Zero-waste and vegan Michelin Green Star restaurant est. Mar 2019. Makes all food in-house, from sourdough bread to sauerkraut to kefir. Uses seasonal, organic, and regional farm produce. Open Mon-Sun 17:30-00:00. Kitchen closes 9pm.

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First Review by Kyttiara


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16 Feb 2024

Super nice

I heard about this place from friends and thought I would give it a try. The atmosphere is fancy but in a chill way, a little more relaxed than Ark(vegan Michelin)in Copenhagen, but similar vibes. We had a hangover from clubbing so we just went with 3 courses and the non-alcoholic pairing.
I went in with Ark as a reference for vegan diner dining, and even though FREA isn’t quite at the same level, they still deserve the 5 stars. This especially because of the value for money. We paid around 200€ for two which is cheap compared to the quality of the experience, for reference ark was 200€ per person, and the food wasn’t far off their quality.

Pros: Atmosphere , Service, Price



Points +152

11 Feb 2024


We loved the food, the staff is great, super polite and definitely is highly recommended. The fact that they have zero waste policy is amazing. Loved it all.


Points +486

05 Feb 2024

Perfect Dinner

The perfect spot for a fancy dinner. The food and drinks, the ambience, the staff, everything was just lovely and we had a great time. I will definitely come back!


Points +27

29 Jan 2024

Simply incredible!

The food and staff here is simply amazing. This a must visit!

Pros: Incredible michelin star lvl food, Awesome friendly staff, Proves vegan can be more than a vegetable burger


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09 Jan 2024

Great experience

Great food, lovely paired wines.


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06 Jan 2024

Delicious food, friendly staff, great concept.

This is an incredible restaurant. The food is extraordinary, the drinks pairings are inspired, and the service is warm and friendly. The flavours are bold and exciting, yet it all fits together beautifully. Such lovely people working here too - so welcoming yet very professional. Be sure to try everything - I’m so glad we did! Berlin is lucky to have such a wonderful place.


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20 Dec 2023

Excellent 5-course fine dining experience

Great combinations, beautifully plated. Highly recommended!


Points +3001

19 Dec 2023


If you only do one fine dining experience in Berlin, make it to FREA! It was only 65€ for 4 courses and they let you pick the ones you want. (You can also go by recommendation). If you can’t get a reservation then try their bakery nearby. I’m not really a bread person but I love their sour rye here. Everything here is made in house and the dishes often include their delicious house ferments like kimchi and fermented carrots. My favorite dish was the gnocchi but everything was so so good. Do not miss this place.

Pros: Amazing food, not too expensive, Very kind staff


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25 Nov 2023


Köstliches 4-Gang Dinner. Köstliche Arancini, die zartesten und besten Gnocchi EVER und die Haselnuss-Mousse war so aromatisch, wir kamen aus dem Schwärmen nicht heraus. Ein Genuss, auch der Orange Rosemary Sour. Das srlbstgebackene Brot mit dem Basilikumöl waren auch sehr gut. Hervorragende Sößchen!

Pros: Gnocchi, die im Mund zerschmelzen, Orange Rosemary Sour mit Aquafaba , Köstliche Sößchen

Cons: Das FREA brioche war viel zu hart und knusprig, Alkoholfreie Begleitung war recht schwach


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19 Nov 2023


This place is so incredibly good! The several people serving my friend and I were very friendly and helpful, as well as very enthusiastic about the food. They clearly loved working their jobs. The night we went there was an option of 3-, 4-, or 5-course meals, with the option of alcohol or non-alcohol drink pairings with each course. We opted for the 4-course meal without any drinks. Each course was a work of art. Included was a mid-meal pause, which was like a frozen slushy version of gazpacho (although the presentation and flavors are just too good to use the word "slushy" -- sorry about that!). With tip, we paid about 70 EUR each, which is not (for me) an every day expense -- but well worth the splurge for a Michelin rated restaurant.

