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Chamlong's Asoke Vegetarian Restaurant

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Chatuchak Market (at Kampaeng Phet Rd), Bangkok, Thailand,

Across the road from Chatuchat exit 1, you see a large food court, fruit and veg stalls, and a shop all run by the vegetarian foundation known as Chamlong Mangsawirat or Vegetarian Foundation. Chamlong is in a 2 floor white building behind some night clubs. Large space with 40 tables, serving simple Thai & Chinese veg food, self-serve buffet with some sauces containing milk (ask). It's operated by Santi Asok buddhist sect referring to themselves as The Dharma Practitioner Association. Thai language only. Location is next to the weekend market, in its own car park among other restaurants, health food & produce shops. Directions: Turn inside small soi around 400 club, pass night club parking. Take skytrain to the terminus at Mo Chit, then take subway (towards Bang Sue) to Kampaeng Phet where you take exit #1, and at the top of the escalator, turn right and go back up the road in the opposite direction to the direction in which you were going up the escalator. After 50 meters turn right at Roy Antiques (glass-sided building), go 50 metres up that alley, veer right and you'll see a long 2-storey building. Go through it about halfway down on the ground floor. Go to the window on your left and buy food coupons. Mar 2016 reported still operating. Open Tue-Fri 6:00am-2:00pm, Sat-Sun 6:00am-3:00pm.

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Reviews (18)

First Review by JohnnySensible

SOUL FOOD _/\_ - Edit

Amazingly cheap and very organic. Thai dishes with brown rice and noodles are lovely. All the fresh vegetables serve there are all organic influenced by the way of Buddha and King Bhumipol Adulyadej (Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy). "Our loss is our gain" is the motto.

Pros: Low-Priced, High-Quality, Tasty, Simplicity, Healthy

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Cheap and Delicious - Edit

Excellent selection of buffet food available. I was full after 25baht!! (0.80 pence). You cannot get better value for money, I arrived 1pm which is a bit late and a lot of food was gone.
Don't try and find it without the coordinates posted on a review below. Very easy if you put them into any maps app on a smart phone.

Updated from previous review on 2016-10-23

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worth the distance - Edit

a vegans dream! it's a little hard to know it's a vegetarian place unless you can read Thai as there are no signs insinuating it, however a few of the workers speak a little English so you can ask. you buy coupons next to the shop and then order from one of the stalls. there is so much choice from salty to sweet and an abundance of mock meat and vegetables. dishes are about 25-35b for a big portion. take your plates to the washing area after. a bit difficult to find but ask people in the area as it's very popular with the locals. smiley happy people work here.

Pros: loads of choice, cheap, tasty

Cons: Hard to find, no english

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Thai food, Thai prices - Edit

Man what a find, this is a vegan's dream.

I was here with a couple of Thai friends, and between us we got several dishes totalling just 170 baht, leaving all three of us stuffed. The food was just very local, no thrills Thai food.

If you're a vegan as I am, you can probably appreciate the frustrations of seeing a delightful, local Thai lunch buffet, but walking straight passed because you can't be sure what contains meat and what doesn't. It's that same type of thing, with the same prices (I didn't see any dish that cost more than 25 baht), but everything here is vegetarian (and I think vegan, although I can't be sure).

English is very limited, and although I was here with Thai friends, when they were sat down or at another vendor, I found that any Thai working here who did speak English was happy to translate. This included the manager of the place, who was a fairly young girl who was clearly passionate about this place, asking me how I'd heard about it, wanting to make it a success.

All I'll say is that if you're vegetarian / vegan, and want local food at local prices without the worry it contains meat or fish sauce or anything else, then this place is your dream. I can assure you I'll be going back here again.

I especially recommend it on weekends as its near, almost in the Chattuchak Weekend Market.

Pros: Great food, Great value, Located at the weekend market

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Best vegan restaurant in Bangkok! - Edit

Big food court of about 15 stalls, as far as I know it's 100% vegan and they grow all the produce themselves without the use of chemicals. Super good food not covered in oil! Very cheap mostly 20-25 a plate! It's open from 6am till 2pm (closed Monday) but I would recommend coming a few hours before closing to get good range of food as they start selling out and cleaning up very early. Also has a amazing healthy low priced mini supermarket here were you can buy some nice juice for 12 baht in the freezer section. I eat here many times a week and am loving it, a busy yet friendly atmosphere filled with mostly thai people. The second to last stall sells the most amazing mushrooms I have ever tasted! Best meat substitute in terms of taste I have ever had (kinda look like beef bits, but taste way better)

Pros: Very cheap! , Very tasty! , Healthy good quality food!


