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CLOSED: RAWvolution

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Contact 310-392-9501

2301 Main St, Santa Monica, California, USA, 90405

Raw food cafe and retail space, previously known as Euphoria Loves Rawvolution. All raw menu features soups, salads, main entrees, breakfast items, drinks, and raw desserts. All vegan except for bee pollen by request. Weekly food box available for delivery or pickup. Closed in June 2016. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, American, Organic, Juice bar, Take-out, All Raw

Reviews (27)

First Review by Yell

Terrible acai bowl - Edit

This review is for their acai bowl. We walked in yesterday morning during the Santa Monica Street Festival, and ooh'd and ahh'd over their dessert case for a minute. Still, no one came out to help us (and no one else was eating in their, around 9:45am on a Sunday). My husband finally had to call out for someone to come out and help us. We'd noted just a few months ago that they hadn't had an acai bowl on their menu, but saw that they recently added one. Thinking we may have finally found a good acai bowl in Santa Monica, we stopped in.

The bowl came out within about five minutes. Sorry to say, but it may have been worse than the Natural Foods one down the street. It was more liquid-y than even a smoothie would be, topped with a sprinkling of what looked like bee pollen, a bit of coconut and a few thin slivers of chocolate. There was no fruit, no honey and no granola from what I could see. It was also served in a relatively small bowl. The acai itself had a hint of licorice flavor to it. We ate it because we ordered it, but we'd never go back for it again.

I'd also add that we can appreciate raw and certainly vegan food (there are many vegan restaurants we love...Gracias Madre, Plant Food & Wine, etc.), but something about this place feels a bit unkempt. It doesn't fully have it all together. They do a good job of creating a low-key ambience (couches, well-cushioned seats around), but it almost doesn't feel totally clean or something. We wouldn't run back in general for other foods either.

Pros: Good location on Main Street

Cons: Slow service, Acai bowl was like soup

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Really great! - Edit

I'm a vegan! And I was visiting LA from Berkeley, Ca and I came across RAWvolution and it seemed right up my alley! So, I went with my family!(who are not plant-based eaters) And overall we had a great time, the vibe was very chill, the service was friendly, and the food was fantastic we all loved it! The shakes/yogurt drinks were so amazing! We ordered a lot and not nearly as expensive as I would have thought! I would say if you are used to eating raw/vegan food I would recommend almost anything from the menu, but if you are not, their drinks(shakes) are a great option here!

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Small Serving - Edit

Small serving
That alone should tell you not to attend here unless you're super rich and can spend the money on this. Loving Hut serves a lot more it is worth the price. However what appeared to be the manager also gave my boyfriend and I dirty looks. Like as if she didn't want us there because we didn't look like hippies or something. This place is a joke.

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If you'd been here over a year ago and were sort of "meh" about your experience (like me), I totally urge you to try again! They did a total menu revamp and I like this new one a lot more!! They also got tech savvy and have an app, so I order for pick up all the time and don't have to deal with money, card, or line :)

Some of my go-to's:
SUPERFOOD SOUP coconut water, cucumber, watercress, avocado, nori, superfood powder, spices $10small /19large

CALIFORNIA CRUNCH nori roll, caulihemp rice, avocado, mushrooms, walnut taco meat, sprouts, paprika sauce, jalapeno powder $14

And for those cool nights
LEMON GINGER TEA with coconut nectar $4

Tons of savory treats for the raw, vegan, vegitarian or omnivore who is willing to try out good, clean, healthy food!

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Awesomeness - Edit

Love this place, It definitely turned into my local hang out whilst I lived in la.. super chilled vibe, great people and such great food, which is really fresh, I find some raw places over do the whole raw thing and mix everything with everything, but this place keeps it more simple which ultimately tastes way better, ummm

Pros: great food , great staff , good vibe

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Love their community candlelight dinner series! - Edit

This place is amazing!
They are the only 100% organic raw vegan restaurant in L.A.
They have a great Wednesday night community dinner with live music and a 3 course dinner special.
Great service and amazing food, everything is delicious! My favorites are: taco salad, enchiladas, caesar salad, chili love soup, big matt with cheeze, nachos, Breakfast favs: breakfast burrito, tomato and cheese bagel

Pros: live music on wednesdays and fridays, community dinner, deliciousness

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I crave this place... - Edit

The title says it all. It was absolutely delicious and the people there are very sweet. They know what they're doing.... I only wish I could have their boxes delivered to Canada.

Pros: food, drinks, location

Cons: no delivery to Canada ;)

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Love it - Edit

Great food & good size meals for a raw food place. My raw chocolate hazelnut was only ok- not dark enough with the chocolate.