Pros: Super wonderful food, Super wonderful presentation, enthusiastic and friendly staff


Points +46

07 Nov 2023


Vegan & Zero waste hat mich direkt angesprochen.
Hatte reserviert, konnte 15 Minuten vor meiner Zeit bereits Platz nehmen.
Hatte 5-Gänge Menü mit Weinbegleitung.
Essen fantastisch, Weine passend und immer was besonderes.
Service war aufmerksam und sehr freundlich, ohne dabei aufgesetzt zu wirken.
Würde dies jederzeit wieder mit einem Berlin Urlaub verbinden!!!

Pros: Service , Konzept


Points +2222

24 Oct 2023

Excellent restaurant

Food and cocktails excellent


Points +440

24 Oct 2023

Don’t believe the hype

FREA tries hard to be something it isn’t. This was my second visit and it’s not improved. Menu seems inventive but food stodgy, far too salty and boring. Service isn’t good enough either. Staff are pleasant but not great. Certainly no better than you’d find in your average cafe. Prices are ridiculous for what you get. Wine especially is overpriced. Mediocre bottle of wine will set you back €60.

Updated from previous review on 2020-02-07

Pros: All vegan

Cons: Food doesn’t live up to hype, Expensive, especially wine, Service sub-standard


Points +49

22 Oct 2023

A delicious meal and a wonderful dining experience in Berlin.

Such a treat to find such a wonderful vegan restaurant on my travels to Berlin. I chose the 4 course menu and while the portions were small, I left very full and satisfied. So often vegan restaurants try to mimic meals made with mea, Frea does not do this. Frea is delicate vegan food. I loved it. If you are vegan, you must make the trip to Frea. You will not be disappointed. Absolutely fabulous!

Pros: Beautifully crafted courses, Fresh


Points +1912

14 Oct 2023

The best meal I had in Berlin - by far!

Frea is a dream! It offers innovative vegan cooking, while actually providing you with a full meal (vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits) over the course of their tasting menu experience.

The dining experience is upscale, casual-hip rather than fine dining. It is located on a quiet corner in the outer Mitte neighborhood. The service staff are professional and helpful.

The also have a small bakery-cafe nearby for vegan breakfast/lunch/snacks. Also very good, though very casual.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-14

Pros: Excellent!, Nice location, 100% plant-based


Points +1367

26 Sep 2023

Amazing experience

The restaurant is classy, the service- impeccable, the food-delicious. Every dish was better than the previous one. The whole dinner was an incredible and memorable experience. They are zero waste, cook with local produce and change the menu seasonally. So I can’t wait to be back next season. Definitely book in advance.

Pros: Amazing fine dinning experience, Zero waste vegan food

Cons: Expensive (but worth it), Menu available only in 3/4/5 courses


Points +1022

25 Sep 2023

Fantastic food with ordering options

Hubby and I dined here the day after our anniversary to celebrate it again. Again, we had some excellent and creative food. I love the concept that FREA allows 3-, 4- or 5-course meals with any and all combinations available to make with these set meals. I chose the 5-course with Mushroom Ceviche, Arancino, Teriyaki Mushrooms, Raviolone, and Cherries & Berries. Between the starters and mains, they brought a palate cleanser.

All the dishes were good, and creative. I'm always surprised at the flavorful sauces that can be created by imaginative chefs. Service was paced nicely and the servers and runners were knowledgable about the dishes they were bringing. The bread from FREA baker before the meal was super tasty, also.

I will definitely return on future trips to Berlin.

Pros: Flexible course options, Creative and tasty dishes, Friendly staff

Cons: No air conditioning inside, Not a lot of protein in most dishes


Points +134

22 Sep 2023

Noch Luft nach oben

Nicht jeder Gang hat uns vom Hocker gehauen. Beim nächsten Besuch würden wir mehr Fokus auf die Hauptspeisen richten, da diese geschmackvoller waren. Uns hat die Ansage zu Beginn, dass unser Tisch für max. 2 Stunden reserviert ist, ehrlich gesagt etwas gestresst, vor allem bei einem so hochpreisigen Restaurant. Die Bedienung war sehr freundlich und aufmerksam. Das Konzept ist genial.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-22


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11 Sep 2023

Special Gourmet Restaurant

This restaurant takes my heart. I am still thinking about dinner. For the first time I can see that 2 different people can take 2 different menus and dishes and this makes us so happy. We basically taste all the menu 8 dishes taking 4 dishes each. We drank a very nice cocktail. The service was special. All the people were young,nice and friendly. We loved the Spanish guy. We really enjoy every dishes. I still have on my mind the arancina, the ravioli, the spicy gelo with cucumber. If I come back to Berlin, I will definitely go back there.

