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87 John St S, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8N 2C2

Vegetarian restaurant offering an extensive menu that includes Asian style mock meat dishes, combo meals, and assorted teas drinks. Non smoking. All you can eat lunch and dinner buffet Tue-Sun. FEB 2015 REPORTED SHUT.

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21 Reviews

First Review by lindsconrow

Great place - Edit

very cute lovely restaurant 100% vegetarian 98% vegan (some cakes not vegan) its so nice going to a buffet and not needing to have a special server guide you not need to walk past cut up corpses, or deal with watching other people eat them. its a great escape from meat culture. If that bit is to peta sounding for you lol they do have pretty good food that even omnis can enjoy, iv brought a few people mostly omnis and theyve all loved it :)

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Good for chinese food. - Edit

If you are looking for some greasy vegan Chinese food this is the place. Unless it's a busy night I recommend ordering off the menu. The Enoki mushroom balls are amazing.

Pros: Portions, Vegan Chinese, Service

Cons: Greasy, Buffet can be old

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Okay - Edit

The food tastes pretty good, but they lack fresh offerings with colour. Most of the food is brown.
The restaurant it dark, dated and not really a place that I enjoy going to.
For those reasons I have never bothered going back.

Pros: Decent food which I trust as animal free, Friendly servers, Close to downtown

Cons: Uninspiring brown food, Uninspiring dark decor

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Good Lunch Buffet - Edit

Lots of choice at this lunch buffet including numerous fake meat dishes, noodles, vegetables, soup, and fruit for dessert. As with any buffet, it is always best to go at the beginning of lunch around noon when the dishes are fresh. Otherwise, it is still possible to order from the menu.

Pros: lots o choice, vegan

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Traditional Taiwanese dishes!! - Edit

Went there to eat for the first time..and wow!! it brought back my food memories when I was in Taiwan. One of the chefs and waiters are Taiwanese; we started to chat friendly All the foods are delicious. Everything is vegan except all the desserts. :) I love the strawberry bubble tea a lot; wish the drinks were bottomless.

Pros: Nice ambiance , Friendly staff, Quiet

Cons: A little bit pricey

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Late Night Buffet - Edit

I went to check it out for the first time this evening and can only say good things....
Amazing food, if your looking for Chinese/Asian style stir frys and mock meat! Great staff! Nice place to sit down.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday September 25, 2012

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Always Tasty! - Edit

I have been to Affinity many times, their food is always wonderful.

Their prices can get high if you order several items off the menu, but if you stick with their amazing combinations or buffet the price is low and the amount of food is great.

I absolutely LOVE their Enoki Mushroom Balls and the Pan-Fried Dumplings - To die for!

They also have a very friendly, knowledgeable staff.

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The best vegan restaurant in the area - Edit

I *love* Affinity. The staff are very friendly, the food is absurdly tasty, and the restaurant is cozy. I can hardly praise it highly enough, especially given that it's bravely located in downtown Hamilton where I can't imagine the demand for vegan Chinese food is huge.

My only quibbles--and they are few--are that the buffet is not nearly as good as the food you order from the menu and that the prices are a bit high. If the prices were a little lower, I would eat here much more often.

Try the Kung Pao soy chicken. I sometimes get an extra order to take home. I could live on Affinity's Kung Pao soy chicken.

Pros: Amazing food, Pleasant staff, Delightful atmosphere

Cons: Bland buffet, High prices

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Okay food, but very greasy - Edit

If you like deep fried Chinese food, you will love Affinity. We were there for the lunch buffet and the food is tasty and the staff friendly. However, all the dishes are swimming in oil. For a treat, once is a while, it's okay. But I simply can't cope with too much greasy food.
Updated from previous review on Thursday March 15, 2012

Pros: tasty, Friendly staff, cheap

Cons: unhealthy, greasy

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A great place for vegans - Edit

I love affinity. I have been going to affinity for about 4-5 years now with my partner and family. The food is inexpensive and flavourful!
The owner and fellow employees are genuinely kind and helpful.

