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Vegan restaurant at YK Art House guesthouse since 2019. Serves Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine and Sunday brunch. Offers options like coconut pancakes, bbq mushroom slider, bean & avocado toast, fruit salad with coconut cream, veggie burger, pita and hummus. Location is in the central area. Supports Seametrey Children's Village. Open Mon-Sun 7:30am-8:30pm.

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First Review by Mister Yeti


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12 Feb 2024

Excellent takeout/delivery

The best thing about them is their weekly delivery service. You can choose what days and time and they will deliver meals right to your door. You can have a standing order every Tues and Thurs no matter the food option or you can go in weekly and select what you want. The nemu changes weekly for the delivery service. They offer the option of reusable lunchboxes for your delivery just give them back each day. If you want tonorder less often you can oder from the full menu. Theybthen offer 100% biodegradable packaging.



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07 Feb 2024

Great Place with a bit of room to grow

No doubt it's great to just be able to choose everything without having to look what is vegan 🍽️🌟

Free water is served 🚰💧🥛

Wonderful and sustainable concept 🌎

Cozy courtyard with plants, trees and shadow - liked it a lot 🪴🌳

Food is all in all tasty with some personal suggestions for improvement

🍔 Chick'N Nugget Burger
- add sauce or ketchup to the buns, as it was a bit dry
- decrease the size of the nuggets as it was impossible to eat the burger without having it fall into pieces)

🍔 Impossible Burger
- Personal opinion: I did not like too much the anis spice in the patty. Leave that and its perfect
- add sauce or ketchup to the buns, as it was a bit dry

🍞 Toast
Scrambled Tofu with refried beans 🫘
Loved it! Rather small portion

🍞 Toast
Spinach & roasted Tomatoes with Hummus
Great as well | Rather small portion

☕ Latte with Cashews Milk
Absolutely great!!

Pros: Sustainable concept 🌎, Free water 💧🚰

Cons: Some personal suggestions to improve the food


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04 Feb 2024

Highly recommend

Super lekker gegeten voor de 3e keer tijdens ons bezoek aan Phnom-Penh.
Oase in de stad met groene tuin en mooie bomen

Pros: Lokatie maar wel moeilijk te vinden


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04 Feb 2024

Beautiful place and extensive menu.

We have been in, and ordered from Bong Bonlai quite a lot of times, but I agree with some of the reviews, the quality of the food is uneven, and some dishes are very yummy, some are just ok. I love the place, the garden and the athmosphere. Portions are big and staff is lovely and attentive. We tried several dishes, amok was great most of the times, tom yum, burguer, breakfast were ok, pancakes too hard to eat but they made new ones, and these were fine. Chocolate cake arrived frozen a couple of times. Some days we really enjoyed the food, some days not that much.


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03 Feb 2024

Very good! We come again!

We had fresh pineapple juice and scrambled ‘eggs’ made from tofu and avocado. 🥑 It was really delicious! We would definitely come back here in the few upcoming days we stay in Phnom Penh. The staff was super friendly! Highly recommended!

Pros: A lot of vegan options , Friendly staff , Very tasty food!


04 Feb 2024

Update: we came here 3 times for the last 2 days. Every dish was sooo delicious!! The 2nd time we had the Khmer style ginger tofu and the third time the moussaka (you should eat this!) and the incredible burger. Would highly recommend this place. The place is a little hard to find, but Google Maps helps😉


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01 Feb 2024


Very cosy place. Very friendly staff.
Had the pumpkin and mushroom amok and love it!