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Awesome Vegetarian Buffet - Edit

How to find this gem: Obviously there are a number of ways which you could walk, but all start at Kampaeng Phet MRT exit number 1. I went this way: Up the escalator, then about 100m in the opposite direction of the escalator, then turn right. It doesn't seem that you're correct there, but you are. It all looks like a big construction site. When you turned right, follow the small street for around another 100m, the street turns slightly right. When you reached a white, long two story building you're finally there. It shouldn't take you longer than 5 minutes from the MRT exit 1. It's also helpful to copy the correct GPS position into a GPS App.

Here are the GPS coordinates:
13°47'57.5"N 100°32'49.3"E
Chamlong's Asoke Vegetarian Restaurant

Once you're there you'll be delighted with a 50m long vegetarian buffet serving all kinds of Asian veg dishes you can imagine, from soups, dumplings, spring rolls over curries, mock meats and noodles to Thai deserts and free drinking water. The prices are more than reasonable. I payed 60THB for two dishes and one dessert. The dishes range between 20 and 30 THB and are all freshly made and very delicious. The atmosphere is also very nice, calm and local and everybody is happy to be there.

In addition to this fantastic food court, there is a health store selling all kinds of health regarding products like tea, nuts, oil, spices, beauty stuff, colon cleansing and much more. I enjoyed this store more than the actual JJ market for which you also might have come here.

The whole thing is open every day from six am to two pm and is even worth going on weekdays. The big fruit and vegetable market Or-Tor-Kor is also opened every day and is easily reached at exit number three of the same MRT station.

Pros: Cheap, Delicious, Local

Cons: Far Away

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Best Place In BKK! - Edit

I was so happy to find this place! Not only the people working there, also the customers are very friendly.

Pros: Very friendly, easy to find, Cheap, Best food ever!

Cons: Absolutely Nothing!

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It was open on 13th Jan 2013 - Edit

The place with the largest selection of Vegan(Jay) food I know in Bangkok. Great value for money 30-40 baht for rice and 3 helpings(about a ladel and a half of food). It has about 10-12 different stalls selling different sorts of Vegan Thai food. It's open 6 a.m. to 2 pm Mon-Fri, 6 a.m.to 3 pm Sat-Sun. As is often the way with Jay restaurants the stalls tend to cook up and big batch of food for the beginning of the day, then they add a few things later depending on demand. Generally the earlier you get there the fresher your food will be.

It has a nice atmosphere there's a mix of different people there with quite a few older chinese thai grandparents shuffling in for their regular fix of Vegan food and Issan street sellers enjoying there Mushrooom Laab(minced meat salad). I do love Laab, it's normally made with meat but here there are 4 different kinds of Mushroom/Tofu Laab.

One of the few places in Thailand that's not that noisy even though there are a lot of people there. The absence of Big TV's and tannoy systems blasting out adverts helps

Not sure why it's listed as closed

You take your own plates back and there are different bins for food and plastic. This adds to the spirit of the place, "Ask not what your restaurant can do for, you but want you can do for you restaurant."

It is difficult to find but the map here is quite good. You can't see it from the main road. If you are walking up Kampeng Pet 2 road away from the Underground Station you turn left as you get to the JJ OUTLET MALL, walk about fifty yards down and turn to your left. It took me two attempts to find it.


Updated from previous review on Saturday January 12, 2013
Updated from previous review on Saturday January 12, 2013

Pros: Great range of Vegan food, Nice Atmosphere

Cons: Difficult to find, Open 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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I WORKING HERE FOR LONG TIME AS ORGANIC VEGETABLE :) HERE REALLY NICE HAVE MANY KIND OF VEGETARIAN FOOD ^^ I CAN GIVE YOU SUGGESTION IF YOU CANNOT FIND THE PLACE :) official page https://www.facebook.com/ChamlongsAsokeVegetarianRestaurant Updated from previous review on Saturday October 13, 2012

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unable to find this restaurant - Edit

We were so hot and hungry after a long hour shopping at Chatuchak and hope to get a quick vegetarian lunch by finding this address for so long. But unfutunately, we still could not find it.

Cons: hard to find

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Most authentic feed in Bangkok - Edit

Without claiming to have been to them all, we're willing to bet this place is probably the most authentic when it comes to Thai veg*n food. A bit of a way out from the city centre, but we'll be doing it again before we leave for sure.

We got there about half an hour before closing time (2pm), so my guess is that it's probably even better earlier in the day. We didn't have a great selection but everything we did have was fabulous and healthy. The taste profiles finally had that 'only in Thailand' feel that we had been missing so far. Relieved to be finally finding the good stuff! I will say though, it was VERY hot. At closing time they pull down then shutters so there's no breeze at all. My partner thought he was going to fall off his plastic chair for a moment there! If like us you get a bit lost finding it, just ask a local - they all seem to know it if you mention Santi Asoke so pretty hard to not to get there.

Oh yes - be sure to visit the nearby market as well. Full of every exotic fruit you can imagine and lots of stalls offering a great selection of traditional Thai desserts and treats that we'd been having locating in central Bangkok. The coconut sticky rice baked in banana leaf over a BBQ type grill was awesome.