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When you want a chinese buffet...... - Edit

.....go to Affinity.
Make no mistake, this is not fine dining but sometimes I feel like eating at a Chinese buffet restaurant and Affinity satisfies that need.
Lots of mock meat dishes to choose from at a very reasonable price though the food is sometimes lukewarm after sitting on the buffet for awhile.
If you want to be "bad" and eat some "junk food" you won't be disappointed. I don't mean that in a derogatory way but I'm not so sure of the nutritional value of all the mock meats.
Everything is vegan except for the desserts.
A'la carte meals are available too but the buffet is excellent value for the price so I've alway stuck to it.

Pros: tasty food, very reasonable, you can eat till your heart's content.

Cons: questionable nutrtional value, dated interior

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True Vegetarian Restaurant - Edit

Affinity, the truly vegetarian/vegan buffet restaurant in this area, will impress you deep with it's delicious foods. Kung pao chicken raves the most, sweet and sour chicken comes too.White and Jade Jelly Fish, Vegan burger will fill you tummy,Sweet and Sour Taro ball,rich Seitans,soy fritters, and immune boosting sweet and sour soups will be your favorite.
The combination dinner is also the best deal. If you want to sip different kinds of teas, Affinity will be the tea store for you.
Come to Affinity and taste the real vegetarian meals!

Updated from previous review on Friday January 07, 2011

Pros: Healthy cuisine

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A one-of-a-kind, must-go restaurant in the GTA - Edit

Do you remember all-you-can-eat Chinese buffets growing up? I do. This was a trip down memory lane, except with cruelty replaced by love. The 70s wall stucco time-capsule environs helped, too.

My ladyfriend and I are vegan, and we were delighted to learn that all but one item (a cake) in the buffet were vegan!

Since they change their buffet items week to week (though I'm sure there are some regulars) it's not so helpful to describe each item, but my favourites were the curried wheat gluten and veggies, kung-pao seitan and konnyaku, and deep-fried curry bread puff. There were about 20 dinner items in all, including two soups, plus a few dessert items (like tea jelly!).

The one and only con was that some of the hot food was either lukewarm or cold.

For $15.99 (dinner price), my cup ranneth over. I can't wait to go back. If this were in Toronto I would no doubt become obese.

They also have a huge selection of teas, including flavoured rooibos. I got the lemon rooibos, and it's lovely.
Updated from previous review on Monday December 20, 2010

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The Best choice in Hamilton ! - Edit

Very Peaceful Environment. Great specials everyday. They have recently returned to an all you can eat concept. Very quiet place with just a tranquil Fountain and people talking in hushed tones. I love the "wall of tea" Very Nutritious and VERY HEALTHY Menu items.
5 stars.

Pros: Right Downtown, Great price, HEALTHY !

Cons: parking is sometimes a problem

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Vegan, unhealthy, but totally delicious. - Edit

My husband and I are frequent visitors to this quaint, vegan-friendly restaurant. It's only been open a mere four years and it is the first of its kind in Hamilton, Ontario. The restaurant itself has a very pleasant atmosphere which is quiet and calm. The service has never been top-notch, but the food makes up for it. While I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone concerned about overall health benefits of the food served - it IS delicious. Many of the items are deep-fried, or contain large amounts of oil. Personal favourites and recommendations: Sweet and Sour Bites, Soy Chicken & Plum Sauce, Kung Pao Soy Chicken, and White Jade on Seaweed. Tip: Purchasing a "combination" meal is a great way to sample the soup, spring rolls (best vegan spring rolls EVER), soy nuggets, salad, rice, entree and finish it off with herbal tea AND soy ice cream. Fantastic.

Pros: Lots of flavour, Good presentation, Many, many vegan options

Cons: Gluten, Oil, Deep Fried

Photo of CLOSED: Affinity  by <a href="/members/profile/S.S.Shawna">S.S.Shawna</a> <br/>The entree called Sweet & Sour Bites. A TVP style chicken ball with a sugary and delicious red sauce <br/> September 4, 2009  - <a href='/contact/abuse/image/7207/2583'>Report</a>

The entree called Sweet & Sour Bites. A TVP style ...

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LifeLover 22 Feb 2013 - Very IGNORANT review !

If the above "couple" actually had a brain stem between them they would of realized that all they had to do was say "nothing fried please"
The entire Menu at Affinity is Healthy !
So sorry that the menu did NOT just list one item listed like "Mana from Heaven"
I guess NO matter how Great something is you'll always find some token whiner's !!!  

