Serves meat, vegan options available. Large restaurant in Seorae Village serving vegan food and drinks. Est. 2019. Menu offers pasta, smoothies, burgers, open face sandwiches, and various sides. Beverages are kombucha, coffee, tea, and wine. For bookings Previously vegan but added meat to the menu December 2023. Open Wed-Sun 11:00am-3:30pm, 5:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by RalphWoods


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21 May 2023

As classy as the area around it

This restaurant is lovely, it feels quite fancy and stylish.
The menu is inventive although it does contain quite a few fake meat dishes.
All plates look pretty, and so do the drinks.
As starters we had a steamed bun with mince inside which I wasn't too keen on, the bun was massive and the mince was dry.
The other starter was fried sweetcorn balls and they were very good, although rather oily ( of course).
We had tacos, which came with chips, and were delicious, great contrast in texture and they were very juicy.
We also had the tomato pasta, which was made with two different kinds of pasta (as an Italian that's quite odd, but it's certainly not a problem), it had lots of fresh, dried and roasted tomatoes plus a blob of wonderful pesto.
My husband had the cold pasta and courgette pesto salad, he liked it especially because it had lots of herbs.

We had no space for dessert.

Pros: Beautiful restaurant



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04 May 2023


Great service, nice place, delicious food, speak English


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26 Mar 2023

Good course menu

I tried the course menu as it was for a special event and it definitely lived up to the expectations. It’s a six course menu including the dessert. The staff were very kind and friendly and the meals came out quick and at a good temperature. The only reason they get a four star is because the plant based steak and the potato pavé were a bit dry. Overall great experience! Would recommend this course menu for special events or date night.


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24 Feb 2023

Very nice!

I've visited this restaurant a few times and I really like it. The food is delicious and the staff is really nice!

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-24

Pros: Nice environment, Delicious, Friendly staff


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01 Feb 2023

At least the food is vegan

Food was ok... nothing more. Wont even upload pics. If in area it is a safe option but not hype-worthy.


01 Feb 2023

I was so disappointed as well. Cold food, cold cheese - bad service


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22 Oct 2022

Creative, Beautiful, Tasty Menu

Vegan but contains alliums. Creative menu, beautiful plating, and impressive taste! Menu isn't very accurately translated into English but it can still be understood to some extent. They sell kombucha and have an alcohol menu too. The eatery looks classy but is reasonably priced. Near Seorae Village. 15 min walk from Sinbanpo Subway Station. You can possibly pair this with a visit to Goto Mall Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Centre.

- Meatball Romesco
- Spicy Noodle
- Mushroom Barley Risotto


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27 Jul 2022

Atmospheric restaurant with amazing food

This place is definitely one of my new favourite restaurants in Seoul! The food is amazing, the kombucha blows you away and the staff is very friendly (as usually in Korea). The restaurant feels bit high class with very friendly prices. I think its atmosphere is perfect for a date night. Also the menu provides both Korean and English, and the staff also speaks English very well. I had the capellini with seaweed and it was such a suprising yet delicious combination. I would recommend everyone who’s in the neighbourhood to stop by, and maybe even go out of your way to try it. It sure is worth it😉

Pros: Friendly (English-speaking) staff, Delicious , Nice atmosphere

Cons: None


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26 Jul 2022


Really enjoyed my dinner here. I’ve always been a gazpacho lover so I had to get it …every time I eat gazpacho I’m reminded of one of my best friends who always says enjoy your bowl of salsa 😂 …well, I did! Also had the tuna rice appetizer and the aubergine dinner. Both delicious! The apple cinnamon kombucha was really good as well. I’ll definitely be back…already know what I want to try next time!

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-26


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07 Jun 2022

Food is good but not worth

The food here is really good, especially the burgers and baked goods.

While the food is delicious, there are a number of things that make me not come back here, despite being right next to this place

1. Prices are very high
2. Staff are rude or unfriendly.
3. The service is very slow, even when its not crowded
4. The music is way too loud
5. Menu is inconsistent

6. This is run by a cooperation, of course I think its great cooperations are opening vegan restaurants, but because its just some a company the cons are not something I can overlook. They have enough resources to do a better job.

7. I had a very bad experience during soft opening, because it was soft opening I did go back to try it again, but the way the staff were so unapologetic about everything they screwed really irritates me

This is probably a great place to bring omni friends or clients. Im sure they will be impressed with the food. Its pretty crowded around lunch time, not sure about dinner.

- Food -

burger comes with fries and beet ketchups. All are excellent, but its very heavy (of course) Some of the open faced sandwiches are good but its a very light meal, especially considering the price.

Coffee is sub-par and came out way way too hot, took like 10 minutes to receive it despite the place being basically empty.

Cookies are definitely some of the best. Can recommend the meringues and white choco macadamia

The cake was good but it was too sweet for my person taste.


