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Blazing Salads

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42 Drury Street (at next to George's Street Arcade), Dublin, Ireland, Dublin 2

Wholefood vegetarian take-out deli featuring a vegan salad bar in addition to savouries, salads, and sugar-free cakes made on site, as well as a variety of certified organic sourdough breads that are baked daily in the shop's commercial bakery. Busy at lunch time. Open Mon-Fri 9:00am-6:00pm, Sat 9:00am-5:30pm.

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Reviews (31)

First Review by kamikazekid

healthy option - Edit

Small but packed full of goodies. Plenty of selection with lots of heathy salad choices, on. Sunny day a great option for takeaway lunch.
They had a 3-4 hot dishes as well impeccably presented cafe, unjust thought for a veggie cafe there should be more vegan options, especially in the cake department.
You will feel healthy and full after your lunch, I have to say the sight of whole booked eggs did little for me.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-19

Pros: Staff, Healthy, Location

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Perfect - Edit

It's a Vegetarian salad bar with loads of Vegan options. Great for lunch on the run. Plenty to choose from, but it's charged by weight, so be careful!!! So good I even bought the recipe book!!

Pros: easy, quick, delicious food

Cons: the drink fridges aren't cold, so their juice seem

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Tasty Take-Away Food - Edit

I am so glad I found this restaurant because it is great for quick, easy vegan food. When exploring Dublin, it's so difficult to find fast vegan food without sitting down at a restaurant. The falafel sandwich wrap was incredibly delicious but also very easy to grab and continue exploring. Thank you!

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really nice - Edit

Great little place, very central at the back of St George's market. Does very nice salads, soups and unusually a few main options. Vegetarian but with a fair few vegan options. They also have really nice savoury pastry's/deli to take away along with cakes and other treats. My fav is the chocolate orange seed bar.

Pros: Central , reasonable , delicious food

Cons: small so not much seating

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The best salad bar in Dublin! - Edit

I can't speak highly enough of Blazing Salads, it is literally one of my favourite places in Dublin. The salad bar is completely vegan and the shop offers hot meals as well as sweet treats, many of which are vegan too (a rare find in Dublin!). I also have both of their recipe books which are bursting with easy, delicious recipes for both vegetarians and vegans. I would recommend this place to anyone.

Pros: Delicious Food, Great Selection , Central Locaton

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Such a winning name! - Edit

The salad bar is self-service and you pay for the food by weight. There's hot dishes available too. I had the tofu chilli with bulgar wheat. The bulgar was listed as 'grain of the week' so i guess there's a weekly rotation.

It's pretty much a take-away, but there's seating in the window and a bench outside.

There's a few health food shop type items on the shelves and home made vegan cookies and cakes. Such a winning pun for the name too. Definitely worth a visit.

Pros: The best name, Tasty, Healthy

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Definitely the best Salad selection in Dublin! - Edit

We were at the Dublin Convention Centre recently for a conference, and due to minimal vegetarian options around that area, we headed into Dublin city centre (about 20min via tram + short walk).

We were really impressed with the quality of food at Blazing Salads. Price was dependent on weight of salad contents you put in your take-away box. But the quality of food was so good, i would have quite happily paid more!

We would have returned to Blazing Salads several more times during our trip to Dublin, but couldn't as they opened at 9.30pm, and closed at 6.00pm - which was too late/too early for us to make it there before the conference started in the morning, and finished in the evening.

Also, it is only a take-away (i.e. no seating anywhere inside the premises).
The premises is very small & got crowded quickly around the salad bar when more than a couple of customers were inside the premises.

Highly recommend any of the salad items, and various pasties at their deli counter.

Pros: amazing food quality, good prices, friendly staff

Cons: Take-away only (no seating area), limited opening hours, restricted space / small premises

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Just fair - Edit

We went there without any idea of what we wanted to eat but something vegan and good to take away. The shop offers different salads, several of them are vegan but we did not want to specifically eat a salad at that time (mid-afternoon), even if they looked good anyway. We consequently looked at the counter window since there was a lot of cakes, spring rolls, pizza slices, some desserts... However, a very few of them were vegan (2 actually) and no dessert was. We took two spring rolls and two vegetable slippers that were good but finally fair for the paid price. And nothing amazing.

Even if we find the choice a little bit limited for vegans, the staff is very friendly, the place has also a shop of vegan products, which is great, and is well located.

