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Nice small place, when open

21 May 2007

The best thing about Blatt is the inventive interior with bunny/transformer themes. During my visit there were only four choices of food, one of which had eggs, but they were all deliciosu (I took a bit of everything). The nag is that Blatt was open only the third time I visited. OK, the first time was a holiday but all the restaurants and cafes were open, the second time there was a note which said the owner went to catch a flight (or something like that). The "closed" sign says "I'll be back in 5 minutes" and from what I've noticed, the "closed" sign is always on the door - it depends if the owner is in at the moment or not...

Luis de Vargas 4, Seville, Sevilla, Spain


25 May 2010

A great place, lot of choices, reasonable prices. Very friendly waiter/barman (?).

Calle Hortaleza 7, Madrid, Spain

excellent, Maoz-standard

25 May 2010

A lot bigger than their Calle Mayor place, nice interior decoration, and the falafel menu was, of course, Maoz-standard, which means the best falafel currently on the planet. Their toilet was substandard though, no soap and no light (?). Fix that guys, and achive perfection!

4 Calle Mayor, Madrid, Spain

excellent, maoz-style

25 May 2010

I've already been to their Barcelona place so I came with expectations. They were met. The place is a bit tiny but it's practically a take-out restaurant, and it's not the only Maoz in Madrid. The falafel was great, the add-on vegs were great, everything was Maoz-standard. :)

Ilica 72/1, Zagreb, Croatia

Worth the cash

07 Apr 2010

The one single thing I might say against the place is the relatively pricey food. However, the quality and quantity are without competition. The choice of meals is fair, not enormous but it's a medium sized place and so is it's menu.
If you're visiting Zagreb you MUST go there at least once, and if you're living in Zagreb, be sure to treat yourself to this restaurant's blissful food as often as you can!

Calle de las Huertas 57, Madrid, Spain

excelent at Plaza de la Paja

25 May 2010

A buffet (the food is weighed at the cash register) with a really BIG choice of food to pile up on your plate(s). As with all such places there is always a chance you'll choose something which doesn't turn out to be so tasty as it looked, but that chance is very small at this place. The price is OK, my plate was about 12€ but I'm big and I was very hungry. :) Also, the atmosphere is great, excellent interior decoration.

Mommsenstr. 2, Berlin, Germany


21 May 2007

Great food, a LOT of sallad choises, small prices... We got there a half an hour before closing times and they had only three meals left (an indicator of their quality) - we took two of them and both were excellent. The salads were great too. You can just cram your plate with any salad combination you want and for the price you just weigh your salad plate on a scale - simply great! The seating is not very cosy - most tables are for standing, with some high chairs. Not a place for spending a lot of time in, rather an eat-and-go place. If you're tired, choose another restaurant or eat at this one and go to a cafe.

Calle del Conde de Altea, 44, bajo Izquierda, Valencia, Spain


25 May 2010

A totally vegan place. A bit weird ideological undertones (supreme master, etc.) but extremely friendly staff, excellent food, big meal sizes, nice atmosphere and an enourmous menu - you'll be reading that one for at least 5 minutes. For new vegans I recommend the fast food menu - burger or burrito, fries, drink and salad. And for all that - the cheapest place on my Spain trip.

Pablo Picasso 30, Granada, Spain

excellent, both times

25 May 2010

The internal decoration is great (you can't miss the place walking along Picasso street - a faux yelow stone facade). The dinner dish is preceded by an absolutely excellent little tapa (starter) of fried pastry and a guacamoli-like cream/dip.
Don't miss their zumo fresco de naranja (freshly squeezed orange juice). A huge choice of salads, starters, main dishes and deserts. Also check out the really cool (and really cheap) earrings for sale hanging on the wall near the entrance (also some paintings/graphics, all for sale). Really friendly staff, excellent food quality and meal size, cosy atmosphere... all in all, an excellent restaurant.

Kannikestraede 19, Kobenhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

great buffet

24 Jun 2009

this is the much bigger sibling of Riz-Raz BLA. big un-crowded space (a plus!) and a much larger choice of food. didn't order pricey drinks though, experience from BLA... :)

Kompagnistraede 20, Copenhagen, Denmark

great buffet

24 Jun 2009

nice smallish vegetarian buffet in the town's centre. fresh food (and yummily hot when supposed to be), reasonable pricing (not cheap, but nothing in cph is...), although could have more cheaper beer...

Wilhelmstr. 77, Berlin, Germany

Quite alright

21 May 2007

Nicely done interior. A really HUGE choice of food. Be careful what you choose - there is a really great variety of tastes in Samadhi (unfortunately, I chose coconut milk soup which didn't really go down with me very well). I didn't understand the smoking/non-smoking part of the restourant - the place is fairly small - there were no smokers when we were there, but if there were the smoke would easily spread through the whole place. The prices are a bit high but worth it for a one time try-out of some meals you don't get at your regular veg place.

Bordadores, 3, Madrid, Spain

excellent though a bit pricey

25 May 2010

It's not really fair to say it but yeah, it's a bit (just a little bit) pricey but hey - it's not a buffet and the meals are deliciously prepared and balanced. I've eaten in much more expensive restaurants where the meals were much smaller and much less care and skill has gone into them so by that standard, this place is excellent. Central location, nice atmosphere and a big menu.

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