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Spiral Diner and Bakery

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1314 W Magnolia Ave, Fort Worth, Texas, USA, 76104

Vegan diner and bakery operating since 2002. Features vegan comfort food with items such as sketti n' meatballs and Spiral veggieburger in addition to fresh juices, smoothies, sundaes, and pies. All-you-can-eat pancake meal on Sunday. Also sells a few vegan products and refrigerated foods to take home. Practices green ethics by recycling and using biodegradable takeaway containers. Open Tue-Fri 11:00am-10:00pm, Sat-Sun 9:00am-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, International, Organic, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Bakery

Reviews (55)

First Review by theholygoat

👌🏾🙌🏾👍🏾👍🏾 - Edit

Love ❤️ this place. Love their supreme nachos they're the best!!!!! A must try!!!!!!! Great customer service. Only vegan restaurant in Fort Worth that I've found 🤔

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A Delicious Splurge - Edit

Living in DFW, I visited Spiral Diner on countless occasions. I never had anything I didn't like (though the Reuben wasn't my favorite).

Totally vegan restaurant. Super nice staff.

If you are in the mood for a burger, their variety is excellent. I personally loved their wraps and sandwiches; especially the Veggie Wrap, Crispy Spring Wrap, and Chick'n-Less Salad Sandwich.

This is a restaurant to go to when you have some extra calories to spend. Get something for dessert; it's all delicious.

Good place to take non-vegetarian/non-vegan friends.

Pros: Delicious Food and Desserts, Sustainable Practices, Good service

Cons: There are Healthier Options, Small Location, Parking Sometimes Difficult

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It's a Pokestop too - Edit

In town on business and found this on the app. I had a cowboy burger with a cashew-quinoa patty. Holy crap was it delicious. I then decided to have the Death Star for dessert (they had me at Death Star). I am dying, not literally but figuratively from this. Super yummy and the espresso shot on top is delightful.

Pros: 100% vegan, environmentally friendly, gives back to the community

Cons: I don't live here to enjoy it more often.

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Vegan Sweet Tooth Satisfied! - Edit

What excites me most about coming to the Spiral Dinner is getting a chance to try whatever desserts they have in their case, in addition to their mouth watering dessert menu! They make this divine, Twix Inspired Icecream that is simply decedent stop one of their hot, nutty, brownies. My non-vegan boyfriend was in awe at how good the food all was.

Pros: Amazing atmosphere , Incredible food, Good value

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I hope this place exists forever - Edit

I've eaten at both the Spiral in Dallas and the one in Fort Worth. I like the Fort Worth Diner much better. The staff in FW are awesome, very helpful. The food is just outstanding (try the Ate Layer Burrito!), they have several great beer selections for those of us who want it and OMG the vegan ice cream is out of this world. If you like coffee, try the Deathstar sundae! The atmosphere in Fort Worth is very eclectic and funky and the diner is located in what looks like a really cool area of other businesses and restaurants although the Spiral may be the only straight vegan establishment. I totally give them 5 stars and will definitely be back there again and again. Outstanding dining experience.

Pros: Outstanding food, Varied menu items, 100% vegan

Cons: Possibly a short wait depending on day and time

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Amazing! - Edit

We are on a road trip and last minute decided to get some food. We noticed this place on Happy Cow and decided to try it and boy am I happy we did! It is amazing! I highly recommend the nachos. They were huge and I couldn't stop eating them! My boyfriend had the bacon burger and he said it was really good as well. We also got 2 cookies upon leaving which were fantastic. They're very chewy and fluffy. If you are vegan or not, or have people with you that are not vegan, and deciding for a place to try, eat here. The food is all around great.

Pros: Nacho "Cheese", Friendly staff

Cons: None

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Seriously, this place is fantastic. My husband and I have eaten here a couple of times now, and we absolutely love it! You MUST get the nachos and cheese. You absolutely must. It is positively delicious. I'm also a big fan of their all day lunch plate, which is an awesome meal, especially for WFPB. The quesadilla and seitan tacos are also a stellar choice. Plus, the atmosphere of this place is pretty incredible too. Just saying, it is an awesome looking place, with super friendly and happy staff. I wish I could give them 6 cows.This place is one of my all time favorite restaurants. (NOTE: I have been to both locations,Ft. Worth and Dallas, and both of them are just as stellar as the other one. I've left the same review for both)

Pros: Amazing food, Awesome staff, Best nachos ever

Cons: Honestly, I can't think of one.