Pros: vegan grocery, well located, friendly staff

Cons: few vegan choices except for salads, a little pricey

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Good tofu spring roll, good butternut squash pasty - Edit

Blazing salads seems like a nice place. Good vegan options that are clearly signed. I literally went in there and I can sat with my hand on my heart that the tofu spring roll and the butternut squash past were excellent - especially the latter. The rest looked really good.

Pros: Good food labelling, Friendly staff

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Happy I went there! - Edit

I did not have any meals at Blazing Salads because we had already had lunch that day, but we still decided to go there just to have a look at what was on offer. Blazing Salads is rather like a small shop and salad bar, and so we chose a few slices of pie and a few raw musli bars. I was very happy about that because now I had a few provisions for the following days, to have on day trips and long bus rides - it was quite difficult getting such things elsewhere in Ireland.
We had the sweet pies on the train the next day and they were still very good.
Moreover, the girl serving us was very, very friendly. She was originally from Germany and greeted us in German when she heard us speak that language, and we had a nice chat.
The prices for the pies and bars were heavy, but I think considering that they were organic and the bars were raw, this is not unusual. In Germany, the price range would have been the same.

Pros: Vegan pies & bars,hard to find elsewhere, Very friendly service

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Cute and Tasty to go - Edit

I had all the vegan cookies they had the long weekend I was there and bought them on Saturday morning, as they were closed for the next 2.5 days. They were great to have on the plane ride home, dry, but really healthy. I felt good eating them. I also had the apple pie, but saved it for later and it was pretty gross later and I threw it away. It didn't travel well and wasn't very tasty, a bit like cardboard and applesauce. Overall, I wish I could try more there, like the fresh breads and salads. It wasn't convenient to eat much there since I was with a meat eater and couldn't sit and eat there anyway and it was cold outside.

Pros: whole food, lots of vegan options, fresh

Cons: expensive, no seating, hard for travelers, often closed

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All about takeout - Edit

Purchased food here on two occasions but despite a great salad bar, there was no place to sit and eat. The first time, I took food back to my hotel room and the second time we purchased food to take on our way out of the city. We ate it as lunch on route.
The food was great and while it was difficult to find, it was great to have it available.

Pros: Good choice of vegan food, Friendly staff

Cons: Needs a small sitting area

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Lovely cake - Edit

I only had a slice of apple pie from Blazing Salads, but it was very tasty! Very disappointed when we returned the next day, Sunday, to find it closed as we planned for a salad lunch. Would reccomdnd the apple pie to any vegans in Dublin :)

Pros: Vegan cake

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Best vegan selection in Dublin - Edit

Nice shop as everyone says, with by far the most vegan choices in the city (or country for that matter). No getting away from the fact that Ireland is wicked expensive, and this is no exception. The salad bar is eu15.20 a kilo. That is about 7 per pound, which right now means about $10.15 a pound for salad. Ouch. My husband got an oversized spring roll for eu3.20. The things we got were very good. My only regret was paying eu3.35 for a little slab of apple pie, which was pretty mushy and not sweetened at all. I felt a bit ripped off on that one.

Still, considering the options in Ireland and the fact that they are so vegan-friendly, you have to give it a go.

Pros: VEGAN, wide selection

Cons: prices!

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A Good Spot to Pick Up Lunch - Edit

A small, take-away only shop on Drury Street (you can spot it by a terrific carrot sign hanging out front!) Self-serve cold salad bar and hot food along with delicious breads and desserts (I'm particularly fond of their date/apple pies.) A good spot for tofu pizza if you're a vegan or lactose intolerant and hankering for pizza.

Pros: Healthy Desserts, Tofu Pizza

Cons: No seating, Remote staff

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Pizza? Yes Please. - Edit

This place is pretty difficult to find but i had my eyes open the other day an finally got it. Its pretty small, but if your on the run its perfect. As suggested by another happy cow reveiw i got eth vegan pizza. yum. so yummy. not bad eithher i think it was like only 2.50 or 2.95 but i nice peice. i would like to go here again and try the salads.

Pros: in city centre, yum, nice staff

Cons: difficult to find, small

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Quirky name, wonderful place - Edit

Merely hearing the name 'Blazing Salads' brightens my day. Stopping in brightens it even more.

I wish I were a Dublin local in order to eat here more often. They have a fresh salad bar with a dozen options which you pack and take away in recyclable containers. You can get a card from them to eventually save after you've spent 'x' Euros.

They also feature a selection of ready-made pizzas, samosas and other items. They offer to heat them up if you wish. There are also a number of deserts featured which looked wonderful.

