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Hare Krishna affiliated restaurant in a tucked away location, so look for it. Offers Indian vegetarian food such as samosa, pakora, dal, and combo plate meals. Around one-half of the menu items are vegan. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-5:00pm.

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First Review by KelseyApple


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18 Jun 2023

Simple and tasty vegan food

This is a really lovely hidden gem in the heart of Byron Bay. Simple, healthy and tasty food on offer with lots of exciting desserts too. I got a large TA box filled with: tofu salad, bean salad and the vegetable curry. I also got the raw vegan tiramisu which was incredible!

Pros: Really affordable (14 aud large TA boxes), Raw desserts



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26 Apr 2023

Blissful experience

This wonderful place is filled with love for food and people😄I fell in love with their organic dhal and the cakes! I will be back to experience more of it.
Thank you so much for your service Cardamon Pod!
*vegan options

Pros: Satisfies all the taste buds , Lovely and welcoming owners, The heavenly cakes!

Cons: None


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15 Jun 2022


Hearty, wholesome Indian food. Great value and yum. The curries, koftas, cauliflower pakoras & the sago pudding are all so tasty.
Casual dining and quick meals from the bae maries. Also its healthy food for feeding toddlers. Easy to chew, healthy and delicious. My bubs loves the curries and Dahl. I wish they had high chairs.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-15


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28 Mar 2022

Nice place with good food

A great option for budget travelers. Lots of vegan options.


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03 May 2021

Loved it

Absolutely delicious and affordable. Lovely family behind the counter.
We got the huge vegan samosas with mango chutney and daal with rice. Highly recommend!
** Also they had a sign out on the main sidewalk, so was very easy to find.


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05 Apr 2021

10/10 Local Vego Joint

Byron institution for vego friendly food at a good price. Best Dahl in town, their lentil mousakka is heavenly and their curries are tasty too. Staff are super friendly too


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15 Mar 2021

Best food

We have visited this place many times over the years while on holidays. I am never disappointed. Today I had dahl (outstanding as always), eggplant pakora with mango salsa (superb), and salad (fresh and delicious). Honestly can't fault this place, except the food is so good I always end up eating too much! Got a raw treat to takeaway (as was so full) and just had that with a cup of tea and it was delish. I have eaten at many places in Byron but this place runs rings around many of the more expensive, fancy places. I am already thinking about what I'm going to order tomorrow for lunch. Awesome food at a decent price.

Pros: Dahl


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31 Aug 2020

Excellent place

A small gem a bit hidden, but with delicious dishes served in really large portions. Lots of vegan options and very affordable. Staff extremely nice and helpful.

Pros: Delicious, low price

Cons: Small, only 3-4 tables


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25 Jan 2020

friendly atmosphere and amazing food

I love indian currys and this is a great place for them! Really friendly staff and a lot to choose from! the only place close to the main beach where you can get an affordable and delicious meal.

Pros: friendly staff, great taste


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19 Oct 2019

Good food at reasonable price

Usual Hare Krishna options with some vegan and some veg. The food is fine for a quick vegan fix. Nothing outstanding.


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03 Sep 2019

Nice food

Vegetarian but has a good selection of vegan options. The food is pre prepared but doesn't lack in flavour.


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18 Aug 2019

Delicious food at a great cost

. Brilliant food. Excellent staff.

Pros: Excellent food, Many options, Affordable prices


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Mostly Veg
17 Mar 2019

Great food, nice people

You’ll love this place if your vegan/vegetarian/omni. Had about 5 different items on my plate and enjoyed every single one

Pros: Great portions, Sweet service, Best lentil Dahl whoa

Cons: Background music never changes


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26 Feb 2019

Easy and fast!

Lovely service, easily choose between a small, medium or large plate and fill it with whatever you want. Lots of Vegan options and super affordable. The small plate is more than enough for a dinner, but I went for a large because I just loved the food so much.

Pros: Lots of Vegan Options, Friendly Service, Easy and very fast

Cons: They offer a lot of plastic packaging


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18 Jan 2019

Great food and service

Definitely recommend, yummy food and good service. Gluten free and vegan options are labelled

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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31 Jul 2018

This place is great. It has lots of vegan and vegetarian options.

We had great food and all for a reasonable price. I'd definitely recommend it

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Reasonably priced, Good service

Cons: No cons :)


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01 May 2017

cheap and tasty

Had a great meal here. I got a lot of food and it was also cheap! The vegan options were also marked. Staff could have been a bit more engaged when customers are choosing their meals.

Pros: cheap, tasty

Cons: staff


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05 Jan 2017


NOTE: I got here late

Food wasn't great and the service was less than good.


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22 Nov 2016

Good food in Byron Bay

My partner and I visited the Cardamom Pod on our recent trip to Byron Bay. I had the rice and dhal with a pakora while my partner had kofta and rice; we both found the food to be very satisfying. The prices were reasonable, though somewhat higher than what I am used to at similar stores in Brisbane.

