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Wolnica Square 7, Krakow, Poland

Best place for Gluten Free in Krakow

28 Jun 2012

Other places in Krakow that offer Gluten Free options are VERY expensive. Cafe Mlynek, however, is moderately priced and has sever V/GF options to choose from! This is a MUST ENJOY for GF Vegans travelling in Krakow! An all-vegetarian restaurant. I have been several times and have ordered: GF rice noodles with veggies, GF fried potato cakes with mushroom gravy (like American hash browns), and vegan cream of broccoli soup--all were delicious. MAKE SURE to mention to the server that you are Vegan or Gluten Free because some food is occasionally garnished with cheese even though the menu says it's vegan. Unfortunately no soya milk for coffees. This Cafe is opening a second location called "Green Times" down the street on July 5 2012. I imagine that this second location will be even MORE vegan and GF-friendly!

Studencka 15, Krakow, Poland

Delicious Vegan Ice creams!

28 Jun 2012

This is the BEST place for vegan ice creams in Krakow! All of their ice creams are house-made and are crafted with either soy milk, rice milk, or just fruit. The menu does not advertise the ice cream is vegan, but ask any server and they can tell you the ingredients if you have a question. (The rice milk-based ice creams are noticeably made of rice). I split a 4-scoop bowl with a vegan friend and we tried: caramel, chocoalte, rice vanilla, and kiwi. All 4 flavors were delicious.

Didsbury, Manchester, England

just lovely!

17 Feb 2013

We ordered a small GF vegan Lemon cheesecake from Jenny at Cottage Cupcake Co, and it was just lovely! This is an awesome Vegan baker in Didsbury. The service was on time, and the take-away box adorable. I will definitely be ordering from here again and would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone looking for great vegan baked goods in Manchester Area! There is no store-front, per se, but the website is helpful and Jenny is great to work with via e-mail.

VI, Paulay Ede utca 53, Budapest, Hungary

Not veg, but still tasty!

30 Jun 2012

Living in Easter Europe (I'm from Krakow, Poland) I have come to expect the lack of totally meat-free establishments. This place does serve a little meat, but i enjoyed falafel, fried tofu, and other veg delights. The self-serve salad bar is amazing! When we went, we ordered the Pita: they give you the empty pita and you go to the salad bar and fill it up--WOW! SOO many salads and toppings. I got hummus and several shredded salads stuffed into my pita before enjoying it. And the price was quite reasonable. I will come back everytime i visit Budapest!!!!

Ul Zablocie 25, Krakow, Poland

Great for Vegan coffee and dessert

30 Jun 2012

Cute little place. Love the atmosphere. A bit hard to find, but you can follow the yellow signs that say, "Kawa." :) They always have a few vegan cakes and cookies on hand--the chocolate muffin and peanut butter blondie are great. And they always have soya milk--which is a bit of a luxury here in Krakow. As a vegan, i also like their hummus plate and hummus wrap.

1755 NW 16th, Oklahoma City, USA

Great vegan pastries!

07 Jun 2014

I have been to district house several times now and I'm so impressed! I LOVE the atmosphere, good prices, good filter coffee, and oh, the vegan pastries! They are made locally in town by a vegan bakery and delivered to District house. I have tried the coffee cake, oatmeal creem pie, chocolate chip cookie, and no bake cookie (which is vegan AND GF) and they were ALL delicious. My only problem is that there is no signage to indicate that the baked goods are vegan, however, as a vegan, i can tell they are vegan as they are all very similar to things i have made at home using oil instead of butter, etc. I understand the nervousness about putting up a sign, though. OKC is still one of those places that people see the word, "vegan" and think, "gross." Hopefully, they will at least put up a sign that says, "ask about our vegan options" or something so fellow vegans can discover them as well :) overall, great place for a coffee break!

Norre Farimagsgade 82, Copenhagen, Denmark

Cute Place!

28 Jun 2012

No food, but GREAT shop for soap, vegan toiletries, clothes and much more. I purchased organic coffee beans and recycled paper cards here while we were on vacation in Copenhagen. The owner, Brian, is an environmentally-minded American and was quite helpful while we were there. They also had a space for knitting workshops in the back.

Ul Krupnicza 12, Krakow, Poland

GREAT vegetarian cafe

28 Jun 2012

This is a great vegetarian cafe with delicious some vegan food as well! I am never disappointed by the food and coffee here! I highly recommend their salads and soups for lunch. They always have at least 1 Vegan cake and at least 1 Gluten Free cake. Unfortunately, these are not usually the same cake, so Vegans who are also GF will probably not find dessert here. There are usually a few GF and Vegan lunch options available, though. They also almost always have soya milk--which is hard to find in Krakow

Frederiksborggade 29, Copenhagen, Denmark

AWESOME bakery for GF Vegans!

28 Jun 2012

GREAT vegan bakery! I am gluten free as well and was very happy with the 9 or 10 G-F options available each day. The selection varies by what fresh that day, but on our trip I purchased the following Vegan-Gluten-free items: cinnamon roll, banana muffin, rye-flax breadsticks, and sweet and spicy carrot cake. Many more options for vegans who are not GF as well. Loved it so much I went back again the next day!

230 NE 1st St, Oklahoma City, USA

Not bad

09 Jul 2012

As a vegan, i was hoping to eat a pizza with vegan cheese. I called ahead and was told the location offered vegan cheese, but when i tried to order it that night, they were out. The pizza was not bad, though. I would recommend it--especialy if they are not out of cheese when you go.

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