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364 Roy St (at Queen Anne district), Seattle, Washington, USA, 98109

Vegetarian restaurant near Seattle Center specializing in traditional Chinese cuisine. Majority of dishes can be ordered oil free. Note: the fortune cookies offered at the end of a meal contain egg, and some of their faux meat contains whey and milk. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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57 Reviews

First Review by ChristinaZ

Fantastic Mongolian beef - Edit

Ate dinner here with my wife. My "beef" was an improvement over the real thing, whish is often tough and grissle. Much more satisfying than what I had in my "past" life.

Pros: Every meat is plant based

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Delicious Chinese food! - Edit

In Seattle for a Seahawks game, staying in the Queen Anne district. Went to the Bamboo Garden with three non-vegans and everybody was delighted with the food. They even had a separate vegan menu. Loved it.

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Bamboo Garden is not Vegan Anymore (they said they were previously) - Edit

Caution: Bamboo Garden is not vegan anymore (they said they were prior but they weren't actually)...

There is evidence of dairy, eggs and/or whey in more than just the fortune cookie at the end, in some of the faux meats and other items on the menu as well...

Read this and listen to the audio in the link at the end of item 4...!Beloved-Seattle-Vegan-Restaurant-Is-Actually-Vegetarian/c1sbz/571c324f0cf2dd6f7fca5cc5

(Had to rate the lowest of two cows-after this I would rate it zero cows...) :-(

Updated from previous review on 2016-04-24

Cons: Saying Vegan but not really is unexceptable

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Vegan Chinese food heaven! - Edit

It is ALL about the sweet and sour chicken. And the lemon chicken. I love these dishes so much that I can't bring myself to branch out much farther because I have to have them when I go. The Buddha Basket is also good and it is fun because you get to eat the basket, which is made out of fried taro. The service is fast and it is reasonably priced. I try to go every time I visit Seattle.

Updated on Sunday, 5 May 2013:
After years and years of Bamboo Garden saying they were vegan, it turns out that was not true (see the story here:!Update-Bamboo-Garden-wants-to-work-with-the-vegan-community-for-greater-transparency/c1sbz/572020990cf2d19e2970574b). I ate there for years thinking it was vegan and I ended up unknowingly eating animal products. I am extremely unhappy with them and I am not sure I will go back even though they seem (after EXTENSIVE resistance) to be revising their menu to reflect what is actually vegan and what is vegetarian. This is so disappointing.

Cons: Lied about being a vegan restaurant, Resisted exposing their ingredients

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Lying to customers - Edit

Thankfully, I have never been there but like other vegans I saw the post with the evidence of the restaurant lying to people by advertising itself as vegan while serving products with eggs and honey. One could argue that all the evidence is fake and spread by a competitor but seeing how the information from their Yelp page and their website was not matching what I saw in the screenshots from the post (the word vegan was now removed), I went to which allows us to see a previous version of a website and I could see that at the end of March 2016 and all the years prior, before the whole issue was brought up to the public, they still had the word vegan in the email address on their website and at the top of their Yelp page. This alone is a sign of them being shady, to say the least. It confirms the information in the post.

Here's the post:

I'm rating it 2 because HappyCow technically prevents me from choosing a lower rating for a veg restaurant.

Updated from previous review on Monday May 02, 2016

Pros: None

Cons: Deceiving customers, Deceiving potential customers

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Likely dishonest about vegan options - Edit

Sadly, it has come to light that many of the dishes labeled as vegan might actually contain animal products. I have only been twice and had found the food both times to be over cooked and bland, so I don't feel like I'm missing out too much.

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Not as I remember - Edit

Took my family here because I remember good food from my college days. Either my standards have changed or the food has changed. First off, there is parking, and by Seattle Center, that is rare. The place is a bit dingy and the bathrooms are very small. No changing table or place to change the baby, and we had walked. Ordered Spring Rolls, two Sweet and Sour dishes and some rice. Holy food dye batman! This stuff was neon orange. It was tasty, but I couldn't get over the food dye. I try to not eat food dye and holy cow! So if you don't mind some Yellow #40 taking up half your dish, eat up. But if you are looking for a more healthy option, you may want to skip this place.

Pros: Off Street Parking

Cons: Food Dye, No baby changing

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Very Good but not Excellent Food - Edit

Happy to be able to get this Asian cuisine in this neighborhood, not sure why they call it vegetarian it is 100% vegan. The atmosphere is so-so typical Asian "no music" atmosphere. Portions are generous and they will mix up whatever combination you want.

