Second location Bunner's vegan bakery, opened summer 2014. Open Mon-Sun 10:00am-7:00pm.

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First Review by ThatHippieMom


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13 Sep 2023

Worth a visit

The cupcakes we had were simply perfect!



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23 Aug 2023

Delicious sweets

Love their sweets. The brownie and their version of Jos Louis are amazing, highly recommend if you’re a chocolate lover. I’ve also ordered a few birthday cakes from here, they never let me down.

However, the quiche bites and scones are a miss. I couldn’t even force myself to finish them. Also wish they had a menu posted or labelled the goods somehow. A bit ridiculous you need staff to walk you through all the items and flavours to know your options.


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Mostly Veg
26 Jul 2023

Vegan & gluten-free

Love the maple flavour. I just wish it’s more cinnamony… the cupcake itself was moist and I wouldn’t be able to tell it’s gluten-free if I didn’t know!


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15 Jul 2023

Delicious vegan cake

Loved the richness of the chocolate cake. Perfect for a birthday party and nice presentation. It is sweet but that worked for me and my guests!

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27 Jun 2023


The brownie with the custard layer was very good. The blueberry scone was a bit too dry for my taste. It would be nice if they added some seating.


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25 May 2023

Hit and miss

This isn’t my favourite place, I find the icing they use is way too sweet and some of the baked goods I’ve had from here were also sickeningly sweet or dry. I also had the weirdest customer service experience of my life here (former Junction location) when a cake I ordered was given to someone else and the interactions with the staff about it were…strange. But I direct every person I know with celiac to this place and they are so happy with it, they really fill a need for people with gluten intolerances (vegan or not). And I love their cookies!

Pros: They’ve nailed gluten free cookies, Celiac friendly for all my celiac friends, Really allergy conscious

Cons: Too much icing/too sweet, Customer service is hit and miss


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02 Feb 2023

Bad costume service.

Bad costume service.
Delicious desserts.

Updated from previous review on 2020-08-11

Pros: Vegan, Gluten free, Location

Cons: Unfriendly staff. , High prices. , Unfriendly staff again.


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31 Dec 2022

Perfect copy of an OG sweet

Loved their "cheese and chive" scone, but what blew my mind was the vegan Jos Louis. Perfect in every way. It totally brought me back in time! Wish I lived closer

Pros: Friendly staff


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07 Dec 2022

Usually good

I have gone to Bunner's a few times and unfortunately I find it is a bit of a hit or miss. Some desserts have been delicious and others not so much. Maybe I've just been unlucky 🤷🏻‍♀️ Definitely want to go back and have my opinion improve!!

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-07

Pros: Fully vegan


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28 Oct 2022

Can't get enough

I can't go to Kensington Market without stopping here. The raspberry squares and the soft serve are my fave.


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28 Jul 2022


Baked goods heaven. The cinnamon bun is the most popular and we can see why. The lemon and blueberry muffin was also amazing. Bit of a weird smell inside the bakery and no seating but a great treat. Lovely people working there.

Pros: Cinnamon bun, Muffins, Good levels of frosting!


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30 Jun 2022

super yummy treats

I only had a nanaimo bar but it was sooooooo good, and the staff were super nice as well.

Pros: tasty, creative, friendly


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02 May 2022

Yummy Vegan treats

Had the Nanaimo bar and vegan quiche and they were both delicious! Wanted to try more of their treats. Lots of cookies, cakes and sweet and savoury snacks.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-01

Pros: ALL vegan and gluten free goodness , Friendly staff , Good value for price


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03 Apr 2022


Got a couple of nanaimo bars here and they were delicious!


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13 Mar 2022


I came late in the day so I didn’t get to try everything, but what I did was so good!


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02 Sep 2021

So good!

I’ve been there 3 years ago and I’m still thinking about it. 🥰


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13 Aug 2021

Excellent Vegan & Gluten-Free Bakery

Great bakery! Everything is made 100% vegan and gluten-free and tastes amazing; I was a big fan of the nanaimo bars, they tasted just like the ones my mom used to make. Even our friend who isn’t vegan/gluten-free loved it.

The person who helped was really accommodating and super friendly. She helped us make our selections and even recommended other shops around the area to check out.

Overall experience was great, we’ll definitely be back!

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30 Jul 2021

Fresh & perfectly sweetened

The pastries are simply de-li-cious ! Many different kind of pastries offered. I'd recommend to come early in the morning to have the 1st pick :)

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-30


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18 Jul 2021

Good bakery for sweets

This is a great little bakery located in the heart of Toronto (note that this bakery is more focused on sweets and not so much things like loaves of bread, although there are some breads). Always lots of exciting options, including oat-based soft serve ice cream, cinnamon buns and Nanaimo bars. All food is vegan and gluten free. The ice cream is so silky and creamy. I loved it. Some of the baked goods are a little too sweet for me. I also found that a few treats were more obviously gluten free than others (e.g. the cinnamon bun was a bit more crumbly than a flour-based bun), but every option is still delicious. Make sure you get a good mixture of baked goods when you go!

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-18

Pros: Lots of tasty sweets, Soft serve ice cream

Cons: On the pricey side, Sometimes long line-ups


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01 Apr 2021

Great sweet treats

First thing I noticed was they were not full of sugar. I know it is a sweet shop but some cookies and baked goods in most places are just loaded with sugar and that is all you taste.
Here you get flavour and oh my goodness does it taste good.
A little pricey but I mean not by much. This is not your local grocery store sweets.
Staff was friendly.

Pros: Tasty , Lots of choices , Friendly staff


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22 Oct 2020

This place is an absolute gem!!!!!

We popped in to have a look. Ended up leaving with oats and blueberry muffin and the baby (cinnamon roll with frosting) - I wasn't sure whether to go for it as I am not a massive fan of frostings as they are way too sweet most of the time. But as I really like cinnamom rolls I decided to give it a go and omg this must have been the best cinnamon roll I have had. That frosting was sooo delicious, not too sweet anf very soft. Great consistency. Cannot wait to have some more when I am in Toronto next time.


Points +45

22 Oct 2020

Best Vegan Cupcakes

It's the best vegan bakery in Toronto. Amazing cupcakes and muffins. If you happen to be in Kensington market, don't give this a miss!

Pros: Amazing vegan cupcakes

Cons: Expensive


Points +77

12 Sep 2020

Great bakery

Always happy with their baked goods and gluten-free is a bonus for my celiac friend. I've been a fan of their desserts since before I went vegan, which is a testament to how good they are.

Pros: Baked goods are so good that you can't tell they'r

Cons: Dinner pockets are usually too dry.


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04 Feb 2020

Summer soft serve

Sometimes they do 2 for 1 with the day old cakes. Their soft serve ice cream is genuinely one of the best I have ever had - incredibly silky and tasty (I think it’s coconut based?). Cookies aren’t great!

Cons: A little overpriced


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15 Dec 2019

Yummy pastries!

An all out vegan bakery! What more can you ask for? The pastries are delicious, there is a great selection (even late at night) and the price is more than reasonable!


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06 Oct 2019

All vegan and gluten free

Good vegan sweets and a great selection (cupcakes, muffins, cookies...). For gluten free very good, but if you don't mind gluten there are better places to go in my opinion.

Pros: All vegan


Points +424

23 Jul 2019

baked goods galore

Everything I've tried here tastes great, but if I were to choose I would get a baked good from Cosmic Treats just down the street instead. Cinnamon buns are good although I wish there was a way they could warm them up a bit.

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