A vegan restaurant that offers a unique dining in the dark culinary adventure where the mystery menus are revealed at the end of your dining experience. Dressy attire. Reservations are suggested. Est. 2017. Open Mon 5:00pm-9:00pm, Thu 5:00pm-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 5:00pm-10:00pm, Sun 5:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by annthurium


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06 Feb 2024

So unique!

This was such a fun and unique experience! You literally eat a 7 course meal in pure darkness - not even able to see the outline of your hand in front of your face. The food was all very tasty and surprisingly hard to accurately guess - but I'm also notoriously bad at distinguishing flavors. They show you the menu at the end so you know what you ate, but ask that you don't take photos or share with anyone so you don't ruin the experience. The wait staff wears night vision goggles and are super helpful at guiding you through this difficult dining experience. About three or four of my courses were finger foods which was fun as I don't usually experience the texture and feel of my food. The darkness is meant to heighten other senses while eating which for me worked for touch but not necessarily taste. Overall this was a very enjoyable experience and worth the roughly $90 per person. You could also add a ~$50 wine pairing which I strongly considered, but I'm ultimately glad I skipped it as it would have made it much more difficult! It would definitely be doable though.



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02 Feb 2024

Great experience

This was an experience we will never forget. The server meets you at the door and dons his night vision goggles. You put your hand on his shoulder as he takes y

ou through to your table to sit down in complete darkness. Each of the seven courses had different textures, temperatures and flavors. We loved them all. After the meal you can view the menu and see if your guesses were right. They ask you not to take photos of the menu or tell others so you don’t ruin their experience.
A long time vegan should have no problem identifying most of the dishes.
It was expensive but a worth it for the memory.

Pros: Experience you will never forget, Funny and friendly servers

Cons: Expensive


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15 Jan 2024

A Unique Experience!

What a new experience! Loved the concept. Wonderful staff, great food!
If you take a taxi, tell them it’s near the Rio!

Pros: Sitting next to a wall! Seriously!!!, 7 courses- so filling!, Perfect wine pairing option!

Cons: A bit loud…, Hard to find (our taxi had issues)


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15 Jan 2024

Pricey and very salty

It was a fun experience. We paid $89 per person but we didn't finish most of the food. Everyone at the table (5 of us) complained about how salty the food was. 1st course a carrot ginger soup was very salty, the 3rd course a finger food with a dip sauce was also super salty, we didn't even touch the dip sauce. I wish the owner would tone down on the salt so we can actually enjoy our food.

Pros: Waitress

Cons: Very very salty , Desert was too sweet


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07 Jan 2024

An AMAZING Experience!

Once you get over your initial panic, this place is incredible. The food was soooo delicious, the concept is intriguing, the staff was exceptional and it was just an overall great experience. I want to visit Vegas again just for the restaurant.

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly staff, Great experience

Cons: Expensive


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02 Jan 2024

A must in Vegas!

This was such a fun experience! I didn’t think we’d ever get a chance to try a plant-based dining in the dark experience and Blackout did not disappoint! Seven courses of mystery meals was so fun for trying to guess different flavors and what we were having. The staff was kind and knowledgeable and it made for a really unique dining experience! Highly highly recommend checking this place out!

Pros: Great food, Fun/different experience


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22 Dec 2023

Highly recommend! Fun experience!

Oh my goodness this was a fun experience. The wait staff are fantastic and the meals were all so delicious. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Pros: Food, Wait staff, Experience


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21 Oct 2023

Very Interesting Experience

The waitstaff are very personable and make the experience enjoyable. It is uncomfortable dark and takes a few minutes before you can relax and enjoy it. If you’ve never done a multi course vegan mean then you will love this. If you have, then focus on the being in the dark aspect as the food is average. It’s very fun to share food guesses with your date. It’s a very fun experience but don’t come for the food come for the experience.


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15 Oct 2023


Blackout Dining in the Dark was a fantastic experience! Dining in complete darkness and enjoying a full vegan menu is something everyone should try. It might be a bit intimidating at first, but the staff is incredibly kind and explains everything thoroughly, helping you every step of the way.

