Donut shop with daily vegan donuts options, and plant milk is available for coffee. Open Mon-Sun 10:30-18:00.

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First Review by SylDub


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17 Oct 2023

très bon

nice that there were a few vegan doughnuts to choose from. friendly and helpful staff



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30 Jul 2023

Lovely place. Great service.

I went late in the day (16:15 on a Sunday). They only had one undecorated vegan doughnut left but this was great because they said I could have whatever topping I wanted and they did it there and then. I opted for speculoos! Super tasty and tastes really fresh.

Pros: Great service , Fresh


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25 May 2023

Veel keuze

Er is een goede keuze aan vegan donuts. De balans tussen topping en donut is perfect , niet te gesuikerd eerlijke smaken.

Pros: De keuze , De balans van de topping en donut , Personeel


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18 Mar 2023


!!Edit: they sell off their chocolate bomb as being vegan, my family and I had it and turns out the chocolate has lactose. It’s just the dough that’s vegan. So I would double/triple check with each donut you choose that it’s vegan!!!

They have such a variety of vegan donuts that each have their own personality and taste. I would recommend either calling or getting their early to get vegan donuts as when you go later in the day their vegan options are scarce or non existent. You’d think with the rising vegan demand they’d make more of them daily. Nevertheless, their vegan donuts are delicious and a personal favourite is the spéculos donut.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-14

Pros: Lots of vegan options., Aesthetic., They have plant milk.

Cons: Not fully vegan. , Don’t always have vegan options left


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11 Feb 2023

A stop for donuts

Few daily vegan options at the corner - tried the Speculoos one, yummy! There was also a chocolate one, Apple & cinnamon, rose and a few more. Oat milk for cappuccino available.

Pros: Daily vegan options, Plant milks

Cons: Very few places to sit down


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20 Jan 2023


Could be cosier but then again they don't have that much space and it's not a cheap area.

Pros: Home made, quality donuts

Cons: Not enough vegan options , And they get sold out early , Just make more vegan donuts please


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19 Nov 2022

Good but...

Nothing to say about the donuts: so yummy, tasty and gourmand. However vegan selection is soo limited. Once I went there and they had no more and they suggested to order there to be sure to find the vegan one because "we sell them fast" why don t they increase the offer? I hope they will do it in the future


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13 Nov 2022

Amazing donuts

Although the vegan selection of the donuts is quite limited, they offer a very surprising flavours as well. I loved especially the ones with flowers: rose and lavender+violet. They were so fresh and decadent. I visited them twice during a weekend, because I enjoyed their donuts so much!


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20 Jun 2022

Vegan Nutella Donut!

Coco had five vegan donuts when I was there, and I went with the chocolate bomb which is filled with a vegan chocolate hazelnut spread from a local plant based nut butter shop. After seeing nutella donuts all through Europe, it was a delight to be able to have one myself.

Great texture for a vegan donut. Maybe too sweet - or more the filling isn’t evenly spread.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Local nut butters

Cons: Maybe too sweet


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19 Mar 2022

Delicious donuts

Best to order in advance as the stock is really limited

Pros: Good price quality, Tasty

Cons: Not a lot of choice, Stock is limited


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04 Oct 2021


Er is een assortiment aan veganistische donuts met verschillende smaken en toppings. De donuts zijn vrij groot en goed van smaak. Ze zijn ietwat prijzig, maar de ambiance is fijn en het personeel is zeer vriendelijk.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-04


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14 Aug 2021

Great selection of vegan donuts

Coco Donuts has many delicious donuts that sell out pretty fast so if you want to be sure to get the vegan ones, you can order on the site 24h before and pick them up the next day!


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29 Jul 2021

Amazing donuts

As someone mentioned here, come rather early to make sure there will be vegan donuts left for you - it’s a very pleasant surprise when you get one (or two or three…) later in the afternoon but a bitter disappointment when you don’t😄You can always order online though and the donuts themselves are delicious!


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08 Jun 2021

Bon mais cher

En deux visites, il n'y a chaque fois que 3 donuts vegans. Choix limité mais ils sont bons. Par contre, les prix sont à la tête du client? Une fois, 3,75 le donut, puis 4,25? L'affichage clair de ceux-ci ne serait pas de refus! Ça n'en reste pas moins cher. Idéal pour grignoter sur le pouce.

Cons: Choix vegan limité, Prix


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04 Nov 2020

Delicious !

They make 12 different vegan donuts a day so be there early so you can chose the flavor you want or order it 24hours before on their website.
I've tryed 3 of them : chocolat butternut, red fruits and unflavoured. They were all very tasty and fluffy !

Pros: Tasty and fluffy, 12 vegan flavors a day

Cons: Only 12 vegan piecesa day


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22 Oct 2020

Nice donuts

I ordered a chocolat-hazelnut vegan donut. They made it immediately so it was super fresh and nice to eat.
Tip: ask the staff for the vegan options, most tastes are not indicated at the shop window.


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30 Aug 2020

Specific Vegan Doughnuts

I ended up enjoying the lilac vegan doughnut. It was quite sugary, but the dough itself was light and airy. The shop itself was small, but filled with bright colors, flowers, and aesthetically pleasing lights. Very cute and springtime-y


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04 Aug 2020

delicious VEGAN donuts to get your daily sugar rush

We went there around 12 p.m., so the vegan donuts were not prepared. The staff was very friendly, informed us about the vegan options and prepared them freshly. We could choose between around eight options, that looked all very tasty. We choose two donuts with sugar glazing, which were a little bit too sweet for us, but the donut dough tasted amazing. The coffee was also very good. We could choose between four different plant milk options.
I usually don't find any vegan donut places in my city so I was delighted ♥


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14 Feb 2020

suoer good but get there earlyy

donuts are amazing. luckily made it in time for one last vegan donut. there’s not many vegan options so get there early to make sure you can get one!!


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09 Feb 2020

Super !

Quel bonheur de pouvoir manger des donuts véganes aussi bons ! Les parfums sont variés et ils sont aussi bons que beaux ! J'adore !

Pros: choix, beau lieu

Cons: Prix un peu élevé


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22 Nov 2019

Énormes donuts vegans

Je trouve que Coco Donuts au Sablon a plus d’options vegans que ce dans le chaussé de Charleroi. J’ai goûté la plupart de ses donuts végétaliens ici et c’est un endroit très agréable. Ils ont aussi la bonne sélection du thé (framboise pistache est mon favoris), mais j’ai détesté leur matcha latte, mais peut-être c’était mon bad luck. Je vous conseille de prendre les donuts speculoos, pomme cannelle et chocolat: ils sont à tomber par terre

Pros: Donuts delicious, Super mignon

Cons: Pas complètement vegan


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03 Nov 2019

Tasty donuts

A big fan of this place but be aware once it’s sold out... it is so be early

Pros: Tasty good, Nice plant based milk, Friendly staff

Cons: Low vegan offer


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16 Oct 2019


The best doughnuts I be ever eaten so far

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