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3234 Main St, Buffalo, USA

I Ate At Amy's Place

Amy's Place is good for a "dive-ish" type diner. I will say I've never been served in styrofoam though. I like the lentil-berry sandwich and Cait's plate. Never waste your time on the chili. The menu clearly marks what's vegan and most meals can be made vegan just by asking for no cheese.

364 Roy St, Seattle, USA

I Ate at Bamboo Garden

I had the Golden Fried Chicken Nuggets and Spring Rolls as appetizers. They were delicious. I ordered the Mandarin Chicken as my entree, also delicious.

4757 12th Ave NE, Seattle, USA

I Ate at Chaco Canyon

I had the Pesto Melt with Ethiopian Lentil Soup and a Limeade spritzer. The Pesto Melt was delicious, it's definitely a sandwich I could eat again and again. The Lentil soup was good as soups go. I liked the Limeade spritzer too.

87 John St S, Hamilton, Canada

I Ate At Affinity

I loved eating at Affinity. I had the Kung Pao Chicken since it had been mentioned a few times and it was totally delicious. The combination dinner is the best deal, for $2 more you get soup, spring roll, your meal, a jelly and tea service. I went with vegans and meat-eaters and everyone enjoyed their meals. I highly recommend eating at this restaurant!

2141 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, USA

I've Shopped at Feel-Rite

The Delaware location does not have a deli. In terms of selection, I would rather go to the Lexington Co-Op or Wegman's because Feel-Rite seems to stock less specialty foods. I usually only stop here because it's on my way home from work. One good thing though, they almost always have rotting bananas that are ultra cheap and perfect for banana bread or as egg replacers in baking recipes.

807 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, USA

I've shopped at Lexington Co-op

The Co-op is recently updated and looking good. They often have the best sale prices on veg'n food in the area and they have great local and organic produce. The co-op also has a hot foods/salad bar that typically features at least two vegan dishes and several more vegetarian dishes. Their prepared foods tend to be a little bland and sometimes the presentation isn't so great though. Also it looks like they recently added some outdoor seating, so that's a nice plus for the summer weather if people are buying foods off the hot bar.

2110 N 55th St, Seattle, USA

I Ate at Mighty-O

I had nine different donuts - 6 were cake donuts and 3 were yeast raised and I enjoyed them all. I liked the variety of flavors with the cake donuts. My favorite was the Don King (Chocolate cake donut with icing and coconut). I liked the jelly filled as well, especially since that's something that's hard to find vegan. Basically if I lived in Seattle at least one meal a day would be one or five of these donuts.

7770 Transit Rd, Williamsville, USA

I Ate at Pizza Plant

Pizza Plant isn't so great. They offer soy cheese, tofu, and a veg "whings" appetizer, which is amazing because you can feel like a normal person and eat at a pizza place. The drawback is that everything is expensive. I got a soy cheese "pod" with two ingredients and a spinach crust and it weighed in at just under $20. The crust on the inside tasted raw and the sauce was too sweet.

2308 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, USA

I ate at Taste Good

Taste Good has an extensive menu with mockmeat dishes...everything from sesame or general tso's "chicken" / "beef" to mockmeat with black bean or orange sauce. I have tried the Sesame "chicken", it had a mild flavor and the chicken pieces were a little chewy, but still good. I also tried the "beef" and broccoli which was good as well. I like Taste Good because I can try chinese dishes that are not just deep-fried bean curd.

17 Baldwin St, Toronto, Canada

I Ate At Vegetarian Haven

The tofu drumsticks are amazing.

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