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502 Embassy Oaks Ste 109, San Antonio, USA

Healthy; helpful employees; vegan options

31 May 2008

I love this place! You get great value for your money -- all the entrees I have ordered also come with a cup of soup, a salad, AND a thick slice of freshly baked bread. I let the staff know I was vegan when I came in, and they pointed me towards all my options and were extremely knowledgeable about their menu items/knowing what was vegan. Some things I highly recommend include the strawberry-jicama salad, date bread, and sweet potato bread. I've also tried a yummy hummus appetizer with pita-type bread for dipping and it comes with the soup, salad, and fresh bread too. Additionally, they serve wraps called "quicksands," for which you choose the toppings. TVP, tofu, and hummus are among the selections for these wraps. They've had multiple vegan salads and vegan soups each time I ate there, and I always come away feeling full and satisfied from a healthy meal -- they really give you a ton of food!

3926 Lindell Blvd, St Louis, USA

I don't think I'll go back

31 May 2008

I've been here a few times, but after my last experience I don't think I will go back. I do not share the same religious beliefs as the Hare Krishna and am a vegan, and one employee was trying to convince me to eat the dairy items/not be a vegan anymore! I personally felt that was way over the line. Also, I asked which buffet items were vegan and was incorrectly told that a dessert containing ghee (clarified butter) was vegan. Thankfully I found out before I ate it! There are normally a lot of vegan items, but now I'm not sure I can go back -- I can't say I trust the staff anymore as a vegan! The chapati and other bread items were my favorite parts of my meal, but the other buffet items were bland. I've had much better Indian food in my experience.

200 E Grayson St Ste 120, San Antonio, USA

Praise God for Green!

31 May 2008

I am so extremely grateful that San Antonio has a fully vegetarian restaurant! I am a vegan, and the vegan options here are plentiful. I believe I've visited six times now, and my favorite menu items include the Sesame Chik'n, sweet potato fries, fresh kale salad, and I also enjoyed the Raw Deal Wrap, which is made with a raw hummus consisting of cashews and brazil nuts. Green also has vegan soft-serve ice cream, and when I visited last week they had an absolutely delicious cinnamon soft-serve! There's also a Reuben sandwich on the menu with vegan corned beef, which comes with cheese. They "veganized" it for me by simply removing the cheese, and while I enjoyed it, I felt that it was a little lacking this way. Nonetheless, I highly recommend visiting in this place if you're in the area -- San Antonio doesn't have too many vegan options!

3606 Aresenal, St Louis, USA

Sunday morning feast for hungry vegans

31 May 2008

While the everyday lunch & dinner menu isn't too impressive for vegans, the Sunday morning brunch is a goldmine! I've been 3 to 4 times, and after tax the cost of the serve-yourself all-you-can-eat brunch is $13.70. It's from 9 am to 1 pm, so get there in the early end of the range for quick seating. Another plus is that smoking is not allowed inside during brunch hours! (The normal hours are a different story -- the first floor is a smoky haze...)

On Sundays, they usually have vegan falafel (request when you pay), vegan French toast (ditto on the request), steel-cut oatmeal and some toppings, a huge fresh fruit platter, Javanese tofu (delicious!!!). They also have mini sized pastries and goodies at the end of the buffet line, and about half these items are vegan: mini cranberry muffins, little ginger cookies, carrot cake, and more because they'll have different stuff each Sunday. They also have delicious vegan sausage but I wouldn't recommend their "crab" cakes -- I've never liked seafood and they were entirely too fishy for my tastes. AND: They set out soymilk by the coffee!

This, Shangri-La Diner, and (Sat & Sun) Whole Foods' hot bar are the only three places I can think of in St. Louis that serve vegan breakfast.

6654 Clayton Rd, Richmond Heights, USA

Great Tempeh Wrap

31 May 2008

I was really impressed with this place; what it lacks in atmosphere it really made up for in my vegan tempeh wrap! There are quite a few vegan menu items, but be sure to let your cashier know you're vegan when ordered. The wrap I got was huge and incredibly more delicious than I ever would have expected -- I remember it contained hummus, tempeh, brown rice, veggies, Bragg Liquid Aminos, and some other things (and the tortilla was whole grain). I was really satisfied with my meal and would love to go back. There's even a raw entree on the menu!

1314 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, USA

I'd love to go back!

31 May 2008

I live a few hours away, so I've only been able to visit Spiral once. I ordered the Crispy Spring Wrap with seasonal fruit (oranges) as my side. The wrap was pretty large and came with grilled seitan, crunchy veggies, and agave-mustard sauce. It was delicious, but my only complaint is that the wrap was entirely too saucy -- sometimes less is more! I also wish there weren't so many sandwiches and wraps on the menu and that they had plate-style entrees instead. There's a small grocery store were I was able to pick up my Clear Conscience contact solution, and I got a fresh chocolate chip cookie for dessert. It was crispy and tasty, but I was expecting more -- I've had much better vegan cookies in my experience! I would definitely go back just to be able to try other menu items!

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