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149 River St, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, 37405

Vegan cafe and bakery near Coolidge Park, originally est. 2013 and re-opening Aug 18, 2016 for 3 days/week. Mission to is provide fresh and nutritionally sound meals. No-oil cooking; instead uses house-made vegetable stock. Open Thu 11:00am-4:00pm, Fri 11:00am-8:00pm, Sat 11:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by Danielled827

wow - Edit

Beautiful little gem at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga. We had a variety of awesome nibbles, including cashew cheese, tacos, stuffed sweet potatoes, garlicky kale, and possibly one of the best peanut butter fudge topped cupcakes in existence. We'll be back. Worth the drive for sure!

Pros: tasty, clean, great atmosphere

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yum - Edit

I loved the vegan Mac and cheese and Thai stuffed sweet potato. I also had their raspberry mojito kombacha and it was delish. Pricy, limited seating, and limited hours, but the food is tasty.

Pros: all vegan, gluten free options

Cons: pay to park, limited seating/hours, price

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great stuff. great location - Edit

Everything I've had here is good! Not always as plant based as you would like (lots of bread for ex) but still awesome! If you are in, get a doughnut for sure! Pricey but vegan food typically is

Pros: good prices, great doughnuts

Cons: opened weird hours

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Consistently delicious - Edit

I have visited Cashew several times a year since it opened. I usually have a salad, carrot juice and a veggie burger. The quality of the food is consistently good and the service is prompt and friendly. Cashew is my favorite vegan restaurant in Chattanooga and I frequently go there with non-vegan friends who find that delicious vegan food is simply good food for all, whether vegan or carnivore.

Pros: consistently offers delicious food, prompt service, healthy, fresh ingredients

Cons: parking can be a challenge

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good food - Edit

My wife and I both got the Philly. She had the Terra Chips and I had the quinoa. Very tasty.

Pros: Nice atmosphere and good music

Cons: Hard to find a parking space

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Pillar of Chattanoogan vegan awesomeness - Edit

Even though Cashew is relatively new, it has already made itself one of the pillars of awesome vegan food in Chattanooga (the other being Sluggo's).

Sluggo's is where you go to have great (but not great for you) diner food/comfort food. Cashew is where you go to have really tasty food that is healthy enough to power you through the day. Their food evokes the awesome flavors of dishes that are normally unhealthy (reubens, meatball subs, etc.), without being heavy or greasy.

Cashew is like the angel on your shoulder, to Sluggo's devil. The yin to Sluggo's yang. You need both to be balanced. So go early, go often.

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Delicious Sloppy Joe - Edit

"I've wanted to change my diet and eat healthier for some time now with no success. With how delicious these vegan restaurants have been this is the only time I've ever felt like I could." -My Aunt commenting on my Bean Burger and her Lentil Quinoa Sloppy Joe. This was my Aunts 2nd experience with vegan food, her 1st was with Sluggo's the day before.

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Excellent!! - Edit

I don't know what the person who posted the negative review was talking about - this place is clean and cute, the food is yummy and filling, and you can't ask for friendlier service. I visited for lunch on a cold Friday and needed to thaw out my fingers and toes, so I started with a hot cup of Tortilla Soup. It was absolutely delicious, just about the best I've ever had. For my meal, I had the Philly sandwich with a side of sweet potato and beet chips, and it was so good my mouth is watering right now just remembering it! Very flavorful and filling, served on a soft roll you could tell was freshly baked. To make a great experience even better, I treated myself to a doughnut for dessert - something I haven't enjoyed in quite awhile - and it literally melted in my mouth. (I'm actually glad I live an hour away or I'd be addicted to them!) To sum it all up, the folks at Cashew know how to blend flavors to create something special, and you don't have to worry aobut what's in your meal because they're vegan, too. The serving sizes are just right, and even though the price is a little more than you would pay at some corporate-owned chain restaurant, it's definitely worth it because you're getting much better quality food that's freshly prepared - you can taste the love in this food!! When I left, my taste buds were happy and my tummy was full. I will definitely be back!
Updated from previous review on Saturday February 08, 2014

Pros: Delicious food, Clean, upbeat environment, Service with a smile

Cons: Tricky to find, have to pay for parking

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Pleasant Surprise - Edit

We went by there for a little snack and ordered more than we could eat. The gluten free donuts are awesome, best I've ever eaten. The chili was good and the polenta stacks were beautifully presented and delicious. Very friendly service and nice location as well. It is worth checking

Pros: fast and friendly service, clean

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Great First Visit - Edit

Had heard lots about Cashew before finally have the opportunity to visit. Loved it. Had the "Deviled Eggs" which were GREAT and the Black Bean and Plantain Quesadilla. All was very good. Atmosphere ---? Food --- GREAT!

