An all-vegan bistrot opened May 2021. Offers lunches, snacks and happy hours. They have a daily menu and serve organic drinks. Open Mon 12:00-22:00, Tue 12:00-15:30, Wed-Fri 12:00-22:00. Closed Sat-Sun.

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First Review by Vittoria


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05 Jan 2024

Excelente comida y servicio

Pedí el seitán acompañado de patatas y fué el más delicioso que probé en la vida. Era a la plancha y tenía un sabor espectacular. Además, la chica que nos atendió era súper agradable. La próxima vez que vaya a Roma volveré a este restaurante sin dudarlo! #Veganuary

Pros: La comida, El servicio, El precio



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05 Jan 2024

Nice little place

This is a cosy little place on the backstreets with a relaxed atmosphere and a great lasagne.

The menu wasn't huge but seemed quite fresh and health oriented and had some Italian classics. More of a cafe vibe than a restaurant so I would have liked to return for lunch if we had more time. Worth a visit!

Pros: Great lasagne , Nice menu, Relaxed

Cons: Hard to find, A little expensive


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04 Jan 2024

This is a gem

Brilliant food, nice place to sit outside, friendly staff


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22 Nov 2023

Una scoperta

Cenato un paio di volte durante la settimana e il locale era sempre quasi vuoto, peccato perché merita. Menu alla carta più alla lavagna ci sono sempre dei fiori menù


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27 Oct 2023

Impressive cafe

This is a casual cafe that serves all vegan food. When I entered, the only other customers were an older (non-vegan) couple and their teenage (vegan) grandson. They all raved about their meals and suggested I get the lasagne--which I did, and was quite pleased 🤗. I finished my meal off with tasty chocolate torte; this is a place I would surely return to.


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11 Oct 2023

Cute, friendly and delicious food!

I had the vegetable pie with vegetable side. The pie was spinach with a spread of maybe mashed potatoes and carrots? It was delicious! The side may have looked like spinach but was not. I couldn’t identify the green, but it was a little heartier, and was combined with onions, olives, and some sweet touches as well (I’m probably missing something here, it was unusual to me, and yummy!)

Hummus was great. Hubby had the polpette. Tender polpette, rich tomato sauce.

A great first meal in Rome!

Pros: Friendly server, Wonderful choices, Reasonable prices


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27 Sep 2023

Delicious Food!!!

My husband got the special which was a seitan dish he really enjoyed and he also got a spinach pie which was yummy as well. I got the bean soup which was fab & I loved the homemade croutons too . I got the pesto lasagne which wasn’t the best I’ve had. Tiramisu was delish, they use biscuits instead of ladyfinger cookies

Pros: Affordable, Great food, Yummy dessert.


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08 Sep 2023

Yummy and disappointing all at once

We were hoping for something without vegan cheese which seems difficult in Rome but they defo managed to avoid that. The sweet & sour seitan was amazing and the veggie pie with vegetables and hummus was actually spinach pie with spinach on the side which is a bit cheeky to be honest. A different vegetable would have been appreciated. The humus was surprising in that it didn’t taste of lemon, garlic, or tahini! I’m not sure how they managed it to be honest. But the seitan was absolutely delicious and the waitress was lovely.

Pros: Waitress, Sweet & sour seitan, Didn’t rely on vegan cheese on everything

Cons: Lazy to make a dish of “veggie pie” and it only be


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27 Jul 2023

Cute little vegan spot!

Cheap and delicious meals, a bit on the smaller size but decent and very nice staff

Pros: Cheap, Nice staff, Tasty food


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24 Jul 2023

Great lasagna

Nice place to have lunch and enjoy a great lasagna or the day's menu, friendly staff and really good tiramisu also!


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17 Jul 2023

The best vegan tiramisu!!!

Absolutely delicious! The vegan lasagna was perfect consistency


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05 Jul 2023

Good lasagne

We got here in the 30 minutes or so before they closed and luckily we were still able to get dinner.
Started with the hummus and focaccia (both good, can't go too wrong with this), and then the lasagne which was quite good, it was moist and cheesy but sort of a whipped cheese texture, which I enjoyed.
The sweet and sour seitan with onions and bell peppers and side of potatoes was ok. The seitan had a sinewy unpleasant texture, but taste wise the dish was good.
For dessert we got a tiramisu to share. It had a very soft cream texture (too soft?), and not a strong enough coffee or chocolate flavour.
The restaurant is down a small street with several other restaurants so had a nice lovely vibe.

Pros: Lasagne, Nice staff

Cons: Sinewy texture of seitan


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29 Jun 2023

Hard to find, but sooo good!

Quite small and a little improvised looking restaurant with super friendly staff and very delicious food.

Pros: Quality of food, Friendliness of staff

Cons: Hard to find


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22 Jun 2023

Amazing Lasagne

Cute Bistrot close to villa Borghese.
First of all the fact that everything is vegan is a huge plus in Italy. The restaurant is in a quiet side alley which is nice. You can sit outside. Only two tables, But it wasn’t busy when I went. The food was amazing
I loved the lasagne. Texture top, spices great and amount great as well. For 11 Euro you get enough. Minus one star cause the food arrived cold! I sent it back and got it back after another 10 minutes. At least it was good warm then. Still something like this should not happen in a professional business

Pros: Taste

Cons: Cold , No tap water


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08 Jun 2023

Good food!

