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390 E 1700 S, Salt Lake City, USA

Lovin' Alchemy

This is one of the coolest and comfiest coffee shops I've ever been to. A great little place to talk with a friend or do a little hw. I tried a sandwich here, before I went vegan, but I definitely recall the food being fresh and delicious. I hear the Kona is great as well. Check it out!

364 Roy St, Seattle, USA

Not Bad At All

I initially tried Bamboo Garden because the menu looked good, and it was only a few blocks from my hotel. I have to say that the food is pretty dang good here. The tofu was good, both times that I went. The second time around, the tofu was a LITTLE mushy, but still tasty. Everything but the fortune cookies are vegan. I would definitely recommend the tofu!

750 S State St, Salt Lake City, USA

Unimpressed At Best

I was very excited to try the food at Evergreen, after I'd heard great reviews from a friend. Needless to say, it definitely wasn't my cup of tea. Unfortunately this review is being written months after the experience, but I will give my thoughts on this regardless. My mother and I ordered two dishes, one seemingly different from the other, according to the descriptions on the menu. The dishes tasted bland and exactly the same, with the exception of one being a bit spicier than the other. I doubt I will go back to try the food again, but if I do, I hope to have a more impressive experience.

531 Divisadero St, San Francisco, USA

I Like.

I'd planned on dining at Herbivore ever since I'd first started planning my trip to San Fran. I was extremely excited to eat there. The food sounded so good, and I'm always down to try any new vegan restaurant. My group and I ordered several dishes to share. I was impressed by the quality of the food. It tasted fresh, flavorful and delicious. I'll definitely swing by Herbivore again on my next visit!

5500 University Way NE, Seattle, USA


I was VERY excited to try Pizza Pi, as I don't often get to eat vegan pizza. It was great!!! The pizza sauce they use is the best I have EVER tasted! The guy next to us had some pizza that looked much better than ours, but our Margarita pizza was very yummy indeed. If I ever go back to Seattle, I'll be at Pizza Pi a lot.

234 West 900 South, Salt Lake City, USA

I'm In Love

This is my FAVORITE vegan restaurant in SLC. I go all the time and have never had a bad experience. I've tried several breakfast items and all have been MORE than satisfactory. The Pesto Sub is a favorite, as well as the House Salad! You've gotta try Sage's!!!

5270B University Way NE, Seattle, USA


I think this is a GREAT store! The volunteer working there was very nice, and even let me sample a ginger chew. They have a great selection of vegan goods! Lots of books on veganism, cool bumper stickers, vegan jello (wow!), and my favorite find: a vegan magazine called "VegNews"

2280 South West Temple, Salt Lake City, USA

Vertical Yumminess

Being a HUGE fan of Sage's, I was pretty excited about Vertical Diner. The food is awesome! I love the taco salad and almost everything else I've tried. Though, I'm not a very big fan of tomato sauce and cheese TOGETHER. Regardless, the service is wonderful and eating there is surely a must.

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