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Om nom nom, delicious vegan food! - Edit

I moved about a year ago to a different state, and I dream/ imagine eating here often. Don't even get me started on their chocolate shakes...they make the best shakes I've tasted in my entire life, no joke. I've tried all their veggie burgers and they're out of this world, they put a special 'sauce' on most of them that gives it so much pizazz.. and their potato salad is quite tasty as well. Everything on their menu is sure to be delicious. Their cookies are also thick, chewy, and yummy.. try it underneath one of their vegan desserts like the sundae with the cookie on the bottom and your taste buds will be blown out of this world. The service is pretty quick, even when it's more crowded as I've been here many times. It has a comfortable, casual atmosphere...all of the staff here are open, concerned, and kind. They also sell a few vegan foods in a mini fridge, as well as shirts in the front of the store. Definitely try eating here, I'd say it's one of the best vegan diners/ restaurants in the world for sure, and no, that isn't an understatement. Dine here and you'll see why for yourself.

Pros: Delicious food, Chill atmosphere, Great service

Cons: None

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I dream about this place from afar - Edit

When I go to Dallas to visit my brother we always drive out here to eat a few times. The Dallas one is good too but doesn't have the same feel as this one. I like a bustling diner with signs that judge you for wasting napkins to give the full effect of a place trying to make a difference. Everything I've tried is amazing and I've had nothing but great service every time I go. Thanks for being awesome.

Pros: Great Food, Great Atmosphere, CLean

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One of the best sandwiches I've ever had! - Edit

When I rolled into town for the 2015 Green Party of Texas annual meeting, I learned that many of them had gathered here, so I headed on down. Little did I know what a treat I had in store for me! Not only did I have The Best Philly Cheese Steak sandwich on the planet (well, maybe except for in Philly itself), I also had a great beer list to sort through, including many local brews. Mmm!

And I wanted to try some of what everybody else ordered, but they ate it all. The "meet bawls" looked good. Oh, my, I'll have to go back. Maybe even drive over next time I'm in Dallas. (I live near Houston, so that's a bit of a drive; besides, we have our own favorite places, too.)

But I would spell it "Philly Cheez Stake" instead, since the steak is seitan and the cheese is vegan, too. As is the entire menu, as I understand it.

Pros: All vegan, Great beer list, nice murals

Cons: I need more positive options than three.

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Lunch and a Milkshake! - Edit

For a day trip to Fort Worth, this is a perfect vegan place for lunch. We love that everything here is vegan, plus they even sell some grocery items. Our favorites here: peanut butter cookies and cream milkshake (if you ask for it you shall receive), their homemade coffee ice cream (not always available), and the variety of wraps are very good. The cookies are also excellent! The staff is cool and friendly. Always a treat to visit this place!

Pros: milkshakes, wraps, awesome, friendly staff

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Vegan Haven in Cattle Town - Edit

This place rocks. I tried their biscuits and gravy and also had the bbq salad. The biscuits and gravy were so good. The salad was also on of the best salads I have ever had! Highly recommend this place.

Pros: cheap, tasty, lots of options

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Great Vegan Spot! - Edit

This place is unbelievably good! So good, in fact, that the last time I was in Fort Worth for the weekend, my fiancee and I ate there 3 times. Their menu is huge, and it seems like everything on it is amazing.

So far, we've had the Hummus, Hot Nacho Cheese & Chips, Savory Seitan Wrap, Philly Cheese Steak, Cookies 'n Cream Shake, and Cinnamon Rolls. They were all some of the best vegan food I've ever had. They also have a great vegan beer and wine selection.

