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Serves fish, vegan options available. A stylish restaurant where one can sit in the garden in the summertime. A daily special, a soup, and a few salads. Has a take-out counter. Also an organic shop. Mainly vegetarian but reported to add fish to the menu November 2021. Currently open for take out only during Covid-19 restrictions. Orders can be placed through mail, Facebook, Instagram and telephone. Open Mon-Sat 11:00-20:00. Closed Sun.

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First Review by Marco


Points +326

16 Feb 2023

Awesome concept

Super cool concept and place. The food is good, but was cold when served while it was an oven dish. Very limited protein-rich meals for the fitness people. Very expensive.

Pros: Nice products, Cool place, Food is good

Cons: Expensive, Food cold



Points +534

21 Jan 2023

Clean, hearty, vegan options

If you're looking for veg based food, this is a great option with salads, soup and hot options. I had the aubergine and courgette layered lasagne type bake, which was very filling though pricey mind you. The banana, vanilla, hazelnut cake was nice, not too sweet. My friend had the soup of the day which was vegan. I also did a take away of the quinoa and vegetable slice to eat later. Their croquettes were nice too. Cute seating area. In summary, if you want healthier vegan options, then definitely check this place out.


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03 Apr 2022

Good food albeit not cheap

The menu is all digital, there's a QR-code to scan at each table. This is more ecological than physical menus, especially if the menu changes often. However, comparing menu items is more difficult this way.

The food is very good, very Mediterranean oriented (Moroccan, Italian, Greek, ...). The dishes are full of flavors and everything is cooked to perfection.

What bothers me is that they advertise "vegetarian" and "vegan" food on the window, but the menu clearly offers fish (salmon and cod).

Pros: Very good food

Cons: not cheap, serves fish, despite advertising


Points +71

19 Nov 2021


We went with a big group of 16 people, mainly omnivores. Everyone loved the food!
Plenty of vegan choices for main dish. For dessert only 1 vegan option (cheesecake).

Pros: Plenty of vegan options, Super tasty!

Cons: Too much choice :), Only 1 vegan dessert


Points +544

17 Nov 2021

Very nice options!

We had a lovely table outside. The options were very nice. You can choose some dishes and they put them together. Lasagna, vegetables and all sorts of nice things. They also had a vegan carrot cake.


Points +1590

07 Nov 2021

Heerlijk en eerlijk

We hadden geruime keuze uit verse veganistische taartjes en gerechten. Er zit ook een leuk winkeltje bij met biologische producten.


Points +209

21 Sep 2021

Fijn plekje

Lekker eten en een goede sfeer :)

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-21


Points +272

02 Nov 2020

tasty healthy food

nice vegan quiche, salads,.. I like to come here for a quick lunch


Points +4275

02 Aug 2020

My go to for healthy take away in Antwerp

We were going for a day trip and stopped for some take away the day before. Unfortunately it could not be served in our own boxes or another waste-free option. The staff was very friendly because even after serving time they opened the food boxes again to give us some salads. We had a delicious quinoa salad and cauliflower dish.

Pros: Healthy and fast take away

Cons: Not cheap, Plastic packaging for take away


Points +162

08 Dec 2019

Try the quiches and cakes

Small, cosy restaurant with a splendid quiet garden in the center of Antwerp. I really recommend the quiches and cakes.
Nice staff.
There is a small shop so you can also take out the food. We always order food for our Christmas party. They have a special menu during this period.

Pros: Good food, Nice staff, Nice garden

Cons: Not so cheap


Points +534

17 Jun 2019

Good but expensive

Really liked the food, vegetarian/vegan restaurant. Number of vegan options were fine. Really liked the food, also had some vegan pies. Liked the location, They also have a Nice garden.

Pros: Food is really good, Good pies, Garden

Cons: Expensive


Points +54

30 Dec 2018

Great food

This place has beautiful food... So many vegan options, all really refined and tasty. I feel like it was an audience that was a bit 'older', which made the atmosphere really quiet and 'classy'. So for a classy dinner, this is the place to go. Friendly service.

Pros: Amazing, refined food, Friendly service

Cons: No 'ambience', a little quiet


Points +114

19 Oct 2018

Tasty food with many vegan options. Vegan Deserts are there as well.

Tasty food with many vegan options. Vegan Deserts are there as well.


Points +51

09 Aug 2018

Good Food

There were enough vegan options and the garden was beautiful. It was also busy and they were a bit understaffed, so the waitress was a bit grumpy. Other than that it was lovely and I would go again.

Pros: Vegan options


Points +50

01 Jul 2018

Nice food in a nice setting

We’ve eaten here on many occasions. The food is always prepared with care and the menu has some vegan options as a standard. On sunny days you can have your meal in the lovely garden.


Points +36

26 Mar 2018

lots of vegan options

Happy to see so many vegan options on the menu! Unfortunately I had the wrong pick. The tandoori lasagna is a bit boring, not much tandoori taste. A bit of green salad on the side would have been nice. The older waiter wasn’t very friendly.

Pros: lots of vegan options, great food

Cons: tables are very close to one another, service isn’t really friendly, a bit pricey for what you get


Points +116

03 Jun 2017

Lovely dinner

Had the aubergine lasagna and charlotte cake outside. The waiter was very mice and the garden was vert cute.

Cons: fish at vegetarian restaurant


Points +479

30 Jan 2017

Mixed feelings...

