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RizRaz - Kompagnistraede

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Kompagnistraede 20 (at Knabrostraede), Copenhagen, Denmark, 1208

Serves meat, vegan options available. Busy restaurant in the city centre offering an all-you-can eat vegetarian buffet for lunch and dinner everyday. The veggie buffet includes a large variety of cold salad dishes and hot main dishes, both vegetarian and vegan. Also has an la carte menu which is not veg. Dine inside in the warmly lit rooms or outside on the sidewalk. Open Mon-Sun 12:00am-12:00am, Mon-Sun 11:30am-12:00am.

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Reviews (32)

First Review by Stevie

Thanks for the buffet - Edit

RizRaz has such a good concept! Their brunch is delightful with written signs on wether or not your chosen food item is vegan, gluten free etc. I earnestly could not stop refilling my plate! That is how good their food was.. So I left that pacer more than fulfilled ūüė≥ I definitely recommend you trying this place - with surprisingly low prices and care for well tasting food.

Johanne Jeppesen

Pros: Good vegan food - buffet, Low prices, Their beetroot hummus!!

Cons: I was scepticle about the place at first from , The look of it. , I accidentally ate too much :)

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Good buffé and lots of space - Edit

The buffé is marked what is vegan and what is vegetarian so it's easy to choose. Furthermore the place is big and the opening hours long which makes it a good place when most other places have closed.
The minus is that its not veg*n and that for vegans the buffé is a bit standard falafel, hummus and salad which means it's not the place you return to everyday..

Updated from previous review on 2017-01-01

Pros: The vegan options taste good, opening hours and lots of space

Cons: Not veg*an, Expensive for what you get as vegan

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Pricey but Very Good - Edit

It was a bit more expensive than I wanted, but the lunchtime green buffet was delicious! It's all vegan, and they do a good job of labeling vegan items. Everything tasted fresh and was seasoned wonderfully!

Pros: All-you-can-eat, Venue, 100% Vegetarian

Cons: Expensive, Lunch-only

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Great selection - Edit

I visited this adorable restaurant in the city centre after a terrible journey and it really cheered me up. The staff and friendly and there is a great selection of food in the buffet.

Pros: Great selection, Vegan items clearly labelled

Cons: Can only really eat from buffet

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5 Stars (from a vegan) - Edit

This place was great!!! I don't know why it only has 3 stars. I am a vegan and went to the lunch buffet for 89 kr, cheap for Copenhagen! I could eat lots, I ate hummus, falafel, fresh pita, carrot salad, potato salad, Apple salad, rice salad, and more! Would go back if I wasn't leaving today

Pros: affordable, lots of vegan options, fresh food

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Nothing special - Edit

Green buffet is ok for vegetarian. A few salads were vegan. No beans or lentils. There were not good warm vegetarian dishes. Only pizza with cheese, falafels and lasagna so I passed those.
It was not pleasant sit inside because there cigarette smell from outside.

Cons: Lack of vegan proteins in the salad buffet, No good warm dishes

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Good place to fill up - Edit

Went there for the lunch buffet. After asking which of the buffet items were vegan, they got a list and showed me. Very professional, I have just no idea why they wouldn't put up signs.

I could have several of the salads, falafel balls, bread and hummus. Everything was very tasty, but the falafel balls in hummus are just to die for! Totally worth it just for that.

The prices for drinks are way to high in my book though.

Pros: Great tasting food, Tell you what is vegan

Cons: Too expensive

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All You Can Eat Healthy Vegan Food - Edit

I visited RizRaz (both locations) three times in total during my visit in Copenhagen. I did the vegetarian buffet each time. The options were identical. The staff was friendly when we inquired over which items on the buffet were vegan; nearly all of them were. The food was fantastic. Couscous salad, beet salad, steamed veggies, falafel balls, warm pita bread, fresh green salad, pasta, potatoes with rosemary and more. I overate all three times due to its deliciousness. Highly recommended.