My only complaint is that there isn't one close to where I live. Hands down, the best vegan restaurant I've ever been to.
Updated from previous review on Sunday August 31, 2014

Pros: Amazing food, Reasonable prices, Great selection

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One of our all-time favorites - Edit

Spiral Diner has been our go-to restaurant during trips to Ft Worth for years, since they were at their original location. It's always been a treat, and they keep improving. The vibe is great, with friendly, home-style service, and their signature dishes are super-yummy. They are also to be commended in particular for their exemplary efforts to green their business.

The menu is quite diverse, offering something for pretty much everyone .What they do best, in our opinion, is the dishes true to their name: veganized comfort food. The Jamaican Jerk Sandwich has been a perennial favorite of mine. The Seitan Wrap is good, too. All the shakes are yummy (peanut butter is my favorite), and most of the desserts are awesome, too — especially the brownie. But is isn't all diner-style here: They also offer a generous array of healthier options, including some raw items, half a dozen salads, and fresh juices. We really appreciate this, as it allows us to create a more balanced meal, with a little comfort food and some healthy green stuff, so we feel good not only while we eat it but also afterward.

That said, not every item on the menu has the same wow for our tastes. For example, the pasta dishes might disappoint folks looking for Italian authenticity, and likewise for the Asian-eque dishes, and the snickerdoodles are a little too dry and bready, not crunchy the way we like them.

But, whatever your tastes, once you identify the dishes that please your palate, you'll be satisfied again and again. Even the carnivores we've brought to Spiral Diner have said they've never had a meal here they didn't like.

There's parking in the back (both directly behind Spiral Diner and also in an overflow lot across the street).

Enjoy! :-)

Updated from previous review on Monday September 19, 2011

Pros: All vegan, with many organic ingredients, Some very tasty dishes, Laudable efforts to be green

Cons: Not all menu items are equally stellar

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Great Totally Vegan Restaurant! - Edit

Spiral is my go-to restaurant when I am trying to expose friends and family to vegan food. A bit of a splurge and not the healthiest vegan restaurant in FTW, Spiral is a fun place to go and indulge every once in a while.

One reason I love Spiral is because I know that everything on the menu is something that fits into my dietary restrictions, I am not just limited to a fruit salad like I have been at other "vegan-friendly" restaurants in FTW. My favorite thing to get is the Pasta Prima Vera with added mushrooms, but I have tried their burgers, chili, wraps, and PB&J and all of them were delicious as well. They also have a variety of fun vegan ice cream, sundaes, and smoothies!

Parking can sometimes be tough and there is a threat of being towed if you park in the wrong lot so keep an eye out! Otherwise, Spiral is in a very hip part of town and has a neat aesthetic. I've noticed that they have either really great waiters working (helpful, attentive, and friendly) or fairly bad ones (absent, forgetful, standoff-ish), so it is kind of just the luck of the draw.

Overall, I would highly recommend Spiral to anyone looking for a hearty vegan meal and hip atmosphere!

Pros: Variety of COMPLETELY Vegan Food, Neat Venue with Outdoor Seating (kinda), Cute Mini-Market in the Restaurant

Cons: Parking is always a hassle, (Depending on who you get) Waitstaff , $$$

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Great Food! - Edit

Their food is amazing! I love their sweet Luv'Us Hummus Wrap and their blueberry pancakes. I have ordered several cakes from them and the design and taste was fantastic! All around great vegan restaurant and bakery!

They just need a bigger place. ;)

Pros: Great pancakes, Low prices, Special order cakes

Cons: Small restaurant, Sometimes crowded

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Great vegan food - Edit

I went there Saturday with my mom and we both agreed that the food there was great! I had the chicken-less chicken salad sandwich with potato salad and for dessert a cookies n' cream shake. I have heard from other people that Spiral has the best vegan food in Fort Worth, and they weren't kidding! I will be going there again in the future.

Pros: good food, staff is very professional

Cons: It is a little pricey

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The Deathstar Sundae Awesome Indulgence! - Edit

Went there twice on my trip to Fort Worth. The first time, the service was really bad but I was super happy when we went back on Sunday! Great waitress, Heidi, totally made up for the first time!

The food was good, nice variety. Wish there were more gluten-free and non-soy items but overall had no complaints the second time!