Strange guys can sit at bar so unless you want stuck feeling like you are on date with them- sit elsewhere.

Nice and helpful waiters.

Pros: healthy, fast, delicious

Cons: crowded

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Much improved! - Edit

If you haven't been here in a while the food has much improved since some years ago. I especially like the red enchilada. Also, the Indonesian affair is great when they have it. The smoothies and juices aren't always made to order and are a bit pricy. Overall, a very good option for Main St and a cool vibe to chill.

Pros: nice presentations, Location, atmosphere

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Good place to try raw food cuisine - Edit

I had read about this place on happycow, and have eaten here several times. Here's my Euphoria Loves Rawvolution review.

I've watched this place change over time for better. At first, I had an aversion to the food, because it tasted heavily marinated and salted to me, and I had difficulty digesting the combination of food ingredients - so I stayed away.

Well, the food and the atmosphere has improved and changed over time, for better.

I've tried the salad sampler (the hemp seed tabouli and the guacamole are both delicious), some dehyraded crackers and breads, the coco jerkey sandwich (good), the green dragon nori roll (tasty but a bit pricey), a chocolate cake (ok), and a few of the juices and smoothies (good). The raw vegan ice cream (I forgot the brand name) is delicious. The meal food that I've tried have been mostly flavorful and interesting. While the chocolate desserts did not impress me when I had it a long while back, I think may be it might be better now, so if you go, definitely try out a dessert and review it.

I feel that if restaurant-style raw food cuisine is eaten in moderation, it would a treat, something new worth trying. But if you eat too many variety of dishes at one sitting (when sharing with friends), it's tough to digest everything (with combination of ingredients including nuts, seeds, sauces, sweets, salty, etc.). Like all things, enjoy in small amounts, in moderation.

The restaurant space is simple, cozy, colorful, easy going, and no frills. Counter service. Euphoria Loves Rawvolution is a good place to try raw food cuisine.

Pros: interesting creations, varied menu, raw, quality ingredients

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I discovered this place with my husband on our latest trip to LA and ended up going there almost every day for at least a chlorophyll lemonade to go. It is organic, raw and they say it is vegan but I do not agree because some of their meals have honey and also one of the lotions they sell contain vitamin D3 which comes from animal skin, but it is almost vegan. The place is very nice and they have big wood tables inside and cute small ones on the street. The food ROCKS... And the strawberry-chocolate parfait is from another planet. They make sweets and chocolates and very yummy truffles I think called "health balls" or something like that... They also sell ice-cream (not homemade). The staff is very nice. It is expensive but not terribly considering you are where you are. The restroom is not very nice and needs ventilation, it is extremely hot. Oh, they sell some very tasty homemade chips, try the blue corn ones. Considering how cool it is, it could stay open a little later.
Updated from previous review on Saturday August 20, 2011


Cons: expensive, could close a little later, restroom needs glamour

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Why Not Make Something NEW! - Edit

I personally had a very hard time finding something innovative and special about their cuisine. Why try to make Veg/Raw look like a cheese burger or lasagne. I don't like either and go to food establishments like these to avoid these foods and especially the look alikes. Sorry, I was really disappointed.

Pros: clean, pleasant atmosphere

Cons: limited cuisine

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Good Raw Food - Edit

I visited this restaurant back in June and found the food to be very good. I had the zucchini alfredo (which was amazing) and my friend had the Nori Mole Tacos (I tried them, they were really good!). My entrée even came with onion bread, which I found to be very good. Overall the food quality is good; however, I found the service to be slow and the attitudes of some staff members to be a little off-putting, but overall it was a good experience.

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Good hippie joint - Edit

I ate here once, for breakfast. I had almond butter on apple bread plus a cup of herbal tea. It was tasty and filling. The desserts and candies look lovely but I did not try any.

The place has an overriding hippie air to it. I like relaxed atmospheres but this one has been so overdone...I feel like it preaches to the converted, in a sense. "Normal" people might find the ambiance offputting.

I don't eat raw food regularly so don't feel qualified to discuss the menu in any detail.

Pros: nicely prepared food, friendly staff

Cons: hippy atmosphere, a bit dark

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Euphoria Loves Rawvolution - Edit

Euphoria has a bit of a community vibe with its long tables and policy of customers bussing their own tables. The service is a little slow and not terribly attentive, but the food is good. If you enjoy raw food, definitely give it a try.

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vegandeb 03 Nov 2012 - They have waiters no. No self-bussing.

rawvolution indeed. - Edit

I had never been to a raw place before, and came away very impressed. a strange warehouse feel to the restaurant due to it's size, gives an odd atmospehere, not bad, just odd.
nice staff and a good menu, which left me with no idea of what to expect. the food was great, i don't know how they did the mushrooms, but it worked. I left feeling well fed, and with quality produce.