We started with a good hummus with bread, then we enjoyed a fully vegan well flavored dish with lasagne, sweet and sour seitan, a salad. Dessert was splendid Tiramisu!
The friendly atmosphere completed a relaxed evening

Pros: Fully vegan, Good lasagne, without vegan “cheese”, Top tiramisu

Cons: Salad a bit too salted


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08 May 2023

Tasty food and welcoming staff

We stopped by for dinner and enjoyed the food and friendly welcome. Food is tasty and freshly prepared - I enjoyed vegan balls in a tomato 🍅 sauce and my wife had seitan - we also had tiramisu and cheesecake. Will be back…

We went back and had equally delicious second dinner - this place really deserves your support when in Rome.

Updated from previous review on 2023-05-05

Pros: Tasty food, Nice welcome, Delicious desserts


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06 May 2023

Amazing Tiramisu

We came here after we went to another vegan place quite close, which opened 30 min later than advertised, and we didn't want to wait. We had the Lasagne, a rice and soy dish, a strawberry lemon pudding cake and the tiramisu. The dessert were very good, the lasagna was also nice. The place itself is small but cute and the service friendly.

Pros: friendly service, tasty desserts


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04 May 2023

Simple et délicieux

Une cuisine qui, mine de rien, éveille vos papilles, rassasie votre estomac et ravit votre appétit !
Le Seitan fait maison est à tomber 😋.
Buon appetito!


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04 May 2023

The best vegan lasagne i ever had!

Very good food and fair prices!


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21 Jan 2023

Very tasty vegan food, small portions

Super tasty italian food! the lasagna was amazing. veggie balls also good - unfortunately quite small portion sizes. #Veganuary

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-21

Pros: All vegan, Very tasty italian options

Cons: small portion sizes


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21 Nov 2022

Very tasty

Very tasty. Lots of options. Not expensive. Very friendly owner. I would recommend it

Pros: Totally vegan , Very friendly, Many options


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01 Nov 2022

Home made style traditional vegan food

This small place offers a simple but tasty menu based on italian classics, like lasagna, veg balls in tomato sauce and some international dishes like the vegan galette bretonne, the soy chili, the vegan burger.
Ambiance is very basic but relaxed, do not expect an elegant place or a formal situation!
I appreciate the kokedama hanging from everywhere
The waiter is friendly and kindly explained us everything from the menu.
We were 5 and I tasted almost everything in the menu, everything was very nice.
The only thing I dislike is the use of disposable plates, on the other side everything is compostable.
I had the Erbazzone, a pie filled with chicory and served with hummous and sautéed leaves vegetables and the stewed seitan with pumpkin and courgettes. Both were delicious!
From my friends I tried the vegan lasagna (with vegan ragout), the carasau bread lasagna (with pesto and vegetables), the vegan balls with tomato sauce and fried polenta sticks, the galette bretonne (with black bean and peanuts cream, red peppers, caramelised onion), the seitan steak. Everything was very tasty, probably I wouldn't take the steak as I found it too sapid and the galette, but it is my taste!
My friends also tried some desserts (and I had to check them of course!): the tiramisu, the chocolate and coffee tart, the peach cheesecake; i preferred the last one because it was so fresh and creamy!
We also had a vegan wine and a kombucha, they have a huge selection of other beverages as herbal teas, kombuchas, craft beers.

Pros: everything was so good, disposable cutlery and plates are compostable, kind staff

Cons: disposable but plates, cutlery and glasses


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01 Nov 2022

I wish I could make a vegan lasagne like that

Happy Cow guided us to this lovely little place. Very friendly owners run the place and do the cooking. It's not been open that long and I hope it continues to flourish. It's down a little street and we sat outside (in late October). I had the lasagne which was absolutely delicious as was the pudding. I asked the owner how she made the lasagne - she said it took 3 days to make in different stages - wow that's how you get the best vegan lasagne! I love vegan food that is just good food that doesn't really need to be labeled vegan - you could feed it to anyone and they'd love it.

Pros: Home cooking , Friendly owners run the place, Small & honest

Cons: None


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Mostly Veg
29 Oct 2022

Loved the food!

Finally dragged my meat loving husband to a vegan restaurant and he loved it😄The seitan was delicious, same can be said for the stuffed mushrooms and red wine. Can recommend for not only vegans .

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff


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16 Oct 2022


I think I died and went to heaven when I decided to go here. I had the lasagne and tiramisu- both were amazing and a decent price. Excellent value for money, great staff and lovely setting. I sat outdoors.

Pros: Delicious food, Great staff, Nice setting


Points +28

15 Oct 2022


The lasagne was so good! So full of flavour. Will definitely be back to try more of the delicious sounding options.

Pros: Vegan, Lasagne


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10 Oct 2022

Amazing restaurant

Col Cavolo is run by two friendly ladies. The restaurant atmosphere is very homey and cute.
This place has a variety of dishes on their menu, and I think they also have a menu of the day every day. I tried their stew from their menu of the day, two kinds of lasagna, and homemade seitan. All of these were great. I’ve been home for a while, and I still think about the dishes that I had here during my trip in Rome...

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