Pros: Vegan, Large portions, Custom Dishes

Cons: No background music

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Good Vegan Food - Edit

Not sure why name is Vegetarian, all choices are vegan except the fortune cookie at the end. Good food, service good though staff somewhat impatient. Still, worth it! Good food and prices.

Pros: Good Food-many selections, Vegan, Good prices

Cons: Staff could be a bit friendlier....but ok

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Some decent choices. Large selection. (Like Halal) - Edit

It has some yummy choices, and some that friends and I thought were not so yummy.

I've gone dozens of times over the years, and enjoy going back.

You may have to ask for the combination menu.

Favorite dishes:
38. Vegetables Treasure in Pearly Pond (mixed vegetables baked in coconut sauce)
76. Szechwan Eggplant
107. Singapore Style Rice Noodle (yellow curry)
Sweet & Sour
Daily soup (Suggestion: Add pepper, a touch of soy sauce, a touch of red pepper sauce, and stir.)
Fake bacon.

Substitutions often welcome, except maybe certain parts of combinations.

The interior looks better than a hole-in-the-wall place.

A couple of larger, isolated tables for small- to med-groups.

Kosher is similar to Halal.

Last time I asked (years ago), they didn't serve onions or garlic.

Mostly or entirely vegan choices for food

Alcohol/Drinks used to have the option of dairy.

1-2 blocks from the Seattle Center.

Some dishes taste the same, some different from some more-typical Chinese restaurants.

Pros: Some dishes are pretty tasty, Parking lot, Kosher (similar to Halal)

Cons: Some dishes aren't that tasty, Call ahead if it's near a Jewish holiday, Closed certain Jewish holidays

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Soooooo good! - Edit

Loved this place... best vegan Chinese food I have ever had!

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Typical chinese restaurant, except all vegan! - Edit

I use to love going out for Chinese food before I went vegan. Because of how difficult it can be to ensure your food is actually vegan at most typical Chinese restaurants, I haven't had it in a couple of years. My partner and I tried this for the first time when my mom (omnivore) came into town to visit, and we all loved it! The fried rice was amazing, as were all the multiple dishes we each tried. I loved all the little veganism pamphlets in the waiting area too.

I should say, I don't think the fortune cookies are vegan, but everything else on the menu is supposed to be.

Pros: Atmosphere, Big menu with all the traditional dishes

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Sweet and sour pork the proper way! - Edit

I loved this place! It was a short walk from our hotel and really tasty. Be warned though, as mentioned in other reviews a lot of the food is deep fried. We ordered the sampler appetizer platter and everything was fried. I was excited at first but the more I ate the more I realized that maybe I didn't need all the batter in the world. Still tasty though.
The taste of sweet and sour pork has haunted me for awhile since becoming vegan. I have always loved the sweet stickiness of the sauce but also the battered pork. Most resteraunts have one or the other. Never both. This place had the best s&s pork I've ever had. I want more.
We also ordered a spicy noodle dish. I wasn't sold on it because I found it a bit boring but my husband loved it. Definitely a place I'd eat at again. I'd like to try one of the Buddha bowl things. They looked really good.

Pros: ALL THE FRIED BATTERY FOODS, Large menu, Asparagus in a lot of dishes

Cons: A lot of fried foods, Can be hit or miss on taste, Fortune cookies not vegan

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Reasonably priced & super tasty - Edit

I love Bamboo Garden. I do believe it's a place where you find the dishes that appeal to you and likely stick to those, because it can be a bit hit or miss, but the hits are totally delicious. I love the sesame chicken! Sure it's greasy, salty, and whatever, but it's americanized Chinese food, what do you expect? I think patrons of Bamboo Garden shouldn't put expectations on this place that are unreasonable. The restaurant never claims to be gourmet and they will make dishes catered to any tastes or health concerns. It's simply reasonably priced, super tasty vegan (and kosher) food.

I also love the staff. I've been going there for years and, even though I moved away for some years in the middle, they still remember me (AND what I always order). They're funny and always friendly.

Pros: Great staff, Sesame chicken!, Parking

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So Sad But I Won't Be Going Back - Edit

It was pretty flavorless and there was hardly any sauce. I hope it improves!

Pros: Mostly Vegan, Convenient

Cons: Flavorless

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oily - Edit

Note to self: this place goes big on batter and oils. I've dined at many a Taiwan style Chinese vegetarian establishment and this one is the oiliest by far. I ordered the salmon (a common standby item which I've had at several other places) but never seen it battered as it was done here and again, extra oily. I also ordered the almond chicken which came as several sausages of thick deep fried batter not unlike a (soy) hot dog on a stick. Inedible. I will come back and try something else.

