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Little food shop offering wraps with falafel, hummus, and taboul. Some canned beverages. Moved here from Plateia Ippodromiou 12 in 2014. Vegan except for dairy milk for drinks. Reported fully vegan February 2024. Open Mon-Sat 12:00pm-12:00am.

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First Review by kimz33


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05 Feb 2024

They are vegan

Delicious food. Service was also great. Everything ia vegan

Pros: Pita falafel, Service, Price

Cons: No



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10 Oct 2023

You will not be hungry

I ordered the falafel burger with both guacamole ánd vegan mayonnaise and fries. It was sooo tasty and filling. I couldn’t even finish all my fries (what never happens). They also have vegan drinks.

Pros: A lot of food, You get guac ánd vegan mayonnaise , It’s not expensive


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16 Jun 2023

Very taste!

Perfect for a lunch during the visit of Thessaloniki
Fried or healthy food, salads, falafel or mushrooms saute
Attention to the sauce! Not all are vegan

Pros: Cheap, Fast

Cons: Give attention for sauce, not all are vegan, They haven't a vegan dessert


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24 Mar 2023

Long wait but good food

We had to wait about an hour, but the falafel wrap was really good!


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30 Jan 2023

Lovely veg gyros

Cheap and lovely veg gyros. Also the staff was nice! I have to come back to try the falafels😉#Veganuary


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31 Aug 2022

As A Chef myself I approve this place 100% its not gourmet but its so flavourful

I ate beyond meat burger and portion of falafels with guacamole, and I ate the burger maybe half an hour after ordering because I took it to my hotel and the food was still warm and not soggy at all, the burger was really really nice and juicy and even if it was simple it was just full of flavours, this was not tasteless vegan burger at all, it was lushhhh and the falafels were not the traditional green ones but they were really tasty regardless, very crispy and had nice kick to it, I am verry happy that I went to eat here

Pros: Homemade falafels, Full of flavour and tasty burgers & falafels, Street food but not too ”unhealthy” type

Cons: Too small place


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10 Jun 2022

Great value for great food

The prices are very reasonable and the falafel is some of the best I've ever had. The entire food menu is vegan, so you can't go wrong.

Pros: Helpful staff, Great value, Delicious food

Michelle Bridi

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06 Nov 2021

Great place for a snack

I wouldn't go here for dinner as the portions are quite small but as it is not pricy you can just order a lot,too. They speak English and have an English menu.

Pros: All food is vegan, Many options, Quite cheap

Cons: Small portions


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08 Sep 2021


Had the medium falafel wrap with potatoes and tabbouleh and vegan Mayo.

The workers were very friendly and I hope to come back soon!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Friendly, Cheap

Cons: Small store


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25 Oct 2020

Decent place

Nice options with reasonable prices
Everything is vegan


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24 Oct 2020


My friend and I had a soy wrap and it was delicious.


Good price.
Great taste.



Pros: Great taste., Good price

Cons: None.


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13 Jul 2020


You should definitely try the mushroom sandwich!


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25 Nov 2019

Falafel place with unique variety of choices

You can be looking at the menu for hours. I had never found so many options at a falafel place! Haha.

The owner is very nice, he helps you decide, he gives you to try a sauce or something you haven't tried before ordering it.

Except the falafel which are huge and tasty, they also have a huge falafel burger as well as wrap with mushrooms. All are great.

They lack of ecological consciousness. It's their only downside (as well as that they are not vegan but vegetarian although the non vegan stuff over there must really be just a few).

Pros: Big portions for low prices, Nice staff, GREAT variety of choices

Cons: Non eco, Non vegan


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17 Jul 2018

Epic falafel

For me it's the best one I ever had.


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06 Sep 2017

New decor , expanded menu

The menu for falafal now consists of pick your sauce, Humus or guacamole. Pick your filling ,veg salad or tabbouleh. Then with your falafal you can pick small medium or large.
The salad filling was not to my liking, too much onion,the humus was underwhelming, and the price was reasonable. So much potential, could do better.

Pros: great venue, tiny & fun.

Cons: sqandered oppertunity


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17 Jul 2017

good falafel

...but they only have the menu in greek and the guy didn't want to explain us the options. Maybe you'll have a better experience if you're greek.


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17 Jul 2017

oily chips

And dry falafel.


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12 May 2017

Delicious vegan falafel wraps

The gentleman behind the counter kindly explained the few simple choices to me, and then 3 minutes and 4 euros later I walked out with a delicious falafel wrap with baba ganouj to eat in the park. Everything is said to be vegan. What's not to like?

Just one ecological issue: my take-out order was excessively packaged. My wrap was re-wrapped in paper, then placed in a paper bag, which in turn was placed in a plastic bag. I handed the plastic bag back to them, but still found all the paper superfluous. If ordering take-out, I suggest you consider ordering for dining in, and you can still take it away if need be.


Pros: Delicious and affordable, helpful service

Cons: Excessive take-out packaging


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27 Sep 2016

I did not find it interesting

Falafel was not so good, as I have tried elsewhere. It was, to say the least, original. The problem is that then I had a stomach ache.

Pros: Friendly staff

Cons: Not tasty, No variety


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Mostly Veg
19 Sep 2016

nice experience :)

"Hi. I'd like to order something but I'm not really sure what Greek food entails."
"Well, this is Arab food."
"Don't know much about that either I'm afraid."

After which a friendly guy helped me along with baba ganoush descriptions and explanations.
He served me a delicious, cheap falafel.

I'll go back!

Pros: tasty, friendly staff

Cons: no indoor seating


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21 Jun 2016


just falafel, small place, but best falafel i ever had and real cheap! and all vegan :-)

Pros: falafel, price


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17 Sep 2015


At this place I had one of the best falafel in my life. If you take the wrap, you can choose between two salads and two sauces, which are all really tasty. The staff is friendly, speaks English and will lead you through the process of getting your falafel right ;) Don't miss this place!

Pros: delicious, fresh

Cons: Menu card not translated


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Mostly Veg
23 Apr 2015

Review :)

Even if it is a tiny place with no seats inside the store (outside only) the people running this place are amazing and very very kind... The food is really tasty and the menu is definitely not complicated. I really enjoy eating from the Falafel House!!! The prices are awesome!

Pros: Price, Quality, Taste of food

Cons: Menu, Small Place


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09 Apr 2015

Fantastic Falafel! :)

My partner and I have been staying in Thessaloniki for two days and I read about Falafel House so we walked down there to get some take-away lunch. We both had the large Falafel Wrap with tabouli and I had hommus and my partner had baba ganoush - both were sensational! I have eaten a lot of falafel in my life and it was definitely some of the best falafel I have ever eaten! We had walked down to the park to eat the wraps - if we hadn't I would have gone back for seconds! Not dry at all - I find falafel can often be dry, but this wasn't the case at all! The staff were friendly and the food is very cheap, we paid 6 euro for 2x large wraps plus drinks. Great value and I would definitely go back!

Pros: Falafel!, Staff were friendly , Price

Cons: Small - not much seating


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14 Mar 2015


Απλα θεικο!!!!
The best in town! Fresh vegan fast food!


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01 Aug 2013


A real Falafel, Hummus, Tahina. Good Tabule


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10 Sep 2012

Cheap & tasty

We just went in for the falafel wraps so didn't try the rest of the stuff, but it was great - very good value, tasty & fresh.

It's just a small place but there are a few seats you can use, the guy serving was friendly and it's open late, what more do you want!

Pros: Tasty falafel, Great prices, Central location + open late

Cons: Interior needs some better decoration

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