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Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany

la mano perfecto

16 Nov 2011

la mano verde was the last restaurant i visited in berlin, and i'm so glad i kept it to the end because after you ate there- you cannot go back to regular vegan burger or pizza.

the dishes in la mano verde are so creative. the owner puts a lot of thought while creating a dish that you won't find anywhere else, for sure.
the combination between the ingredients will surprise you. i ordered Spaghetti with Passe-Pierre, and was delighted by the wakame they added. my friend ordered Cappelletti del Estate, which was a kind of Ravioli that the chef made from the start as we ordered! oh... so fresh!
we were kind of stuffed when we finished eating, but our experience was so good that we decided to ordered another dish, because we knoe it was the only time for a long time that we'll be there, so we ordered Almond Thyme Crushed Tempeh, which was outstandong! the tempeh was crisp and fool of taste.
we recommand you try the dessert Plum Trifle!
and if the owner is available for a chat- go for it, he's a very interesting man! he will explain you all his theory about vegan food.
the staff knows english pretty well, and the service was perfect. the atmosphere is calm but prestigious.

Kollwitzstr 54, Berlin, Germany

i'm so lucky!

16 Nov 2011

i had a limited time and place in my stomach in berlin, but the experience i had in Lucky Leek had me running back for another great meal!
the dishes are creative, extremely beautiful and so so so tasty. i especaily recommand these two dishes: Saltimbocca from tomato with roasted cauliflower and pumpkin gnocchi, and the Rosotto carnaroli with sage, white and black beans, red onions and herbed tempeh.
after eating the risotto i fell in love with sage.
if you're a chockolate person you should definitely try the chockolate mouse. i have to note that i was very disappointed of all the sweets in berlin, but Lucky Leek was the light at the end of my tunnel. the mouse was excellent, but even more outstanding was the Vanilla Tart.

there's an english manu, and the staff will kindly anser all your questions. and believe me- the man who served me had a lot of patience.

you should order a table before you go there, cause it's a bit small, few tables, so to promise this great experience plan ahead.

Skalitzer Strasse 75, Berlin, Germany

beautiful place, such a tasty food

16 Nov 2011

my friend and i enjoyed a good breakfast at rootz, of scrumbled tofu and bagel sandwiches, which were so good to our stomach!
the service was perfect, the sellers were very nice to us, showing the english manu and explaining about every dish in a good english.
the place is designed so sweetly, especialy the restroom!
to the vegans out there- all the vegan dishes are marked in green, and there are lots of vegan options.

we definitely recommand!

Meduliceva 20, Zagreb, Croatia


15 Sep 2015

If you are in Croatia don't dare to miss this place! Great service, such tasty dishes, I wish I had more room in my stomach so that I could try more dishes. A very good value for money. I especially reccomand the breaded tofu!!

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