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CLOSED: Cosset

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Contact 09-8460655

1087 New North Rd, Mt Albert, Auckland, New Zealand, 1025

Home style coffee bar offering breakfast and lunch food made in its vegan kitchen. Sells packaged sweets, whole cakes, dips, syrups and sauces. Vegan except dairy options. Eclectic furniture decor, ree Wi-Fi. Confirmed closed, May 2016. Open Tue-Fri 7:30am-4:00pm, Sat-Sun 8:00am-4:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Western

Reviews (23)

First Review by Saffron1299

Cute little cafe with awesome vegan pancakes! - Edit

I love this place! Great coffee, great food and a really quirky atmosphere. I almost always go for the pancakes but they also do amazing corn fritters, savoury pinwheels, filo parcels, muffins and even hotdogs! They also have the cutest little cakes and melting moments. Perfect place for a Sunday brunch.

Pros: Good atmosphere , Great cakes/food, Great coffee

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I love this place. It's completely vegan apart from milk and cream options for those who like animal secretions. Staff are super chilled and nice. The place is so arty and vintage/retro. I can't stop going here.. 10/10 for me.

Pros: everything

Cons: wish it was open earlier and later so I could get

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Fluffy pancakes! - Edit

This is a charming little cafe with a simple vegan menu. We decided to go for the pancakes and mushroom on toast. Two simple sounding meals, but wow, we were blown away by them.

Pancakes were the fluffiest I've ever had (which is annoying as I can make pretty awesome ones myself!) They were served with banana, fresh berries, a berry sauce and a coconut cream. Delicious. The mushroom on toast involved a basil pesto, spinach, avocado and two types of mushroom on seed bread- also delicious. Based on this we also took away some pastries for lunch which were also of an excellent standard.

The coffee is excellent, the staff were friendly and as decribed the furniture is eclectic. It is a little out of the way to get to, especially if you're a visitor staying centrally, and is on a major road so is a little loud, but well worth the trip.

Pros: Coffee, Pastries, Delicious food

Cons: location, busy road

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Lovely cafe, great food - Edit

I love the cossett. They make the perfect flat white / latte, have super delicious sweet and savoury food, and it's a super nice place to catch up with friends or also to do some work. When I was there they had free wifi as well. The only tiny thing that bothers me is that the door is constantly open during the summer, which can be loud due to the busy road or breezy. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this cafe!

Pros: delicious food, awesome coffee, good for sweet or savoury

Cons: open door/busy road

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Cosset - Edit

This humble little cafe totally lives up to its name 'Cosset' as from the moment you walk in you feel instantly 'cosseted'. The haphazard sitting areas, with retro chairs and soft furnishings, & other classic memorabilia, nothing matching but everything goes together in these instantly familiar surroundings. There are shelves & shelves of tempting treats, that you know are healthy and made from organic ingredients, many vegan. The menu is comfort itself, with counter and blackboard options, all freshly made on site, & mostly organic. Don't overlook this little gem of a place. It's definitely in my - 'could eat there every day' category.
Updated from previous review on Thursday September 04, 2014

Pros: Many choices of excellent food, All Vegetarian & Vegan, Priced well

Cons: Some distance from town, Not near anywhere

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Vegan Paradise - Edit

Such a cute cafe with many yummy vegan bakery goods. The vegan Brownie is amazing and the best I ever had. Lovely coffee as well. Wish i could go there every day.
Updated from previous review on Thursday August 28, 2014

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Delicious Vegan Food! - Edit

A fab find for us whilst in Auckland. Delicious rolls, wraps and savoury foods as well as awesome hot cakes and desserts.
Updated from previous review on Saturday July 05, 2014

Pros: Fantastic Coffee, Light, Fluffy Hot Cakes With Cashew Cream And Jam, Fresh, Delicious Fare

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Cutest little cafe in Mt Albert - Edit

The cafe is cute with an eclectic mix of furniture, the staff are friendly, and the food is good. It's nice to know that anything you order is going to be vegan-friendly unless you specifically ask for dairy milk, cream or yogurt. And they're open on Sundays! Worth a little bit of a trip out of the way if it's not in your usual area - it's small but homely.

Pros: Good sized portions, Vegan, Nice staff

Cons: Limited outdoor seating

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Love the cakes! - Edit

Sweet cafe, selling vegan food a plentiful! Who ever moaned about them serving dairy is just being ridiculous! The cafe is all vegan except milk, you can opt for cashew cream which is amazing with the cakes ... There are not many places where the menu is completely vegan.
The food is delicious with lots of choice, would definitely recommend a trip to Cosset whether you are just visiting Auckland or are a local :)

Pros: Great atmosphere, Delicious food, 100% vegan food

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Pleasant all-vegan cafe - Edit

great coffees which can be flavoured with 'lavender' and 'star anise' etc.

nice baking with a small food menu that changes. would like to see them expand their menu to include more cooked food - so far everything ive tried here has been very nice.

the decor is nice and contemporary however last time i was in there there was what looked to be a kids drawing of a swastika inside which i found odd. not sure of the context there but would suggest taking it down.