Bottom line - we'll be back very soon ;)

Pros: tasty authentic dishes, organic, cheap as chips!

Cons: hot (and stuffy at closing time), a bit of a trek, not much english

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Delicious cheap VEGAN food - Edit

Staffed by all vol. members of the temple this place is the best. The vibe is really positive. English is spoken here as a wonderful man who works in the store lived in California for over 20 years and teaches free english to the other members.

From what I can see and have been told the food is VEGAN not vegetarian...my only doubt would be on a couple of the salad dressings for the mixed green salads...where the dressing choice is optional.

My fav place in BKK. Delicious traditional food is a very simple basic cafateria setting. No pretense just great food.

Its best to arrive early as the food does get sparse after the lunch rush. Amazing buffet with the most options ive seen in BKK and at the best prices. Just point at what you want and then pay with coupons that you buy ahead of time.

Wonderful store section with natural soaps organic products etc. There are other veg food stalls in the complex and the one directly behind this rest. makes amazing stuffed chinese buns...again english spoken.

Locating it the first time can be a bit hard. But, its worth the effort.

Pros: delicious, great value, wonderful staff

Cons: stool seating

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veggie vibes - Edit

the above reviews says it all. anyone with the slighest interest in knowing more about vegetarianism (veganism) in thailand and asia should visit this place. The Santi Asoke people have a serving and self reliable attitude, many of their published books are about building your own house (like a straw house, very cool !!) and growing your own organic veggies , mushrooms, etc.

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Reviewer Avatar

Chamlong's Cafe / Chamlong's Restaurant - Edit

Great food - a high % of raw - prepared & served by an army of happy Buddhist people - plus a well-stocked shop with many organic products.

Well Greg my friends certainly all call it "Chamlong's Asoke Cafe" or "Chamlong's Restaurant".

Calling it "Asoke" is not so helpful.

"Chamlong's Asoke Vegetarian Restaurant" is best I think - I am sending in an update.

"Chamlong's Vegetarian Restaurant is located near - but not inside - the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Away from the main road, it is located north of Kampaengphet 1 Rd and west of Kampaengphet 2 Rd (west of the market)."

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Go there early... - Edit

...if you go at all. The time it took to find this restaurant was so long that it had just closed.

Location tip: there is a BMS-station (not the big one, find the smaller one on the other, the opposite Chatuchak side of the road) near here. If you find it you are only a few steps away from the place. Good luck!

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Things have changed! - Edit

Things have changed, no one calls this Chamlongs cafe any more, firstly because its not Chamlongs. Its run by Santi Asok a Buddhist sect excommunicated from the national Thai Sangha (Buddhist organisational body) their food coupons refer to them selves as The Dharma Practitioneer Association.
2ndly it is not a cafe! It is in fact a fully fledged 40 table Thai veg restaurant, the countries leading example of this restaurant genre, the best in it's class.
The restaurant is in the middle of it own car park in a simple purpose built single story structure. 3/4 of the building is allocated to a lik minded community of supporting and complementry health food shops, restaurants, whole food wholesalers, organic produce shops and an organic/whole/health food super market.
Prices across the board are close to unbeatable from 10 baht up.
This genre of Thai non commercial vegetarian is for the benefit of many, to experience wholesome food as espoused by Buddhist ideals, also the opportunity to experience wholesome community, behaviour, knowledge and mind.
This is evidenced by the humble non air conditioned but cool breezy open plan lay out, the unique serve your self buffet style, no waiter, pay as you go by coupon, the in house health and Bhuddhist (Thai language) bookshop, clean up your dishes after your self when finished system and what appears to be cost price food.
Simple authentic Thai vegetarian food, top quality natural whole food organic dishes of a broad range.

Pros: Organic, Cheap, Center of veg community

Cons: A little difficult to find

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PLEASE someone visit & update this listing - Edit

My favorite eating place in the 90's up to 2002. A short (often muddy) walk from the south side of Jatujak Market through an area of antique furniture sellers / cheeky magazine sellers. Run by the "Santi Asoke" Buddhist Group. They used to be open every day from early morning until perhaps 2 p.m. - a really useful shop atached with organic veggies / dried & packaged foods. Several other veggie joints in the same group of buildings. The next time I visit bangkok it will be my first port of call.

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travelish 09 Feb 2013 - a few corrections: the food is not all vegan, as they use milk in some dishes: you have to ask for it. Yes it is difficult to find, except when you can find the MRT Station Kamphaeng Pet, there you take exit one; upstairs go straight and turn left at the first crossroad: on your left hand side you will see a new building with a lot of red: you have to take the first soi after this building to the left, and at the end of this market soi go the the left : you will see a gate in the fence, and there is the restaurant.

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