After about 10 minutes, you start to relax and get comfortable, and eating in the dark becomes a unique and enjoyable experience. The food is not only delicious but heightened by the sensory adventure. What made it even better was the fantastic wine pairing, which complemented the dishes perfectly. It’s an experience you truly must have! You should definitely make a visit to Blackout Dining in the Dark.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-07


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08 Sep 2023


Literally, you don’t see anything while eating the 7-course meal

Pros: Unique and experience , Delicious food , Fun server


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18 Aug 2023

Excellent experience

Had a really great time. Was such a Strange but fun time and the servers were so incredibly fun. Food was all great and they catered well to preferences of ingredients. Well recommended


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15 Jul 2023

Great experience!!!!!!

Such a great experience!
The staff is very friendly, our waitress was amazing!
The food was very tasty, we loved every of the 7 courses, simply delicious. And i was so funny to try to figure out what we where eating.
My father has allergies. He was taken into consideration, he even got a vest so that the waitress knew that he got other courses than we did.
When you are leaving they show you the menu with the pictures.
I can only highly recommend this unique experience!!! Absolutely worth the price!

Pros: Full vegan, Delicious, Unique experience


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23 Jun 2023

Out of sight!!!

This was a very delicious and extremely unique dining experience!!!


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05 Jun 2023

A Must Do

I really love this concept and the food was delicious! Forces you into an intimate dining experience.

Pros: Atmosphere, Food, Experience


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05 Jun 2023

A vegan dining experience not to be missed while in Vegas

We stuffed ourselves on the seven course vegan meal served in total darkness at blackout. While they do reveal the menu at the end when you're checking out, I'm not authorized to tell you what they served, but I can assure you it's all vegan! Creative and fun and truly pitch black dark dining ... The food was mostly excellent and we had a good time guessing what we were eating. Don't miss the experience that is blackout.

Pros: 100% vegan, Fun eating in the dark, Most of the courses were outstanding

Cons: Seven courses is a lot of food, A little pricey


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03 Apr 2023


We had an incredible all in the dark. 7 courses over 2 hours. Our server Joshua was hilarious and kept us well entertained. Expensive but worth every penny. Even our omni friends loved it.

Pros: All vegan, Unique experience, Relaxed meal

Cons: Expensive


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21 Feb 2023

Very cool dining experience

Surprised my wife with reservations here and we both could not have been happier with the food and the the concept.


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Non Veg
15 Feb 2023

Can't accommodate allergies. (Even though they say they do)

Went with a friend who was vegan and had an allergy. They must premake all the food as they couldn't remove the allergen from my friend's dish.

The reason this is so upsetting is because they state on their website that they can accommodate allergies, you have to make a reservation ahead of time, so they have an opportunity to ask ahead if there are allergies and make accommodations or tell you at that point no and turn you away. But they don't.

Pros: Cool idea

Cons: Can't accomidate allergies, Very expensive


25 Apr 2023

Hi, thanks for your review. We can accommodate soy, nuts, mushroom, gluten and tomato allergies, which covers a large percentage of the general population with food allergies. We work very hard to accommodate most guests and also offer them a delicious meal. Our food is made fresh and our sauces and desserts are pre-prepped the same day as your reservation, which is why we cannot accommodate more allergies than what is listed. We also don't want jeopardize the flavor of any of our guests meals or potentially cross contaminate their meal with an dangerous allergen by not being prepared in advance to meet their needs.

I am sorry that your friend didn't have the experience she was hoping for. I always suggest calling restaurants ahead of time with any allergy questions so it can be notated in advance, and if you book on open table you can add the information in the notes section. Thanks for your time reviewing as it helps us to become a better company.


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13 Feb 2023

You have to try this

So fun, amazing experience, food was delicious. My non vegan date told all his friends. He loved it too.

We went at 5pm and it was really nice being there before it got really busy and loud. I would suggest an early reservation!