Pros: Large vegan selection, Friendly staff, Healthy

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Mixed feelings - Edit

This is the first place I've ever eaten where I've been charged for tap water (20 DKK for a 1,5 litre bottle). I would've liked clear labels by each dish to know what they contained, as there are a number of foods I'm sensitive to. The chef seemed to know e.g. what dishes contained onions, but they could at least have labels for what's vegan. (They almost looked surprised when my boyfriend asked, as if they weren't sure what it meant.)

Pros: Central, Fairly good value

Cons: No labels with ingredients, Charges for tap water!?

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Good buffet - Edit

We went here for the vegetarian evening buffet which included a variety of salad, roasted vegetables and bread - most of which tasted really good. We enjoyed it and would go back.

Pros: big variety, good value

Cons: limited vegan options

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Too expensive and ordinary - Edit

I had sought out RizRaz as a place to get a good veggie feed for less. The reality was a little disappointing. It had a nice selection of food but the evening buffet price was so expensive and I never felt like I got my value. The service was nice enough but there was no atmosphere in the place and I just left feeling underwhelmed.

Pros: Nice selection of veggie food

Cons: Expensive, Poor atmosphere, Crowded

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Central and substantial - Edit

We ate well here, filling our plates with falafels (crisp and crunchy), potatoes, lasagna (stodgy), and an enormous choice of salads and breads which meant we didn't try everything. Half a litre of wine cost as much as the buffet, but wine comes with free water (a Copenhagen quirk). Having read other reviews, we were surprised how little dairy there was. We were pleased to eat here because it's central, reliable and easy to find.

Pros: Choice, Eat as much as you can!, Central location

Cons: You wouldn't want to eat there every day, Expensive drinks

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Needs some changes - Edit

First of all, if you go here, go for the buffet. The a la carte meals are expensive, boring and hard to make vegan, so i won't talk more about that in this review. I'd also suggest you check out their website for their different hours (lunch is way cheaper than a visit in the evening), and since i've never been here for dinner but only for late-afternoon food/lunch, i won't talk about that either.

When it comes to the afternoon buffet, this place is close to being the perfect solution for those who want to eat a place where both carnivores and vegetarians/vegans can find a good meal. But for some reason, who knows why, the place seems to pour milk and cheese on everything, making things difficult for vegans. That being said there's still some good things to choose from; hummus, falafels, bread, salads (there's many different kinds, but often there's dairy products all over them), potatoes etc. I'd say there's around 5 different dishes to choose from as a vegan - not a lot considering a total of around 20 dishes. And here's the problem: the vegan dishes never change. Seriously, i've been here maybe five times during the last couple of years and i've never seen changes.

Another thing worth noting is, that the staff works for a really lousy wage and they don't have a real union. And that doesn't make the food taste better :-/

All of that being said, it's a good place to go with your meat-eating friends. Especially if you're a vegetarian. But if you're a vegan, expect disappointment.

Pros: Good for vegetarians, Family friendly, Location (for tourists)

Cons: Boring, Lack of vegan options, Staff

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NOT vegan friendly - Edit

Only had lettuce and potatoes. Almost every dish contained dairy. If your looking for a vegan meal go elsewhere. It is a buffet and may have different items on different days so you may have better luck than me

Pros: it looked good

Cons: nothing vegan!

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really cheap, eatable - Edit

It's nice. Very cheap, staff not so bad as we saw. Used to go there every day during a week. Best choice for vegetarian who has problems with money.
Water is a bit expensive. We used to fill our bottle with it, because the jar they brought is too big for us.

Pros: cheap

Cons: few dishes, bad lasagna

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not bad but could be much better - Edit

Rizraz offers an all you can eat vegetarian buffet for about 12.5 eur in the centra of Copenhagen. That in itself is was it most positive about this place. That said, the food itself lacks any creativity and tastes rather chainlike. The falafel is very salty, the humous too liquid, the lasagne almost all cheese... All in all it's just quite bland. A bit more creativity, spices and effort is what this places needs.

Staff was not very friendly either.

It's a good place to fill you stomach but don't exepcet much more.