Pros: Vegan, Original Recipes, Very friendly staff

Cons: Metal tables, SMALL

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Totally satisfying! - Edit

I too wonder at the negative review... our group has been there twice and had an amazing experience both times! Each of our visits has included trying different items on the menu, and in search of oil free options have chosen to substitute the chips for side items. Everything that we've tried ( and I mean EVERYTHING) has been absolutely delicious. I must say that I have never been a fan of beets (an incredible understatement) but my friend ordered the special a veggie burger made with beets- and so raved over it that I tried a bite...WOW!!!! As much as I enjoyed my dish- I wished I had ordered the special! Please Please put that burger on your regular menu- It will still be "special" just on a consistent basis!!!
The owners and staff are very friendly and helpful. I would really love to see what you could do with desserts that only use natural sweeteners.
Love Love Love Cashews!

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Donuts! - Edit

When I saw that Cashew had vegan donuts I KNEW we had to stop by when we were driving through Chattanooga. I haven't had a donut since going vegan over a year ago and these did not disappoint! I had a lemon one, and a chocolate one and they were amazing! My husband got an oreo filled cookie and loved it. We'll definitely be back next time we're in town to get lunch! The woman behind the counter was very friendly and we were in and out fast!

Pros: donuts, great price

Cons: parking

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Adorable and Delicious! - Edit

I have been waiting to eat at Cashew since they first opened. Whenever I travel I usually eat at vegetarian restaurants because they are a safer bet for healthy, wholesome, local food. Cashew did not disappoint. The space is bright and welcoming. I loved the happy greens and shiny silver of the interior. I didn't know what to try so the owners brought me borscht soup, the Philly sandwich, and a polenta stack. The soup would have made my German gramma proud, the homemade seitan on the Philly was flavorful and a perfect texture with yummy sauce, and the polenta stack pretty much blew my mind. One of the best things I've eaten in a while. Not too fussy but definitely not plain. The truffle and brownie for dessert were decadent. I asked my fellow diners about their food and their responses were "awesome" and "amazing." The kids next to me were definitely enjoying their Mac and no-cheese. Overall an A+ so check it out next time you are in Chattanooga but go early since they close at 3 much to the disappointment of several late arrivals. Too bad for them. More truffles for me!

Pros: Homemade seitan and sauces, Desserts, Interior

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Delicious, Healthy Vegan Food in Chattanooga! - Edit

Chattanooga is so lucky to now have two terrific vegan restaurants - first Sluggo's and now Cashew - right in Chattanooga's thriving North Shore district. If you are traveling down I-75 or I-24, Cashew offers a great break from the long interstate food desert on the way to Florida. And you once you taste the food and see Chattanooga's river front, you may decide to stay longer.

I couldn't disagree more with luvv's review on this site. Cashew's varied menu is delicious and healthy (low oil, so Drs. Barnard and Esselstyn would approve) with generous portions. My wife especially likes the Cashew Salad. The barbecue sandwich with baked onion rings was out of this world. The space is clean and bright with cool shiny metal tables - small but feels spacious. Very hip. Not like a "basement" at all. And if you don't like the space, weather permitting, get a to-go order and have a picnic on the river, right out the front door in Chattanooga's beautiful Coolidge Park.

I'm hoping Cashew will open for dinner soon. If you're in town be sure to check out Sluggo's too. Not many cities Chattanooga's size can claim two great vegan restaurants within a half mile of each other. I'm also hoping the Adventists will re-open Green Thumb or Country Life. It was another great option in the same area.