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-13

Cons: Expensive but worth the experience


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01 Jan 2023

Worth the Experience

It’s definitely worth visiting at least once to try dining in absolute darkness. I also think it’s cool it invites non-vegans to try vegan food.

The food itself was not the best I’ve had but some dishes were quite tasty. It’s amazing how even some very familiar ingredients can be nearly impossible to discern in the dark…

Pros: All vegan, Very unique , 7 courses

Cons: A few dishes were quite salty, Expensive


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18 Dec 2022

Amazing food

The food is simply AMAZING. Every single dish was full of flavor. I wish they served the same 7 course meal I’m the light because I would love to eat there more often but eating in the dark more than once I don’t think I can do. It was quite the experience to be in pitch dark but I was ready for light and couldn’t wait to get out of there lol I will return though. I’ve told everyone I know to go there. Worth it.

Pros: 100% vegan , Great service , Great food


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29 Nov 2022

Pitch black! No joke!

I thought it would be dark in there, like lights out but this is, no kidding, NO light where you cannot see your hand in front of your face. Pretty cool and unique! I so badly wanted to visit when I heard it was vegan and badly wanted to give a good review but a one hour wait with a reservation was really disappointing. Second, read the waiver you sign carefully! Why does it mention the possibility of meat? We almost left but went and asked for confirmation that everything we were going to be served was vegan. Still unsettling.

Pros: Low key vegan dining!, Good food! , Fun experience!

Cons: Long wait WITH a reservation! , Sketchy waiver to sign mentions meat! , Awkward waiting room with people giving spoilers.


25 Apr 2023

Hi, thanks for your review as it does help us to improve as a company! We will definitely look into improving our reservation wait time. As for the waiver, I can assure you that there is no meat or animal products of any kind. Our lawyer added the verbiage in there as a blanket statement when he created the waiver, never with any intention that meat would be served though. We (the owners) are personally vegan and have been for 15 years, so I do understand where you are coming from in that regard.😄I hope we see you back again!


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26 Nov 2022

Cool experience, sub par vegan food

Very unique to eat in pitch black. Service was great. Super loud. Food was over salted, used fake meats, and could have been so much better. Glad we went but food was disappointing.

Pros: Unique experience

Cons: Very loud, Food wasn’t great.


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25 Oct 2022

Giddy with excitement

This restaurant was one of the highlights of our trip to Vegas. I knew going in what to expect, but I still didn't expect what was coming.

Our waiter guided us through the pitch black restaurant, conga-line style. We both immediately started laughing from how much fun and ridiculous it was. You literally can not see a single thing inside besides a small light from the waiter's night vision goggles.

It's a 7 course meal that rotates throughout the year and they show you a menu of what you were eating at the end.

We were dissecting and guessing all of the flavors we could in the courses and were pretty spot on after the reveal. They tell you how to eat the food, but you can go in and just start feeling it around with your fingers.

Our waiter was such a blast. He was so funny, kind, and really made our time that much better. It's expensive but it was 100% worth it for the experience.

Pros: Unique, Fun, Great service


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08 Oct 2022


I visited this place around Halloween of 2021. This place was our best Vegas experience which is saying a lot because we had a fantastic week there.

Everything IS vegan even though it may not be always clear. It’s PITCH BLACK while you are inside the dining area. You might see a teeny tiny red dot on a waiters goggles but that’s it. You’re not told what the food is until the end. They explain “how to eat” the food, but the full use of your other four senses are highly encouraged AND FUN. PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD.

I felt like a dummy because I ate with my eyes shut for some reason. Anyway, staff was incredibly nice and did not judge in any sort of way. This was crazy filling (seve courses?!?!) so come hungry!

Pros: Super fun, Friendly staff, FULLY VEGAN


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20 Sep 2022

Amazing experience and great food!

The food was delicious and the experience is amazing! ❤️

Pros: Delicious vegan food ❤️, Very nice waiters 🥰, Amazing experience 🥳


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10 Sep 2022

Fun date night

Went with my husband for a date night. It was pretty fun and got to try a lot of things without judging based on sight!

Pros: Alcohol available

Cons: Expensive -understandably

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