Pros: cheap, all you can eat, central location

Cons: food rather blend, unfriendly staff, lacks creativity

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Popula Buffet Bar - Edit

I had read about this place on happycow, and here's my RizRaz review

Ate here two times on a past trip to Copenhagen, and both times, the buffet spread consisted of the same items, usually a dozen cold salad bar items and maybe 4 hot dishes, plus bread. The bread is tasty as are the falafels. Also good hummus and feta cheese salad.

The price is very cheap for Copenhagen (and for an all-you-can-eat buffet). Recommended when in Copenhagen.

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Pretty poor quality and chain-like - Edit

RizRaz is not a terrible place to eat, and if you are eating with a lot of people, some of whom eat meat and some who don't...it could be a decent option...but the quality of the veggie food at the buffet was pretty poor. The hummus was the best part...but the falafel and salads were not flavorful and the fact that they were sitting there for a while was a bit worrisome.
The place reminded me of Golden Corral or Bonanza in the US--very chainlike. Veggie options are limited in Copenhagen but you can still do better than this place.
Service was pretty poor which is about average for Copenhagen.

Go across the street to Stella for better chow (and service!) or head to Morgenstedt or Cafe Luna in Christianshavn for better veggie options.

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A few vegan options. - Edit

Upon recommendation of our hotel concierge who likes it here, we ate at the RizRaz vegetarian lunch buffet. Most of the dishes contained dairy, but we were able to eat hummus (thin but tasty) and pita bread (warm and delicious), falafel balls (greasy and very salty), one of the coleslaw dishes (good), and shredded carrots (very fresh). Dishes were labelled with ingredients, but in Danish, but a helpful staff member told us what was vegan. Also, a staff member was kind enough to call a cab for us when we left.

The vegan options were mostly good, except for the falafel balls, mentioned above. But there were too few of them for my liking. Also, there was no salad, which I found odd, and I wonder if that was because of the recent ecoli scare.

There are tables both inside and outside, but there were people smoking out the outside tables right in front, and the foul cigarette odor was wafting into the restaurant. My husband and I sat in one of the interior rooms where we could not smell smoke.

This place wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't great. If we're in Copenhagen again, we would try a different restaurant before coming back to this one.

Pros: Some Vegan Options, Very helpful, friendly staff

Cons: Most foods contained dairy, Lots of cigarette smoke right by door.

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groovyvegan 12 Jul 2011 - I forgot to add that there was a good vegan linguine pasta salad with olive oil and garlic.

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A good compromise - Edit

Copenhagen isn't overflowing with veggie cuisine and it certainly isn't cheap so Riz Raz is a good compromise.

Labelled as a steak house but the buffet is all veggie with a quite impressive selection. Not great for vegans. The beer was really expensive.

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Good Buffet - Edit

Visited on 30.12.09. A pretty varied, mostly salad vegetarian buffet, is 'all you can eat' so a good choice in expensive Copenhagen. Labeling in Danish but easy to figure out what is vegan. Before 4pm is cheaper.

Pros: Cheap, Nice salads

Cons: Labeling not great, Expensive drinks

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OK for lacto-vegetarians, passable for vegans - Edit

I agree with the reviewer below who said "lukewarm" and "not great for vegans."

The best vegan items in the buffet were the hummus and falafel, and besides typical salad bar options there really wasn't that much else of note. That said, the hummus was tasty, so at least it has that going for it.

What we couldn't understand was why RizRaz doesn't offer two buffet stations when it's crowded. We stood in line for 20 minutes to get to the buffet, and that time could've been cut in half if they would set up a second buffet station. They have plenty of space in the rambling two-story building, so we couldn't fathom why they wouldn't do this.

One other complaint: it was difficult to tell which of the buffet items were vegan, as they weren't labeled and the busy staff were running around and difficult to catch.

We came here because we had some die-hard carnivores in our group; they were well satisfied (and two of them even chose the vegetarian buffet and enjoyed it), so it's a reasonable option for "mixed company," as it were.