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30 Jan 2024

Great causes but food quality uneven

I really wanted to support this cafe because it’s part of an organisation that does really good things for the community. I loved the setting, a mixture of cute courtyard and indoor library. The menu is a decent size and we came here a couple of times. Our first visit was for dinner, at which we had the Khmer-style ginger tofu, the feta salad and the moussaka. The tofu dish was fine and I enjoyed the salad although the feta was not sharp or tasty. However, the moussaka was constructed of scalloped potatoes, most of which had burnt to the dish in the oven and were inedible. We struggled to locate any eggplant and, for that matter, flavour, in the dish. I was willing to see this as a one-off occurrence and we came back for lunch and ordered a couple of burgers. These were fine, around the standard of most cafe burgers, but not bursting with flavour. We came back one last time for breakfast and I gave in and had the distinctively shaped pancakes, which were very nice. I’d love to give the cafe a high rating but I feel that my experiences here ranged from poor to marginally above average. I will be generous and give an extra star for being part of an organisation supporting awesome causes, including aiding street animals and supporting a school and the arts.


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27 Jan 2024

Not the best

I ate here for dinner and was quite disappointed. I had the tacos which were ok. Large portion and tasted fine.

And I also had the maki rolls which were bizarrely bad. They tasted of absolutely nothing (I think they might have used white rice instead of sushi?) I absolutely love sushi and I couldn’t finish these.


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25 Nov 2023

Tasty vegan food in a cute setting

Everything we ate here was really tasty, although a couple of the dishes we originally wanted weren’t available (but we didn’t know until we went to order them)

Shared a platter to start (fried veggies and dips), then I had the tempeh skewer and my partner had the moussaka. Both really good with generous portions 👌

Only slight hiccup was them not accepting card payments (despite what it says in this listing) meaning my partner had to go and withdraw cash, but he really struggled to find one nearby that was working and it took him a long time. This is totally acceptable and normal for small / casual venues here, but for bigger/well established venues I would expect card payment to be possible, really. And slightly frustrating as the venue is also a hotel so evidently CAN take card payments… 🫠

Pros: Tasty food, varied menu, Reasonable price , Good portions

Cons: Not all of menu was available but weren’t told , Does not take card


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17 Nov 2023

Tasty veg food in a cute small courtyard

Juicy veg burgers in a quiet and cozy courtyard.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-17


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07 Sep 2023


Came here for dinner. Very beautiful outdoor seating. The portions were quite generous and everything tasted great. Very cool sustainability setup as well, would love to stay at the guest house another time.


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02 Aug 2023


Delicious food, great staff and atmosphere, speak English

Black Seville

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03 Jul 2023

Can be hard to get to but excellent food and ambiance

This place is on a narrow street, so if taking a large car or minibus then be aware that it may not fit in the narrow street. You'll need to take either a tuk tuk or park any large vehicle further away and walk here.

The food is all vegan and delicious, made with high quality. The menu is also large. The place also has a very nice ambiance with lots of trees and lights. The staff are very nice.

Bong Bonlai is also located at YK Art House where you can book rooms to sleep. These rooms are fairly priced and, like the food, are also high quality.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-03

Pros: Everything vegan , Large menu , Kind staff


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01 Jul 2023

Really good vegan food

Hidden oasis in the middle of Phnom Penh. A must try when visiting the capital.


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19 May 2023

Great vegan cafe

Great food- especially the local dishes. Lovely atmosphere


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15 May 2023

Must try in Phnom Penh

Wonderful vegan restaurants with delicious food and a great atmosphere. Food is a bit pricey though and serving sizes are a bit small.

Pros: All food is vegan, Food is delicious , Great atmosphere

Cons: A bit expensive , Small portions


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26 Apr 2023

Good food, mediocre service

Waited a very long time for food.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-26


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08 Apr 2023

Great hotel, Hit and miss food

We stayed at the hotel and ate at the cafe several times. Great having a vegan restaurant on site. In terms of the hotel, the basic double room was good, simply decorated, vegan toiletries. The pool was nice to use to cool down in. The library was a nice addition, alongside the art gallery. There was a flea market on here one of the days, which was good but the staff did not inform us about & could have impacted on us eating there potentially as it took over the whole space. The hotel staff were ok, not informative or that friendly; in contrast with the cafe staff who were very friendly. The food was a bit hit and miss- some of it was great (pancakes, amok), some fine and some not good (burger, pizza). Overall probably best to stick to breakfast food and Khmer food

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-07


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16 Mar 2023

Delicious dishes and generous portions!

