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135 Whitecross Street, London, UK, London, England


I went there last night (Feb 2010) with a large group of vegans. They were really happy to point out what was vegan on the menu and answer questions on allergies.

The menu isn't huge but the food was delicious. Even the "bangers and mash" which didn't look too appealing when it came out, tasted amazing. I had the panisse which came with a lovely vegetable sauce and quite a big salad. For dessert the chocolate raspberry roulade was amazing- one of the best vegan cakes I've eaten.

It's not a cheap place, but it's not too pricey either. A bit off the beaten track, but well worth a visit.

57-61 Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

good but missing something...

I visited a few weeks ago with a fellow vegan and an omnivore friend. All of us were impressed with the menu, it seemed very creative with items like a Stuffed Banana Soufflé with chocolate sauce and Pistachio and Spinach Roulade with cranberries, cassis and cinnamon. With the mains you also get a side of salad (green, mixed) or vegetables (roast, stirfried, steamed). Clearly alot of thought had gone in to making interesting dishes.

To start we ordered mushroom garlic bread, which was really just mushroom bruchetta, it was fine, nothing exciting. The mains were all good. I had the asparagus and tofu balls with pineapple chutney which were a little dry- some extra chutney or salsa would have helped with this. But it was still pretty tasty. The sauce on the spinach and puff pastry roulade was apparently overwhelmingly sweet as well. The banana soufflé was also apparently very nice. Each of the dishes were quite creative and whilst they were missing a few things, we were all very satisfied and enjoyed the meal.

All of us ordered the blueberry tart for dessert. The filling for it was delicious, but the base was too dry and overly sweet. It was also very plainly presented, a drizzle of blueberry sauce could have added to presentation and also to the overall dryness.

Service was average, we had to call staff over to take our orders rather than them returning to see if we were ok (and they weren't too full). Food took awhile to come out, but we were told about this before we ordered and all the food is cooked from scratch apparently, so it was to be expected. Don't pop in for a quick meal!

Also this is definately a vegetarian rather than vegan place. When we went there were only three vegan options for mains and only two for dessert (one sorbet flavour and a tart). They didn't have enough copies of menus stating what was and wasn't vegan (we were given only one copy which got taken away for another table whilst we were still deciding!). Also, disappointingly, there was no vegan wine on the extensive wine list.

I'd go back here, but it's not a place I'll be raving about.

1087 New North Rd, Mt Albert, Auckland

Fluffy pancakes!

This is a charming little cafe with a simple vegan menu. We decided to go for the pancakes and mushroom on toast. Two simple sounding meals, but wow, we were blown away by them.

Pancakes were the fluffiest I've ever had (which is annoying as I can make pretty awesome ones myself!) They were served with banana, fresh berries, a berry sauce and a coconut cream. Delicious. The mushroom on toast involved a basil pesto, spinach, avocado and two types of mushroom on seed bread- also delicious. Based on this we also took away some pastries for lunch which were also of an excellent standard.

The coffee is excellent, the staff were friendly and as decribed the furniture is eclectic. It is a little out of the way to get to, especially if you're a visitor staying centrally, and is on a major road so is a little loud, but well worth the trip.

120 Beaufort Street, Perth

Excellent range

PAWS has a great range of vegan grocery items such as mock meat, chocolates, drinks, spices, personal care items, dog/cat food etc. Staff are friendly and there is also a net cafe and small library of animal/environment/vegan books to read. They also have a Monday evening feast and Tues-Friday lunches which are 100% vegan too.

76 Clarence Road, Hackney, East London, England

happy vegan anarchist co-op

Pogo's is a co-op, so all the staff are volunteers, they often run free workshops in the evenings and show films on Monday nights. They offer free wifi and computers and books to read, so it's a place where people can relax rather than "eat and run".

The food is delicious and cheap, usually several cakes on offer and all of the food is filling and of excellent quality. I love the Sunday breakfast- it's a must if you are in London on a Sunday. They have two options- the Devil which is a fry-up (mushrooms, spuds, pancake, beans, rasher, sausage etc) and the Angel which is alot healthier (hommus, bread, salads etc)!

Elys Yard, Old Truman Brewery, London, UK, East London, England


Have been disappointed to read some of the reviews of this place. I've been here about a dozen times over the past 18months I've been living in London (most recently in Feb 2010) and have always experienced great food, wine and service. The menu changes seasonally and I've found the dinner menu to be much better than the lunch. I've never had a problem asking for diabetic and allergy friendly options and both picky omnivores and fussy vegans have been impressed. Only problem has been booking for bigger groups, often they will be booked out in advance and it is a small venue (being on a bus!) so it can be quite crowded sometimes.

Moskovs'kyi Ave 23g, Kiev, Ukraine

Good pastries

Popped in here on a Sunday evening, only to discover they were about to close. None of the staff speak English and they don't have an English menu, but another customer was very helpful and translated for us.

The menu was quite vast and very reasonably priced and there seemed to be a range of vegan options. We got several different pastries- some with seitan, some with just vegetable and some that were sweet- to take away. They were all delicious and filling.

Eco Buffet is upstairs, but was easy to find if you follow the signs on the pathway once you cross the main road from the train station. I am disappointed we didn't get a chance to eat-in.

194 William St, Northbridge, Perth

Disappointing to vegans

I've been to Govinda's many times over the years. Whilst they usually have a main that is vegan, the sweets are not. Which is fine, even though you pay the same price without the sweets. I visited yesterday and enquired what was vegan on the menu. The staff said nothing was, but they could pick the whey/cheese out of the curry for me! I explained this wasn't suitable and left. Just a warning to other vegans about this disgusting attitude.

