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Great spot, not for hippies though - Edit

It's an adventure to find this place. Go past the Westin then turn down a dark alley before you get to the Opera house, down the alley and around the corner... as the hostess says, "it feels wrong until it's right."

A sign from the street says "55" that's your only clue.

Go through the speak easy then up stairs.

The dessert make it all worth while.

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Just wow!!! - Edit

Each dish are so spectacular. It's art in your plate. All was so delicious. The service was great too. We had a lovely dinner. I recommend this restaurant to vegetarian and non-vegetarian people.

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Perfectly balanced vegan fine dining! - Edit

I had 3 meals for 44 eur and it was really good and for use worth it! Innovative ingredients and technics, mixture of different structures and temperatures created incredible experience. Staff is very friendly and opened. As a vegan I was able to choose from the menu only meals convenient for me, but next time I will not have new dessert most probably, only 1 option is available, it is a pity... In general - these 1.5 hours gave me a lot of inspiration for my cooking!

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heerlijk! - Edit

Superlekker gegeten. Vrij prijzig. Bfilm ingang 😃

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One of the best restaurants we've been to - Edit

Visiting the restaurant is an adventure. The food is delicious and beautifully served!

Pros: Delicious food, Best presentation ever, Nice concept

Cons: Not vegan (vegetarian)

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wow - Edit


We've gone back quite a few times and the dishes never fail to please the senses. I had the flan with topinambour starter, knödel with artichoke purée and tamarind sauce, and a really fantastic dessert with an almond cake, dried olive and liquorice, lemon and salt sauces, topped with olive oil frozen yogourt. For vegans there is one choice of each, so if you have concerns, please call first...all of the staff speaks english. I also had a tasty cocktail with gin, St.Germain, tonic and thyme. They have also closed down the club part, so there's a small bar downstairs to have a drink while waiting to be seated, and thankfully no more smoking(removed from cons)!!

wow, wow, wow. i am so happy that i looked up vegetarian restaurants before i flew of to berlin, because otherwise i would never have found this hidden gem. i decided on a whim to go visit my boyfriend in germany for a week, and dining here on my last night in berlin really summed up a magical week. i loved the obscure path to get there. and the vibe inside was really cool...the waiter was very nice and friendly, and spoke english very well. ah, the food...take note that there are no salt and pepper shakers on the table, because there is no need. everything is so delicately flavoured so that you savour every morsel. i went beyond my wildest expectations. i love the veggie cafes and bistros, but i'm so happy to have found a place like this that offers such a fine haute cuisine dining experience. it is a bit pricy, but worth every penny and more, so i can't even put the price as a con. if you order a couple of drinks, expect to pay 50euro/person...28euro is the bare minimum for food...in germany you never get free water, so at the very least expect to pay 35euro. i thought i was cheap giving a 10euro note as tip for a 98euro bill and was confused when the waiter looked so happy, but my boyfriend later explained that tipping is quite different from here in north america, but that's beside the point hehe. my boyfriend is not a vegetarian and has a very huge appetite, and even so said that it is the best restaurant that he's been to, which says a lot given that the portions for each course a small, but so delicious that you leave completely satisfied. yumm!! the only con is the smoking...
Updated from previous review on Saturday October 03, 2009

Pros: chic, yet unpretentious, friendly staff, unbelievable flavours

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Worst dining experience of our lives - Edit

