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733 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, USA

Silver Lining

30 Jan 2012

Yes, the place is mainly meat. But the vegan effort is genuine and the pizzas I have had there were delicious, very well made. I think we should support every effort. Pizzas can be delivered or taken out and eaten away from the meat dishes, of course. And unless the small city of San Luis Obispo turns vegan I'm not expecting vegan slices ready to eat. Let's be real.

2301 Main St, Santa Monica, USA

Good hippie joint

20 May 2009

I ate here once, for breakfast. I had almond butter on apple bread plus a cup of herbal tea. It was tasty and filling. The desserts and candies look lovely but I did not try any.

The place has an overriding hippie air to it. I like relaxed atmospheres but this one has been so overdone...I feel like it preaches to the converted, in a sense. "Normal" people might find the ambiance offputting.

I don't eat raw food regularly so don't feel qualified to discuss the menu in any detail.

2640 Main St, Santa Monica, USA

one of the best

20 May 2009

I come from a place with a famous farmers' market so I know one when I see one. This one is terrific. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, most grown without pesticides, and several food stands. We tried two vegan tamales (spinach and artichoke plus green corn) from the Gourmet Tamale stand. Very fresh masa, good flavor, friendly service. We also picked up a wide variety of fruits and veggies that can travel because we were on our way home.

453 S Main St, Cedar City, USA

Order carefully

16 Aug 2008

I had dinner here just once so cannot offer a full review. The food was good and the choices are wider than in most Mexican restaurants. I was disappointed to discover that some ingredients are not listed on the menu - my burrito came covered with cheese but there was no mention of this feature. So I suggest being very clear about what you do not want in your dish.

427 Morro Bay Blvd, Morro Bay, USA

Surprisingly delicious

17 Jun 2009

The Shine Cafe is in the back of a health foods store. Easy to miss, but the tables on the sidewalk might give you a clue. I have eaten here twice, once for breakfast and once for lunch. Both times the food was delicious. The lunch taco was astounding, as well as the curried squash soup (both winter and summer squashes in it). Water is in a reusable bottle on tables, along with glasses. I like the earth-friendly nature of the place.

Most of the menu choices are vegan or can be easily made vegan. Servings are generous and nicely presented.

361 Hitchcock Way, Santa Barbara, USA

A lot of choices for veg people

26 Jun 2009

I have been to several Natural Cafes, many times to the one closest to me - San Luis Obispo. I just tried this one last Monday. I cannot resist the sauteed tofu here, even when I am trying to reduce the amount of fat in my diet. It is just not to be missed. The restaurant is large, airy, has a nice outdoor patio (dog-friendly perhaps?). As with the other Natural Cafes, you order at the counter, then find a seat and wait for your food to come to you. There are more veg choices here than there are meat, which makes this cafe stand out in my opinion. You can also get sides to make up a meal that meets your dietary needs - brown rice & steamed veggies, for example. I always enjoy eating here.

This location has the advantage of being on the way out of town for me, not caught in the downtown parking dilemma.

698 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, USA

Mostly veg

13 Sep 2010

Even though there are prominent meat-centered dishes on the menu the majority are actually vegetarian, if not vegan. I love the sauteed tofu that can be added or is a part of many dishes. I have yet to have a bad meal here. Friendly, pretty place with comfortable food.

720 Allied Way, El Segundo, USA

Beautifully designed, excellent food

31 May 2008

The whole concept for the Veggie Grill is well-thought-out, from the logo to the restaurant decorating and type service to the website and food and wine choices. Food is imaginative and delicious.

Entirely vegan, the food is familiar, comfortable, like a healthy fast food. The wine choices allow customers to take it up a notch, however.

This restaurant would go well in many major cities and some smaller ones. Nothing has been forgotten.

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