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Falafel shop. Chakchuka can be made egg free, vegan options on request. Open Mon-Thu 11:30-15:00, Wed-Thu 17:00-21:00, Fri 11:30-14:30, Sun 12:00-22:00. Closed summer months.

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First Review by Stevie


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30 Mar 2023

OG falafel

One of the better/best falafel places in Antwerp. Next to falafel in pita, there is a wide choice of hummus platters too. Super friendly staff.

Pros: Extremely good falafel, Free spicy sauces served with falafel pita, Friendly staff

Cons: Not completely vegan



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24 Aug 2021

Great falafel

It's a pleasure to see how they make the falafel. The pita breads are heated under old irons, and that makes that these breads are fluffy on the inside and hard on the outside. And that makes it incredible to eat. The falafel is great and has a very nice cumin taste.


Points +434

17 Aug 2021

great falafel

the tahin is of great quality, falafel balls themselves are great, and the bread is fluffy w a bit of crisp to the exterior. Not a huge fan of the salad compared to other Israeli falafels that I’ve had but it doesn’t detract from the falafel eating experience.


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24 Jul 2021

Best falafel in town?

They call themselves the best falafel in town, I’ve been there a couple of times and their falafel hummus is really tasty but tbh I had a better one in another place.
They should also mark, at least in their menu, what is vegan and what vegetarian.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-24

Pros: Delicious falafel

Cons: Not so many vegan options


Points +72

11 Apr 2019

Best falafel ever!

We used to live 3 streets away from this place & went there almost every week or we ordered. The falafel is excellent! And the bread! & the sauces (make sure you ask for all vegan, because they also have non-vegan garlic sauce, the rest is vegan!)


Points +50

10 Apr 2017

Best falafel in town

This is the best falafel I've had in Europe after traveling to Tel Aviv.
Their fresh carrot juice is delicious as well.

Pros: Home-made, Cosy, Delicious


Points +2133

30 Oct 2016

quick veg fast food

Had nice curry veg soup, humus falafel plate efficient service. Great fresh chutneys on table. Eggless chocolate cake. Not much ambiance but it is fast food type of place that can seat about 30 persons. Family style. Good neighborhood veg eats.


Points +52

03 Aug 2016

Best falafel EVER

I have been coming here for 30 years. It NEVER gets old. This place is simply wonderful! Great for vegans and vefetarians.


Points +77

22 Aug 2015

great falafel

Great authentic and original falafel.


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25 Jul 2014

Awesome restaurant!

I visited it along with some buddy of mine.

We were happy to find a vegetarian restaurant in my area. :)
It is quite modern, comfortable and great for someone who is always afraid of those typical restaurants where they have no idea what a vegetarian/vegan is. That's because they are actually always friendly and never look at you as if you're an alien from outer space when you ask if they put in milk/eggs in the food. :)

The owner (Beni) also came out and talked for a while, which barely any owner of any restaurant ever does, so that was just awesome of him! :)

Don't worry about the 'white' sauce on top of your falafel sandwich! That is actually tahini (sesame seed sauce) that looks a lot like some kind of yoghurt dressing. I am EXTREMELY lactose intolerant and still ate a sandwich with that sauce and had no stomach pain whatsoever, so it's completely dairy-free. :)

Pros: Friendly staff/comfortable feeling, Delicious food, Not expensive


Points +61

13 Mar 2014

The perfect Falafel

Has the perfect Falafel in my opinion. Run by Jewish people as long as it has existed (+25 years?) - pop by when you're in Antwerp for a fast snack or a nice meal.

Pros: Excellent food


Points +101

22 Oct 2013

Simple and Tasty

This is a great place for tasty, affordable vegetarian food. The falafel pitas in particular are a favourite- everything is made fresh to order, and comes with a great selection of spicy sauces. Plenty of vegan options, and the owner is really friendly. Not the place to go for "ambiance" but fantastic for lunch or an early dinner.

Pros: Affordable, Vegan Options


Points +28

04 Aug 2012

Perfect falafel

That's just great home made falafel with hummus there!
Friendly staff and quick service.
Couldn't be called cozy or something, but for what it is that's not so important.
They offer four different sauces with their falafels, all really yummy.
Though they have no idea what vegan is, so you have to explain of follow your intuition on it. I believe the sauces are vegan aside from the white garlic one.
The prices are reasonable but considering the quite small portions it could be cheaper. OR bigger portions, that would be even greater.

Pros: great food

Cons: not very clear for vegan


Points +65

28 Jul 2012

Falafel rocks!

It's a good place, few vegan selection and falafel has a traditionnal taste to it. They might do their bread themselves.

Pros: Good selection, Fast, Fair price


Points +49

12 Mar 2011

Great falafel place

A classic on the Antwerp-scene: at lunch time during the week it can be invaded by school children, in teh evening a mix of Indians, religious Jews and hippies:).
The falafel is excellent, that's what you mainly come here for. They also have things like burekas, but my guess is that eggs used for that would not be cage-free.

Pros: Good falafel


Points +11765

09 Sep 2006

Beni Falafel, Antwerp

A while since I was in this place in a Jewish quarter (accessible by tram from the city centre) in Antwerp but I remember it well. Staff were helpful in trying to get me something vegan as there isn't the biggest amount of vegan options immediately on the menu. Beni himself is a fun guy. There seemed to be people coming and going all the time, a bit of energy in the place. Huge bowls of soup I seem to remember also.

A good spot.

Pros: Nice food, Good atmosphere

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