Took ages to find. Had to ask in the surrounding shops. - you wonder why they haven't demanded from Cookies Cream that they put a sign up. Eventually got in through restaurant next door - but oh how we wished that we hadn't have bothered. The energy of the place is really negative. Miserable staff . Waiter was monosyllabic & unfriendly. Said we are vegan and he said that we just have one choice from each of the starters, mains and desserts. We didn't want to pay £12 each for a tiny bowl of soup or £12 for a scoop of Sorbet so we just ordered the mains. From the look on his face he clearly didn't like this. We then committed the heinous sin of requesting a glass of tap water to go with our £40 meals. He was outraged and disgusted with us and let us know it - in a loud firm "NO'. When he left our table he went and spoke to his waitress colleague and they both looked over to us and gave us dirty looks. When the food came it was a tiny. Taste was okay - would have been fine as a starters - but not as a main. Even if you had 3 courses you would still be hungry when you left. Our main meals consisted of 2 florets of Cauliflower and 2 tablespoons of Quinoa. In summary, it wants rich diners who don't care how much they pay for their little portions of food, and who will buy expensive bottles of wine with there meal. Everyday people are not wanted here, it is all about money. Perhaps this is why they don't want people on the street to know about it or indeed be able to find it. This isn't a high class restaurant. Look around and you will see that you are actually sitting in a car park. Concrete ceiling, old brick walls, broken & uneven floor, it’s not a proper building. How do they get away with it? Because it's masquerading as art. By pretending that it is somehow chic to sit in an old car park and eat (or should I say dine on) pretentious food. But it's a charade. We left asap, had trouble finding our way out (or should I say escaping). We emerged at a back alley which was probably the main entrance that we couldn't find - which kind of sums up Cookies Cream. We only came here because we thought that it would be a good choice for vegans. Despite what happened, in a way we are glad we went. Just for the experience of it, and it's something to laugh about over the dinner table with friends. So it was all okay in the end . . . and for our £40 we did get a green leaf placed on top of our Cauliflower - what more could you want?

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o0Carolyn0o 15 Jul 2015 - I do have to respond because I don't think this review is fair to the restaurant at all. They do have a telephone number that you could have called to ask about the menu, which is also listed on their website with prices. All of the staff speaks English. As for the entrance, you're missing out on a lot of Berlin if this irritates you...which is all about nice things being somewhat hidden in less obvious places. I've been there many times and have not had rude service. Last weekend my brother-in-law came along. He's on a low-sodium diet and found the entree soup too salty, so offered another entree to him at no cost. His girlfriend is also vegan and they were more than accommodating to make sure that she received something tasty. I've always had great service here, and everyone sitting at nearby tables seemed to be as well.  

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Fair - Edit

Thanks to some fellow happycow reviewers, I chose not to order any water, which rendered my bill relatively low, at least for these kinds of standards. However, it was sad that, despite the fact that I booked two days earlier and mentioned being vegan, only ONE single dish in each category could be made completely cruelty-free. I've gone through the reviews below and it seems like those who were stoked were for the most part veggies, vegans though may well have a different experience. Mine started with an only ok starter, continued with a solid main course, and ended with a phenomenal dessert (though they could easily have put some syrup in place for honey, for extra moisture. Can a gourmet not come up with that?) I felt that staff maybe realised they were not going to make a ton of money off me, and while they were correct, they didn't seem genuinely interested either in me as a customer. All in all, it was a good experience, but I had much better value for my money during lunch at Sala. Try it!

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Creative and Delicious Vegetarian Cuisine - Edit

I visited Cookies Cream about a week ago, right before the New Year. My partner and I both loved our food - loud, distinct flavors and great presentation. The three courses were also enough to leave us both feeling comfortably full and happy. Admittedly, Cookies Cream is on the expensive side. If you don't want to spend 39 euros for a three course meal, then this isn't the place for you.

One minor note, after reading reviews we went to this restaurant believing we were walking into a hipster paradise. Thankfully it was much more low key. The median age here was around 40 and most people were wearing sweaters and jeans. It was more smart casual than hipster. Yes, "ficken" is written on the wall in large letters, but it seems nothing more than the remnants of a bygone hipster era.

Their website has a series of pictures which roughly give you directions to their back alley location (just keep pressing the arrows). However, we found Google Maps to be most helpful when looking for Cookies Cream. The website also has a sample menu, subject to change: http://www.cookiescream.com/

Cookies Cream has an English menu and from what I could tell all the servers speak English.

Pros: Delicious Food, Ambiance

Cons: Expensive

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Pricy, microscopic, delicious dishes - Edit

The idea of walking on back alleys to reach this hidden restaurant is a special experience on its own. The interior is very hipster. Food was delicious though microscopic portions, but having a 3-course meal was quite enough. The price of a 3-course meal was 39 eur. The service is completely not matching the restaurant’s high-end quality of food. Even though we had 3-course meals we were charged for meals separately thus resulting in a much higher total. This completely ruined the experience in the end and as no sincere apology followed we were left with the impression this was done on purpose.

Pros: Great venue, Delicious food

Cons: Vegan dishes not marked, small potrions, Taking photos not allowed?

