Bakery cafe making an extensive bread and baked goods selection. Serves lunch food (pizza without cheese, daily soup) with a few raw food items. Has a small retail area selling granola, yogurt, and hummus made from scratcc. Does not use egg. Has Wi-Fi. Open Tue-Fri 8:00am-6:00pm, Sat 8:00am-4:00pm.

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First Review by trena irving


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22 Jun 2023

Wonderful and lovely

Definitely worth a visit when in Whitehorse. Delicious! Especially in the morning when everything is fresh. Prices are high ($5.5 for a bun, ~$10 for a loaf of bread), but it’s not like there’s many other vegan-friendly options in the city. Almost everything is vegan except for the few options with red dots (they have dairy).



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31 Aug 2022

The Best Bakery In Town!

The baked goods were delicious. I loved the muffins and the Cinnabon bun was a delicious sweet treat! Their lunch option of soup and bread was worth coming back for. They had borscht the day I was there and I was blown away by how good it was, as well as the ample serving of bread to dip with. Highly recommend!


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06 Feb 2020

Ridiculously good

This place went beyond my expectations. It’s almost entirely plant based and in fact things that aren’t vegan are labeled. I went in starving and was satiated by their daily soup, pizza, and strudel. This place is a real treasure.

Pros: Lots of options, Good prices, Delicious


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18 Aug 2019

Vegan pastry heaven

Brilliant selection of vegan pastries and baked goods. Lunch counter style vegan pizza and sandwiches sealed the deal for an outstanding vegan find north of 60. Excellent stop to drop in and load up before heading out to anywhere in the north.

Pros: Vegan struesel

Cons: Only exists in Whitehorse


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23 Jun 2018

mostly vegan and really good coffee!

mostly vegan and really good coffee!


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14 Jan 2018

Great bakery and lunch spot

Bakery and café for lunch. Has excellent vegan pizza and always a pot of good soup on the go. Brick oven, organic food, and a bit of a hippy vibe.

Pros: Vegetarian with good vegan items, Summer patio

Cons: can get crowded at lunch some days


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15 Jul 2017

Great vegetarian place in Whitehorde

Serves a good selection of baked goods, most of them vegan. Kind staff and everything tastes great.

Pros: mostly vegan, delicious, Nice atmosphere

Cons: items may run out later in the day


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Mostly Veg
07 Jul 2017

Good options for lunch!

Excellent! I loved the soup of the day! Brown rice and a delicious sauce. I thought they had only sandwiches or pizza, but certainly more options.

Pros: You can buy bakery


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25 Jun 2016


I lived in the Yukon for 5 years and was vegan for 2 of those years and vegetarian the whole time and only visited Alpine Bakery a handful of times and purchased something twice. The prices were extremely high, even for being in the Yukon. I had a piece of raw cheesecake one time and that was good but nothing special for the cost and also had a vegan slice of pizza and it was again okay, nothing special. I think it is far more economical to make your own items but it's still nice Whitehorse has a place that offers vegan/vegetarian food.

Pros: Vegan items

Cons: Expensive


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21 Sep 2015

Not outstanding, but decent

The only decent vegan option in Whitehorse.
Apart from delicious breads and all kind of bakery stuff they offer some freshly squeezed juices, cookies, a daily soup, pizza (slices), several tee/coffee varieties and a notable range of all kind of ecological and fair trade stuff, like lots of soy products, some cosmetics, hand-braided baskets from somewhere in Africa, some special bread knifes and so on.
All sweets are vegan. However, some of the bakery stuff has cheese in it.
The daily soup is always vegan and has a very good value. It goes with delicious bread which was made just a few steps beside it.
Wi-Fi wasn't working while I was there, but that might have been just an temporarily issue/default.
Often times I can be pretty crowded, since each customer gets all the special assistance and attendance he needs.
The service was quite remarkable. The shop assistant, a young woman, was one of the most friendliest imaginable.
Overall the food wasn't very special, but the service was superb and - as mentioned - there are no other decent options in Whitehorse.


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Mostly Veg
11 Feb 2013


My husband (omnivore) and I (vegan) traveled to Whitehorse recently and I had of course used Happy Cow to look up places I could eat while there. So we went to Alpine Bakery our first day there and then continued to eat there for every meal for the rest of the time we were in Whitehorse. The first time we both had their pizza (mine was vegan, his vegetarian), he likes veggies but is a bit of a picky eater, but their food was loved by both of us:) The second day I had fresh juice and a avocado sandwich (then bought 2 for the road) and he had a fresh cinnamon roll and a huge latte. The soup was also amazing and also huge. My husband also had some bread sticks that he loved. They also had a small selection of grocery items along with some of their homemade hummus in containers to go. They have bread made there and all of their sweets were vegan (I had a very delicious brownie). As usual with any trip I take one of the highlights is when I can actually find some great vegan food...especially kind of in the middle of nowhere:) Highly recommended...oh and their staff was friendly and helpful too!

Pros: Lots of great vegan food, Friendly people, Fresh juice

Cons: They don't have one in my town:), Only open until 6PM , Closed two days of the week

trena irving

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03 Dec 2008

alpine bakery in Whitehorse, Yukon

This eatery is vegan and run by a very environmental, health conscious family. They make delicious breads, veggie soups, veggie sushi and all kinds of baked goods such as cookies, samosas, pizzas and cakes. They also sell health food and yummy homemade chocolates. I enjoy eating at this restaurant and recommend it to anybody who craves good vegan home cooked food for a reasonable price. It is my favorite restaurant in Whitehorse, especially during the cold winter months when you can get a savory soup and bread lunch which warms your body and your tastebuds exquisitely.

Pros: excellent food, organic and fair trade, environmental

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