Pros: reasonably priced buffet, good hummus

Cons: 20-minute wait in buffet queue, vegan options not obvious, quite noisy

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Not that great for vegans - Edit

went to CPH in april; am a long time vegan. the food at riz raz was luke warm in every way. I didn't experience any rude service. The place was clean, the staff let people go up to the buffet as many times as they wanted, and we were certainly allowed to linger. However, there weren't too many options for vegans. Unless you are a dieting vegan or a vegan who wants to live on falafel and pasta, Riz Raz just doesn't have much for the average vegan (there were much better options for vegetarians). The healthy salads were boring (and not substantial enough when you have been running all over CPH)--for example, shredded marinated beets, or mixed sprouts, and there wasn't much else that I could trust was vegan b-side some angel hair pasta with tomato sauce (served lukewarm) and falafel (without any garnishing, also lukewarm). There were no options for protein or leafy greens, no hot, vegan complex carbs to provide the energy and stamina needed for the physicality of CPH. If you are looking for good vegan food to sustain yourself, this is not the place, though, it is certainly friendly and affordable and in a great location and might not be a bad option if you have been getting your protein and complex carbs elsewhere. You should also note that places often close earlier than posted at will in CPH. Don't expect to eat dinner after 10 PM.

Pros: all you can eat vegetarian buffet, relatively inexpensive for CPH, great location

Cons: close early, limited vegan options

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great buffet - Edit

nice smallish vegetarian buffet in the town's centre. fresh food (and yummily hot when supposed to be), reasonable pricing (not cheap, but nothing in cph is...), although could have more cheaper beer...

Pros: excellent food, fresh food

Cons: not on the cheap side

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Go to Den Gr√ɬłnne K√ɬ¶lder instead! - Edit

i've been to the other RizRaz location several times, but this only once and i certainly won't be returning. the staff were so rude to us from the moment we stepped in the door! when we asked to order at the bar, they snapped at us to sit down and wait for the waiting staff, and we sat there for maybe 20 minutes, while they were taking out plates. two other couples came in and they had their orders taken before us.

when they brought out our beverages, they slammed the glasses down and they were very unwilling of helping us with what in the buffe was vegan. go to Den Gr√ɬłnne K√ɬ¶lder instead, and if you absolutely want to try the RizRaz buffe - go to RizRiz Brun instead. the service and the food is better there. the falafel is extraordinary, and the hummus (sometimes vegan and sometimes it contains yoghurt, so ask!) is good also good. the rest is just bland. it looks much better than it is.

Pros: good falalfel and hummus, pretty cheap

Cons: bad service!, hummus sometimes not vegan, personnel not knowledgable

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groovyvegan 12 Jul 2011 - Interesting. Our experience with the staff was completely different--they joked with me while I was waiting for my husband to come in, told me which items were vegan, and even called a cab for us after lunch.

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Vegetarian Dream Smorgasbord/Buffet - Edit

My wife and I ate at RizRaz many time during September October 2008. Even the carnivores we took along with us loved the vegetarian food.Eating out in Denmark is usually expensive so @ 69DKr lunch & 89DKr dinner RizRaz was a pleasant surprise, loved the food and really good value.
Definetly the word has got out as RizRaz was always very busy

Pros: Easy to find, healthy cuisine, friendly staff

Cons: so many tempting dishes too choose from

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Wonderful restaurant - Edit

Each time we have visited Copenhagen we have been delighted with RizRaz. It's not easy to find veg-friendly restaurants in this city, but RizRaz was an awesome find; delicious Mediterranean-style buffet, nice decor, and affordable.

Pros: good food, good value

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Excellent! - Edit

Visited them in early 2007 with a company of 20 friends. We had a great time with helpfull waitresses and just wonderfull food! We were only two vegetarians but the rest of them liked the food so much they ended up going there the day after again.

Pros: Excellent food!, Great value

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Rizraz, Copenhagen - Edit

This is a very handy place. It's located centrally close to the Rathaus, Tivoli and the main shopping drag. It's not 100% veg*n but the long opening hours make it a very useful place to eat in the evenings and on Sundays. Staff are very pleasant.

Pros: Extended opening hours

Cons: Not 100% veg*n

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