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Great dining - Edit

It was a nice experience to dine here once. Apart from the mixture of Berlin rotten building back alley meets fancy schmancy, the food itself is good. They have memorable flavor combinations, such as red cabbage salad with dark chocolate. The selection of wines is excellent. But the portions are microscopic a-la-novelle couisine. I am glad I went there with my guests in Berlin, but likely won't repeat it. All in all, bad cost/performance ratio.

Pros: Unique atmosphere, Remarkable flavor combinations

Cons: Bad value for your money, Microscopic portions

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It's OK - Edit

I had a main only, which was 20 Euros. It was a veganised version of a barley wrap and, to be honest, it tasted very nice indeed. Perfectly cooked and very well seasoned. But it really wasn't outstanding.
The restaurant is quite hard to find but they email you the directions when you book.
It was roasting hot with no air-con and I can't help but think that they were trying to get you to buy more drinks to cool down. We, too, fell foul to the 'bottle of water' tactic. A bottle of water is 6 Euros.
The waiter and waitresses were very friendly and knowledgeable so no complaints there.
If you want to wine and dine some clients in Berlin then I guess this is a good option. But for me, I've eaten in better places in Berlin, with nicer food and for a better rate.
I think it also need to clearly indicate which meals are vegan.

Pros: tasty, good service

Cons: could be better for vegans

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finding the restaurant is hard! but so worth it.. - Edit

Go down the lane way to the right of the opera building. Follow it to the right (no option) and then to the left (again no option). At this point if you're like me you're probably thinking wtf! Continue just a little bit more and it's on the right hand side. When you get inside you have to go up two flights of stairs to get to the restaurant (through the bar).

The food is amazing, exquisite quality. They really have worked hard on these recipes and it shows.

The venue is modern white minimalist. A bit like the white box from Absolutely Fabulous. :-)


Pros: delicious, upmarket , great venue

Cons: really hard to find, when you get there it's still hard to get to the r

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Great food, nice wine, pleasant atmosphere - Edit

Last night, four of us ventured out to have our first meal at Cookies Cream. Only two of us are vegetarians, but all of us enjoyed the dishes immensely- their taste as well as their presentation. I've been a vegetarian with an interest in wholefoods for over 25 years and it doesn't happen often that I'm surprised or particularly impressed by a restaurant meal! The atmosphere was also a definite plus and the obscure location added a bit of fun to the occasion. The price (32 Euros for 3 courses) seems entirely appropriate. Only downside: the stools! One of us had to be a martyr while the other three were more than comfortable on our corner bench...

Pros: excellent, light, imaginative food , pleasant atmosphere

Cons: stools

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Best veggie restaurant in Berlin...by far! - Edit

I'll keep it simple: cool, great, and awesome! Great location, great service, friendy staff, great food. And I don't get how anyone can complain about their prices, because they are cheap for what Cookies Cream serves. Been there many times, and many times will follow. Best veggie place in Berlin.

Pros: great location, great staff, great food

Cons: none

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Are we in the right place? - Edit

I'm glad I did have a look at their website or we would not have found it... Although this may be part of their "branding", the back alley theme didn't appeal to us. Food though was absolutely stunning, service was good/friendly.

When we were there, the place was packed and hot (no aircon). If you enjoy an upscale (aka expensive) trash fine dining experience, this may be the place for you...

Pros: Food, Food, Food

Cons: Location, Theme

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Nice restaurant but not great for vegans - Edit

Very upmarket restaurant with a nice ambience. All dishes were tasty and immaculately presented. However, my two main issues are that (i) vegans are not well catered for, and (ii) I wasn't particularly full even after a three-course dinner.

It's also quite tricky to find! Once on Behrenstraße, turn right immediately after the 'Umlauf' hairdresser, and then right again into an underground passage. You need to ring the bell to get in.

Pros: Ambience, Trendy

Cons: Not vegan-friendly, ЈЈЈ

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Overrated - Edit

Our first experience in Berlin set very high standards, unfortunately Mano Verde was closed because it is moving in a more central place.
It took us ages to locate the place in the freezing snowy streets of Berlin which made the path to it a bit special, still charming.
First we were offered water upon arrival and we soon understood tap water wasn't an option, and obviously we were expected to order wine straight after. Too bad we don't drink alcohol.
The place is on the first floor on top of a club. Music is loud, place is dark, stools not very comfortable and most of visitors high-profile upper-class people.