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Yummy on Valentines Day 2009 - Edit

I absolutely Loved this place- drove 40 km for dinner- lucky I made reservations cuz it was packed! It is like a little bistro, and all customers were speaking quietly and it was soooo pleasant! It is not exactly upscale, but it is quaint and was nice enough for me! Vegetarians and Vegans Rock! If I lived closer, I would eat here several times a week- The food is delicious! My boyfriend is a borderline VegHead and he loved It! We normally have wine with our dinner and didn't even mind that they don't serve alcohol because the food to us was amazing! We didn't try the teas although cuz we had to hurry out to meet friends! I will definately be back! I hope this place never closes! AAAAAAAAAwesome! Hope you enjoy!

Pros: Unbelievably Delicious food!, Great value, lots of food!, Excellent staff!

Cons: I live too far away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A must - Edit

Oh yum, this restaurant is a must for anyone in the Hamilton region. Any of their "c" combination plates are a great deal and you won't be disappointed (especially C4 and C6).

Pros: great food, menu notes non vegan ingredients, big portions

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the best vegan place in town - Edit

I have eaten at this restaurant many times and have never been disappointed. The daily buffet is amazing ...for $8.99 you can have 2 soups and a variety of dishes to choose from, and they are all delicious.
The saitan platter is great , the sweat and sour soy bites are amazing and so are the "chicken drumstix" and kung pao soy chicken.
Staff are knowledgeable and friendly.

Pros: excellent food, , good value,, very clean and tidy

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Affinity is an A+ - Edit

I have eaten at Affinity several times and am quite impressed and am amazed that the place doesn't have a line up. Hamilton should tune in better to good food because they do serve thee best Kung Pao Chicken on the planet. I have had this dish in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and no one comes even close! I must give attention to other meals on their menu since everyone here raves about Kung Pao! Here goes: order plain jasmine tea then ask the sweet wait staff the proper way to use the 2 cups. One is meant to smell the jasmine... you'll see, it makes tea a very special experience. Next, (and pardon my spelling on their dishes).. their cool rolls are good but the sauce could be more spicy, their Sietan platter is phenomenal, again rises above other buddha restaurants I have eaten at... their hot and sour soup is soooo good and hits the spot if you feel you need an immune boost... try the chicken drum sticks for a fast food healthy experience.. great texture and dipping sauce... DO try the burdock root dish in sweet and sour sauce... I alternate between kung pao and this one. Chewy goodness and now I don't get so bummed when my dog is covered in burs. Once Hamilton bans pesticides and herbicides, I think I may start to harvest them!!... if you want a side of rice, get the purple rice. I would rather fill my tummy with their savoury delights then put a dessert or jelly in after... I am not big into that. Oh, and there is a fish dish there that is quite interesting. You get 3 pieces of fish with a large salad...(it's not the big fish one with the seaweed)... They serve fresh smoothies and veggie juices... They have a fantastic wall of tea and I wish their tea balls that burst into floral bouquets like magic were organic, otherwise it's all fabulous. :) One more thing... I truly believe that the waiter there is the best... he has such a twinkle in his eye. The place is so special and it makes Hamilton a better place to be.

Now, I hope that they are making enough for the restaurant to survive because if they ever shut down, that would be a time to mourn.

Pros: fantastic staff and service, addictive and affordable, cozy section at right in restaurant

Cons: some lighting is too bright, location and parking not the greatest

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A serene and delicious experience - Edit

Affinity is one of my favourite restaurants. Aside from the Bridges Cafe at McMaster University, it is the only truly vegetarian/vegan restaurant in this area. The food is delicious - I especially love the Kung Pao Soy Chicken, the soy fritters, and the enoki mushrooms, and the service is polite and friendly. It is a quiet place with an intimate feel. Although the food is a bit pricy, I would say it's worth it. Highly recommended!

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly service, Beautiful decor

Cons: Bathroom downstairs, Pricy

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I Ate At Affinity - Edit

I loved eating at Affinity. I had the Kung Pao Chicken since it had been mentioned a few times and it was totally delicious. The combination dinner is the best deal, for $2 more you get soup, spring roll, your meal, a jelly and tea service. I went with vegans and meat-eaters and everyone enjoyed their meals. I highly recommend eating at this restaurant!

Pros: Fast Service, Nice but not formal, Clear ingredient info

Cons: Cold Restrooms, Didn't know where to park, No soy sauce at the table

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