Had the Hot Hummus wrap with the pasta salad and the Deathstar desert. Their strawberry ice cream is the only option made from coconut milk.

Would recommend, nice atmosphere and food! Hopefully you'll get a great waitress too!

Pros: atmosphere, good food, good portion size

Cons: service consistency, noisy

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Spiral Diner and Bakery - Edit

Love going to eat at Sprial. They have a very large menu where there is something for everyone. My favorites are their Guac and their cheeze (cashew) sauce YUMMY. They also make a great Philly sandwich. If your ever in Ft Worth it's certainly worth stopping form. Atmsophere is great too!!

Pros: all vegan, large variety of food choices, great wait staff

Cons: only one in the ft. worth area, it's near downtown, parking

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First time I went there was with my AP Environmental Science class, and it was so good! I was the only vegan there, and to see the rest go from being skeptical about the food to loving it made me really happy as well. I recommend that place to everyone vegan or meat lovers!

Pros: Delicious food, Great service, Cool environment

Cons: A little pricey , People can be unsure about eating there, A bit far for me

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The Best Vegan Restaurant in the world - Edit

I visited this lovely restaurant three times in 4 days, when I was there in Fort Worth in Oct 2006. I am in the process of finishing writing my book about my 4 month travel right round the world in 2006 / 7. Chapter 11 is called "The Best Vegan Restaurant in the World, in Fort Worth, Texas!"
It is friendly and good quality REAL food, and not expensive. I know that many non Veggie people go there to eat, because of the quality. It really is good. And in my book I highly recommend it.

Pros: Quality, Tasty, good value

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Ft. Worth's Own Slice of Portland! - Edit

What a good menu selection! I was a bit apprehensive upon arriving, mainly because I was wearing my corporate work clothes. A very energetic waiter showed me to my table, and all was well. All types of people in this place! From nose rings and huge jangly keychains to students to a well dressed group celebrating a birthday, one thing can be said about a place that creates such good vegan food: it attracts cool people! Found my second staple place in DFW! Yay! Seek and ye shall find.

Pros: Wide selection, Independent feel, Great staff

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My Favorite* - Edit

My mom brought me here for the first time about 4 months ago, and it has become my favorite restaurant. Options for raw vegans seem limited (I am an athlete and try to eat as much raw food as a can) but I'm sure they can come up with something if you ask your server,and the food is AMAZING! I go here when I'm wanting something a little more fattening and flavorful haha. Their burgers are great, and they're wraps are really good also. I haven't tried everything yet, but here I'm not afraid to try anything new becuase Spiral has never failed to make my taste buds and tummy happy! I am very impressed with this place and thank God it exists for those days when I want to go out to eat and want to drag my meat-eating friends with me so that they can experience some of the goodness of being a vegan! Lol.. 2 thumbs all the way up.

P.s. their nachos.... WOW!!

Pros: friendly people, very relaxed and fun atmosphere, amazing food! *they have an allergy menu

Cons: nada!

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So fun - Edit

The owners love of art and creativity shines in this lovely restaurant, excuse me cafe. The food is delicious and the people are divine. I love this place in the world.
Tha Jamacian Jerk is delicious.

Pros: Piano, Elvis, Costumes

Cons: Pasta kinda dry.

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Spiral Diner Opinions - Edit

Spiral Diner is by far one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. The food is fresh, delicious, not your typical restaurant. Their meatball sub tastes identical to an ordinary one, and it is completely vegan! I would eat here everyday if there was a location much closer to home. 5 stars!

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delicious - Edit

I forgot to do a happy cow search before my trip to Fort Worth, but via word of mouth, spiral was the one restaurant recommended by both people we asked. Our hotel (Sheridan) gave us a free shuttle ride there and back, and it was very very good. I had a veggie burger (nut version) and my travel companion had a quinoa black bean dish (i forgot the name). We went back the following day because it was so good. So many options, so little time to try them. We ate our meal, then dessert, then even bought snacks for the rest of the trip (all vegan and all yummy!). Would highly recommend.