Food now. Very experimental, still we weren't convinced by what's in the plate.
Expect 32€ for a 3 course menu, unless you chose one out of 3 choices which is an extra 3€... Anyway, when you can offer a 6€ still water 0,75l bottle of water, you can pay 35€ by person for a 3 course menu with tiny portions.

Call it gastronomic, I call it trendily overrated.

Pros: Food experience, Open kitchen, Special

Cons: Confort, Incitation, Service

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Best vegetarian restaurant in the world. - Edit

Have eaten at Cookies three times and loved it. In fact the food was so good I nearly cried. No joke. My taste buds were dancing and crying with joy. No horrible mock meats here. Unfortunately the prices have gone up (now 32e for 3 courses) and the customer service, quality and portion sizes down a bit since my first visit a few months ago but the restaurant still rates as fantastic value for out of this world food. How the chef comes up with such amazing and interesting dishes with such first class presentation is an art in itself. Parmesan Dumplings (which they told me where made with a vegetarian rennet style parmesan but double check) with Amalfi-lemon sauce and cilantro carrots which melt in your mouth. Staff ranged from outstanding (French speaking waiter) to chilled out, The venue is lovely as long as you get a corner table as sitting on stool/cube for the whole meal is hard work on your back.

The only other restaurant to come close to Cookies is the very expensive Cafe Paridiso in Cork, Ireland.

(Check out http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2014/2447764987_a641e2cef5.jpg for photo of one of their meals)

Pros: Out of this world food., Difficult to find venue, Fairly priced (compared to other cities)

Cons: Expensive water, Sitting on uncomfortable stools/cubes, Difficult to find venue

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Fantastic - Edit

If you are go to Berlin, seek out and go to Cookies Cream. I discovered this restaurant through HappyCow while leaving we decided to come back the next night and made reservations.

The experience was amazing.

Pros: excellent food , beautiful presentation

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Wonderful restaurant - Edit

I can highly recommend Cookies Cream, I was there last Saturday. The food was well thought out and beautifully presented. The staff were friendly and chic and the whole experience was quite Avant-garde.

On the menu there was a choice of 5 starters, 5 main courses and 3 desserts. Everything was new and exciting and fresh. You won't have seen anything on this menu before. Everything we had was bursting with flavour. In my experience, this is the sort of vegetarian food that can be so hard to find. It's a little bit special. My only complaint was that I wanted to try everything!

The place itself is quite hard to find but don't let this put you off. It's well worth the effort. You need to go down a short lane-way off the main street (Behrenstr) and at the end turn right and then left (passing bins along the way). There are some steps up to the doorway and a bell you must ring so you can be buzzed in.

My partner and I discussed whether we should give the restaurant a 4 or 5 star rating. While there is a small amount of room for improvement, within this price range (€28 for 3 courses) the food was exceptionally good so I'm giving it a 5.

If I am ever in Berlin again I will definitely go to Cookies Cream again. It's a hidden gem.

Go for it, you won't be disappointed. Book in advance!

Pros: Innovative food, Avant-garde style, great value and delicious

Cons: quite hard to find

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An absolute MUST if you are in Berlin - Edit

Cookies may be a challenge to locate, but you will be well rewarded. It reflects perfectly the new Berlin - edgy, cool, friendly, great service - and the most wonderful gourmet vegetarian food! When we visited in October 2008, our plane was late and the wonderful staff kept the restaurant open just for us! So, whilst it is difficult to talk about ambience, the decor was really funky (there is a club here on a Tuesday and Thursday evening) and the staff a delight. But nothing could prepare us for the quality of the food. An 'amuse bouche' followed by three courses, but all perfectly proportioned so we didn't feel over-full. The ideas were wonderful - recall quite fondly the parmesan dumplings - and the presentation world class. Enjoy!

Pros: Food, Staff, Surroundings

Cons: hard to find

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so much fun! - Edit

the food is wonderful! the place is hidden quite well, which makes it all the more fun to find. the final bill is a bit steep, but worth it on a special occasion or just a good night out.

Pros: selection, taste, atmosphere

Cons: hidden, price, cold draft

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