It's a "vegetarian" restaurant with fish on the menu... Not many/no vegan options on the menu. They however do organise vegan brunches and BBQ's and those are awesome! I highly recommend the vegan brunches and BBQ events, but wouldn't go there on any other occasion.

Pros: Vegan brunches and BBQ's are highly recommended

Cons: No vegan options on the usual menu


Points +18620

23 Nov 2016

very disappointing

this was a visist in 2011 (update below)
There are several vegetarian dishes on the menu (lots of quiches). I asked the waitress whether the soup of the day was vegan (I explicitely added, no cream, no cheese?), and she clearly didn't know what I was talking about. So I also inquired about the Thai stew with tofu. She replied, 'yes it's gluten free' :-/
It is an attractive venue, but with highly uncomforatble chairs (could hardly sit lunch out) and bad accoustics. It was freezing cold outside, and unfortunately also in the restaurant. Central heating wasn't working. They tried to heat the place with one or two seperate heaters, which was clearly not enough. It was cold!
I was very disappointed, as this place is supposedly famous for it's veg choices and nice venue, so I expected more knowledgeable staff and comfort.
As others have mentioned, steep prices for drinks, and overpriced food as well.
There's a big counter at the front, with many takeaway dishes. The list seemed to include a huge variety of vegetarian dishes. The waitress was also serving the counter, so I doubt whether she could have told me which dishes were vegan.
UPDATE: went again in Spring 2014. Another waiter, but no better knowledge of vegan. Bread served with butter. Very long wait for food. Piece of plastic in our meal. No intentions of ever visiting again.


Points +76

09 Oct 2016

nice store

We went yesterday there and took food with us. The taste was good, but it was super expensive.


Points +335

12 Feb 2015

Delicious food, friendly service

During a recent visit for dinner, my experience here was very different to that of other reviewers who experienced poor service and other issues: the service was excellent and very friendly, and the food was very well prepared and also delicious.

I had rice cakes with fresh string beans and a thick mushroom cream, and it was a delicious blend of flavors in an understated way. I would definitely repeat. Plus, there's also the options of buying vegetarian items to take away.

Pros: Food cooked with pride, Pleasant, cozy environment

Cons: Somewhat limited vegetarian selection


Points +23

09 Dec 2014

Picture complete!

Very good apetizers, our family had a lot of different dishes and all of them were very tasteful. We loved to sit in the garden, the service was also good. They really know their vegetables!

Pros: Garden, Taste, Large choice on the menu


Points +1099

11 May 2014

quite normal

We ordered 2 veggie and 1 vegan dish. I expected more 'haute cuisine' because this restaurant is very famous among vegetarians but it was quite normal. Not bad but the thai stew was a Thai curry, not very spicey and the tofu had a strange structure (as if was frozen before). If you aren't expecting very special dishes it's fine, if you do I wouldn't recommend this place.

Pros: nice place, kind people

Cons: not a very exciting menu, a little bit too normal food


Points +15

Mostly Veg
24 Jan 2010


Visited on Wed, 20th Jan and had a very high quality lunch. Main courses were excellent. Good sized portions. Decent desert. Price overall was 46 Euro for two people (two main courses, one desert, two teas, two glasses of wine). Would love to go back.

Pros: great choice, ok for non-vege, nice, bright place


Points +349

01 Jun 2009

Disappointing food and overpriced

I'm willing to spend money on great meal. Happily. But dining at de Broers van Julienne wasn't worth the cost or the effort of traveling to Antwerp. I had the spring strudel (goat cheese, green asparagus, courgette, carrot, tomato, potato encased in phyllo, served in a mint-pea sauce). The veggies had been stewed into oblivion (e.g. the asparagus was stringy mush) but it was the sauce that was most inedible. My sister had the corn-pasta with sweet potato, red pepper, Mexi-flavoured tomato sauce, which was a little tastier than my strudel but also very mushy. My boyfriend said his fish lasagna with pumpkin, tomato and courgette was bland. I tend to give veg-friendly restaurants the benefit of the doubt - maybe they simply had an off day? Maybe I should've ordered the quiche? But once we got the bill and saw that we were charged 7 EUR for a 1 L bottle of still water, it killed any remaining desire to return. This type of ridiculous markup is tacky profiteering and disrespectful to restaurant patrons.

Pros: Pleasant back garden dining, Friendly server

Cons: Bland, mushy food, Price-gouging on water & wine


Points +140

15 Apr 2007

Stylish venue

After arriving in Antwerp on Easter Sunday, we had given up hope of eating anything remotely gormet... until we found De Broers van Julienne. Being vegan, we could not eat anything on the eat-in evening menu but in the deli section they had a aubergine, spinach and setian layered dish that was vegan. We bought it to take away and it came with herbed polenta wedges and a really flavoursome red pepper sauce. The really helpful staff booked us a taxi back to our apartment and we sat in the restaurant while waiting. The decor is really stylish with huge panelled shelving filled with organic wines. Our food was really good and at around 9 euros each, very reasonable.
Unfortunately none of their cakes and desserts are vegan, a shame as they looked amazing!

Pros: friendly staff, excellent cooking

Cons: not enough vegan options


Points +153

Non Veg
23 Jan 2007

Great dinners and delicious deserts

During our stay in Antwerpen we went there twice, so we could try 4 different dishes and we liked them all. We liked the interior of the restaurant a lot too: a happy mix of history and modernity. And to top it all of, they have some great cakes for desert, which they sold from their take-out counter too.

Pros: wonderful food

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