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106 Marlboro Ave, Easton, USA

Vegan Sandwiches

The vegan turkey at Capriotti's is the best vegan turkey I've ever had. They make good sandwiches, although they do not have any vegan mayo. We sometimes bring the sandwiches home and dress them up with vegan cheese, Vegenaise, etc. They also have a veggie burger, and something else I can't think of. Staff is super friendly, but bring a sweater, they keep it cold in there.

Maria Theresien Str. 49, Innsbruck, Austria

Tedious and Not Vegan

We went here on a trip we took for our anniversary. The restaurant itself is tiny and cute, but alas, not air conditioned. It was so hot inside that we elected to sit outside. It was hot outside, but better. The planter we were seated next to had not been watered and so we spent the next two hours looking at half-dead flowers. Within 5 minutes of sitting down, two people sat down near us, not at a table, and began smoking. We do not smoke and so that was not only polluting, but unappetizing. When they finally finished their cigarettes, they got up and went into the restaurant and we realized the guy was sort of working at the restaurant, so you'd think he would know better. The waitress was amazing, she has to be the hardest working waitress in the city. She was selling the food and the concept for all she was worth and she was very sweet. What we realized in requesting vegan food is that hardly any of the food was fully vegan. In the end, I ate a couple of teeny tiny dishes and my husband ate several more because he is only vegetarian. And some of the food I had was bland. And my husband said some of his food was bland as well, despite how pretty it all looked on the plate. It was very expensive for what we got. We don't mind paying a lot, but you have to get more than this for it. It was sad because I got the feeling the chef really cares, but he needs to pick up his head from the stove and really see what's going on. We would never go back unless there was a transformation at the restaurant.

126 E Main St, Newark, USA

Some Good Vegan Options

Took a girlfriend here, we drove from Maryland to Newark and specifically took extra time to go downtown because of the vegan options on the menu of Home Grown Café. I ordered the Beer Buffalo Cauliflower Wings which came with celery and carrot sticks and a vegan ranch dressing, which, as we know is a huge bonus. The "wings" were killer good. The menu options have tiny double flower symbols to indicate that it is vegan or can be made vegan. The cauliflower wings on the menu said blue cheese dressing, but when I asked if they had a vegan dressing, I was given the vegan ranch, which made all the difference to me. I also ordered the bahn mi, with seitan which was pretty good, but not stellar like the cauliflower. Wish there was a Home Grown Café near me. Their facebook page has the usual disturbing "happy meat" bs, but at least you can find something special to eat when you go there!

201 Marlboro Rd, Easton, USA

Some Good Vegan Options

We've be going here about 12 years, and there are a few very good dishes to order if you're vegan. Also, they will happily substitute tofu, or omit the egg, steam instead of fry, etc. Here are the dishes we like: Pan Fried Cantonese Noodles with Fried Tofu (with extra noodles). Vegetable Fried Rice with Fried Tofu, no egg. Vegetable dumplings, pan fried. They will also add nuts, but if you ask for walnuts, they will come fried in sugar, which is a classic Chinese technique but one that may surprise you if you're not familiar. For appetizer, you get little dishes of pickled cabbage and fried dough. Good iced tea and pots of hot tea, of course. It's clean, with booths and tables, and friendly wait staff. We're thankful it's here.

101 Marlboro Ave, Easton, USA

In Japan, in Easton

I was so pleasantly surprised to discover a delicious agedashi tofu here, and I think it's possibly the only non-Chinese restaurant in town that has tofu even on the menu. On the menu, it is entitled "Age tofu." Other good dishes include vegetable tempura, edamame, rices and noodles and a really good vegetable sushi. They will make the sushi to order, of course. The wait staff have been friendly and found out if there was fish in a broth for me, for example. A step up from the other meat-laden restaurants. Another good thing is that the dining room has a chest-high wall between it and the meat grills, so you will not be subjected visually to that.

159 1st New Hampshire Turnpike, Northwood, USA

Do not miss Susty's Cafe.

I took my omnivore parents to this place and it went well. The tofu french fries really do live up to the hype, you can't eat just one. Lots of comfort food and beverages and kid-friendly stuff too. The Thai rolls were good, and the strawberry cake was great. I'll go back every single time I'm in NH! Oh, sweet staff and good service too. I will try to take a cooking class from them next time.

215 North Blvd, Salisbury, USA

Best Fried Rice and Pretty Good Vegan Pho

Family run, owners are all there when I've been there. On the takeout menu, there is a Vegetarian Dishes section. Supposedly dishes V4 through V10 are vegan. I've had the Braised Gluten with Pepper, which also has a subtle garlic flavor to it, and it tastes a lot like braised beef. I also had the Crispy Salted Tofu, which was great but too salty, ha ha. But, I found out you can ask for less salt, so I will next time. The Vegetarian Summer Rolls are pretty good too. My favorite is the Vegetarian Fried Rice, but I did request no egg to make it vegan. Best fried rice I've had in years! Also, I was missing pho, and Chef Dong's wife makes a veggie broth for the pho, using 4 or 5 vegetables, she said. The broth is not very flavorful, but I doctored it with soy sauce and sriracha and let the bowl sit while I ate something else, and then it was a nice bowl of veggie pho, complete with chunks of deep-fried tofu in it. There are other vegan dishes scattered throughout the menu. I hope someday they will offer a vegan Thai Iced Tea, with soy milk or something. We'll see. In the meantime, it's great to have some vegan Vietnamese food!

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