Updated from previous review on 2016-11-22

Pros: Good food, Convenient location


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08 Mar 2016

Getting Worse

We have been going here for many years and unfortunately it has become worse over this time.The server yesterday placed his hand inside the salad bowls and touched the salad as he was plating it up.We noticed him handling money before and after this.There is a general air of unenthusiasm amongst the seemingly transient staff.The salad{broccoli and tofu] was swimming in overly sweet chilli dressing.

Pros: Open early to late every day, Vegetarian

Cons: Disinterested careless staff, Average tasting food


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08 Sep 2015

amazing food

Ate here last night. the best vegan food I've eaten in Australia so far. I'm here in Byron Bay for a couple of days, I'll try and eat here again. the kofta balls were amazing.

Pros: loads of good vegan options


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16 Aug 2015

Great value.

After chancing upon this place, we were delighted to find Vegan food available, no waiting, in and out in good time. Food was excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to return, in fact we did the very next evening, this time ordering a bit less because the servings were very generous.

Pros: Good food (Vegan), Vegan food, Reasonable prices

Cons: Can't think of any


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03 Jun 2015

Surprised by the other reviews here

The best thing about the Cardamom Pod is that is one of only a few vegetarian places in Byron.
The worst thing is that food is cooked off site and heated up with a microwave.
A friend of mine who worked there for a while refused to eat the food he was serving.
The food itself is ok, but hardly standout. The quality is on par with those take-away Indian Home Diner style places we see around in the cities, however is costs almost double.
For a region that seems quite cosmopolitan, Byron Bay's food is still pretty White. Even the Chinese places in the area stick to 1980s classics like sweet and sour pork. The lack of authentic ethnic cuisine in the region might be why so many reviewers here praise the bland food at the cardamom pod.

Pros: Vegetarian, Convenient

Cons: Microwaved food, Bland, Overpriced for mass-produced takeaway


19 Jun 2015

this is a wrongly advised and untruthful review. nothing at the cardamom pod is cooked offsite but everything is cooked daily and fresh in the kitchen, and heated on the stove at night except in times where there are only small amounts to be heated at the end of the night. its not very thoughtful or nice to make statements on a public forum that are completely wrong and the quality and freshness of the food is the particular quality that has been bringing the locals in droves for almost 15 years. next time you review a place take the time to find out the facts and don't write about peoples hard work and passion in an offhand way based on hearsay . thanks dude. i challenge you to come in and see the food being prepared any day and find out whats up then we can print your apology. subhadra, chef/owner


21 Jun 2015

Thanks for clarifying, Sean. You only heat up some of the food with a microwave, not all. Good to know.
The "hearsay" you speak of is actually coming from a close friend who worked there for several months. It would surprise me greatly if he was mistaken in his belief that he was using a microwave to heat up pre-prepared food. It would also surprise me greatly if he was making up wildly false claims about the establishment in which he worked. I would be happy to come in and see you preparing fresh food- what would be a good time to do that?


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01 Mar 2014

Cute Cafe Like Eatery

Its a small cute little cafe style eatery with outdoor seats. You order by the plate and pay $9 for 1 choice with rice, and add $3 for each additional thing you put on your plate. Decent portion size, I left perfectly full. Free water and free smiles.

Pros: Service

Cons: Size


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16 Jan 2013

cute place..

This place is tucked away down a side alley (like many quirky shops in Byron!) so take your time finding this place like all the others.
I don't remember specifically what I ate here, I think I picked an item from the buffet and a snack like a samosa. Very friendly staff, and they also sell the byron bay bliss balls (which are delicious snacks- I uploaded a photo. Pretty useless, but thought I might as well upload it anyway!

vegan mikal

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19 Aug 2012

Small in size but not on taste!

Cardamom Pod is a tiny place at the back of a small arcade. It has a bain marie with some hot food and a display fridge with salads and desserts. The prices are spectacularly low: $5 for dahl and rice, $6 for a couple of chunky kofta balls in rich tomato sauce and rice, $9 for some lovely curry and rice. The desserts start from a ridiculously low $4.50 for a massive serving of fruity halava with ginger cream.

We loved our lunch: it was easy, it was tasty, it was very quick, and it was cheap to boot. $32 for three meals and two desserts is hard to find in 2012 Australia. Best of all, the fitout is relaxing yet clean, crisp, and even stylish - a kind of New Age Indian chic (this venue is Hare Krishna, after all).

If you find yourself with a rumbling tummy in Byron Bay, this place is a must. Find some pennies and give it a shot - you won't be disappointed!

PS: Vegan food is mostly marked, but do mention you are vegan if ordering desserts or, in fact, anything at all - just in case. Indian vegetarians don't mind milk products, and this venue serves Indian cuisine.

Pros: Great taste, Lovely ambience, Low low prices

Cons: you can't bring more than 20 friends!


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26 May 2012

Byron Icon

"The Pod", as it is called by locals, is an iconic Byron Bay veg cafe for a reason. I haven't been for some time because they've opened a new place in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast which is more convenient for me.

I've had everything on the menu and I find the highlights hard to choose as I like it all. The dahl is the best I've ever had. The samosas with pineapple chutney are yum. Do not miss the pumpkin cheesecake.

The service is always friendly with spiritual Hare Krishna vibes. The prices are surprisingly reasonable for the quality of ingredients.

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