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16 Lancaster Quay, Western Road, Cork, Ireland

Wow, wow, wow

Visited Cafe Paradiso in 2008 and 2009. Food is out of this world. Even my non veggie partner loved it. Very expensive compared to other vegetarian places but we have paid these prices at non veggie places and received slop so I don't mind paying these prices as a treat. First time we visited was before the decor upgrade and at first was shocked as it had a cafe feel and look to the place with five star prices but as the night went on this relaxed atmosphere added to the meal and the evening. I was on cloud nine after our meal that I could not wait to come back. We stayed in rooms above which were nice but front room was quite noisy from passing traffic so didn't get much sleep and the lack of a bath took away from the stay. Breakfast was also out of this world.

Went back for visit earlier this year and the newly upgraded glamorous dark decor was a new shock but worked well. We made a huge and embarrassing mess up with our anniversary reservation but the staff could not do enough to help us. Food was even better this time around and in particular the ugly biscuit dessert was best we have ever tasted.

Some people (including my partner) have commented that the food here is on the heavy side based but I love my comfort food. Others also mention there is a serious lack of vegan options.

All in all - out of this world food, nice venue and amazing staff make an evening here feel like a real treat and ranks up there with Cookies n Cream in Berlin. I as usual can't wait to go back.

Zámocká 13, Bratislava, Slovakia

Excellent. Very tasty comfort food on a cold day.

I submitted Chez David to happycow after my friend and I ate there one cold November 2009 day. We felt like we were in a little piece of Slovakian Heaven tucking into delicious hot veggie comfort food. Wish I was back eating there now.....

The restaurant was lovely and warm with table service and white linen. You could easily eat here for a snack or more formal occasion and their menu is on their website. Although serving meat there is a whole section of the menu for vegetarians along with starters and sides and when we asked they told us no meat stock was used in these dishes and they are not cooked in oil used for meat (but please double check when visiting).

The staff were so friendly which after 5 days of what seemed like rude or cold service in Bratislavan eateries and bars was a warm welcome. I was chilled to the bone and had the steaming hot creamy mushroom soup which was absolutely delicious (but seriously calorific) followed by eggplant studel with a creamy basil sauce and my friend had the avocado salad (which was a bit unripe and spicy but it was winter) then the matzo soup followed broccoli baked in matzo (which was like a brocolli quiche with pastry on top as well as the bottom). All was amazingly delicious comfort food. We were too full for dessert so ordered coffee and left over two hours later feeling warm and nicely full. Wish there was a restaurant like this in every city although if there was we would be seriously over weight by now :-). Chez David's only downfall is that they are not a solely vegetarian restaurant.

73 Great Georges Street, Dublin, Ireland

Great venue, some nice dishes, double tipping

I visit Juice regularly as not much veggie choice in Dublin. The venue is lovely and relaxing and suits for lunch or more formal dinner. The 3 course meal for 12e lunch or 15e dinner can seem like great value but really is just a tiny taster starter (except the soup) and even smaller dessert (a slice of cake about an inch in width!) and a simple main (eg simple stirfry, salad, curry/tajine or pasta dish. The main course open sandwiches from this set menu is particularly embarrassingly tiny consisting of one small slice of bread and a tiny bit of topping.

As long as you are aware of the portions sometimes the 3 course special is just what you need but I usually avoid it and pick from main menu. The regular dishes can vary depending on the chef on duty (e.g. spinach pancake can be small or big, with or without dressing and peppers on the side or inside the pancake, the main course salad dressings can vary and ingredients change etc so don't expect the same dish twice in a row. The bread on the breakfast/brunch menu is plain old sliced pan which is also a real let down as Dublin is crying out for a decent relaxing venue for a decent weekend veggie breakfast/brunch (come on Juice have you seen the queues for Odessa on weekends - why not try to compete???).

The tasty fresh juices can work out expensive if you add in any extra's and the tiny pots of tea are over priced. The feta parcels, cannelloni and mushroom wellington are very tasty and the chocolate and hazelnut torte is divine but the desserts are very pricey in current recession.

Service charge is included which, if you don't notice or are in any doubt it gets to the staff, means you may end up double tipping as you feel you also have to leave some change as a tip.

All in all I like to support vegetarian restaurants and Juice in particular but with a bit of thought and effort the management of Juice could turn this nice cafe restaurant from ok into fab.

Kempinski Plaza, Uhlandstrasse 181-183, Berlin, Germany

Am we missing something?

After reading the reviews on HappyCow my partner and I were looking forward to treating ourselves to a romantic night at La Mano Verde, unfortunately we were disappointed. This was our first visit to a totally vegan restaurant; I'm vegetarian and my partner eats some meat so maybe we don't realise how hard it is to find vegan food but we didn't rate the food here to the standard the very expensive price list (especially for Berlin) seemed to set.

I just don't get some mock meats, just the thoughts of mock tuna and mock chicken makes me feel ill. I craved some wholesome vegetable dishes but found pasta, schnitzel and nuggets. I asked the waitress were the nuggets like mock chicken and she looked at me horrified and said no way. They were exactly like chicken nuggets and even tore like chicken flesh. I couldn't eat them. The gazpacho would be tastier cold, the schnitzel with peanut sauce was ok and the giant ravioli was tasty but the portion was tiny. The mojito was ok but very very expensive and we left without ordering dessert and in search of falafel.

All in all very expensive and tastier food found at other fraction of the price Berlin cafes but as the venue was lovely and the staff were outstanding I really wish they amend their menu to add in even some simple but nutritious vegetable dishes.

Behrenstr. 55, Berlin, Germany

Best vegetarian restaurant in the world.

Have eaten at Cookies three times and loved it. In fact the food was so good I nearly cried. No joke. My taste buds were dancing and crying with joy. No horrible mock meats here. Unfortunately the prices have gone up (now 32e for 3 courses) and the customer service, quality and portion sizes down a bit since my first visit a few months ago but the restaurant still rates as fantastic value for out of this world food. How the chef comes up with such amazing and interesting dishes with such first class presentation is an art in itself. Parmesan Dumplings (which they told me where made with a vegetarian rennet style parmesan but double check) with Amalfi-lemon sauce and cilantro carrots which melt in your mouth. Staff ranged from outstanding (French speaking waiter) to chilled out, The venue is lovely as long as you get a corner table as sitting on stool/cube for the whole meal is hard work on your back.

The only other restaurant to come close to Cookies is the very expensive Cafe Paridiso in Cork, Ireland.

(Check out http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2014/2447764987_a641e2cef5.jpg for photo of one of their meals)

Obchodna 30, Bratislava, Slovakia

Usual Govinda style food found in any country.

Found Govinda's after searching and searching for City Cafe. When we finally found City Cafe it was closed so we visited Govinda's. Had the meal platter. Food was the usual mild tasting luke warm Govinda dishes found all over the world - great to know you're eating food that you can trust is vegetarian but not the tastiest (or the worst) in the world.

65, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris, France

Can't commet on food as venue closed at 2.30?

***Can't comment on food but place was closed at 2.30 today ***

We took two metro's especially to eat here but Le Vegetarian was closed at 2.30 today (with no sign of it being open earlier). There was a gentleman inside but he offered no help. Can't comment on the food but giving low stars due to no sign up showing opening times or details relating to Christmas / New Year closures.

All was not lost for us as we then went to Chez Hanna's in the Marais for takeaway falafel (a Kosher place where they told us the falafel was cooked in oil/vats that no meat was cooked in). It was the best falafel I have ever tasted!

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