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Great place for a treat! - Edit

Spiral diner is the best place I have found to get vegan food in DFW. My favorite dishes are the Hot Hummus wrap with tahini sauce, Big Texas salad, and my new, guilty pleasure dish is the chipotle tofu quesadillas. When I want to treat myself or on the rare occasions when I don't feel like cooking, this is the place I go.

Pros: All vegan food choices, Great tasting food, Relaxed atmosphere

Cons: Left to figure out where silverware was, No wifi?

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Excellent Food and Casual Atmosphere - Edit

I had lunch with my non-veg boyfriend in March 2010 at Spiral. The atmosphere was fun and casual. The BBQ tempeh sandwich was delicious, and my boyfriend really enjoyed his tofu sandwich and vegan potato salad. He couldn't believe that vegan potato salad could taste so "real". Our food came out promptly despite the restaurant being packed.

Pros: Reasonably Priced, Food, Service

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Good times to be had by all!! - Edit

I LOVE this restaurant. The atmosphere is wonderful, and the food is better. They have everything you could want to eat, all vegan. I was so relieved to find a place to eat out with my family where I wasn't constantly concerned with how my food was prepared. I had the Spiral Burger the last time I went, and it was the best veggie burger I've ever had (and I've had plenty). Everything is made in store. I can't say enough great things about this place...you have to try it.

Pros: All Vegan, Tons of Beer Choices, Great Food!!

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Great experience - Edit

I took a taxi to the spiral diner since it didn't appear to be walking distance from anywhere, but it was worth it. Everything I had was so savory - even the salad - the raw walnut dressing was great! I also had the tofu scramble, which is the best i've had anywhere. The staff was very friendly - an all around great experience!

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love it! - Edit

I was so depressed to have a client in Fort Worth when I worked as a consultant in Dallas. I hated driving all the way to Fort Worth and back. BUT the Spiral Diner made the hour long drives so worth it! I had a tofu sandwich (it came with pesto etc) and I couldn't get enough of it....I had it every 2 nights! I was actually upset when my project was over and I no longer needed to go to Fort Worth. The staff was friendly, the menu was mouth watering, the desserts were amazing and I had some great food out there.

Pros: great food, variety, friendly staff

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Love this place - Edit

I can't get enough about this place. I love the food and the people are great. Now if you are looking for a place to try out that is different this is it. It is so not the same old resturant. My kids love it too. They love the kids spagetti. It's not that often I can go some place and try everything on the menu so yes it is nice to have something like this in the DFW area I wish there were more of these and less of the drive thurs. Come and try it you will love it. Just don't come on Mondays they are closed. I drove 30 mins to get there and found that out. hehehe

Pros: great food, great people

Cons: none

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Nice place - Edit

I am from NYC, and find it tough going finding a good vegan place in Texas. This place was very enjoyable: a place with a relaxed atmosphere and good food--I would definitely go here again anytime that I am in the Dalls-Fort Worth area.

Pros: good food, relaxed atmosphere, good price

Cons: not overly healthy

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worst restaurant in existence. - Edit

just kidding, I love this place soo much. im about to go in a bit. all hail spiral!

Pros: amazing food, amazing staff, agave limeade

Cons: they like to play rick springfield when , im there.

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Great place - Edit

I'm not a vegan. I'm not a vegetarian. I'm just trying to eat healthy. My cholesterol is bad. This place is good. Im going to give my two cents about eating. I am an amateaur chef. Please excuse my ignorance regarding vegan eating.

I have only had about 16 oz. of meat in the last week. and it was all chicken.

I have lost 13 lbs. and i feel better. and im craving vegetables. They are tasting good now.

I had a "patty melt" which was a perfectly toasted sandwich with vegan burger, some sort of vegan cheese, and grilled onions.It came with a side of some sort of vegan mayoaisse. It was served with a side of fresh fruit. I also added a small bowl of black beans.

It was good, and I feel good.

If you want food that tastes good and is good for you this is it.

and...the staff is incredibly nice. They bring you your food. They make sure you are happy/dont need anything. they will answer questions you might have regarding the food.

good eats.