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02 Jun 2022

used to be my favorite before menu changes

the chipotle burger here is always good, and i really enjoyed the other menu that they had which included the open faced sandwiches. their new menu doesn’t entice me and they seem to be partnered with veggie garden and use a lot of their products now, which isn’t for me. i also miss their cakes and bakery items. hope to see them return soon!

Cons: a bit expensive , menu changes


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23 May 2022

Cool vegan restaurant!

Very good and creative food, good atmosphere, although it was a little bit expensive.
The staff was very friendly :)

Pros: 100 % vegan, Good atmosphere

Cons: Expensive


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13 Mar 2022

Kudos for young vegans

Nice atmosphere and location! The food was great


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27 Feb 2022


They are so creative with their food.
It’s a bit out of the way, but not too hard to find.
Love how they have such a broad selection of vegan wines!
The staff is very nice and super cute interior.

Pros: All vegan!

Cons: Not cheap


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28 May 2021

Smart Casual for Vegans

This is a chic restaurant serving 100% vegan food and drinks.

The menu consists of a mix of Western-style cuisine with a modern Asian twist: There are mostly burgers, sandwiches, salads and pasta dishes.
Allergens are specifically labeled.

Outside the kitchen's rest hours, the location is like a cafe offering an assortment of drinks, desserts and snacks.

Besides tea and coffee drinks, alcoholic beverages are available as well.

Eating here seems a bit expensive, but the service is good and the dishes are elegantly and thoughtfully prepared. Personally, I enjoyed the creative and flavorful dishes on the menu more than the dessert.

The atmosphere here is modern, chic and clean. Overall, a place for upscale dining for vegans and people interested in health-conscious eating.

Updated from previous review on 2021-05-28

Pros: Good food

Cons: Expensive


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28 Mar 2021

good good food

we ordered sweet potato and green salad, they were both really delicious! the salad was big and the vegan ricotta and tofu were great! i recommend this place, it’s really pretty and there is good food:)

Pros: lot of vegan choices, atmosphere really cosy, waitress really nice


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15 Nov 2020

Burger Heaven

Nice atmosphere, has a bar vibe at night.
The burgers are amazing.
Staff are friendly.

Pros: Great for when you want a burger, You can make a reservation

Cons: Expensive


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08 Aug 2020

Great fine dine option

Impressive interiors. Restaurant is very neat and clean. It quite manageable to have conversation in English. Tried Chipotle burger which was served with fries, beetroot sauce and mustard mayo. Mustard mayo had just that perfect flavor of mustard burning the toungue. Burger was flavorful and patty had just the perfect texture.

Pros: Every thing is vegan

Cons: Slightly on the expensive side


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04 Aug 2020

A bit pricy but worth it

Visited several time with non vegan friends. Everyone was happy.
Not big portion but delicious


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05 Jul 2020

Best vegan test in Seoul

My favorite vegan restaurant in Seoul, very exclusive , fine dining , high gastronomy

Pros: Burgers top quality , Mushroom pasta


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16 Feb 2020

Vegan bistro in seoul.

The dish can be an ‘art’. Delicious cozy bistro.
Afternoon tea set is wonderful.


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15 Feb 2020

Yup! Food does matter

Located in Seorae Maeul area, a somewhat upscale area, FDM has a nice interior and offers flavorful dishes. I am glad that the restaurant doesn't give big portions of food, otherwise we would have to struggle with the dishes we ordered. I can understand why the price is somewhat high due to the location. I believe this area has a very high rental fee and if a restaurant can't fill all seats during mealtimes, they normally don't last long in the area.

Since this is a slow food restaurant, I recommend everyone to really enjoy the food slowly. The restaurant also offers vegan wine in addition to other vegan beverages.


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30 Dec 2019

Couldn't get food.

I'm not going to give them a bad rating because I guess it's not their fault- but we went here based on reviews and info given on this app- Dec 30th we arrived and they told us they are not serving meals. Only coffee and cakes because it's their 'soft opening'- unsure why there are reviews and photos of their food if it's not available. We arrived here for lunch, it's not close to anything and we had no nearby options. If you're planning on going here, call ahead and find out if they are actually serving food yet.


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26 Dec 2019

Afternoon tea

I went to Food Does Matter for their afternoon tea and was so impressed with the food they served! It was a bit pricey, 31,000KRW per person but well worth the experience! The food was very well made and beautifully presented.

Pros: Delicious food, Beautiful presentation of food, Kind staff


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08 Dec 2019

Clean place, good food

Interior is well designed, nice soothing music. The food is all vegan which is great, but I wouldn’t frequent this place because each dish is about 17,000. Good food but not amazing - you’re paying an extra 5,000 or so for the setting and area. No complaints though and I’ll probably be back! Though I’d prefer nammi plant lab or even the Gangnam Loving Hut which are not too far from here.

There is no parking in this area, but there’s a valet for 3,000

Pros: All vegan!!!, Tasty, unique food, Nice aesthetic

Cons: A little pricy

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