89 St Mark's Rd, Easton, Bristol, England

Well worth the trip!

I visited Cafe Maitreya two nights ago with my partner on the recommendation of a friend (we were in Bristol for the Eco Veggie Fayre). After reading the reviews here at Happycow I expected to be disappointed. I wasn't. This was one of the best meals I've eaten and worthy of the awards it has received.

We started with bread and pesto that was brought to our table as we sat down. The waitress confirmed it was all vegan and the pesto was quite good.

There are four options for each course, with at least two or three of them being vegan (or having a vegan option). The wild garlic gnocchi entree was lovely and delicious, with subtle flavours. For mains I had the warm summer salad which had new season asparagus and baby carrots as well as greens, cashews in a dressing over new potatoes. My partner was equally impressed with the cassoulet.

For dessert I selected the trifle, which consisted of blueberries in red berry jelly topped with honeycomb, strawberries and ginger sorbet (the menu had coconut icecream listed but they were out of it). It was nice, but not as amazing as the previous courses. The dark chocolate torte that my partner had however, was fantastic, not too sugary as can often happen with cakes and the richness of the chocolate combined well with the rhubarb and hazelnut base.

At £23 for three courses (plus wine from the extensive selection), it is not a cheap everyday eat-out. However the food quality and the atmosphere was excellent and this makes the price more than reasonable and ideal for a special occasion venue. I know a previous review said the portions were small, however we were more than comfortably full after three courses.

A word of warning. Cafe Maitreya is in a less than reputable part of town and is also in an area which is mostly housing. Our taxi driver got lost trying to find it!

u2/6-8 Weedon Close, Belconnen, Canberra

Excellent Authentic Malaysian

I've eaten here fairly regularly over the past year or so as despite not being exclusively vegan, they have some excellent vegan options.

The food is very authentic hawker style Malaysian, with dishes such as char kwey teow, rojak, roti canai, rendang curry and nasi lemaki available. They offer soy meat and tofu as options for most dishes.

The flavours are magnificent, though if you cannot handle chilli or spice it's best to mention it as some of the dishes are quite spicy.

The staff are lovely and very accomodating and friendly. They will go through the menu with you if you aren't sure which options are vegan or if you have any allergies.

There is a small "childrens area" with books and toys which a couple of 3 year olds I know enjoy as it gives them a better option than sitting at the table whilst waiting for food to arrive.

farmers markets, Hobart

Try the hot chocolate!

Lovely market stall that has four burittos at anyone time- one vegan, one meat (wallaby), two vegetarian. The variety changes seasonally and they try to use local produce. Staff were friendly and the girl serving was also vegan, though all their vegan options were clearly marked on the signage.

Had the vegan offering which included dakon, roasted pumpkin, quinoa, beans and cashew cheese. Excellent mix of flavours and large serving size (very glad I had a half!) Being winter they were also selling vegan hot chocolate that was advertised as "chilli & cinnamon". The chilli wasn't overpowering and the cinnamon involved putting a whole cinnamon stick into the cup. The hot chocolate was thick and also was made with coconut milk. Delicious.

56 Hampden Road, Battery Point, Hobart


Pollen Tea Room is a delightful tea house set in an heritage cottage in the historical Battery Point area. The room itself is cosy, but there is space outside which was fine even in the winter.

There are a couple of pages of teas to select from, including both herbal and black tea blends. They also sell chai and coffee. I tried the hazelnut chai which had a very earthy flavour and on my second visit the detox tea which has soft mint overtones.

The food menu is very brunch orientated with things like avocado smash and various types of eggs. There are one or two options with salmon. They also have a specials board with salads and soups. I went with the avocado smash with oil and lemon- the sourdough was great and the flavours were nice and not too overwhelming.

They also have a range of "sweet treats" that are all raw vegan. The avocado cacao triangles with blueberries were pretty amazing- lovely mousse texture over a nut base. Apparently these change, but during my visit they also had spirulina bites and superfood balls.

Staff were really friendly and helpful- both in choosing tea from the vast range to letting me know what was vegan friendly.

So, a review from a vegan who's actually eaten here... It was so good I came here twice over a weekend visit to Hobart and highly recommend.

50 High St, Shop 6, Auckland

Dismal in more ways than one

I love Thai cusine so was looking forward to this, but unfortunately this was one of the worst dining experiences I've had.

Walking in the feel of this place is "cheap & cheery", so we didn't expect fine dining, but given the good reviews still expected good food. Apparently cold water or ice was out of the question, which is fine for such a casual venue.

The menu is quite small and aimed at a lunchtime crowd with lots of dishes coming with rice or noodles. They were also quite heavy on dishes with eggplant (not my thing personally). Which is fine, however when we ordered we were told that they couldn't do vegan versions as they had run out of certain vegan mock meats and were using egg ones. This was surprising given both menu and signage indicated this was a vegan restaurant. They also couldn't specify which dishes they could do vegan until we ordered again.

Eventually we had to call back the waitress to take our second order- roast "duck" with vegetables and a curry. The "duck" arrived and quite simply it lacked all flavour. It didn't taste bad, it simply tasted of nothing- none of the herbs or flavours you associate with Thai cusine. Or any cuisine.

After 15 minutes we asked where the curry was, hoping that it also wouldn't be a dud. The waitress said, "I didn't think you wanted it" as if somehow confirming the order she read back to us and cancelling half the order were the same thing. No apology, no effort to get it made.

We decided to bail, and I asked what type of sauce they used on the "duck" because it was very bland. I was told it was barbecue sauce and everyone liked it. Apparently the customer is always wrong here.

I'd give this place negative stars if I could. Avoid at all costs.

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