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Serves meat, vegan options available. Assembly line concept pizzeria chain offering build-your-own personal size pies. Has vegan cheese, soy chorizo, gluten-free pizza base as well as salads. Choose your pizza base, sauce (marinara or hot red), veggies and toppings, and cheese. Or get the pre-designed vegan pie. Reported that select locations offer a soy-based popcorn "chicken." Located in the Frandor Shopping Center. Open Mon-Thu 10:30am-11:00pm, Fri-Sat 10:30am-12:00am, Sun 10:30am-11:00pm.

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First Review by SureJohn


Points +28

13 Oct 2022

Wouldn’t let me give 5 stars.

The cheesy bread sticks with vegan cheese was amazing!!! The pizza was delicious. This easily became my favorite pizza place

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Delicious

Cons: A little pricy



Points +84

12 Aug 2022

Appreciate vegan options

It's great having vegan options at a place where I can eat with omni friends and family. I tried the vegan cheese and spicy chorizo (also vegan) with some other toppings. It was good overall, but not outstanding. I appreciated that the employee asked if I would like them to change their gloves before handling my pizza. However, when I said yes, some of the other employees made some sort of ruckus about it and yelled out about the "vegan pizza" or something. I wasn't offended, as I am sure they were joking, but it was just weird.


Points +161

18 Aug 2020

They work very hard to please strict vegans

Nice vegan choices, both times I have visited they have asked if I would like a glove change prior assembling our Pizzas. fresh ingredients, a solid vegan option.

Pros: they work hard to please vegans

Cons: Not the best pizza I have had.


Points +26

20 Jul 2019

Yummy pizza

Ordered myself a pizza with spicy red sauce, vegan chorizo, and vegan cheese. It was pretty good! I liked the way you order too, you can build your own pizza like you can do at a sandwich shop. Prices were reasonable. Atmosphere was good. The vegan cheese was like most vegan cheese, kind of sticky and overpowering, but I found it tasted a lot better the next morning when it was cold after being in the fridge all night.

Pros: Vegan chorizo is delicious, Build your own pizza


Points +111

13 Jul 2019

Attentive Staff

Tell them it’s vegan and dairy free. And that you want a glove change. Each person changes their gloves as it goes down the line. Even the cutter changed gloves and washed the cutter before cutting my pizza. Nice job! Very attentive.

Pros: Good selection , Accommodates Cross-contamination concerns


Points +95

13 Jun 2018

My "Go To" vegan food

I absolutely LOVE Blaze pizza! Whenever I'm home visiting, I eat there everyday. I wish we had a chain in GA.

Pros: lots of vegan toppings, and the fire oven adds th

Cons: none


Points +120

11 Jan 2018

Not for strict vegans

I was in today. First visit ever to any Blaze Pizza. While waiting in a line of over a dozen people, I was watching the employees make the pizzas. Gloves are worn for applying toppings to the crust. I saw the first guy touch cheeses and meats with the same gloves. Then he is reaching into the vegetables with the same gloves again. So all the cheeses and vegetables are contaminated with meat. The vegetables are contaminated by the cheese/dairy. He was not the only employee doing this.

I was on their website and TripAdvisor checking them out. I saw the allergy section of the website and got excited. I thought that meant I could get a vegan pizza. I DO NOT want toppings that are contaminated by dairy or meats. That defeats the purpose.

My husband and I walked out.

Cons: same gloves touch cheese, meats and vegetables = c


28 Jun 2018

You say contamination defeats the purpose, but I wonder what purpose you're referring to? If you have allergies, I understand. But if you're trying to be a "purist" / perfectionist, that's a purpose I can't abide. I say don't sweat the small stuff. Here's more from peta on the topic: https://www.peta.org/living/food/making-transition-vegetarian/ideas-vegetarian-living/tiny-amount-animal-products-food/


Points +110

18 Aug 2016

Tasty pizza with vegan cheese

The pizza has a good taste and texture. It's awesome to have the vegan cheese option to make it more like a normal pizza. The size is like a thin medium, so my gf and I each got our own, and it seems like a fair deal compared to other $8 per person dinners. I'm not aware of any other pizza place in Lansing offering vegan cheese. Assembling and baking the pizza is very fast (five minutes total?) but you may have to wait in a long line. Maybe next time I'll try ordering online. Nice variety of indoor and outdoor seating.

Pros: Delicious pizza, Vegan cheese, Outdoor seating

Cons: Long line (weekend dinner)

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