Pros: Delicious, low-oil vegan food, Cool space and staff, Located in Coolidge Park

Cons: Parking in Coolidge Park

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awful - Edit

First off the dining room is despicable, there are about 6 or 7 patio style tables with hard metal patio shoved into a corner less than the size of a small living room. The restaurant ambience is very unappealing, concrete dirty floors, basement brick walls. When I first saw the few patio tables, I thought oh that's for people to go, I thought we would go around the corner and there would be a dining room...not so that was it!

Now for the food we ordered 4 different entrees and dessert none of them were good. The nacho salad was a disgrace it came on a huge plate with lettuce piled up to the ceiling, when you push back all the lettuce underneath it was to small spoons of black beans and two small spoons of rice with a few chips around the border that's it! For almost $9 outrageous. I had the philly sub, no seasoning at all, just boiled seitan cut up in strips with one or two onions. The veggie burger was virtually just mashed up beans formed into a pattie and tasted as much. All of the entree portions were very small, although they tried to hide the size with lots of lettuce or some other garnish. The dessert we chose was lemon cake very dry and dense with the consistency of a biscuit. Overall we were very disappointed with everything. We were literally ready to eat again in less than an hour, it was as though we just had a small appetizer in a very ugly, unappealing basement garage.

1 Response

baileymcole 05 Dec 2013 - So sorry you had a bad experience. We wish you would have made us aware of how unhappy you were while in the restaurant so we could have tried to make it right. We have been open for about 2.5 months and welcome honest criticism as much as possible. We want everyone to have a good experience when they come in, and have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our guests on a daily basis since day 1.

First, Our restaurant is indeed small, but it is not dirty. We mop our painted concrete floors daily and take pride in how we have made the space feel as bright and welcoming as possible. People comment daily on how clean it is and how inviting & cozy the atmosphere is. We have posted pictures of the interior of the space so other Happy Cow visitors can judge for themselves.

Now onto the food, We don't serve an item called "Nacho Salad" but I'm assuming you ordered the Haystack and probably expected the Nachos. (We will post photos of each for others to see). The Haystack (which is $7.45, not $9!) has chips, brown rice, seasoned black beans, vegan sour cream, jalapenos, and house made salsa, with lots of lettuce because it is meant to be kind of a taco salad.

The seitan in the Philly is made in-house, well seasoned, and simmered in an extremely flavorful and fragrant broth. It is served on a locally made wheat hoagie, topped with grilled veggies, and our very popular cashew cheese sauce.

The burger is made of adzuki beans, buckwheat groats, and lots of seasonings and veggies. It is oil free and baked- so you are tasting the ingredients and not oil like in so many other veggie burgers.

We do not garnish any of our entrees in order to make them seem larger than they are, we garnish items to add flavor and variety to the plate.

Again, we wish you could have given us this feedback in person so we could have talked to you about our vision for Cashew, heard your concerns, & tried to help you leave happy.  

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Best Food In Chattanooga! - Edit

I couldn't wait for this place to open, and as soon as it did I've made sure to visit at least once a week. I try something new each time I go and I'm blown away every... single... time! In my travels I've visited several great vegan restaurants in cities large and small, all at the recommendation of HappyCow contributors. Only after my experience at Cashew was I compelled to finally register and write a review of my own. Exemplary service, tons of options, and accessible to everyone! Your mom will love it, your cousin will adore it, your kids will lick their plates, your carnivorous grandfather-in-law won't complain, and your hardcore vegan pal visiting from Portland will be forced to admit that Chattanooga has amazing food! Confirmed incredible: adzuki cheeseburger, 'haystack' nachos, sweet potato with candied walnuts, HUMMUS, tortilla soup, brownies, gluten free doughnuts, and the oreo baked inside of a chocolate chip cookie. Holy cow, the friggin oreo inside of a cookie... I know it's been done, but not like this! Do not pass up an opportunity to eat this great food and support the movement of animal free food in Chattanooga!

Pros: Plenty of raw options!, Even omni friends will love it!, Amazing desserts!

Cons: Only open for lunch (for now)

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Awesome food! - Edit

Cashew is my new favorite lunch spot! I anticipated their opening with great expectations & they exceeded them! Their cashew cheese is delicious, unlike any other cashew cheese I have ever tried. So far everything I have tried has been very flavorful and delicious! It also doesn't hurt that they always have incredible desserts. The owner is very friendly as well. Great place!

Pros: Delicious food, Variety of desserts, By the park for picnics

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