The pumpkin tofu amok was super flavourful with lots of mushroom and coconut cream. I also got a chocolate cupcake that was generously sized and struggled to finish everything. Come hungry!! The outdoor seating is peaceful and spacious with lots of trees and plants. It’s the perfect space to hang out for an afternoon. The staff are very friendly and accommodating even for the most detailed orders.

Pros: All vegan with an extensive range of dishes, Beautiful space, Delicious dishes with generous portions


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29 Jan 2023

Tiny side street

Just popped in to get desert. Tiny cheesecake. #Veganuary


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12 Jan 2023

Delicious food, amazing space, ruined by smoking

I would have without doubt given this place a five-star rating, because it has everything you could want.

The food is really, really good, and the menu is extensive. The restaurant itself is beautiful, mostly set in this very leafy garden that's part of the guesthouse, and it has a small library of books for you to peruse as you eat. The staff are all really, really friendly. And beyond that, the restaurant exists for a good cause.

The reason for my apprehension, is that despite 'No smoking' signs being on some, or possibly all of the tables, they tolerate smoking, to the point of giving people ashtrays when they light a cigarette.

On multiple times I came here and was happily enjoying sitting in the garden, having some food while reading a book, only for some doorknob to sit-down at the table next to me and light a cigarette.

It truly bemuses me why they'd create such a beautiful space, and allow people to ruin it, when they could just as easily easily tell them to go out the front of the guesthouse to kill themselves.

Even the inside area is not immune as it's completely open, and when people start smoking at the tables just outside, despite their definitely being no smoking signs on those tables, the smoke wafts in.

So when you come here, it's pot-luck as to whether you enjoy it or not, because it all depends on who sits at the tables around you.

Pros: Really good food, Beautiful space, Friendly staff

Cons: Smoking is permitted


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12 Jan 2023

cute and quiet restaurant

really liked the place! very chill and yummy food!!


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06 Jan 2023

Hidden cozy restaurant

It was a bit hidden area that you need to go in to narrow alley way. The restaurant area is green and cozy. They have accommodations as well and so many books and menu. Drinks, Asian food, western food and dessert.


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27 Dec 2022

Lovely ambience and delicious food

Tucked away in a side street/alley next to a spa, this restaurant is by far one of my favorites in Phnom Penh. The beetroot falafel was delicious, the avocado spring rolls were incredible and passionfruit mango smoothie was great. There are no bad items on the menu! The ambience was lovely, there was outdoor seating near a bar and pool and also indoor (roofed but open to the outside) seating with cushions near a bookshelf area with ukuleles.

Pros: All vegan, Environmentally friendly, Quiet ambience


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Mostly Veg
23 Dec 2022

good atmosphere

There are small pool,trees,and quiet place. Sooo nice atmosphere! Foods also nice taste! I love this cafe😊

Pros: Abundant vegan menu, Very nice atmosphere , Friendly staff


Points +132

22 Dec 2022

The best vegan pancakes, and possibly best-ever pancakes…

A lovely courtyard area underneath leafy trees to hide you from the hot Cambodian sun, with a small indoor area that reminds you of a library is where you eat. Only came for breakfast, but the scrambled tofu with refried beans plus a couple of the fluffiest pancakes really hit the spot. Will visit again if I return to PP.

Pros: Fully-vegan menu, Pancakes were delicious, Lovely seating area


Points +253

14 Dec 2022

Blown away

This place has incredible flavors. My friend and I were so happy to find this place. We got the black bean tacos and the increíble burger. Also a chai tea pot and tried one of the kombuchas. So nice. Everything! And I’m going back today to eat it for breakfast before we leave Phnom Penh.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Support education for children , Support the elephants

Cons: Nothing!

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