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Rua de Sao Jose 23, Lisbon, Portugal

I'm still dreaming about the vegan moussaka

My husband and I were in Lisbon in December and we ate at Bake the Difference pretty much every day, as well as bought lots of baked goods to take with us on our long walks through the city. Everything was incredibly delicious and the owner is extremely helpful and enthusiastic. We thought everything was delicious but the moussaka, pumpkin cupcake, and chocolate salami were our absolute favourites. We can't recommend this place enough!!

Rua da Mae D'Agua, 3, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

This place needs more vegan options!

My husband and I visited this place. Only two items on the menu were vegan and one wasn't available, so we got the remaining two options. His was okay (I can't remember what it was) and mine, the kofta balls, were delicious. If they'd had more vegan options we would have gone there more than once.

854 Bathurst St, Toronto, Canada

One of my favourite restaurants in Toronto

I love, love, love this restaurant. I've never had a meal that wasn't stellar but I like nothing better than the pumpkin roti and corn soup--perfection!!

The only problem with this place, really, is the size which is probably why they don't have a washroom. Not being able to wash your hands before sitting down to eat is a bit off-putting. :(

Avenida Barbosa du Bocage 107C, Lisbon, Portugal

Reliable and tasty

I visited Paladar Zen twice when vacationing in Lisbon in December 2011. I really enjoyed the food and found the staff to be incredibly friendly but the language barrier was a problem because the non-vegan items aren't labelled as such. Both times, we muddled through with our limited Portuguese but it would be easier for everyone if they just made some signs.

867 Danforth Ave, Toronto, Canada

Has potential

I haven't made a point of trying this place because it has so few vegan options. But we were in the neighbourhood and gave it a try. We had the cornmeal pancakes which were topped with two kinds of fruit jam (compote?) and they were DELICIOUS. We got cold teas which were bland. Promising, but just too few options (generally, but especially vegan) to make a trip for it.

Rua da Palmeira, 15, Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal

Expensive and not very good food

Ended up at Terra one day as nothing else was open, though we'd planned on going there at some point. It was just shockingly expensive for what it was. There were very few vegan options and nothing was labelled--luckily, the waiter spoke good English and was incredibly nice. In fact, he really went out of his way to accommodate us and got the kitchen to make us a special vegan entree...which we were incredibly grateful for as we were starving but it wasn't very tasty.

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