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Kanalstr 70, Lübeck, Luebeck, Germany

2 stars

02 Jul 2012

when I read "vegetarian" I think of healty food but it's not what I've found in the cafe affenbrot. there were seitan and tofu (which I didn't find elsewhere). I don't remember the name of my plate, but there were only arugula and fried tofu. there are endless ways to cook tofu and seitan. fried, is the worste. and it's unhealty. the plate was poor and I was still hungry. my girfriend was unhappy as well. I spent about 18 euro for.. nothing. I ate better at the last floor of the karlstadt (centre of lubeck). a self service restaurant with vegetarian soup, legumes, fresh vegetables, pasta.. there was also meat and fish, but there were many vegetarian choice. and it was cheaper than cafe affenbrot.

Schauenburger Street 49, Hamburg-Altstadt, Hamburg, Germany

the best (for me) in hamburg

25 Jun 2012

Wide choice, legumes, pasta, vegetables.
You can take the "buffet teller" which is a plate divided in 3 parts (about 9 euros) or a "kleine teller" (small plate).
You can fill them as you can. There is also a "all you can eat buffet" that costs 11/12 euro (9 on Saturdays).
And when you go out, you can take an apple (for free) in a basket near the exit door.
I don't remember how many vegan choice there were. for me, the price is fair (centre of hamburg) compared with other places I've been. and it's the only place where I've found legumes.

Hallerplatz 12, Hamburg, Germany

nothing special

25 Jun 2012

The food you eat there, is the same food you can find in every Italian restaurant.
There is nothing special: pasta, vegetables etc... there are no alternative to the meat (I mean proteinic food such as legumes, Tofu etc..).
It's the most expansive restaurant I've ever been. 2 plates of pasta (26 euro), one plate with 2 little spoonful of antipasti (4 euro) and one with 6 spoonful (almost 9 euro). a bottle of water: 43 euro and empty belly.
Ok, good atmosphere, friendly staff and well presented plates, but it's not enough.
And you have to take the s-bahn to get there (add 2.8 euro per person).
I don't recommend it.

Via Pontevigodarzere, 46, Padua, Italy

not a good experience

04 Mar 2012

I tried the new location.
the menu was almost the same of the one I found 2 years ago in the other place. It's a bit far from the city (you can't walk from the center). the service was poor (paper table cloth, as in a fast food). the amount of food in the plate was very poor (relating to the price). I paid 30 euros (2 people) for one mixed plate and half litre of water (water from Bozen! 200 km away from padua, and in their website the speak about low carbon imprint). slow service. why one must be hungry leaving a vegetarian restaurant? vegan options available. I give advice to the owner: or you lower the price, or you put more food in the plate

Oeder Weg 26, Frankfurt, Germany

the only place for vegan in frankfurt

06 Jan 2012

it's quite expansive in relations to the food in your plate.
the pita bread is very good but I had to take two of them (one is not enought). even the plate with french beans and dried tomatoes was good but there were only 2 dried tomatoes in my plate! I think that the owner won't go bankrupt if he put more food in the plates! for the price I pay I expect not to be hungry when I go out. but it's the only place for vegans in frankfurt (for example, in another restaurant I ordered lentil soup and it was made with chicken stock!)

via Tiziano Aspetti, 7, Padova, Padua, Italy

needs improvement (for me)

29 Aug 2013

I went there last year and I recommend it to happy cow. I wrote "expansive" but I have to explain.
you don't pay cover charge but tha main course costs 9 euro and it's not abundand.
I took chicory in balsamic vinegar (or somewhat). it was tasty but there were only 3 pieces of chicory (4 euros).
my girfriend took mushrooms stuffed with (I don't remember) and in the plate there were 5 little mushrooms arranged like the black points on the face of a die.
it means that we didn't eat anything except for the main course.
the staff is friendly, the wines are good (I drunk water but there were students drinking wine and, as the prices are not low and the students are always pennyless, it means that the wine is good).
vegan and vegetarian cakes looked good. I will not return there but you can try it.
a little bit far from the centre of the town (5 minutes walk from the train station). for me it needs improvement but lots of people like it and (maybe) don't care about the price if the food is organic. but the quantity of food for me is important (I pay 9 euros without problems if the plate is full).
Updated from previous review on Thursday August 29, 2013

Updated from previous review on Thursday August 29, 2013

Kannikestraede 19, Kobenhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

my best experience in copenhagen

25 Jun 2012

It's good that the buffet is actually an "all you can eat buffet". You can fill your plate with everything and then you can do another round (lunch menu (89 kr) cheaper than evening menu (99 kr). You pay beverage apart).
There weren't the name of the food. Broccoli and other vegetables were raw (I'm used to eat them cooked).
No alternative to the meat. No legumes or other proteinic food.
Lots of seat. I ate there twice and I remember that in the evening there were more choice.
The menu was almost the same anyway (2 consecutive days).
I raccomend it.

19 hs Sint Jacobstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

disagree with other review

25 Jun 2012

Small place, not very clean (the sons of the owner enter in the restaurant with bikes). Flavorless food. The only flavor I recognized was seaweed (alga). I got some rice with avocado (and somethine else) but it was really flavorless. (we only tried 2 dishes from the menu). Average price but it doesn't worth it.

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