky shoes person”, that bought the chunky-ish shoe!😄


18 Jun 2023

Hah! Yes. Though I didn't buy the chunky ones just then. I bought the other ones. I'll come back for the chunky ones in August 😉


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14 Jun 2023


They are great and always so attentive.


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02 Nov 2022

Good products

They had a great selection of vegan leather shoes. The service was exceptional, would recommend to anyone who wants to buy sustainable and ethical shoes. They also had bags, card holders and girlfriend collective gym wear.
Note: you do have to go through a tattoo shop to get to the store. (We got a bit lost!)


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19 Jul 2022

Great if you want to get non leather shoes

Really cool shop in the back of a barber shop. They also have second hand and outlet options and the shoes I bought there are shoes I have been wearing all through the winter and everybody is just in love with them.


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04 Nov 2021

Great shoes!

I'm so glad about this shop which mainly sell shoes but also other things.


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07 Nov 2020

Nice things and god service

Very god service and the products that I have bought here has very god quality. Everything is vegan


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20 Apr 2020

The best shoe store ever

Love this store. Excellent shoe selection. Great and knowledgeable staff. This is a place you have to visit if you are in town. If you can’t wait then they have a website where you can find all the gems.


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20 Apr 2020

Amazing vegan and ethical shoes, bags and accessories.

I love the range of products from this store. Carefully chosen both from a stylish perspective as well as an ethical perspective. You can really shop gorgeous stuff with good conscience!


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05 Sep 2019

New vegan shoes for daughter

If you are looking for a new pair it’s the place to stop.

Pros: Great comfy range


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10 Aug 2019

Best place for shoes

All my shoes I've bought from here has the best quality and the service is great.


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02 Aug 2019

Vegan premium shoes and accessories

A very nice curated assortment of shoes and bags. Ask the staff and they know their fashion history and the production of the products. If you are looking for high quality, designer vegan footwear and accessories, this is the place in Sweden to go to. Kudos for carrying brands like Rombaut and Sydney Brown


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26 Jul 2019

All vegan fashion store!

Entirely vegan, sustainable and fair, slow fashion. It's not expensive, others are just cheap. The staff is so friendly and they really know what they're selling.

Pros: All vegan! , Ethical fashion


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02 Oct 2017


Very service minded staff who knew everything about the products that they are selling. I bought a purse and a bag and I’m very satisfied!! I highly recommended this vegan friendly shop!!


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01 Nov 2016

Wonderful service

This shop shares its space with a tattoo shop but, this only adds to the character.

Couldn't fault the service, quality of products and I can't wait to wear my new boots!

Pros: Everything is vegan, Friendly service

Cons: Not a huge range


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Mostly Veg
28 Sep 2016

Shoestore in Stockholm

Really great shop. Quick response. Beatifull, comfortable and reasonable priced shoes and great accessories.


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22 May 2016

Good Selection and Helpful Staff

Whenever I travel, I always try to visit stores which sell only vegan clothing/shoes/accessories (unfortunately there are not so many around).

This store was nice, the staff was eager to share with you their motivations for having such store, or to give you details on each of the brands they sell.

The variety was not super large; but I think they had still a good selection of different shoes brands (Good Guys, Novacas, Wills, Nae, Cri de Coeur, MOVMT); and some few bags and accessories.

The atmosphere was calm; yet welcoming.

If you are in Stockholm, I think it's worth visiting.
You may find something nice!

Pros: all vegan!, friendly staff, nice vibe

Cons: some brands could be a little expensive


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Mostly Veg
21 May 2016

Small but cute

Very cute shop. Seemed like many of the shoes are from vegetarian shoes so if you come from the UK you can probably already find them locally. Really nice store though!!


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18 May 2016

Very nice place

Have been thinking of getting myself some nicer shoes but always been hesitant because of the lack of vegan options. When I visited this place with a friend I finally fell like I could find what suits me the best without worrying about what it's made with.

Really friendly staff and I'm for sure going to come back and get a belt as well.


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13 May 2016

Well Worth the Trip

Women and men's shoes. Lots of different styles. Also belts, necklaces, rings, tee shirts, etc. When you walk in, there's a tattoo parlor to the right that shares the same space. Friendly service. Great selection. Awesome!!

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