Updated from previous review on Sunday June 09, 2013

Pros: coffee, all vegan food, decor

Cons: weird swastika art

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Best cafe in town - Edit

We miss Cosset since we moved away! Their whole menu is vegan and delicious - plus, the cafe itself is super cute and cozy. You can get comfortable with a hot water bottle near the resident cat during the winter.

Amazing homemade baked goods! The brunch/breakfast menu is always delicious too - try the almond pancakes or homemade baked beans. I only wish they didn't serve dairy milk, yogurt or cream, but that's to be expected from NZ. Still, it's the best place with a 100% vegan food menu. (Just make sure you ask for soy if you're vegan)

Pros: Vegan baked goods, Cute environment, Big menu

Cons: Serves dairy

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Reviewer Avatar

The Best vegan pie I have ever got! - Edit

Today, I had the best vegan pie I have ever eaten! Pumpkin, spinach, zucchini, pesto... A combination which really took my breath away! I also had a try for the best vegan pina colada smoothie and the macarone-chocolate cake and I took away a walnut tart with portobello mushrooms. Everything I got was SO good! Nothing to complain about! And the service was EXCELLENT! Thanks for the advice got from the waitresses, I found back to the city by taking an alternative route by foot. It was great after eating so well ;)
Even though this cafe/bisto is a bit further away from the city, it is ABSOLUTELY worth visiting! It's one of the greatest vegan places I have EVER been! FANTASTIC!

Pros: Excellent totally vegan food, Excellent service, Lovely decoration

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Cakes, mmmmmm - Edit

I don't find myself in Mt Albert very often but when I'm within about a 20 min drive, I will take a detour to stop by. Their baked goods are so good, and such a variety that always changes. The chocolate brownie is so fricken good, the perfect balance of crunchy, chewy and melt in your mouthy. The raspberry macadamia cake from last week was divine. The pancakes for breakfast (or lunch) are super tasty, way better than the vegan pancakes at Revel which were terrible. Would love Cosset to open a cafe downtown, I'd be there everyday.

Pros: Cakes, Brownies, Pancakes

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Cozy vegan nook worth the travel! - Edit

It was a bit of a trek to get to Cosset - especially on an awful wet windy day, coming from a Mangere hotel, as a Wellingtonian unfamiliar with the area and relying on public transport! We ordered the filo pie of the day (crispy and delish), the hotcakes (fluffy yumminess) and a slice of chocolate macaroon cake to share (dense and coconutty). I was really impressed with the vegan condiments that came with the cake: strawberry sauce, dark choc syrup, whipped cream AND strawberry yoghurt. Ordered a slice of cranberry and coconut loaf to go, again dense and coconutty. My only issue would be that the wait staff forgot to bring us either sweet, but their friendliness made up for that. If only we had a Wellington Cosset :)

Pros: Completely vegan menu, Wide variety of sweets, Cozy atmosphere

Cons: Difficult to get to

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Vegan friendly? - Edit

Nice little place to have a snack and while away and hour,
food great (a bit pricy)and very friendly staff, however, hardly vegan friendly when it's serving cows milk and dairy based yogurt, might just as well have a side of beef hanging in the window. Sure it's good to be able to get vegan food but you can get vegan food anywhere (even in MC donalds), in my humble opinion if they want to tout themselves as vegan or vegan friendly (i accept they may not be advertising themselves as such)then they should be selling only vegan food otherwise it's just another omnivores cafe devoid of concern for animals. Is the vegan food just to pull in the punters? i suppose so, when it all boils down to it they just want to make a buck regardless of any ethical concerns.

Pros: tasty vegan food, nice ambience, friendly staff

Cons: a bit pricy, sells animal product, parking

1 Response

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misssakura 22 Feb 2013 - I really feel that it's important to respond to this review. It states
"hardly vegan friendly when it's serving cows milk and dairy based yogurt". The term 'vegan friendly' means that the establishment serves a good selection of vegan food. Cosset goes beyond even that definition by making all of its food vegan. The review then states "when it all boils down to it they just want to make a buck regardless of any ethical concerns". It is incredibly, incredibly hard for even a normal dairy-meat-happy cafe to stay open for more than a year. Can you imagine what the odds are then, for a vegan cafe? It's all very well to state that you want somewhere to be 100% vegan and in an ideal world that would happen. However there are people who refuse to drink coffee with soy milk and would steer away from this place. Isn't it better to have a cafe that stays open and supports vegan food rather than one that is idealistic but ends up closing? There isn't a lot of choice in New Zealand, believe it or not and I think this is an acceptable compromise. The staff stated to me before that they only buy small quantities of milk from organic farms. Perhaps if they become more established they can phase out the milk. I find it ridiculous that you think "otherwise it's just another omnivores cafe devoid of concern for animals". How is it an omni cafe when the milk is in a fridge, away from the kitchen and is only served to customers who specifically ask for cow's milk? To then state it may as well be McDonalds is a further insult. They are trying very hard, in a country that is very meat and cheese happy, to introduce a great selection of vegan food to the public and doing a good job. This is, for all intents and purposes, a vegan cafe.