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great place - Edit

This is the best place to eat if you are vegan. They even have cooking classes to help out anyone looking to make good vegan food at home. The staff, as stated on the menu, is here to educate, not serve. So, you have to get your own drinks, silverware, and napkins. This is no big deal, because they are hard at work making your yummy meal. There are also flyers in the restaurant to educate you on becoming a vegan and helping animals. They usually have a Blue Plate special for the month that is terrific. The food is awesome and the staff are hip and friendly. If you get a chance, read the mission on their website. It lets you know that these are people working for a cause, not profit. Did I mention, the food is worth the trip.

Pros: great food, nice staff, organic, vegan

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Heaven in Cowtown - Spiral Diner - Edit

There is not much that would attract me to Ft. Worth, aka Cowtown for it's huge cattle slaughter industry but now that I discovered The Spiral Diner I will gladly go to Cowtown (as long as they are open). The Spiral Diner is the hippest place and most saving grace of that town. Austin is supposed to be the hippy town of Texas and vegetarian friendly but Ft. Worth has us beat.

The Spiral Diner has huge varied menu. Burgers, sandwiches, salads, wraps and burritos and hot plates, coffee, smoothies, juice deserts. At most restaurants I always get the same thing because of taste but I had a hard time choosing. I have had the Savory Seitan Wrap, the Sweet Luv'Us Hummus Wrap, The VLT and pasta primavera....I've never been so excited about food : )

Pros: Varied Menu, Reasonable prices, Friendly Service

Cons: Too far from where I live!

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Wonderful! - Edit

Everything about this place is wonderful, especially the food. The cookies and cream shake is to die for, and the sketti and meatballs are wonderful. And the desserts are so good. My dad, who is a meat and potatoes hunter, said the blueberry pie was the best he ever had, and he also had nothing but good things to say about his burrito. The peanut butter cups taste just like peanut butter fudge. And the people there are wonderful too. Don't miss this place.

Pros: Wonderful food., Nice people, Great quirky atmosphere

Cons: Too far from where I live

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Let down. - Edit

After reading many many reviews here and on other websites I drug my family to eat here. I had high expectations but was sorely let down. I was so dissapointed that I sent an e-mail to the address that's listed on their website. This is an excerpt from that e-mail that tells the problems:

1.) First, it took almost 10 minutes for anyone to even notice us sitting in the far corner by the window even though several staff members were helping surrounding tables.

2.) No one offered our 17 month old son a high chair so I had to track one down myself.

3.) Our son's kids meal came really fast and I was really impressed until no one came back with napkins or utensils for me to feed him with.

4.)Almost an hour after we arrived I gave up and asked for our food to go. Our son finished his meal within 10 minutes of getting it and we had to entertain him by taking him outside for much longer than should have been necessary. A 17 month old will only sit still for so long. An hour is far to much to ask of him. But I think an hour is plenty of time to get my dinner.

5.) No one came to check on us or give us an update on our food.

6.) When I told the woman at the check out counter the above reasons why we probably wouldn't be coming back the only thing she really said was that we were sitting in her area.

This is not an main stream eating establishment in the slightest, but I would expect a certain amount of customer service.

Maybe it was an off night for everyone there. Maybe they were busier than normal. Who knows. All I know is that unless they fix the customer service issues I won't be returning. And that's a shame because once I did get to eat my food out of the to go container I really enjoyed it. The food is worth the drive to me, but the customer service turned me off completely.

I feel awful to post such a poor rating, but I haven't had a bad expierence like that in a long long time and it seemed like everyone there that I spoke to could care less what the situation was.

I felt like a number, not a person.

Pros: Good food, Nice selection

Cons: Poor service, Nonconcern for the customer

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Good, - Edit

Spiral diner is good I guess, I hate not giving Vegan places the best review, but it is a good option for us in DFW. The food is good but you can make the same at home a little more tastier. I will go again because of the desserts, they are awesome. But it is good enough if your in the area to stop by..

