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1024 Lovohaz utca 1-5, Budapest, Hungary


i manage a health food shop and i search them out all over on my travels. this place was very disappointing, the shelves were more than half empty, never a good sign for me. they had sojade soy yoghurt which we sell in amsterdam for 2,30 euros, it was 5 euros here, i could not beleive it. i did buy a few staples , soy milk and some nuts and snacks but found it so expensive, your much better off eating in restaraunts in budapest in my opinion, i had an apartment and thought i would cook, but the price was a huge deterent wand i could eat a huge meal at eden for 2 or 3 euros, then when you compare a 500ml soy yoghurt for twice the price of a meal....

Iskola Utca 31, Budapest, Hungary


this is my favorite place to eat in budapest. i am half hungarian and have memories of my grandmothers cooking when i was very young and this brought back wonderful memories. polachinta took me back immediately, crepes with lakvar (prune butter) and sour cream and powdered sugar on top, can't beat it and vegan fantastic!!! there is a smaller version of the same restaraunt in pest too on the fancy shopping street but i like this one the best.

XIII. ker. Hollán Ernő utca 6, Budapest, Hungary


wonderful place with good vegan options, helpful staff and a nice relaxed atmosphere. i stayed around the corner and had several memorable meals here chatting with one of the young workers. i found it interesting the reading material was a hungarian cannabis magazine, i come from amsterdam so i felt right at home!

Riedinger Str. 26e, Augsburg, Germany

Great vegan food in Augsburg

We stopped on our way from Stuttgart to Munich for a meal. Nice little place friendly staff. Not sure about English as I speak German. Staff were very helpful and friendly. We had the day special with a salad, it was a macaroni carbonada that was lovely! Great experience and great food too!

24 rue Rambuteau, Paris, France

very disappointing

this was my first time here, i travel once a year or more to paris and this was our honeymoon so we wanted something nice...this was the wrong place. the menu must be different as there was no "page" of vegan options, there were vegan options but no seperate page. I had the seitan bourgognon (Sp)which was tough and boring and there was little more than a few big pieces of seitan a couple carrot slices and wine sauce. my version is much better and i expected top quality for the price and hey it's a french dish i thought they would do it justuce, but no. my husband had the quinoa burger with mushroom sauce and it cold, the burger and the sauce, we both ordered the menu but as they were out of one thing i wanted and i had to choose something else i had to pay full price, we left hungry and had spent 70 euros...i went and ate felafel on rue de rosiers afterwards and for 5 euros i was happier with the taste and quality... our experience was not good and i will not return... not recomended in my book...

Ferenciek tere 2, Budapest, Hungary

great food

i found it pretty easily on my first afternoon in budapest, it was early but i was hungry and had read of "the best vegan pizza in europe", so i tried the hungarian pizza, it was good but not the best in europe. i find the pizza at country life in prague a lot better! regardless, it was good, the desserts were fantastic. i came back two more times, i have hungarian roots and there were many things on the menu i wanted to try. i was not once disappointed here and the staff were friendly and helpful. they had some homemade seitan ghoulash in jars for sale and some other homemade things, i had kolbasa one day (a type of hungarian spicey "sausage"-vegan of course) and asked about it and the sold me a big bag of them to take home with me! poopy seed cake was a highlight from the desserts!

66 boulevard de Sebastopol, Paris, France

great coop

we stayed this time just around the corner from this coop. they had a great selection of vegan food. they have warm food also with vegan options, it varys from day to day. but i got an amazing carot algae (seaweed) tart and another a day a wonderful selection of quinoa with vegies and beans and salad and croquettes from courgette, mmmm! they have good organic produce and pretty much everything you couold want from a health food shop. also english speaking helpful personel. I manage a health food shop in amsterdam and i gave them a card and told them about the shop and they gave me the member discount!

Klenzestr. 53, Munich, Germany

Lovely place

Lovely place, great tea selection! Nice cakes, a little more on the healthy side but very nice! If you are wanting food the food is written on a sign outside or inside way up above the counter with the servers. There are the other drinks as well, there is only a printed menu for teas as the food changes daily! And drinks are varied as well! Very nice atmosphere....i do speak German so it was no problem for us. The staff were very friendly!

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