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Great food - Edit

We ate there several times and were really pleased with the food and service. Food was highly varied, with plentiful portions. The brown rice was delicious, which is something we usually don't take big note of because we eat brown rice everyday, but at Bamboo, it was unusually flavorful with great texture. We loved the hot and sour soup, although it was missing some of the sour that we anticipated. The spicy eggplant was rich and delicious. We also had a number of vegetable dishes, all of which were great, including one that included giant, thinly sliced giant oyster mushrooms.

Pros: flavor, good value, service

Cons: missed onions and garlic a little

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Great food, fooled a meat-eater - Edit

This place has great vegan versions of what you'd find at a typical Chinese restaurant.

Unfortunately, the fortune cookies keep them from being an all-vegan restaurant.

The food was so good that my friend said he wouldn't have known it wasn't meat, if I hadn't said it was a vegetarian restaurant beforehand. The food quality was that good.

If you're in town, I definitely recommend this place.

Pros: All-vegetarian, Fools meat-eaters

Cons: Can't cut the 1 non-vegan item out??

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Mediocre vegetarian Chinese - Edit

The service was good and, of course, it has a huge selection for vegetarians. The food I had was good, but far from the best example of vegetarian Chinese food. It's a fine restaurant for a lunch or simple dinner, but I wouldn't go far out of my way for it.

Pros: Service, Selection

Cons: Mediocre food

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Pleasant vegan restaurant - Edit

A nice pleasant place to have a vegan meal. Ours was gluten free. There are a lot of gluten-free choices. We had the hot and sour soup, which was good but a tad sweet. Overall excellent.

Pros: excellent food, efficient, friendly service, family friendly

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Great food - and right next to Seattle Center - Edit

Offers dependably-good vegetarian food. I've eaten there for decades and only once or twice had a dish I didn't like. Most often, it's delicious and reasonably priced.

It's just a block away from Seattle Center (closest to the opera house and theaters), making it my pre-show favorite dining spot.

They have some free parking in their lot - but not always enough.

Pros: Good food, Near Seattle Center, prompt service, Reasonable prices

Cons: Good, but not as good as it used to be, Heavy on oil

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So good! - Edit

Love this place. Great food. The atmosphere is meh--kind of like a cheap/chintzy Chinese place, but the food is great. Favorites are the sweet and sour pork, crispy beef, and Stewed Shiitake and Oyster Mushroom with Potato and Carrot in Satay Peanut Sauce. Great place to go with a group of friends and eat family-style.

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Wow. - Edit

I am new to this "vegetarian" thing, but....WOW. If this is what it is gonna be like, count me ABSOLUTELY IN. This was phenomenal food. I had the orange/mandarin "chicken", spring roll, broccoli and green beans. sooooo good. not a fancy place, but clean and yummy!!!!

Pros: tasty, tons of variety, huge portions

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Good stuff - Edit

I was so surprised to find a completely vegetarian chinese restaurant. And the food reminded me so much of the dishes I had in childhood - sweet and sour "chicken" for instance. Service is fine and the place is decorated oddly, but the food is so good, I'd return.

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You Must Eat Here - Edit

Eat here, you will like it!

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Luxury menu for veggies! - Edit

Oh my god, it was SUCH a treat to eat at Bamboo Garden. We're not used to having such an extensive list of options to choose from - it took us a long time to select our order, and we over-ordered thanks to our enthusiasm! Huge variety of mock-meats as well as tofu, soups, exciting rice and starters. The menu is written as though it's an omni-restaurant, which was a little disconcerting at first, but fear not: it's totally vegan.

Not the best atmosphere - think bright lights, pale decor - but good value and great menu. Also, the staff aren't amazingly helpful. My brother ordered a fancy rice, but I just wanted brown rice. The server didn't think to tell us that the fancy rice only came in servings suitable for four.. thanks for that! Despite that, it was still good value.

Pros: extensive menu, good value

Cons: crap atmosphere, unhelpful staff

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My childhood restaurant - Edit

I've been eating at this restaurant with my family of 8 for over 10 years. We're all vegetarian and we've come to know the staff as family. They have seen us all grow up and they all know we are 100% vegetarian. I bring my friends there whenever I can and even bring the best item on the menu home for my brothers at times: Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls!

The whole menu is awesome. For me growing up Vegetarian, this place was a retreat to try something new. Gluten Puffs are awesome! The noodles are great, their Corn Chowder (Daily Soup) is hands down my comfort food. If you want a great experience in a great area of Seattle, this place will stuff you full of healthy yummy food. Even if you eat some of the deep fried stuff, it's still better than the alternative Chinese restaurant! I would highly recommend to anyone!

Pros: Vegan, Variety, Parking

Cons: Can't, Think, of any

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