Pros: good food, good staff

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Quite Good - Edit

I'd definitely go to this place over Juliano's. The prices and quantity are way better, and I think the food tastes better, too. I had the raw breakfast bagel, some spicy raw tacos, some cereal with almond milk, and many of their raw candies, and it was all pretty good. The taco "meat" patty thing was like a dehydrated nut pate thing which was too dry, but other than that it was good. The bagel was really good, though don't order if you don't like raw onions. The candies were good- Oh and their mint chocolate chip pie was really good, though they serve it room temp. If you took it home and froze it and then ate it, I bet it'd be a lot better- the consistency isn't quite right at room temp. But the flavor is good. The ambiance of this place is really nice, very chill, good place to relax. I still suggest this place over Juliano's.

Pros: Most dishes good, Good price and quantity, Pretty good selection

Cons: Some things could be done better

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Disappointing - Edit

I ate here in January and wasn't that pleased. I'd go again if friends wanted to go there, but I wouldn't go back on my own. My drink (some green drink) and dessert were good. My meal was decent, but small. It also wasn't what I wanted. I spent a good ten minutes looking at the menu trying to figure out what I wanted because at first non of it sounded appetizing. When I finally decided what I wanted the rude server told me that they were out of it. So I said "Okay, I want this" and he said "I think we are out of that too." So he went and looked and came back and told me that yes, they were out of that. So I ended up just asking for his recommendation from the wraps on the menu. I was sad because I was expecting something similiar to Cafe Gratitude in SF or Terra Bella Cafe in Redondo Beach. If you are looking for vegan food in SF and aren't raw - just go to Real Food Daily instead.

Pros: good dessert, good drink

Cons: rude/unfriendly service, ran out of menu items, mediocre food

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Chia 22 Feb 2013 - Hey there, that's a bummer experience you had. I've been here many times, and I agree that sometimes the waitstaff's nonchalant, abrupt attitude may come across as rude. In all fairness, there is one gentleman (may be of Indian descent) who is very kind and pleasant. I also agree with you that the food portion is on the small-ish side, but rent and food cost is probably expensive. It doesn't hurt to give this place a try another time in the future, as things and people change.

At the Sunday Santa Monica Farmer's Market - Edit

I've been wanting to try them out for a long time, but the lack of glowing reviews kept it low on my vegan todo list. I happened upon their booth at the Santa Monica farmer's market (Sunday) They have French Toast / Big Matt / Agave Lemonade, etc. I did the Big Matt & Agave lemonade. It was pretty good despite looking like a sandwich in need of steroids. At $10 you should split it with your mate because its really rich. A bit of a novelty. Worth a try, though.

Pros: at farmers market, too

Cons: I'm not into raw food

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Lovely lil' raw joint - Edit

Enjoyed the guacomole. Can't remember exactly what I had, but I know we enjoyed our experience overall and bought some raw crackers from the shop to take home. The staff is very knowledgeable and kind.

Pros: good food, healthy cuisine, friendly staff

Cons: no parking, small, not enough seating

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decent experience - Edit

I have a copy of Matt's Rawvolution, so when I went to Santa Monica this weekend I really wanted to check out HIS versions of the menu items (I hadn't been too pleased with how my recipes have come out from the book, so I wanted to see if they were in line w/the restaurant food). I ordered the Big Matt with a side of mock tuna and couscous, and it was alright. I'd heard people rave about the burger, but it left me feeling a bit lethargic. It was filling, but I wasn't too happy afterwards. My cousin had the Sloppy Joe with a side of guacamole, and that was a bit tastier (he's not a raw vegan in the least, but he enjoyed his meal & brownie). I also tried the vanilla hemp milk (I'd never had hemp before), and it was pretty good...although I don't see myself paying $6 for it again.

There also wasn't enough seating in the restaurant, so we took our food to the pier & ate on the beach. The prices are reasonable (dessert is kinda expensive though) and it's an okay place to stop for lunch, but the food's missing that *delicious* kick to it. If you're going to be in the SaMo area, you may as well go to Juliano's.

Pros: pretty affordable, casual atmosphere, good lunch combo deals

Cons: not enough seating, so-so food

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Random DELIGHT - Edit

I stumbled upon this place during a last-minute jaunt to Santa Monica a few months back.

I love raw food, so that must be noted.

What I had here was an AMAZING sandwich. I had the Big MATT with Cheese....and I enjoyed every bite. It was reasonably priced at $8.

I'd go back, especially because they have a cute little raw "market" inside.

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