I had a slice of tofu pizza and pumpkin pie. Both were exceptionally delicious! The cost is a bit steep (my order totaled about 5 euros) but to support a great restaurant/store such as this, I did not mind. It was perfect for a small dinner after, perhaps, working through an enormous serving for lunch at, say, Govinda's, Cornucopia Wholefoods, or Cafe Fresh which are all a very short walk away.

You can also stop by to pick up pre-packaged good like sandwiches and yogurts made on-site as well as specialty drinks from their fridge, or nutritious commercial bars from their shelves.

The bread they make on-site is also fantastic and they typically have samples out - make sure to try it.

Important to note, there is no seating available. You can, if you choose, eat along a window-side counter wihin the restaurant. However, it is in a great part of Dublin and you may want to find a nice spot outside to picnic.

One last thing to mention, I had a hard time finding Blazing Salads only because I understood, through HappyCow, that it was inside the Arcade. It is NOT. It is, however, just across the street, as indicated, at 42 Drury street. Don't want anyone feeling as silly as I did! :)

Pros: Great, healthy food, Salad Bar, Take away

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Blazingly delicious - Edit

Blazing Salads is one of few decent vegan options in Dublin. The salad bar is great with loads of delicious options but I would especially recommend their hot foods. The Vegetable & tofu spring rolls are very good though I wasn't keen on the sauce that came with it. My absolute favourite was the tofu pizza which was a very pleasant surprise. I really liked the texture and the delicious mix of flavours. Everything is quite fairly priced and you can even purchase rice milk and other organic goodies. The only actual con is fact that there's no seating. Overall I would highly recommend Blazing Salads!

Pros: inexpensive, healthy, delicious

Cons: no seating

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Regular Customer! - Edit

I go to Blazing Salads pretty regularly when I'm around town. Most of the food I've tried, the salads, soups, breads, vegan pizza, some cakes have been delicious.
I wouldn't recommend their falafel though.
I had an issue there with trying to get a loyalty card, they won't stamp it unless you spend over €5 on salad and trust me, that's alot of salad! More than I could eat!

Pros: Great salad & vegan cake!, Reasonably priced, Friendly Staff

Cons: Bad falafel, Tiny with no tables, Loyalty card

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Blazing Good! - Edit

This tiny place is take-out ("take away") only so order your lunch and head to St. Peters Square to enjoy it. There are several veg-burgers, veg-pizzas, salads, and soups. I enjoyed the red lentil and vegetable burger, the tofu pizza, and the split pea soup. I was pleased to find plenty of vegan options. The food was filling and delicious and well worth the price!

Pros: delicious, healthful, filling

Cons: no sit-down area

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Wonderful tofu pizza - Edit

The first thing I remember of this place is the wonderful tofu pizza ( 100% vegan), but also some delicious vegan cakes, and very good sandwiches with tofu and alfa alfa or seitan and alfa alfa. Just a little problem ( at least for me): it's a very little place, and there is no space to sit to eat. Kind and helpful staff. Excellent location near other organic and vegan-friendly shops.

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Yay for Blazing Salads! - Edit

I discovered this wonderful takeaway place when living in Dublin about 6 years ago. As a vegan I was thrilled to see things labeled clearly and there were many options.

The salad bar is the best. I used to pack my takeaway box to the brim every time. Be careful though, this can add up to quite a bit! But it's delicious and worth it.

Everything here was fresh & I love the variety. I even bought their cookbook before I left the country.

Pros: Fresh & Delicious, Variety, Healthy Cuisine

Cons: No seating

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Nice food but no tables! - Edit

The salads here are great - I really like the salad bar and can manage to squeeze a lot into their take away boxes. Their vege food selection in the fridge is also really good.

It would be great if they had a small eating area - not just the bench beside the window.

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Blazing salads, Dublin - Edit

This is a take away with also a health food shop section. They offer a choice of around a dozen freshly prepared salads as the name suggests. As well as this they also sell soups (three today) and a choice of savouries such as burger, samosas, pizza slices etc and cakes. Vegan veggie items are marked as such. They don't offer any seating but if you prefer to eat in instead of take away there is an area by the window where you can out your selection on a shelf and chomp away

Pros: Vegan veggie friendly, Central, Pleasant staff

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Nice but expensive - Edit

Whatever you do don't let yourself be seduced by the amazing looking salad bar - yes it is amazing but you'll be more amazed by how much it costs!!! It's a small place and gets really busy at lunchtimes but was very good food (especially the soup and salads).

Pros: Great food, Lots of vegan choices


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