Serves meat, vegan options available. Lunch and all-day breakfast place. Has a vegan tofu scramble, a vegan burger, and vegan butter for bread. Uses local and some organic ingredients. Open Mon-Fri 8:00am-2:00pm, Sat-Sun 8:00am-3:00pm. Kitchen closes 15 mins before venue.

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First Review by julesy bear


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30 May 2023


I suspect this restaurant is not using vegan syrup! There is something wrong with the syrup specifically that tastes like it contains animal products. I suspect it is either a milk-derived flavoring or lard to defoam. Yikes. The pancake alone without the syrup tasted fine. Beware!


18 Dec 2023

I’ve seen Facebook posts of ppl who previously worked there making claims they gave ppl food that wasn’t vegan that was marketed as vegan. They also had a scandal where there was a period of time they weren’t letting staff keep tips. Unfortunate, but I don’t trust them anymore and will not be going back



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09 Apr 2023

Yummy vegan options

Cute campus, breakfast/lunch hot spot. The food is great for both me and my non-vegan friends. Service is super with plenty of parking in back.

Pros: vegan options, delicious food

Cons: hmmmm , price is a bit on the high side, vegan options are limited


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06 Aug 2022

Awesome place for brunch!

Whole family of 5, kids and adults, found something they not only wanted but loved! Breakfast food was is hard to find where we live so we were happily impressed when we stopped in Dayton on our road trip.

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-06

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Friendly service, No waiting

Cons: Parking limited, Limited hours, Greasy spoon ambiance


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22 Jul 2022

My favorite Dayton brunch!

I love this little cafe! They have a lot of vegan breakfast options and a few vegan lunch options as well. Everything that is made vegan is marked. My favorite by far is the tofu scramble! And of course the potatoes 😋 fresh and great flavor!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Delicious


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10 Jul 2022

Cozy & cute

Butter Cafe is a deceptively large brunch spot. Nearly everything can be veganized, and there are some vegan as-is options. The vegan breakfast burrito needed a little more seasoning for my personal taste while still good, and the potatoes were truly amazing. They have lots of vegan desserts too! It is really packed & they often have an out-the-door wait.

Pros: Ton of vegan & vegan-izable options, Clear Vegan & Gluten-free labels, Huge portions

Cons: Expensive for vegan-add ons, Slightly cramped seating


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02 Apr 2022

Not good

Food is poorly prepared and presented. has a ways to go to before I will consider eating there again.


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03 Aug 2021

Great breakfast options

I went there on my visit to the area and really enjoyed the place. I tried vegan Huevos rancheros which was pretty good. They were out of vegan sour cream at the moment. They used just egg which came out very fluffy.
I also tried watermelon juice which I don’t recommend. I was hoping for real juice not something made out of powder.
I really enjoyed the place. And would definitely go back.


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01 Aug 2021

Butter Cafe is BAE ❤️❤️

Dayton’s O.G vegan-friendly breakfast/ brunch place! I usually stop by here for a satisfying vegan breakfast after a night shift at work. They have so many awesome vegan options. My favorite (and top recommendation) is the Vegan Breakfast Burrito. Their roasted potatoes - Ugh SO GOOD!! Also love their vegan pancakes, tofu scramble, vegan biscuits and rotation of vegan bakery items. Love it all, and I always leave happy. I will continue to support this place for ever!

Pros: So many delicious vegan options!

Cons: SLOW service almost always, so come relaxed , They use styrofoam containers for takeout :(


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11 Jul 2020

Great Vegan Menu

Went to breakfast here. Loved the vegan Biscuits and Gravy.


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27 Feb 2020

Great little spot

Great restaurant with breakfast served all day and lunch items as well. They have local art for sale on the walls and a small collection of local vegan treats to select for dessert. Definitely get the vegan bisquits and gravy.

Pros: Tasty vegan options., Fair price. , Good sized portions.

Cons: Can get loud if it's packed. , Popular on weekends. , That's it.


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30 Dec 2019

Vegan breakfast!!

We were greeted with a super friendly smile & got great service throughout. Tofu scramble was super yummy despite being a bit on the salty side. The toast with the vegan butter helped cut the salt and was a great combo, so much so I did a little chair dance as I ate. Also tried the vegan pancakes which had a hint of banana which was very tasty and not at all overpowering (like some recipes with banana as egg substitute). Omni husband & mom also enjoyed their meals. Vegan options were clearly labeled as vegan but did not have a separate icon or separate section to make it easy to find. Options include: pancakes, scramble, breakfast burrito, biscuits & gravy, black bean burger, impossible burger & Reuben.

Pros: Variety of vegan options


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02 Oct 2019

Great food, slow service

I LOVE the food here and enjoy getting brunch on the weekends. I highly recommend the tofu scramble and vegan burrito. There is usually a wait on the weekends, but it isn’t too bad. I think the only downside is their service is usually pretty slow. Every time I’ve gone we usually wait a good amount of time to get drinks and order and then once we get our food it’s difficult to get someone to come back. Lately it seems to have gotten worse so we haven’t been going as often. I do love their breakfast options and I’m sure they’ve just experienced some turnover with the school year, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Food is delicious , Nice location

Cons: Long wait times on weekends, Service is very slow


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15 Aug 2019

So many options!

They have several delicious vegan options! I had a snickerdoodle cupcake and a breakfast burrito. It was wonderful and very filling.