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Enjoyable - Edit

I've had a medium bowl (there are 3 sizes) with a combination of 3 yummy salads (chickpeas etc), a bowl of wholesome onion soup (not fully my thing re spicing, but I finished it off diligently - there might be other soups on other days), and Cosset Meze - a combination of yummy dips: pesto, olives etc with a selection of crispy toasted breads. Very nice pina colada smoothie and cranberry juice rounded up with a large pot of tea (more than 2 cups) and a yummy orange and other goodies cake slice and a sweet tasty ball with embedded coffee grains. There's a wide selection of cakes, a lot of them labeled gluten free. I didn't quizz about everything being vegan, but most of it seemed to be. It's pretty cozy - I was enjoying my combined breakfast and lunch on a padded bench, reading weekend paper and peering through the window. The service was extremely friendly and fast too: they even asked me if I was ready for another dish.

Pros: Great food, Great service, Vegan enough for me

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A great place for vegans to chill out - Edit

We had read some good reviews of Cosset and finally got around to trying it today. I had hardly any food the day before so I was hungry! We drove past the cafe the first time and had to park and walk up. The inside of the cafe is going for the 'quirky vintage' look which is interesting but maybe not that practical when it comes to seating. We picked a little school desk by the door but it was a bit cramped. Anyway the menu is all vegan but they do have some dairy milk and yoghurt in the fridge. I picked the filo pie with the carrot salad on the side. My partner had the special of the day, the Garlic mushrooms (which were pricy at $15.50!). We also had a latte and a cranberry juice. The music playing was a little sleepy but not obnoxious and the staff prompt and friendly.

We received the meal and my partner was a little upset by the size of the meal. For $15 you'd expect a huge plate but actually it was just a crumpet cut in half with what looked like 2 portabello mushrooms. All in all the ingredients probably cost them about $2-3. That said the meal did taste absolutely delicious and the vegan aioli on the side was yummy. My filo pie was nice and light and the carrot salad was fresh and tasty. I actually loved pouring some of the aioli over my carrot salad, yummy! For pudding we had the chocolate cake with some sort of cranberry jam. I think it was made from wholemeal flour which gave it an interesting taste. The texture was good, maybe a little 'healthy' tasting but after the first few bites we really got into it and finished the whole plate.

I think their specials of the day are very overpriced for the amount of food you get. The pies are much better priced and the one I had was delicious.

I will definitely go back and hopefully I won't keep asking 'are you sure it's vegan?'. Just not used to that amount of choice. :)

Pros: friendly staff, nice pies, all vegan!

Cons: expensive, cramped seating, small portions

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A cute little gem in Mt Albert - Edit

This is a delightful little cafe tucked away in Mt Albert where you wouldn't expect it, and I love the fact that they don't overtly advertise that they are vegan - in fact I wouldn't have known unless I asked - because it means those non-vegans among us don't approach it with any personal bias, and can simply enjoy it for what it is. The menu and flavour of some items on the limited menu could be improved on, but the truffles are amazing and the eclectic range of furnishings and table books make it a lovely place to meet for coffee. Really lovely staff too.

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Great to have a vegan cafe... - Edit

since I live in Auckland. That said, my first visit was enough to get me back, but not enough for a rave review. It's a cute little place, going for a "vintage" look. The pros first: some seriously good coffee, and an all-vegan menu. But the menu itself was tiny. Our brunch options consisted of hotcakes and muesli. The hotcakes were good, though nothing special, though it was certainly nice to have this option in Auckland. Our muffin was also good, though not as good as what's on offer at Kokako. On the whole, we had a pleasant experience, but it's not a place I'll be running to. But overall, I'm very happy that Auckland has a place that's unabashedly vegan, and promotes vegan events as well - so good on them!

Cons: tiny menu

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This is a MUST GO! - Edit

Oh. My. God. SERIOUSLY good food. Highly, highly recommended. The food was a treat to my taste buds, the coffee divine, service was wonderful - a totally enjoyable experience on many levels! Even my so NOT vegan husband loved everything he ate and drank and will happily go back - to quote him "I was pleasantly surprised by the good food and the coffee is the best in the world".

Pros: amazing food, friendly staff, really cute decor

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