Pros: Location, healthy, desserts

Cons: not mucj bang for the buck, make better food at home

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I'd love to go back! - Edit

I live a few hours away, so I've only been able to visit Spiral once. I ordered the Crispy Spring Wrap with seasonal fruit (oranges) as my side. The wrap was pretty large and came with grilled seitan, crunchy veggies, and agave-mustard sauce. It was delicious, but my only complaint is that the wrap was entirely too saucy -- sometimes less is more! I also wish there weren't so many sandwiches and wraps on the menu and that they had plate-style entrees instead. There's a small grocery store were I was able to pick up my Clear Conscience contact solution, and I got a fresh chocolate chip cookie for dessert. It was crispy and tasty, but I was expecting more -- I've had much better vegan cookies in my experience! I would definitely go back just to be able to try other menu items!

Pros: Moderate prices, Completely vegan, Nice staff

Cons: Menu is hefty in the sandwiches/wraps, Disappointing cookie, White tortilla on my wrap

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I Love Spiral! - Edit

Living in Fort Worth would be sad for a vegan like me if not for Spiral Diner. There food is super yummy and mostly organic. They have a huge menu with salads, sandwiches, dinner plates, awesome desserts, and coffee. They even have natural Blue Sky sodas on tap. This is a restaurant for everyone vegetarian or not. My favorites: taco salad, Jamaican jerk sandwich, sweet luv us hummus wrap, and those addictive peanut butter cups (think Reeses but way way better). Thank you Spiral!

Pros: Yummy!, Vegan grocery area, Great atmosphere

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Vegan perfection - Edit

I'm from LA and was on a business trip and drove an hour to eat at the only vegan restaurant in the area. I had the Jamaican Jerk BBQ sandwich & Spaghetti Tropica... delicious. Casual, inexpensive, and super friendly staff.

Pros: yummy, organic, casual

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Spiral Diner Rocks! - Edit

Spiral Diner is a unique place with a cool atmosphere and even better food. Located on a corner close to downtown Ft. Worth, across the street from a scooter shop, the restaurant serves up home-style all-vegan fare with a twist. The delicious chik'n noodle soup is not to be missed if it is available. The Jamaican Jerk tempeh sandwich is a tasty treat, with sweet jerk sauce and a slice of fresh pineapple(sans vegenaise is my preference). My omnivore partner was very satisfied, as well. Several flavors of natural fountain soda are available here. There is an extensive selection of beer, including a local brew from Ft. Worth. I didn't save room for dessert or a smoothie, but I will try and do so next time, as they look very good!

Pros: great food, all vegan, ethical business

Cons: could offer more sides

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My Favorite!!! - Edit

Spiral Diner has not only the best menu selection and tantalizing flavors, the restaurant has a welcoing atmosphere where I want to stay and talk with friends. In a world of mostly chain-restaurants, it's refreshing to find a haven for Vegetarians, Vegans, and those interested in a flavorful and healthy meal. Wish they were everywhere!!

Pros: flavorful food, great selection, fun staff

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Incredible! - Edit

I was so surprised to find an all vegan restaurant in Ft. Worth, of all places. The food was great and I just about fell over when I saw that they have Dr. Becker on tap! The brownie was to die for!

Pros: excellent food, good prices, friendly staff

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Delicious! - Edit

Give this place a try, even if you are not a vegetarian. The philly cheese sandwich is awesome.My boyfriend that eats meat craves this sandwich! The pasta primavera is delicious. The chocolate shake and the brownies are also a must.

Pros: Delicious Food, Affordable, Great Atmosphere

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Great Vegan Cuisine - Edit

It was great to find this restaurant on the Happy Cow so that I had a vegan option during a business trip to Ft Worth. The food was great, and they even had some of those great hard-to-find vegan products (like seitan) for purchase. I just wished I lived nearer so I could go back!

Pros: Excellent food, Healthy food, Good portion size

Cons: Staff were only so-so

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So. Dang. Good. - Edit

Even my carnivore friends and family love this place. Large portions of awesome organic goodness. From hummus to schpadoinkle to brownie, the best fare in town. Thanks Spiral!

Pros: Great atmosphere, pancake buffet Sundays, Crunchy folks in Cowtown

Cons: Not in my house.

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