Pros: Dishes, Service, Location


Points +261

09 Sep 2023

It is ok

Nice atmosphere, good value for money, but variety of food very limited.

Pros: Zero waste approach, Quality of food

Cons: Variety of dishes, Aa


Points +238

01 Sep 2023

Almost fine dining

Not too far from Alexanderplatz, we went there for dinner.
We expected good food, but experienced something which was like a fine dining “light”. We decided to go for the 4 course option, to have receive each variation.
All very good, but each green dish was extraordinary.
Not very cheap, but for what you get, super fair!
Would we go back- sure, but maybe 3 courses will be enough for us next time.


Points +372

01 Sep 2023

Amazing and affordable restaurant

Luckily it was possible to make a reservation for a table only one day in advance. The four course menue was definitely one of my best vegan food experiences in the style of the classic european cuisine. The wine accompaniment was also good. However, the service was a bit too professionally played through, in a way that the atmosphere did feel a bit unpersonal/unfamiliar. The service did also switch the whole time between English and German.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-01

Pros: Food, Spontaneous reservation possible, Fair prices

Cons: Professional unpersonal/unfamiliar service


Points +74

24 Aug 2023

I expected a bit more

Pricy and small dishes, as expected from a fine dining Michelin restaurant. I ordered 6 dishes, and in return, expected them all to be cutting edge. Some did, like the reviole and arancino (only in a fancy place like that one gets the opportunity to get to know the single form of those foods...), but others were too boring to justify the cost. The so-called seviche was just a tomatos salad fancifully served, and the mushrooms with tarieki felt like a generic asian start dish.


Points +173

15 Aug 2023

Wonderful meal, but over hyped

Frea delivers a solid fine dining experience in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, with excellent service and a commendable philosophy of zero waste. That said, I wasn’t particularly blown away by the food. Based on the menu and other reviews (and having dined at Berlin’s other vegan fine dining establishment Kopps the previous night), we had very high expectations. While delicious and thoughtfully prepared, the food was quite standard for anyone who has been to other vegan fine dining restaurants and didn’t offer anything special in my mind and really did not live up to the hype. We ended up ordering one of each item on the menu and split them between two people. The Raviolone dish ended up being our favorite and I would highly recommend getting that as your main rather than the menu that the restaurant suggests. We also realllly enjoyed the house baked bread. One small annoyance was that there is no a la crate pricing despite not being a strict pre fixe menu, and we were forced to order one more course than we wanted in order for each person to have an even number (priced by number of courses rather than per dish, regardless of what you order). That said, our bill ended up being about half of what we spent at Kopps and the portions were significantly larger. While this meal was also a much less memorable experience, this would be a great option for a more budget conscious diner who is still looking to have an excellent vegan fine dining experience.

Pros: Zero Waste, Great Atmosphere, Excellent service

Cons: Didn’t live up to the hype , No a la carte pricing


Points +254

15 Aug 2023

My favourite of the fancy vegan restaurants in Berlin

Been here twice, both times was quite the experience. The food is as fancy and artsy as the clientele. It's on the cusp of "fine dining" but somewhat affordable prices still. Making a reservation is an absolute must.


Points +1198

08 Aug 2023

Great experience and food!

I really enjoyed the dinner and all their creations. The staff explained all the combinations and ingredients and every dish was full of surprises and flavors. I like that you can choose the items from the different courses and are not bound to entry, main, dessert. The desserts did not impress me as much as the rest.

Pros: Attentive and friendly staff , Nice experience and exploration of flavors


Points +61

30 Jun 2023


Amazing food, both in taste and presentation

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-28

Pros: Exquisite food, Excellent atmosphere, Great service

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