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07 Aug 2019

Amazing food

I had breakfast there this morning and the menu is great lots of options for both breakfast and lunch! Great bakery items as well!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Fair prices , Good service


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23 Jun 2019


Vegan biscuits and gravy were excellent. Potatoes were wonderful with dill!

Pros: Solid vegan options, Impossible burger

Cons: Needs more non-soy options, Could use more options


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14 May 2019

So so good

I had a delicious vegan coconut cupcake. The vegan pancakes tasted like bananas and were so yummy. The vegan breakfast burrito was yummy too.


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18 Apr 2019

Great homelike restaurant

I finally made a visit to this wonderful place that many told me to visit. I partook in the Vegan Burrito which was decent along with the potatoes which tasted like something I would make at home which is great. The waters came out in Mason jars just like I do at home lol. For desert I had the vegan carrot cake which was great. Friendly staff and quick service left me happy. Will visit again.


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12 Feb 2019

It was good, a few changes could make it amazing

It seems like it has the right idea, enough vegan options to satisfy a table full of vegans! However our waitress was very rude, she couldn’t tell me what was in the non vegan pancakes “because I’m vegan so I wouldn’t know” was her response...ok, congratulations on being the stereotypical vegan lady!!!! Other than that, it was good. I probably would go back if I was in town again.

Pros: Great breakfast hash

Cons: Rude staff, Bad cinnamon roll


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11 Aug 2018

Multiple vegan options

Very much enjoyed the food and service at The Butter Cafe. We had the Tofu Scramble and the Chickpea Pancake with cilantro dressing and dressed greens. Both were very good. The tofu scramble was especially tasty and was a good amount of food for the price. I felt the chickpea pancake was overpriced and not much food for the price. The menu also features multiple vegan sandwiches available after 10:30.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Good service, Vegan muffins to go

Cons: Expensive


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11 Mar 2018

Salty cafe

We had the tofu scramble and vegan biscuit and gravy. They could have been tasty if the cook had added way less salt. The staff was friendly and fast though.


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01 Oct 2017


This place.... O.M.G. The vegan pancakes are to die for!!!! If I could, I would eat them everyday. Only downside, you only get 2 pancakes for $8. Talk about expensive taste.

Pros: Delicious vegan options

Cons: expensive


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24 Jun 2017


I had the tofu scramble. It was wonderful. Came with vegan butter for the toast. They also have vegan pancakes and vegan breakfast burrito options, as well as almond milk for coffee.


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19 Jun 2017

not impressed

Out of everything vegan except this burrito. Poor flavor, dull...

Pros: vegan

Cons: no flavor, no options


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16 Jun 2014

good food & atmosphere

Stopped here on a road trip. The building/decor was neat & the food was good. However, the staff wasn't super friendly. My hubby ordered the vegan burrito & I got the vegan burger. Both were great! The potatoes were tasty, but greasy.

Pros: tasty, good decor

Cons: wait staff not real friendly


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16 Dec 2013

Nice place in Dayton for a nice price

First and foremost, I very much enjoyed my first trip to Butter Cafe this morning and will definitely be going back in the near future. The staff was very friendly, and weren't overbearing like at some restaurants. And for the price, you get a lot of food. My wife is one of those people that never finishes a meal out, she always brings some of it home. That being said, she was only able to finish half of her omelette and potatoes. You definitely get bang for your buck.

The reason Butter Cafe gets a four cow rating and not a five cow rating is because of the little things. I ordered a vegan burrito for breakfast. It's tofu scramble, vegan cheese, and beans in a tortilla. It came with a side of salsa and potatoes, and I got some vegan sausage on the side. In retrospect, I should have got the sausage in the burrito, but whatever. I really liked the burrito, but I wish it had just a little bit more to it. Maybe some onions, or mushrooms, something like that. Not a big deal, just a little quibble.

And when I went to the bathroom, there was hardly any soap (foam soap) in the dispenser, and it was only 11 am. And the paper towel dispenser was empty, with the paper towels set off in a corner. And there was a post-it note on the toilet telling the customers to please hold the handle down when flushing haha. Personally, I didn't mind that much, but seriously, the cafe should take care of that. I'm sure this restaurant isn't making money hand over fist, lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills and such, but seriously, how much does it cost to fix the handle on a toilet?

There were three of four little things I noticed, that if the Butter Cafe would just take care of, it would change my rating from a four to a five. Like I said at the beginning though, I did enjoy my meal there, and will return.

Pros: Lot of food for the money, Friendly staff, Multiple vegetarian and vegan options

Cons: Bathroom could have been better


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16 Sep 2013

Veggie Fave

It's a special splurge for me. I work on Brown Street and this is my favorite on the street. I love the tofu and salads! Pretty pricey for substitutions and they don't have whole grain tortillas and bread that meet my criteria (then again almost nobody does). I think the sausage tastes crazy real. Make sure you ask for no butter on the oatmeal even if you aren't vegetarian, they douse it in butter. haha they are called butter. Boyfriend loves it but says the biscuits aren't worth the calories.

Pros: Friendly Staff, excellent vegan and vegetarian options, Pretty Decor

Cons: No good whole grain options, Pricey substitutions


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14 Jul 2013

Great food - shame about the wait

Our group waited around 30 mins for a table around lunch time on Sunday but it was well worth the wait! The waitress did give us our drinks for free when she found out about our wait. There were at least 4 solid vegan options. I had the tofu scramble which came with vegan sausage and potatoes. Really delicious - I shall return!

Pros: Good selection for vegans, Nice atmosphere, Friendly staff

Cons: Long wait

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